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PINK PERFECTION - models: Jan Carlos Diaz & Hector Diaz, Baylee Soles & Kelsey Soles - photography: Bruno Staub - styling: Julian Ganio - hair: Maranda - makeup: Ozzy Salvatierra - WSJ Magazine February 2017

  • featured designers: Bottega Veneta jacket, Hopman Design jacket - Bally jacket, pants & sweater, Ralph Lauren shirt, Canali jacket & pants - Thom Brown jacket, cardigan, polo & pants - Sacai coat & mesh pullover - Ermenegildo Zegna shirt & pants, Valentino Garavani bag
Chapter 5: Peanut Butter and Jealous (Spider-boy - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

A/n: Liz is also a sophomore in this story, not a Senior. Also, the Y/n character is not the usual girl next door kind considering the fact that she’s a Stark, she’s somehow the Blair Waldorf in her own world, but ya know… with an MCU twist (kinda lol)




Y/n scrambles to her feet helping Peter stand up from where they were laying. You fix your hair and put on your silk robe.

Peter can sense the horror-struck feature on your face. Y/n grabs Peter by the arm as the two of you head upstairs to your room.

“If you think my dad is scary, you should meet my mom. She can be quite hypercritical, so don’t hold it against her if she says something harsh. That’s why she’s friends with people from Vogue, they’re both just as horrifying.” Y/n explains as the two of you enter your room.

“Does May know that you’re here?” Y/n asks Peter.

“I told her I was going to crash at Ned’s place.” Peter replies.

“My mom is on her way up, I can’t let you just hang inside my room the whole time she’s here.” Y/n says.

“I know! Can’t you just distract her something? I’ll try to run to the elevator as fast as I can.” Peter reasons out.

“I don’t think you understand how elevators work. They make a sound whenever someone enters or leaves.” Y/n snaps.

“I better go check if my mom’s here.” Y/n tells him before opening the door.

“Don’t leave until I come back here okay?” You remind him before you hear the familiar elevator sound. 

The footsteps of your mom’s heels click against the marble tiles.

“Helena, tell Y/n to hurry up. Today’s the annual Stark Industries brunch. Plus, Eloise and Nicholas are waiting for her inside the car.” Y/n’s mom’s commanding voice echoes in the foyer.

“They’re here for the weekend as well?” You run downstairs to see your mom standing by the main entrance.

“Why aren’t you dressed? The brunch is starting in 30 minutes.” Your mom scolds you

“Good morning to you too, mother.” Y/n greets the Impeccably dressed French woman who removes her sun glasses the second you get to her.

“Hello, sweetie! You look exhausted. Did your dad bore you to death with all those inventions he’s been making?” Y/n’s mom asks, opening her arms wide open as she hugs you.

“I went to a party last night, actually.” Y/n corrects.

“I know… Happy told me everything.” She says as the two of you pull away from the hug.

“Everything?” Y/n eyes shot wide open.

“He told me that you got drunk and passed out before he could fetch you.” Denise states.

Y/n lets out a sigh of relief after realizing that Happy didn’t mention the part with Peter. 

“Yup! That’s what happened.” Y/n replies nervously.

“Gotta go freshen up a bit. Be right back. Brunch at the Plaza, right?” You inquire before quickly running up the stairs.

“I’m actually planning on leaving now.” Y/n’s mom’s stern voice echoes.

“Why don’t I just catch up with you guys there? I just need to bathe and change. Bye!” You run up to your room to see Peter standing in the middle of your room, half naked.

“Oh my god! Peter put on some clothes!” You cover your eyes.

“I don’t know where my clothes are! I can’t remember where I placed them. I have to go home, I forgot your dad’s brunch is today” He panics.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure my brother has spare clothes in his room. Okay, did everyone receive a secret message about the brunch but me?” Y/n grumbles, grabbing Peter by the arm as the two of you head to Nicholas’ room.

“You have a habit of grabbing me by the hand, you know that?” Peter asks, chuckling.

“Oh please, we both know you love it when I hold your arm.” Y/n sneers.

You roll your eyes and open the closet to see your brother’s collection of Prada Long sleeves. 

“Excellent!” You grab the Prada white button downs and Navy blue blazer, and your brother’s favorite Ralph Lauren Cotton Chino pants.

“Since you liked our teenage night scene so much, it’s time to spend time the adults of the Upper East Side at brunch. Suit up, Parker.” Y/n hands Peter the outfit.

“What about my shoes?” Peter asks.

“Say no more. I’ve got you covered.” Y/n reassures him.


The hall is filled with food, from croissants and scones of different flavors to mixed fruits, the freshest yogurts and multiple choices of drinks, from juices to Moet champagne battles.

“Don’t draw attention to yourself. Stick with me, okay?” Y/n reminds Peter.

“Mr. Parker! I thought you didn’t want to attend… What are you doing here with my daughter?” Tony walks towards the two teenagers.

“Hi, dad.” You kiss your dad on the cheek.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go talk to your siblings for awhile? I need to talk to Peter.” Tony tells Y/n who is unsure.

“I won’t harm your pet, don’t worry.” Tony reassures his daughter before she walks away.

“What are you playing at, Parker? I thought you had feelings for someone else name… Liz was it?” Tony inquires, putting an arm around Peter.

“Sir, I can assure you, Y/n and I are just friends. She actually convinced me to go here actually. And how did you find out about Liz?” Peter furrows his eyebrows at Tony.

“I got it from your suit and that is beside the point. If I could prevent Y/n from growing up, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’ve seen how boys look at her, how you look at her. She got all her good genes from me, not from her mother.” Tony explains.

“I can see that, Mr. Stark.” Peter just nods in agreement.

“I know everything, Mr. Parker. I also know that you tried to make a move on her at some party.” Tony says sternly.

“Tony!” A male voice calls him.

“We’ll continue this discussion later.” Tony walks away.

Shit. I knew this was going to get messy. I just didn’t think it would get messy this quickly.’ Peter thinks to himself.

“Peter! Hi!” A voice interrupts his thoughts.

“Finally, someone normal.” He mutters.

“Oh hey!” Peter smiles at the person who called him.

On the other side of the room:

Y/n is about to walk towards the Stark table when the three friends stop her.

“Thank god we found you.” Tina sighs.

“Why? What’s going on?” You ask.

“It’s kinda coincidental that we were talking about Liz last night when…” Eliza doesn’t finish her sentence, instead looks at what’s behind Y/n.

You turn around to see Liz and her mom talking to someone.

“What is she doing here?” You ask, facing your friends.

“His father owns a Salvage company that works with your father actually. I’m kinda surprised she’d be here.” Tina states.

“I think Peter has a thing for her. I need you girls to distract him for me. I’ll go talk to Liz.” Y/n tells the three girls whose eyebrows are raised.

“What? He has a thing for Liz and you know how we operate.” Y/n sneers.

“Looks like we’re a bit late with the plan.” Maddie tells Y/n.

You turn around the third time to see Peter and Liz talking, smiling at one another.

“Unbelievable.” Y/n mutters and walks towards the two.

“Hi, Liz! I’m so glad to see you! What are you doing here?” Y/n exclaims and hugs Liz in the process.

“My dad couldn’t go, so I was kind of forced to come today. Your family brunch is still glamorous as always.” Liz smiles at you as you let go.

“Thank you! I do hope you’re enjoying everything. By the way, the girls are also here.” Y/n looks at Tina, Eliza, and Maddie and signals them to walk towards Y/n, Peter, and Liz.

Peter can sense the tension radiating from Y/n. His phone vibrates and sees Ned’s text about the Falcon and his men are stealing equipment from a truck.

As much as he loved spending time with Y/n, he can feel the socialites glaring at him, probably wondering whose kid he is or why he walked in with Y/n Stark. Ned texting Peter about the Falcon is the perfect excuse to ditch the brunch.

Tina, Maddie, Eliza, and Liz start to converse.

“Can I borrow Y/n for a second?” Peter asks the girls.

Y/n smiles at Peter as he holds her arm and they move towards the door.

“I uhh… I have to go.” Peter tells Y/n.

“Now? Peter, you haven’t even eaten yet. I can call your Aunt May for you.” Y/n replies.

“I know, but I never told her that I’m going to the brunch today. She’s going to freak out.” Peter lies.

“You could’ve just told me you that you didn’t want to go here in the first place.” Y/n mutters, crossing her arms.

“Y/n… I’m so sorry. It’s just…. Our lives are so different. I can live without the fancy brunches, sports cars, and New York socialites, you can’t. I’m really sorry. I’ll talk to you soon, okay?” Just like that Peter leaves brunch, leaving Y/n disappointed and mad.

And nobody wants to see Y/n Stark when she’s mad.

“So Peter’s crush, Liz is the daughter of Mr. Toomes? New York is getting smaller.” Tony puts an arm around his daughter.

“Come on, you deserve a healthy breakfast.” Tony leads his daughter away from the door, knowing that Peter won’t come back after storming out.

Y/n releases herself from Tony’s hold and walks away.

“It still feels like a television show when I’m with her.” Tony whispers seeing his daughter stomping towards the family table. He couldn’t have his daughter any other way.


“Y/n!!” Tina calls you as she approaches the table, holding her Stella McCartney coat in one hand and her phone in the other.

“Unless you have something that is related to our math homework or anything that concerns my well-being. I’m not interested.” Y/n replies.

“Even better. A little birdie tells me that Liz is throwing a party tonight at her place.” Tina sits beside you, handing you her phone with a photo of the invitation.

“Hold on, Liz Allan? As in, Peter Parker’s crush, Liz Allan?” Y/n asks.

“Are we talking about Liz again?” Maddie chimes in, as she and Eliza, join in on the conversation.

“A little birdie told me she’s hosting a party tonight.” Tina tells them.

“Didn’t we just go to a party last Friday night? Why are we going to Liz’s place when she lives in Queens, oh and it’s a Wednesday night!” Eliza clarifies.

“Well, Think of it this way. Peter’s surely going to be there because of Liz. I say we crash her party.” Maddie shrugs her shoulders.

“Looks like our monthly dinner at The Plaza is postponed until further notice. Anyone up for a party in Queens?” Y/n smirks at her friends.

“I’m totally dreading the fact that Liz lives in Queens but I’m so in.” Eliza returns the smirk at Y/n who is looking down at the invitation.

“Wow, Liz never told us her house is huge.” Maddie sighs, looking at the bright lights coming out from the Modern house.

“Ready to crash the party?” Y/n asks the three girls who are all glammed up more than ever, ready to make a statement.

You and your friends walk in to see the party in full swing. The boys are starting to take notice, which is what you wanted in the first place, but the only boy you’re looking for in this party is Peter Parker.

Liz and the rest of her friends are seated on the floor and look like they’re playing spin the bottle.

“Oh my god, this party is just like the one we had in 7th grade. They’re clearly just looking for a reason to play 7 minutes in heaven.” Eliza mutters.

“Well well well! If it isn’t the Queen B of the Upper East Side. What, did you guys get bored at your 2-storey apartments and Prep school boys?” Flash looks up from where he’s seated.

Liz eyes shoot wide open upon seeing her four former friends from Spence.

“Cool party you got here Liz.” Y/n smirks at Liz who stands up to welcome them.

“Y/n, girls! What are you doing here?” Liz smiles at the four of them awkwardly.

“We were supposed to have dinner at the Plaza, but we wanted to stop by to our friend Liz’s place, surprise surprise, you’re actually in the middle of a party.” You reply.

You look at your friends and raise your eyebrows at them slightly, signaling them to bombard Liz. It’s your time to find Peter.

You see Peter holding a red solo cup, standing beside Ned who is wearing a weird hat. Instead of making your presence known, you hide behind the wall that separates the kitchen and the walkway.

“So when are you going to ask Liz to homecoming?” You hear Ned ask Peter.

“I don’t know…. She’s THE Liz Allan, I’ve been longing to ask her out since freshman year and then there’s Y/n who is so amazing-” A smile forms on your lips upon hearing Peter’s words.

“-But I just can’t handle the pressures of liking a Stark. Liz is the girl of my dreams, you know that right?” Peter sighs.

It’s time.

“That’s not what you told me when you kissed me last Friday.” Y/n sneers, interrupting Peter and Ned’s conversation.

Ned’s eyes widen, looking at both you and Peter.

“I’m gonna go…. polish my hat.” Ned runs away slowly.

“Y/n, I can explain.” Peter sighs.

“Explain what? You already made it very clear that I’m nothing compared to THE Liz Allan. I already lost the guy I liked because of Liz back when she was still at Spence, now it’s come back to haunt me again, and this time I thought I actually had a shot.” Y/n bites her lips to stop herself from crying.

“Thank you, Peter. Thanks for bringing me back to those days. I always have been just second best after Liz Allan.” You storm out of the house.

“Y/n wait!” Peter runs after you, grabbing you using his web, you spinning into his arms.

“I like you, I really do. I’m just…. confused. This whole Spiderman thing just made things difficult for me.” He holds you tight in his arms.

“Let me make it easier for you then. Enjoy your homecoming, Peter.” You push him away, heading towards your car.

Get out of Liz’s house. We’re done.’ Y/n texts the girls.

Peter Parker won’t know what hit him.


GOOD JEANS - models: Myrthe Bolt & Christopher Einla - photography: Ben Weller - styling: Margherita Moro - hair: Chi Wong - makeup: Niamh Quinn - WSJ Magazine April 2017

  • on him: Polo Ralph Lauren jacket, pants, shirt & belt - on her: Prada vest, turtleneck & shorts
  • Isabel Marant top. Dolce & Gabbana jeans
  • on her: Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello top & jeans - on him: Rag & Bone jeans. John Viragos belt. vintage hat (angelo.it)
  • on him: Linder jeans. Raf Simons shirt - on her: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini jacket, corset & shorts
  • Vetements x Levi’s jacket, jeans & belt. Brunelli Cucinelli shirt. Dsquared2 gloves. vintage hat (Melet Mercantile, NYC)