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Herb Lubalin & Ralph Ginzburg

VOLUME 14 Summer 1971


Hommage A L'Ecole Fountainbleau (COVER) by Lambert Wintersberger
Letters to the Editor
The Sexual Symbolism of the American Flag by Warner Brown
High Times Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark
“The Machine I Hate the Most”  Compiled by Dorothy Bates
Madness to His Method Paintings by Dieter Schwertberger
Strong Medicine by Warren Boroson
Concerning the Mais of Brobdingnag by Lemuel Gulliver (as told to M. S. Winecoff)
Way out Westbeth Photographs by Leonard Freed
On the Septuaquinquennia of Psychoanalysis by Frederick L. Boyle
Belles-Lettres by Anna and Anthon Beeke, Peter Brattinga, Ed Van Der Elsken, and Geert Kooiman
Unwinding in London by Seymour Krim