ralph lauren loafers

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Thank You Jesus! 😊😇🙏 Finally someone took off that ugly ass blue necktie sweater! It does nothing good for Joseph's clothing color palette! Like he probably wears like Ralph Polo Laurens loafers/boat shoes 👞to fit his nautical preppy daddy theme. ⚓️. He just needs to burn 🔥that ugly ass blue necktie sweater or replace it with a brown/burgundy/red one to match his belt and khakis and Pink Polo, then we'll be fine.👌

I’ve been staring at this for 6 minutes and still haven’t fully processed it


First day on the job and I was dying for a summer-weight oxford cloth shirt. Perspiration doesn’t make for a great first impression.

Maybe a sexy first impression, but definitely not a professional one.

Chino Jacket: Gap
Shirt: Michael Spencer
Tie: Chaps (purchased from Kohls while I was in college)
Trousers: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Loafers: Cole Haan