ralph sinisi


There is a strange dichotomy of this photo to the modern viewer. First that is Ralph Sinisi, owner of Animal Bikes, which makes him more or less one of the forefront of all BMX street. He’s riding front brakes and a visibly and unfashionably kneepads. If it were to happen today, it would almost be a bad joke for anyone under 35, but once again this Ralph Sinisi and what I assume this is about a decade ago, times were different. Regardless there is an ageless quality to the picture which is the feeble grind on the car. 

In BMX, the general thought process is that spots and tricks exist to only be progressed upon, taken to the next level and pushed to the edge of what’s possible. What I’m assuming simple feeble is not a hard trick and this spot is not really the most unique thing, but still it pushes the limits of what’s street riding and what’s an act of vandalism. This is why this photo is so intriguing cause it’s not about the trick at it’s core, more the reality of the act of street riding. Your immediately pushed with the thoughts of a dilemma, making you think even for a second. It’s controversial, dare I say edgy but that’s what makes it so good. 

Ralph Sinisi 

Photo by Jared Sourney