ralph walker

Construction of the Twin Towers of World Trade Center (Minoru Yamasaki-Emery Roth & Sons, 1973). View looking northwest in Spring 1969, showing the old Art Deco’s New York Telephone Building (McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin-Ralph Walker, 1926) at left.

Photo: Hideaki Sato.

Source: Hideaki Sato. “Requiem World Trade Center. Once upon a time in New York City”. Tokio. ICG Muse. 2001.

The Genesee Valley Trust Company building is now known as the Times Square Building, and is one of the most distinctive structures in Rochester, New York–largely because of the massive wings mounted on top.

The Times Square Building is an Art Deco skyscraper designed by Ralph Thomas Walker of the firm Voorhees, Gmelin, and Walker located in Rochester, New York. At 260 feet (79 m), it is the eighth tallest building in Rochester, with 14 floors. The former Genesee Valley Trust Building is a streamlined twelve-story building supporting four aluminum wings 42 feet (13 m) high, known as the “Wings of Progress”, each weighing 12,000 pounds (5,400 kg). These structures are among the most distinctive features of the Rochester skyline.[1]  The cornerstone of this bank was laid on October 29, 1929, “Black Tuesday” of the 1929 stock market crash(wikipedia)

This is another early scan of a postcard from a second-hand store in Oneonta NY.  It was postmarked in 1933.  The message on the other side reads:  “Listen over the Radio very carefully.  You may hear us broadcasting from W.H.A.M. - Edna"  It was sent to the Stoddarts in Delhi NY.

Saint Ralph

Yes, this Canadian (eh?) film has religious undertones and takes place mainly at a Catholic school, but this was a nice, uplifting movie about running. I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s available on Netflix Instant.

Here’s the synopsis: Ralph (Adam Butcher) is a typical teenager with atypical questions, the largest of which concerns his mother. She’s fallen into a coma, and the 14-year-old has set his sights on winning the 1954 Boston Marathon in a makeshift barter with God to make his mother well. 

Did I cry? Yes, a tear was shed…but overall very nice film.