There’s all these dudes getting upset that a fictional time travelling alien is going to played by a woman and going “ooh err it’ll be James Bond next, PC culture gone mad! Mad I tell you! Mad!” And I’m just thinking - yes please! Give me female 007! Stop Daniel Craig sounding so miserable about playing a misogynistic imperialist alcoholic, give the role to a woman. Shooting guns, saving the world, cool one liners. It’d be great. Alternatively (or as well, please) give me an M, Moneypenny and Q spin-off. Give me an action film with Ben Whishaw in excellent knitwear with his cats and gadgets and Ralph Fiennes being all suave and snarky and hating all the politics wanting to be a silly old-school spy, give me Naomie Harris being the excellent sarcastic, expert markswoman, female superspy she so obviously is. Bond is easily the least interesting character here.

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Tom Felton: Yeah, a lot of people have commented on the Voldemort/Draco moment. It was special… It was special. He has a firm grip. It was pretty terrifying. It wasn’t in the script and we did that take about 25 times, he only hugged me once. It was a one-off thing that he just threw at me. I’m standing there going, “What the hell is he doing? Why is he hugging me in this weird fashion!” It’s pretty terrifying stuff - He held it for about ten seconds and I thought, “Is this going to end?” I was baffled and even more baffling was that that was the take they used!

AU: Diana goes to the underworld to bring Steve back and battles with Hades to take him.

- Hades! - Diana shouted.
- I was wondering how long was it going to take you to come down here, niece - Said Hades looking at her.

- Let him go and I will do you no harm - Diana answered fiercely.

- Careful Diana, don’t forget who are you talking to, you mistake me for Ares. Living with mortals made him weak, just like they weakened you…Risking yourself for a human. Pathetic - He replied sternly - Do you want him? Come get him…If you can - Hades added before throwing her a blaze of fire.

- Diana! - Steve screamed.


HARRY POTTER’s characters looks like in their youth

1- Severus Snape / Alan Rickman - Adam Driver 

2- Tom Riddle “Voldemort” / Ralph Fiennes - Gaspard Ulliel

3- Albus Dumbledore / Michael Gambon - Benedict Cumberbatch

4- Gellert Grindewald / Johnny Depp - Will Poulter

5- Minerva McGonagall / Maggie Smith - Felicity Jones

6- Lucius Malfoy / Jason isaacs - Jamie Bell

7- Rubeus Hagrid / Robbie Coltrane - Kit Harington

8- Arthur Weasley / Mark Williams - Adam Hicks

9- Horace Slughorn / Jim Broadbent - Sam Clafin

10- Sirius Black / Gary Oldman - Aaron Taylor Johnson

I hope you like it