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Ralph, can you give us a bit of history about bone keepers? Like, what traditions do you follow or take part in?

I get they’re important to bone keepers and they were important to my pa as well, but I guess I just….didn’t have any int’rest. As a kid I was too wild t’ sit down and listen.

A person’s bones, I think, should be respected no matter how bad or good the Pokemon was. That’s one thing I’m kinda stuck on, ‘n I’ve always thought so. The bone keepers view one last use to bones as a sort of honor. 

My pa taught me about ‘charging’ bones, teeth, horns, all that. It’s when ya inscribe the bones with symbols, and it gives the bones…a purpose. On some, the charge disappears after the first use and the bones are buried, but on others there’s a passiveness to it that lasts a lifetime.

Pa insisted that me ‘n Wanda make these bones for our kids. I made this one for Lestrade, and Wanda for Edmund. It keeps us connected. 

Horses can’t barf. Unlike most animals, horses are physically incapable of vomiting, but it’s unclear why. It could be because of the way they run, which pounds their stomach in a manner that would cause any other animal to throw up, and it could also be a survival tactic to help them evade predators and retain food. Source Source 2