Lord Of The Flies Aesthetic - Ralph

Ralph was an attractive, blond, 12 year old boy with a natural leader-like stance (row 1, square 1). He was chosen to lead the boys from the start, being their chief, to make place rules and such. He was pleased with the job, but soon realized it was harder than he thought, and tired him out, giving him loads of anxiety.
At the talk of a beast, Ralph was baffled, speaking to the littluns that there was no such thing. However, later, as time went on, even he too, deep down, realized his assurance to the others might be wrong and there was really something evil that lurked (row 2, square 2).
Ralph’s main concern was to keep a fire going for a smoke signal, hoping they had a chance of being rescued (row 4, square 1). Though it didn’t go smoothly, as Jack, who led the hunters who also were supposed to keep fire watch, cared more about getting meat and surviving than being rescued. It caused conflict between him and Ralph, though their relationship was love-hate.
Ralph was a day-dreamer and often slipped off from reality, his imagination running wild while doing even some of the most simplest tasks, and would soon find himself hardly paying attention to his surroundings (row 1, square 2). However, he did have major anxiety that seemed to swallow him up (row 2, square 1). He would constantly worry and overthink situations, and had to constantly reassure himself if his two closest friends, Piggy and Simon, couldn’t do it. But the anxiety and role as a leader would tire him out greatly (row 3, square 2). His personality was like water that included waves, the waves representing his stress, but the overall somewhat calmer water being his civil ways and democracy symbolism (row 4, square 2).
However, even though he was civil and nearly the complete opposite of Jack, he still had his small savagery moments. Those showing when he somewhat joined in on killing Simon, and attacked Robert with the other hunters on a reenact of a pig-hunt. However afterwards, he was shocked in himself or regretted deeply of his actions, or passed them off pretending as though they never happened (row 3, square 1).
Eventually in the end, he lost everyone either by death or to the manipulating hands of Jack, the one Ralph liked and trusted, but Jack was blinded by ambition and lust of bloodshed. He feared for his life, he feared Jack and his tribe (row 2, square 2).
But he managed to make it out alive.


I bought The Art of Wreck-it-Ralph last week and after reading that and rewatching the movie, I thought of making fan art but also thought of remaking an old piece because I haven’t remade anything in forever

i dont usually do remakes, because usually when i think about remaking something, i feel like it would look worse or i havent changed at all

Signs as Wreck-It Ralph Characters

Wreck-It Ralph: Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces

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Vanellope von Schweetz/The Glitch: Aries, Scorpio

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King Candy/Turbo: Leo, Sagittarius

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Sergeant Calhoun: Capricorn, Cancer

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Fix-It Felix: Virgo, Gemini, Libra

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all in my opinion

It's funny cause it basically happened

Terminus: Step aside, sir. Random security check.

Percy: Random, my behind. You always stop me.

Terminus: I’m just a god doing my job, sir. Name?

Percy: Lara Croft.

Terminus: Name?

Percy: Percy Jackson.

Terminus: And where are you coming from?

Percy: Uh, lunch.

Terminus: You bring any weapons with you?

Percy: [hides his sword behind his back] No! No, no weapons.

Terminus: Okay, then, where you headed?

Percy: Uh, a quest.

Terminus: Anything to declare?

Percy: I hate you.

Terminus: I get that a lot. Proceed.