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Ralph Lauren Purple Label AW17

It’s easy to understand why Ralph Lauren is still considered to this day as one of the most successful brands of all time, not only by those inserted in its aesthetic sphere, but by every reputed personality in menswear, regardless of personal style and taste. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren owes its success to brilliant storytelling and the early adoption of the “lifestyle concept”, the introduction of narrative and context to fashion. 

This concept has been so exquisitely explored throughout its life cycle that the Ralph Lauren aesthetic is an immediately recognisable trademark. Even if the quality of the lower tier lines isn’t what it used to be, they still provide timeless garments that don’t compromise the integrity of the brand as a whole. Another superb aspect of Ralph Lauren is the ability to adapt and expand to new markets without ever losing its DNA - be it on RRL, RLX or Home, lines who seek to attract distinct consumer profiles, traces of the brand’s universe remain.

A perfect example is its AW17 collection from the luxurious Purple Label line. If you haven’t seen it in person I recommend doing so the next time you visit one of their flagship stores, trust me it’s worth it. This top tier line delivers some of the most high-end garments around, made from luxurious fabrics and portraying an uncanny attention to detail in both design an construction. Usually associated with a more formal style due to the outstanding suiting offerings, usually accompanied by the expertise of their in-house tailors, Purple Label has been evolving, currently offering a wide range of styles as seen above. From 3-piece suits, to tuxedos, playful ikat patterns and sweatpants, the collection sees the Ralph Lauren man as a whole, providing spot-on options for different occasions - what’s not to love?


“We like each other…But, you know, the thing about when you like someone is…Oh, it’s about like respect, and wanting each other to have a nice time…because I like my job and I want to enjoy it. And I think that Joel describes it brilliantly. He says we all felt - and especially the two of us - that we were carrying something very important and precious together and that was our job, and so you can’t help but need each other.“ 

– Ruth Negga on working with Joel Edgerton on ‘Loving’

WILD THINGS - model: Caspar Oechsler - photographer: Philippe Vogelenzang - stylist: Tobias Frericks - GQ Germany December 2015

  • featured: Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton , Brioni.

Jay-Z, photographed for the January 1998 issue of Interview magazine by David Barry. Hov was featured in the magazine alongside a review of his second studio album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. He was styled in Tod’s Italian boots and a Ralph Lauren suit with RL accessories by Jennie Lopez. According to her, Hov arrived three hours late and didn’t want to be tailored.

The feature, titled “Hip-Hop’s Hemingway” and written by singer-songwriter Dimitri Ehrlich, read as follows: “In boxing, the best fighter in the world is established as indisputable fact based on who cleans whose clock more efficiently. In rap battles, "the greatest” is a more ambiguous title. At the moment, so many hip-hop pundits are pinning that tag on Jay-Z, there’s a risk of it becoming reality by force of repetition. There’s also the risk of inferring greatness by association: Jay-Z collaborated often with the late Notorious B.I.G., and on the 27-year-old’s new album, ‘In My Lifetime, Vol.1,’ he’s joined by the heavyweights of modern black music: Puff Daddy, Lil’ Kim, Teddy Riley, Foxy Brown, and Babyface. But it’s Jay-Z who holds the album together, and it’s his Brooklyn B-boy voice we remember when the record ends. He raps with a nearly accidental eloquence that breathes life into what might otherwise be just the same old tales in the life of a player. He’s the Hemingway of hip-hop, spilling words as easily as most of us spill a drink. Armed with a microphone and a mind like a microphone, Jay-Z accumulates pointillistic details until they add up to a living, breathing whole. 'It’s the sight and sounds and smell of a thing that you have to capture to be a great rapper,’ he says. 'That’s how you bring listeners into the story, so they can close their eyes and it’s almost like they’re there.’“


II LOOSEN UP - model: Armando Cabral - photographer: Thomas Goldblum - stylist: Wayner Gross - groomer: Mann Nance - prop stylist: Linda Keil - MAXIM September 2015

  • featured designers: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture - Louis Vuitton - Dunhill - Polo Ralph Lauren - Tommy Hilfiger - Giorgio Armani - Salvatore Ferragamo