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Simon, Piggy, and Ralph roommate aesthetics

•watching jeopardy and eating take out
•getting way too excited about said jeopardy watching
•Ralph being the mom friend and carrying around a bag w/ piggy’s inhaler, Simon’s headache medicine, glasses cleaner, germ X, and snacks
•"Simon did you remember to take you medicine"
•"….yes" (sounds of Simon entering the kitchen and taking said medicine)
•super epic TV marathons and bro cuddling
•Ralph cooking the best vegetarian dinners
•Piggy cooking the best sweets and breakfasts
•"hey can I set this on fire?“
•"Ralph, that’s a cheeto.”
•"I’m gonna do it.“
•"Ralph, please.”
•I know I already mentioned cuddling but the three just being really cute and physically affectionate
•the three of them being happy, safe, and alive
•Piggy as a college professor of philosophy or a theoretical physicist and their house having a huge library
•Ralph always brags abt how smart his best friend is
•Simon being a kindergarten teacher and having his own lil greenhouse
•"Simon…did you bring home ANOTHER house plant?“
•"No, I didn’t bring home ANOTHER house plant. I brought home 3 MORE house plants.”
•Ralph also bragging abt how good his best friend is with kids
•Ralph maybe went to college and was a political science major, but dropped out after a few years and became a successful author or artist

hello yes i just finished lord of the flies (and then watched the 1963 movie immediately afterwards) & i rlly luv piggy so im gonna yell abt Just Piggy Things™ even if no one cares

  • piggy’s the first character we’re introduced to, after ralph ofc, so that means we’re supposed to get attached, and boy did i get attached..
  • ass-mar
  • the fact that he’s been called mean nicknames so long that his real name doesnt matter to him?? he doesnt care what hes called?? poor thing wtf??? hes like eleven hes too little for this
  • the Flashing Anime Glasses. especially the one w the fire when he starts laughing maniacally. same.
  • im talking about: “then he laughed so strangely that they were hushed, looking at the flash of his spectacles in astonishment.”
  • also: “’i got the conch,’ said piggy, in a hurt voice. ‘i got a right to speak.’” let him speak hes the only damn reasonable one. also stop hurting him hes been hurt enough goddamnit 
  • k but how much he loves ralph? and ralph is annoyed by him??? but then later he confides in him & cries over him & their friendship is my fav in the book so. they bond it just takes a while. but piggy was always good to ralph awe
  • “i was with him when he found the conch. i was with him before anyone else was.” he finally made a friend dont u take him from him ;-;
  • k speaking of the conch, in the first movie, his laugh when ralph’s blowing the horn for the first time??? aw??? a rare moment of joy in that sad ass movie?? 
  • ‘63!film piggy is the sweetest & cutest i lob him. ‘90!film piggy was annoying as shit tho i refuse to talk about him.
  • in the ‘63!film when he puts his hands on his hips when jack says “shut up fatty” and then hides behind the tree when they all laugh at him.
  • god in the book it’s easy to forget theyre actual babies but with the movie u cant possibly forget and theyre so cute but defenseless it’s so sad
  • i kno these actors r like 70 or dead now but i wanna go back in time & give them a hug. especially piggy cuz hes a pouty chubby bub gOD IM SO SAD
  • one last note on the film before i get back to the book: the movie rlly encompassed how awkward i imagined piggy to be & i luv that. also his story time abt camberly was adorable + educational (for me, anyway)
  • how hurt he is when ralph tells the other boys his name, poor thing ugh :(
  • “’let him have the conch!’ shouted piggy. ‘let him have it!’” yes stand up for poor lil mulberry child
  • “piggy knelt by him, one hand on the great shell, listening and interpreting to the assembly.” hes so fuckin sweet??? hes like the mom of the island hes so nice to the littluns i luv him
  • and when he gets upset over the mulberry boy probably bein killed in the fire :’( hes the most sensible and the most empathetic of all the other boys. what a cinnamon roll. unproblematic fav. true neutral. 10/10. the best boy.
  • my second favorite line in the whole book: “then, with the martyred expression of a parent who has to keep up with the senseless ebullience of the children, he picked up the conch, turned toward the forest, and began to pick his way over the tumbled scar.” tired mama piggy lmao
  • he wants to make a sundial?? hes so smart aw
  • piggy thinking ralph’s patronizing smile was a friendly one :( :( he just wants a friendddd hes so naive & sweet im sadddd
  • i think it’s implied most of the other boys (particularly the choir boys & ralph) are from a nicer, more upper class part of england, &, despite his intelligence, piggy’s more lower class, judging by his cockney-esque accent (his use of ‘them’ instead of ‘those’, etc.) and also “piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter…” idk why this is cute i dunno
  • “piggy arrived, out of breath and whimpering like a littlun.” me in pe. but also poor thing ;-;
  • “piggy sniveled and simon shushed him as though he had spoken too loudly in church.” i interpreted shushed as, like, consoled, more than, like, ‘quit crying, ya baby’, which was more what he was doing, but still…first of many cute piggy & simon interactions. i’d ship them but theyre like twelve so nah. but they cute as buddies
  • “this was too bitter for piggy, who forgot his timidity in the agony of his loss. he began to cry out, shrilly: ‘you and your blood, jack merridew! you and your hunting! we might have gone home-’” this hurts because if jack hadn’t gone hunting, they may have been rescued before simon or piggy died :( :( :( horrible vague foreshadowing
  • simon getting piggy’s glasses for him when jack throws em ;-;
  • simon giving his piece of meat (not a euphemism, goddamnit) to piggy.. god simons so sweet hes my second fav
  • “only, decided ralph as he faced the chief’s seat, i can’t think. not like
    piggy…he could go step by step inside that fat head of his, only piggy was no chief. but piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains.”
    why does ralph resent piggy sm. it’s like it psychically hurts him to compliment him, even just in his own head. jeez. just cuz someones fat doesnt mean they cant be smart?? the 50s were weird
  • “piggy came and stood outside the triangle. this indicated that he wished to listen, but would not speak; and piggy intended it as a gesture of disapproval.” aka ‘i’m mad at everyone so im gonna stand two feet away & glare at you all’ aw haha
  • when he tiptoes onto the triangle cuz hes done w his protesting ahaha aw
  • “piggy held out his hands for the conch but ralph shook his head.” idk i thought the mental image was cute. “gimme pls” “nuh uh”
  • what he says about the beast & life being scientific…me & piggy would be buds if he was real lmao
  • “ralph nodded to piggy. ‘go on. ask him.’ piggy knelt, holding the conch. ‘now then. what’s your name?’ the small boy twisted away into his tent. piggy turned helplessly to ralph..” honestly piggy & ralph are the mom & dad of the colony (jack being the asshole uncle) it’s so cute
  • “’that’s a clever beast,’ said piggy, jeering, ‘if it can hide on this island.’” sarcastic piggy is sarcastic
  • more sarcastic piggy earlier in the book: “you got your small fire all right” i lob him
  • indignant & shrill piggy… and his quote: “’what are we? humans? or animals? or savages?’” honestly lowkey want that tattooed
  • i fuckin hate jalph but admittedly jack’s jealous lil “’that’s right–favor piggy as you always do.’” is salty & gay lmao
  • the whole three blind mice convo…i luv
  • particular highlight in that scene: “’i’m scared of him,’ said piggy, ‘and that’s why i know him. if you’re scared of someone you hate him but you can’t stop thinking about him. you kid yourself he’s all right really, an’ then when you see him again; it’s like asthma an’ you can’t breathe. i tell you what. he hates you too, ralph—’” POOR BABYYY 
  • also “’i know about people. i know about me. and him. he can’t hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he’d hurt the next thing. and that’s me.” IN THE END ROGER’S THE ONE WHO HURTS HIM UGH :(
  • “’keep piggy out of danger.’” YOU ASSHOLES LET HIM DIE
  • piggy holding his breath until his asthma acts up & then the boys just leave him??? what dicks
  • “jack cleared his throat and spoke in a queer, tight voice. ‘we mustn’t
    let anything happen to piggy, must we?’”
  • “piggy put on his one glass and looked at ralph. ‘now you done it. you been rude about his hunters.’ ‘oh shut up!’” why dont more ppl ship them?? compared to jalph theres nothing??? theyre like a married couple it’s precious. like i said - mom & dad of the island.
  • piggy getting braver & being more of a leader once jack leaves!!! im proud of him!!
  • he [simon] sought for help and sympathy and chose piggy” k the two most humane & sympathetic kids on the island, and the two doomed ones, gravitate towards each other & look out for each other & it so sadd
  • piggy being “so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society” he didnt deserve his fate he was so good im so sad
  • samneric & piggy making a little mini feast for them?? thats so cute??? 
  • also “piggy broke into noisy laughter and took more fruit. ‘he might be.’ he gulped his mouthful. ‘he’s cracked’.” piggy u get teased for bein different why would u tease simon (behind his back too) for bein diffrent u hypocrite. noisy laughter tho aw
  • piggy & ralph laying by the fire & talking…ralph didnt deserve piggy honestly he wasnt even grateful until the very end for such a good friend in such a horrible situation??? ugh
  • when he understood how far ralph had gone toward accepting him he flushed pinkly with pride” see? good friendship. piggy just wanted a friend & to be considered valuable. and ralph finally started appreciating him
  • piggy took off his glasses, stepped primly into the water, and then put them on again.” prim: stiffly formal and respectable; feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper. idk why this is funny to me
  • when he gets annoyed and starts slapping the water & yelling. temper tatrum lmao. dont blame him
  • piggy stirred the sand under water and did not look at ralph. ‘p’raps we ought to go too.’ ralph looked at him quickly and piggy blushed. ‘i mean–to make sure nothing happens.’ ralph squirted water again.” they’re so fuckINGN CUTE
  • piggy touched ralph’s wrist. ‘come away. there’s going to be trouble. and we’ve had our meat.’“ SO MUCH OF THIS STORY WOULDVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THE OTHER BOYS ACTUALLY LISTENED TO PIGGY
  • ralph sat down in the grass facing the chief’s seat and the conch. piggy knelt at his left, and for a long minute there was silence.” i luv their dynamic sm. ruler & adviser. no questions asked. ultimate loyalty. so good.
  • piggy trying to be all rational about simon while ralph freaks out…what a scene. also i luv how awkward their convo w samneric immediately after is
  • piggy wants to be rescued most and hes the one whos killed!!!! bullshit!!!! justice for piggy!!!
  • when ralph says piggy should write a letter to his auntie & he takes it serious & ralph laughs & piggy doesnt get it. awe.
  • the scene where they take his glasses ;-; u made my boi piggy hav an ass-mar attack u monsters,
  • he held out the conch to piggy who flushed, this time with pride” and then “piggy sought in his mind for words to convey his passionate willingness to carry the conch against all odds.” the conch is the only constant on the island, the only dependable thing he has besides ralph, so hes so invested in it, hes pretty much deemed himself the caretaker of the conch, and it dies with him…
  • the scene where piggy reassures ralph & it says “the twins were examining ralph curiously, as though they were seeing him for the first time” is probably my fav scene in the entire book…it just really shows, in a couple of lines, the characters that ralph & piggy are, and what their relationship is like, and why they’re a partnership throughout the whole book. fantastic.
  • “’am i safe?’ quavered piggy. ‘i feel awful–’” fuckin foreshadowing, i hate it. imagine being practically blind on a cliff and then, minutes later, falling to your death. god it’s terrible.
  • piggy crying for ralph not to leave him actually hurts like psychically in my chest. him and simon were babies??? i know it’s fiction but kids are the sweetest things, not even fictional kids deserve to be killed so mercilessly??? im so fuckin sad
  • his last words…powerful and iconic.
  • i dont wanna talk about his death. im very sad
  • k ik it’s terrible but when he died his skull cracked open & his brain more or less fell out (”and stuff came out”, “with his empty head”), and thats p macabre but it’s also symbolic and genius bc when roger killed him he also took away the only thing he had going for him, the only thing that gave him superiority over the others - his intelligence. his brain. 
  • of course, have to end on: “ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called piggy.” cue me shutting the book, hugging it to my chest, and sobbing
Scorpion 4x03 liveblog post  #16: Quintis & Team

watching the live feed on mommy & baby!

And while nothing is said… everything is clear…from their looks. 

Toby & Happy watching the video… and having a “talk” without saying anything. 

I got the message. Even if it wasn’t voiced/said in words. 

Quintis are thinking of the baby-that-never-was, and the baby-that-someday-will-be. To me the message of the scene was obvious. 

Mad props to Jadyn & Eddie! I could read Happy’s & Toby’s thoughts from their faces & behaviour… even if no words were said. Throughout the case Happy was also”worried” about the baby & mother…just like Paige. I have no doubt that Toby noticed. 

And the way Happy was looking at Paige & Ralph (mom & kid), when they got back to the garage. That was a clear sign that the case & other reasons…have brough the feelings back to surface. 

And as they were watching the “bambi” vide… you could “hear” Happy think…about her own mother & her own birth. The case of the week…  The Cd-baby that never was. The fact that they can solve any problem. And you could see that she still wants to wait outside of school for somebody.

And Toby “heard” Happy’s thoughts. And he seems to share those thoughts. He also offered his support…wordlessly. 

Oh, we might not have HEARD them talk about it. Or hear any definite decision being made (as press release suggested). But that is definitely coming. In next ep, I believe. And I like how they brough the topic back (this case)

…Scorpion 4x03 Grow a Deer, a Female Deer

I’m a little confused by that one line where Ralph was like “the genius brain knows when it’s being duped” because like… no it doesn’t? I mean, Toby’s does, but that’s his Special Skill™, and no one else on the team can really do it. (In that very same episode, Happy asked why Toby hadn’t caught on to the Kapper guy’s lies, implying that it was Toby’s job to catch that kind of thing.) 

The entire point of the show is that geniuses have trouble interacting with normal people and interpreting normal people’s emotions, so why should they be good at spotting lies? It just seems like the writers needed a way for Ralph to confront her mom and that was the most convenient way to do so?

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Waige #16 Pleaseeeee ❤ Love love love your fan fictions! x

Thank you! You are too sweet :)

It’s been a few weeks since they got off that dreaded island, and their relationship is going well. It’s weird and awkward at times, fumbling included, but they’re committed to making it work. They’ve waited so long for this, fought so often due to this, that they aren’t ready to throw in the towel so easily. They have to try. It’s going to be work, but they knew the end product would be worth it.


“Mom and I are going to a panel this weekend at UCLA. It’s about chatbots and virtual reality,” Ralph says before taking another bite of his toast.

“You should try to talk to the panelists afterward.” Walter takes a sip of his coffee, leaning back on the kitchen counter. “Maybe get an internship or make job contacts.” He shrugs. “At least get access to their data processing centers and latest research.”

Ralph nods. “I’m still in elementary school.”

“And college.” Walter finishes his coffee and places it in the sink. “You’re a genius. You know more than them anyway.”

“Let’s not say that to them,” Paige says, breezing into the room, catching the tail end of the conversation. “A little EQ, boys.”

“Yes, Mom,” Ralph agrees easily, content to simply go with it. He knows she’s right, even if Walter is technically correct.

“Thanks.” Paige ruffles her son’s hair. “Get your stuff. Carpool will be here any minute.” She pats his back as he stands up, shooing him the direction of his bookbag and textbooks. When Ralph finally gathers his materials–she’ll have to talk to him about organization one of these days–Paige sends a smile in Walter’s direction. “Hey.”

Walter nods, pecking her on the cheek–a form of affection they’ve come to master. “Ralph’s excited for the weekend,” Walter says with a smile.

“Yeah, he is.” Paige looks down, fiddling a bit with her thumbs. Then, taking a deep breath, she looks back into Walter’s eyes. “I wanted to talk to you about that.”

Walter furrows his eyebrows, trying to understand. “Is everything okay? He was just talking about it so I assumed it was fine to comment.”

“No, no, you’re fine. I’m not upset.” She crosses her arms over her chest, still fidgeting slightly. “I guess I started that wrong. What I meant was, I mean,” she stumbles, “I know this,” she gestures between them, “is still new and we’re trying to figure things out together before we involve Ralph,” she picks up the speed of her words, “but, I was thinking, if you want, we could go together?” She exhales, grabbing Walter’s hands to hold in between them. “If you want. Only if you want.”

His thumbs rub over her knuckles, soothing her. “I would very much like to go.” He then shakes his head, mouth set in a frown. “As long as you’re sure you’re okay with it.”

She smiles, the corners of her lips turning up. “I am definitely okay with it. Ralph wants you there,” she confides. Shrugging, she blushes slightly. “I want you there.”

“Then I will be there.”

She leans forward, pressing her lips quickly against his. “Can’t wait.”

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Waige Prompts: Walter & Paige - family game night

“Walter!” The man spun around swiftly and spotted Ralph running towards him, almost out of breath. He had his water rifle above his head, a signal that apparently meant ‘Don’t shoot!’ 

The older genius immediately dropped his water gun and raced to the boy as he bent over to catch his breath. “What is it, Ralph?” Walter’s hands flew to his son’s shoulders. “What’s wrong?” 

“Mom is,” Ralph exhaled and inhaled deeply as his fingers clenched over his knees. “Mom is…” 

Walter’s eyes grew wide in fear. “What happened? Where’s Paige?” He began to look for her behind the boy, but she was nowhere to be found. “Where is she, Ralph?” 

The boy’s met his slowly. “She’s… she’s stuck.” 

Read more here. :)