ralph brennan's jazz kitchen

I always thought Downtown Disney was an overflow of the things that weren’t Disney enough to be in the park. 

My bad.

Yes, Downtown Disney isn’t 100% Disney. There’s the Lego store, a movie theater, Build-a-Bear…. It’s pretty much a nice outdoor mall, but #HOLYSHITTHEFOOD. Seriously. 

Our night started off with getting soaked in the rain. At least I did. We made a quick stop in World of Disney, a HUGE gift shop full of stuff you can find in the park shops, but all in one place, and Hubs bought me a new shirt and hoodie to change into so I would stop turning blue in the night-time-in-November in California weather.  So i quickly changed in a restroom stall, but I was still cranky. 

Earlier in the day, I saw someone eating the bread bowl gumbo in New Orleans square, but we were running late to the fireworks show (which got cancelled) so we decided to skip it for then.

“Cheer up, Erica!” you’re thinking. “You’re being a spoiled brat! You just got a shirt and a hoodie, plus a sweet ass microfleece blanket FOR FREE. Not to mention you’re on your HONEYMOON at DISNEYLAND for a WEEK.”

Well I wanted a mother fucking bread bowl. Damnit.

Anyway, Hubs consoled me with Gumbo Ya-ya from Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (Express, but you know…)