I swear on the thunderbird you’re no help! I might as well go and find them myself–

You don’t even know what direction they went in! You’ll never be able to find them on your own!


Boys!! Are we going or not?!

I’m not going to stop once we’re out of town.

We won’t! And dammit Ed-boy we’re getting Mary back too, not just–

I don’t give a damn about her! She just ruins everything!

I give a damn. Let’s just fucking go, ’m not gonna sit here and argue the worth of my seven year old granddaughter with an asshole.


Horses can’t barf. Unlike most animals, horses are physically incapable of vomiting, but it’s unclear why. It could be because of the way they run, which pounds their stomach in a manner that would cause any other animal to throw up, and it could also be a survival tactic to help them evade predators and retain food. Source Source 2