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Elizabeth Warren on the #ShePersisted outcry: it’s inspired “a better democratic conversation”

Even though Elizabeth Warren was formally silenced on the Senate floor earlier this week, she is optimistic about the response thus far.

In other words: she is sure hoping that in the face of overwhelming opposition, those rallying around her will follow her example and persist.




Opinion | What if Western media covered Charlottesville the same way it covers other nations
The world would shake its head at America.
By https://www.facebook.com/karen.attiah

If we talked about what happened in Charlottesville the same way we talk about events in a foreign country, here’s how Western media would cover it. Those quoted in the “story” below are fictional.

The international community is yet again sounding the alarm on ethnic violence in the United States under the new regime of President Trump. The latest flash point occurred this past weekend when the former Confederate stronghold of Charlottesville descended into chaos following rallies of white supremacist groups protesting the removal of statues celebrating leaders of the defeated Confederate states. The chaos turned deadly when Heather Heyer, a member of the white ethnic majority who attended the rally as a counterprotester, was killed when a man with neo-Nazi sympathies allegedly drove his car into a crowd.

Trump, a former reality television host, beauty pageant organizer and businessman, rose to political prominence by publicly questioning the citizenship of the United States’ first black president, Barack Obama. Since his election, Trump has targeted Muslims, refugees, Mexicans and the media. He has also advocated for police brutality. These tactics have appealed to and emboldened white ethno-nationalist groups and domestic terrorist organizations.

After Charlottesville, Trump has largely refused to unequivocally condemn the actions of the white supremacist groups. In a shocking news conference Tuesday, Trump, fuming after consuming hours of cable television, doubled down on blaming “both sides” for the weekend’s violence. His remarks garnered praise from a former leader of a white terrorist group known as the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville,” Duke said on Twitter.

Beyond Trump’s coddling of white extremist groups, the emboldening of white supremacists and neo-Nazis raises questions about the state of the United States’ democracy 152 years after its brutal civil war over the rights of the white ethnic majority in its southern region to enslave members of the black ethnic minority. After the Charlottesville turmoil, more protests are expected around the country against the removal of Confederate monuments.

“Culturally, Americans are a curious lot,” said Andrew Darcy Morthington, an United Kingdom-based commentator who once embarked on a two-year mission trip to teach rural American children and therefore qualifies as an expert on U.S. affairs. “Donald Trump’s campaign message was that he would make America great again, and that there would be so much ‘winning.’ If America cares about being great, why has it fought so hard to keep monuments to the Confederate losers and enslavers?”

“The worst thing Britain ever did was letting go of our colony and thinking Americans were capable of governing themselves without eventually resorting back to tribal politics,” said Martin Rhodes, a shopkeeper in London. “I can’t believe a once-great empire would threaten everything it has built over generations just because a group of people give in to racism and xenoph…” Rhodes’s voice trailed off as he stared wistfully at a silent Big Ben.

Experts are also linking the weekend violence to the scourge of domestic terrorism carried out by white males, who have carried out almost twice as many mass attacks on American soil than Muslims have in recent years.

“This is the time for moderates across the white male world to come out and denounce violent racial terrorism, white supremacy and regressive tribal politics,” said James Charlotin, a Canadian national security expert. “Why haven’t they spoken out?”

European leaders have offered to convene the first-ever Countering Violent White Male Extremism (CVWME) summit somewhere in Europe, but critics have pointed out that Europe was the original exporter of many of the same colonial and white supremacist ideologies that have fueled misery all over the globe.

The Trump regime, which has failed to deliver on much of its legislation promises, is governing in a country awash in guns, where the maternal mortality rate, alcoholism and opioid drug use are on the rise.

“This is just a recipe for entrenched disaffection from the state and further isolation and radicalization of American white males,” Charlotin said.

“The Americans on both sides of the political spectrum like to talk about identity politics, or white identity,” said Mustapha Okango, a Kenyan anthropologist based in Nairobi. “The Americans like to lecture us and other Africans about keeping tribalism out of our politics and putting country ahead of our ethnic groups. America’s institutions are strong. But when I saw the images of those white men in polos carrying Party City tiki torches and weapons, it’s pretty clear American white tribal politics are alive and well, explicitly fueled by President Trump’s regime. White supremacy doesn’t just hurt blacks or other minority groups, it hurts the whole country. Take it from us Kenyans, it’s a dangerous recipe. We had hoped better for America.”

President Trump’s visit to Arizona is already fraught with controversy. The mayor of Phoenix asked the president to hold off staging a campaign rally in his city following the recent violence in Charlottesville, Va. Then, there are the hints Trump has dropped that he might issue a controversial pardon for the former local Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently convicted of criminal contempt of court for disobeying a federal judge.

Last but not least, Trump may step further into next year’s Arizona Senate race by further tormenting one of his most outspoken Republican critics, the state’s junior U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, and potentially upsetting the delicate balance of power in the Senate.

At a recent meeting in Mesa, a conservative suburb east of Phoenix, more than 70 GOP grassroots leaders gathered to discuss party business. Even though Flake has a home in Mesa and used to represent the area in the U.S. House, many of the Republican activists present expressed disgust for Flake, who’s serving his first term in the Senate and is up for re-election in 2018.

Trump’s Visit To Arizona Is A Headache For Trump GOP Critic, Sen. Jeff Flake

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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I only have one problem with the Wonder Woman movie and that's Steve. Now, I didn't mind him, but also don't understand why people think he's so great. He's cocky, and not very interesting, and I disliked that his death was the whole driving force for the end of the movie. Like to me it seems like the fact that he's not an asshole is the sole reason why people like him. I really WANT to like him so if someone can shed some lights on his good qualities that'd be cool.

not a problem (and it’s okay if you still don’t like him, not every character is for everybody)

I’d say that he is a good man in a terrible war, that he’s loyal and smart and brave.

for the cocky thing, I’m thinking you’re refering to that scene of him coming out of the bath? honestly, I think we can chalk a lot of that up to the fact that a beautiful woman just walking in on him naked, seemed kind of unimpressed, and then mainly asked questions about his watch. it’s mostly played for humor, and that kind of cockiness and pride mostly disappears from the movie once they get to our world

as for the interesting, for me, I came at it from the perspective that he is a spy in the bloodiest war the world had ever seen up until that point, mainly tasked with keeping an eye on the most cruel scientist and general on the german side

he’s seen terrible things and probably done terrible things in the name of freedom for Europe

mankind, in his view, seem to do nothing but hurt each other. politicians and generals play chess with the lives of men and women that Steve knows, men and women that Steve has seen die. and yet he continues in his role, because like he said “if you can’t do nothing, do something”

he had tried to stay out of it (after all, he is American, and the US did not enter the war until 1917), but he could not stand idly by while the world burned. he’s charming and smart and can blend in, he made the perfect kind of spy

and then he landed on Themyscira, and experienced for a short while a world he didn’t realize could exist

(also, he saw the head of the Amazonian army ride into battle at the head of the cavalry charge and die to protect one of her own, while the war leaders he knew sat in conference rooms in London)

and he met Diana, who was so single-minded in what she believed was her purpose. he wasn’t sure she could do what she said (I mean, I doubt anyone fresh from WW1 would honestly think a single person, no matter how strong, could change the entire war), but she also gave him a way off the island, and he needed to get to London.

when faced with orders to let it go, to leave Ludendorff alone, he immediately decides to ignore those orders, because it’s the right thing to do. he knows that he can save people, even if he’s also sure that he will probably die in the attempt.

in the alley, when they are ambushed by Maru’s men, he immediately understands that what she can do is more than what a normal person can and is very willing to let her take the lead in beating up bad guys

and again, in No Man’s land, as soon as he sees that Diana is basically indestructible (and that the reason he originally said she couldn’t go - that she’d be mowed down by a machine gun - was moot), he rallies the men to follow her lead. she charges ahead and he follows with the gang. then, he remembers how the Amazons fought on the beach and decides to do the same for Diana, lifting her on a metaphorical shield to win the day

I’ve seen people say that he says “no” to Diana too often, but he’s mainly saying it because either a) they need to keep a low profile and as a spy he understands what they need to do that and Diana walking around with a sword and shield is not exactly inconspicuous, or b) what she wants to do would 100% kill a normal human being and he didn’t yet know that she’s a nearly indestructible demi-god. the one “no” I think he really wishes he didn’t have to say was trying to stop her from killing Ludendorff in high command. but he knew that an armistice was being negotiated and that killing an important german general in the middle of high command is the kind of thing that leads to terrible repercussions (i.e. more lives lost as the war drags on), and that taking down Ludendorff and Maru needed to happen elsewhere.

his friends are loyal, to each other and to him. not in awe or anything, but the kind of friendship that comes from standing together against terrible odds and knowing that they can rely on each other no matter what. (and, it does help in my book that his friends aren’t all white dudes, that they show that even though it was a different time, every person could make the choice themselves)

he’s good, at the heart of things. he’s a good, decent man who will fight and lay down his life to protect the innocent.

he loved her, even in the short time he knew her, because how could he not? (there’s a reason we also all fell in love with Diana immediately, and he’s no exception)

and she loved him, because at the end of the day, even she came to think that if it wasn’t Ares doing this, that it was just human kind all along, he was still good and brave and kind

so when he died, sacrificing himself for others, she gave into the rage that had been simmering inside of her since she arrived at the front. rage at Ares, rage at war, rage at the violence mankind wrought on each other. I get how it can seem like all her power came from just that moment, but I think it’s mostly a trigger, the last straw, to unleashing her power. when that gas bomb fell on the town of Veld, if Ares had been in front of her, giving her a target and egging her on, I think she would have gone full demi-god right then.

as she doubts whether humanity is worth saving, if they can do all of this to each other with only slight prodding from Ares, he knows how she feels. he’s seen some of the terrible things we can do when we set our minds to it, but he also knows the good we can do. he and his friends are her reminder that mankind can be good, that they can choose the right path, even if it might be a long one

sorry, that was a lot of rambling that I’m not sure really answered your question?

I mainly just liked him immediately, because good earnest people facing down hatred and terror without giving in is a thing that just gets to me.

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I think all of us as some point or other have had our hearts broken, and when it happened to you it felt like it was happening to a close friend and we wanted to rally behind you. I've been following you since 2012 and to see your life now, full of happiness and sunshine and love -- literally is the best feeling of like fuck yeah, she's a boss. We're all freaking out over here in case you didn't notice, because our friend came out on top and we want to hug and high five and all things nice.

This makes me so happy, to feel like I’m a friend of you guys! Thank you. ❤️

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This week's big debate seems to be about Cas and humanity. I've read posts that are both excited and upset about how it seems like Cas is eventually going to choose to become human. I was wondering if you had any insight into whether that's a good thing or a bad thing for him, or if he should choose to stay an angel.

Heya! :) I am going to answer this to the best of my ability which is a liiittle bit loopy and over-tired today :P 

But yeah I have been scrolling my dash and I am not dead yet so I have seen this discussion going on :D I sort of feel like I haven’t got much to say about it in a way that I haven’t said/agreed with before (so it’s been redundant to weigh in), but like… riiiight back when I was a Fandom Newbie and getting to know the lay of the land and I just got absorbed right into the general fandom consensus at that time among the groups of meta writers I glommed onto… 

I mean, because I showed up after 9x18, and then though of course I was around for the following episodes I really started the whole circus of new episode reactions along with everyone, with season 10… between tearing apart the Cas stuff in 9x18 and then the Cas and Hannah stuff in 10x01-3 it just seemed really really obvious where Carver was going with it, and what it meant to Cas? And I mean okay this was 3 (4?) years ago but I also feel like with Cas’s development getting stalled over and over and over except in tangential ways, this was all put on ice like 3 times over before he even got possessed by Lucifer, so the MAJOR work on this was between the last minutes of 8x23 and 10x18 and even then that’s the STORYTELLING of it, and of course Cas himself puts the whole thing on ice as something he has the luxury to think about in 9x09. (Except for the one peanut butter and jelly conversation.)

So in 9x18 the MAJOR thing is that the lyrics “loneliness is a coat you wear” are laid over Cas taking off the coat to mend it (although that’s left out so it’s more like… he takes it off to gather his thoughts on what he’s going to do next, which is even more symbolic and useless in a practical way of why he does it). He then puts the coat back on to greet his army… And in a few episodes Metatron does the “draped yourself in the flag of Heaven” thing, which when 9x18 is all about the subtext and telling us to pay attention, I find a very very straight line to what that meant about him doing similar to 12x19 - using Heaven but not wanting Heaven, and never mind his motivation with Dean (and that being what changes his mind and makes him play Metatron’s game), the way it portrays Heaven as an obligation and a duty to help, but with a loneliness that comes from wearing that coat. He’s walking out into a parking lot full of angels but the lyrics are screaming that he’s without love, and lonely, and the end of the season confirms these choices were the reason. 

And in season 10 it gets more personal, and we have Hannah as a counter example. With Daniel in 10x01 who wants to stay on earth and gets what that’s all about we see Cas empathising, but at the end of the episode he goes way deeper than that, talking about human things that upset and startle Hannah. She literally drapes the flag of Heaven over him in 10x02 and smooths it down and accidentally reveals that the plaid of Winchesters is underneath the collar all along, and Cas is sleeping and acting more and more human while sick. She wants to give him his grace back to stop this and he resists… Out of penance and lack of self-worth and knowing he did a heinous thing to steal grace in the first place (again, for Dean, not just to be an angel again but because he needed to survive to warn him about Ezekiel). But symbolically she is trying to make him take the grace and be an angel. Be a leader, the angel the others will rally behind and follow. She represents how all of Heaven feels about him (and 12x19 and 12x15 cover similar ground in what Kelvin says about Cas). 

But also in 10x07 it goes deeper with how she feels about humanity - that the human things are forbidden, that love and enjoying sensual pleasures like showers are just *wrong* for angels to experience. She rejects human things entirely as stuff that’s not for her, and nopes out hard. And she is symbolic of angels in general, of Heaven’s desires and feelings in general when she asks him to be a leader. 

This is the sort of pressure - innocent of malice but FULL of lack of understanding - that is at odds with what Cas FEELS which is full empathy to wanting to be on earth… an actual understanding and feeling for these human things. He’s in his own body without a shared vessel as 10x09 goes on to confirm, which means he has none of the conflict Hannah does there, and 10x09 paints quite a picture of Cas as wildly unlike all the angels in this way, because it confirms for once and for all he’s alone in there and the Jimmy issue is resolved. 

To quickly skip ahead on this side of things, 12x10 shows the same thing but dialled up to a zillion. Instead of Hannah standing in for a clueless family that doesn’t understand and can’t empathise with the different feelings and sense of belonging Cas has, but is still mostly harmless if accidentally intolerant and stifling with their expectations and demands, we have Ishim, who stands in for the worst sort of family experience with intolerance. He’s also in love with a human and that’s the metaphor for violent, self-loathing homophobia I guess, as he kills Lily’s daughter to emotionally sever himself from her, to no avail, and tries to kill Cas for having the same “weakness”. Lashing out with hatred because of the internalised feelings of crossing a taboo line that their society has turned into a harsh rule. Supposedly good reasons are offered with the nephilim thing, but obviously Cas and Dean aren’t gonna have a baby any time soon, so the metaphor unfolds itself as queer through and through once Ishim turns on Dean.

And to walk aaaall the way back DOWN canon, I’m stalled in my rewatch in 4x10 at Anna pacing around talking about how she did the worst thing imaginable and cut out her grace and fell. 4x10 is the first episode to actually explore the nature of angels and lays down some ground rules, like that sex and disobedience are forbidden. 

Orders are orders. I’m sure I have a death sentence on my head.


I disobeyed… which, for us, is about the worst thing you can do. I fell.


She fell to earth, became human.

(I have the transcript open and scrolled down to that part in a tab and have for months… CBA to go find her talking about sex later but I think we all know the stuff she says)

That “worst thing you can do” line feels to me like with retcons from 12x10, that the “sacred oath” may be any sort of angel to human dalliance or connection or desire to BE and to be FREE. The same thing Hannah nopes out of in 10x07 is what Anna had to tear out her grace to experience. Anna having to take her grace back to survive is tragic, especially as it puts her right in the vulnerable firing line of Naomi’s reprogramming. This metaphor is SO much worse with Anna than even Cas, as it’s so simple about her returning to her family as an angel again after making a break to be free and live as a human like she wants, then to be tortured back to the family line and pure obedience, to her eventual death as an unrecognisable killer, a la Cas in 8x17. But without the sympathetic inside view and long arc to explain it or the narrative having any interest in saving her >.> (Hi, I like Anna and am bitter about that whole thing 5eva :P) 

Cas in 9x09 also takes back a grace to survive (and this whole arc brings in the clear concept that has been on the backburner since Anna of grace and consciousness as 2 separate things, and grace to an angel being more of its power than its mind, though functionally they seem one and the same when nothing hinky is going on - something else important for human endgame as well as showing ways of removing grace without falling and turning into a human baby)… Again like Anna Cas has little choice when he takes the grace back. He was happy to die human until he learned Sam and Dean were in trouble, and made a horrific choice to help them by stealing grace. After that getting his real grace seemed like the only way to fix him dying of his actions, though he seemed happy to again, the story had other ideas :P (And Mittens wrote something on how Cas has “let himself die” in the way he didn’t in 10x18, where he has to pass through death for change and reaping the character benefits of transitions. (Flyingfish1′s heroine journey meta also comes to mind). Of course by not letting himself die, he’s trapped in the 10x18 > 12x19 holding pattern on his entire life and personal arcs except the ever-worsening depression and self-worth arcs that spring up in the meantime, and the belonging one.)

Anyway it’s all connected, these angels with their connections to humanity, either what they really really want and are denied by fate, or by fate end up experiencing, and really really don’t want. Or in Ishim’s case he really wanted and then because of being an example of a total tool representing institutional prejudices, decided murder was the best way out of his brush with feeling human things. And they all tell us things about Cas from different angles, with different angels (sorry. wordplay was right there.) The long and short of it is that Cas is supposed to be one of those marble statues with no doubts (in 4x10 - *buzzer noise* WRONG *points at 4x07 and “I have doubts”) or that human things are not for them (*points at Cas even bringing up the subject and confusing Hannah about why you’d want to learn them and horrified that Cas seemed to have picked up human cooties by admiring these qualities in the first place*) or indeed that angels in general are massively intolerant to humans and from start to finish it’s a death penalty offence to get tangled up with them or want to be/be one of them. (I know 12x10 is more applicable to the Destiel side of things but the general message about Heaven’s intolerance with “humanity” instead of queerness with all the other examples makes a lot of sense to me.)

Actually I’ve seen the argument a lot that this debate is metaphorical to the trans experience for Cas changing species, even more than the interspecies romance parallel to sexuality metaphors, and I think it is fairly simple to me that this is part of the general queer metaphor applied to Cas as something the angels are intolerant of. 12x10 threw in the Benjamin stuff too and made it a little angel gender studies thing (which Hannah also helped with in 10x17 by reprising her “totally in love with Cas” look in a male vessel and not giving a crap about the change). With Benjamin they said that the angel Cas was closest to there was the one who had a ….. friendship ….. with his vessel. So there’s a lot going on there between that and the “his vessel is a woman, benjamin is an angel” thing) :P 

I think, anyway, Anna wanting to be human and getting disowned on pain of death and having to become an angel again, and even then being hunted for daring to not be an angel once, is the closest parallel to what Cas faces. Especially for internalised ideas he had at the time and hadn’t got to unlearn until he was a human. 

And I think, additionally to that, he may not have even realised that being human even answered his feeling of not belonging or being different until AFTER it happened. Like, Metatron forced it on him too soon and then everything was non-stop awful and then suddenly he’s had to get grace again (and heading for that flag of heaven metaphor), and only then he gets to reflect on what it felt like, by way of being an angel again looking back on it. It was so brutal and short that he never got a chance to appreciate being human at the time in a way where it would explain to him what he lacks. 

By 10x18 he has the family dinner and he takes his coat off for it. Heaven has rejected him, he’s seemingly chosen the Winchesters again, and got his grace back, but he has to go back to the grind, and he doesn’t change his wardrobe, he keeps the coat which is basically performative angel-ness with Winchester plaid underneath. 

(Actually about the only time I can think of that angel-ness is used as the queer metaphor and not the other way around is in 9x06 when Cas is playing cis straight human to Nora and Dean shows up yelling about him being an angel at his workplace… I think that’s a very circumstantial metaphor which is more about delightfully queercoding the entire thing than a wider statement… After all, contained within a season where the main arc for Cas is leading a heaven army thing, and ending in “i just want to be an angel” in utter, tragic defeat on the emotional battlefield. Absolutely NOT a statement on what would make Cas feel HAPPY, just useful and numb, per 10x03 and what he says about human pain and how revealing those lines are side by side about what Cas is feeling and how angel is he REALLY, like, deep down in his too-big heart where it matters)

But yeah he just keeps on going after 10x18 and this all kinda drops away, so I think until season 12 basically nothing was really done to mess around with this concept again in a substantial, meaningful way aside from attack dog and similar arcs tangential to this and more about Cas’s state of mind in general (as the same conflict can be applied to Dean when human). It has become more about Cas belonging in the Winchesters as the main thing - 12x19 has Cas being way more upfront about using Kelvin to his face, that he’s only going along with it because his old connections to Heaven are useful, as well as shining a massive spotlight on Cas considering himself a guardian angel as a bad bad thing, which is actively damaging his beloved family relationships and especially upsetting Dean. He would rather protect them from afar, and I think long-term Cas ending up with the Winchesters but as an angel would always be somewhat prone to that sort of thought in an emergency that as a more powerful being he would have to protect them, and a sense of not belonging entirely as another species that can’t quiiite relate no matter how different he is and how much more kinship he feels with humanity even as an angel. I can’t see that as a happy ending, and since 12x19 it feels rather more like it would be not finishing a plotline that is not JUST about this relationship but using it to move the piece on the board about Cas’s human arc forward another step, as his endgame would be not just as human, but also with them, so tying the concepts together isn’t a bad idea, as long as it’s clear this is something in season 9 and 10 Cas came to as a desire without very much contact with them at all, and therefore very much for himself as an understanding of what he is and what he desires. 

And, again, I don’t think Cas has great resources for self-reflection on the subject - not just that Metatron had to turn him human briefly to even make him realise he could ever do it, but something like using the belonging with family arc to help speed it along gives him a clear reason and goal for why it works and would feel right for him and to give him the place to self-analyse with motivation. I really don’t like the idea of equating this entirely with Cas’s belonging with the Winchesters arc all on its own, though. It CAN’T just be about that he should be human to be with his human friends/family etc. But I do think that a lot of the work to explain why he identifies with humanity has ALREADY been done and is a solid, existing part of his character already. 

In a happy ending even if it all gets told tied up with the Winchesters, I would point to season 9 & 10 to argue that it was not JUST FOR them, but that they were the soft landing for him to make a decision. If he became human he wouldn’t be forcing himself to fit in with them, he would be doing it for himself. I mean, since season 4 he is equated with Anna, protesting loudly he’s nothing like her when even before we meet her he admits to one of the cardinal sins of doubt. He has ALWAYS had a slight leaning towards humanity and clearly described as UNANGELIC traits and feelings. So in this way he’s always FELT different and therefore as it gets expanded and expanded and ends up being a deeply complex metaphor and fascinating way to relate to Cas, it’s clear this is an inherent part of him from the start. The human feelings that Hannah violently nopes out of have been things Cas has tolerated, defined himself by, and felt all along. She’s used to show that Cas hasn’t ever been bothered in the same way, and just uses her leaving as an excuse to delve even deeper into human connections by worrying about Claire, and in the narrative, walking us right into proving he has his own body and no Jimmy, and another way Cas is both unique, and uniquely suited to a human endgame.

I think though that a lot of this is personal and subjective on the arguments going around, and I see this sooo deeply through the old meta I read back in season 9 & 10 which has shaped all my ongoing thoughts I do know I have developed probably my own biases on this. I think Cas would never be happy as an angel in a happy families endgame because the Guardian Angel Cas issue (which was his downfall in season 6, so not a new thing, just re-focused recently) would always play on his mind as it’s shown that he self-sabotages his relationships in order to protect them. I see it like season 4 Sam using his powers to exorcise because it’s an ethical way to get rid of demons quick in a fight without stabbing the innocent meatsuit. In season 5 even knowing aaall the trouble it caused him and that Ruby played off his desire to save people as a GOOD thing to do great evil, he was tempted by the demon blood and regrets/resents not being able to use powers to exorcise the kids. (Obviously before he learns they were all just human all along because that episode is so disturbing >.>)

Even if it went some pretty hinky places (as in the end of season 6 for Cas and the guardian angel mentality, with Crowley as his Ruby, as he uses “i still considered myself the Winchesters’ guardian” as a justification) Sam’s motives were for good originally and he missed the idea of sacrificing his own morality to save people for an objective better good. Cas seeing his powers as making him more powerful, therefore more expendable, less included, and with a personal sense of duty to watch over and protect them, HAVING the powers would only ever be living in temptation to do a 12x19 again. Sam only recovers properly without the powers to tempt him and I feel he’s in a very different place as a person by now… Cas with a human endgame might not get room to grow out of it on screen but by his grace being removed (hopefully and tbh by necessity willingly), he’d have the potential and promise that he would be able to recover in the same way from this toxic mentality. And I consider 12x19 very much doing for Cas and the guardian angel thing what Carver era and 8x01 especially did for the codependency. Just put it all on the table and told us, this is hurting them more than it’s doing good in the world. Let’s look at how it hurts them and why. Let’s aim to fix it and let them move past it.

And even if Cas can start to recover from some broad strokes, like feeling more included, feeling like less of a tool/personal attack dog, he will only have a long term chance at happiness if the temptation is removed at the source, and he will need to UNDERSTAND that too and to vocalise some things about his reasons for watching over them like this LONG before he chooses humanity. And these are very much my personal subjective feelings on why it feels BAD to me that Cas would stay an angel, as it’s right off on another end of the spectrum of why people are arguing they feel bad if he would become human. To me the personal identity stuff right down to complex sexuality and gender metaphors are MAIN TEXT in Cas’s arc due to him being an inherently queer character. The “it feel bad” reaction to me right now is that I feel sad for Cas being an angel around the Winchesters forever because he will always be their guardian angel and that’s BAD for what he WANTS which is just to be a part of the family with no complicated strings attached like his obligation to protect them. So to me I see humanity as the obvious answer to that. But that’s a personal reading of what I hope would happen and why. So my explanation of what I see in the text is one thing and this part is another, if that makes sense?

… I hope any of this makes sense. I apologise for typing so long… I know I said I’ve said it all before but I mean I assume you’re not tag-diving on my blog if you’re just asking me and tbh I wouldn’t know what tag to dive either and they’re *my* tags so I’m not judging ;)


Baltimore: International Women’s Day Strike and March, March 8, 2017.

“Gathering at People’s Park, North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Rally followed by a march south on North Charles Street, east on North Avenue, south down Greenmount Ave. It was an inclusive rally that highlighted important issues facing women including racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, and workers’ and immigrant rights.”

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Don't you just get off on this petty bullshit? Your contributions to the tag are less than subpar and you have the gall to ask someone else to learn how to draw so that they might hope to have an opinion in the fandom?? What the fuck?? The fandom is an open space for creativity and ideas so why not step off someone else option just because it doesn't agree with yours. A minor is a minor sure, but why not man up and deal with the shit yourself instead of rallying your even pettier followers???

Is this you

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come with me to the dark side, everyone! it's clear you're not safe protecting "our favourite boy"! your attempts and rallies will do N͏̢O̢̧T̷̨͘H̵͜҉Í́͢͠͝N͏̡͢Ǵ̨͟͏͡! follow him before it's too late.

We’re not safe, but we fight for the good, and that’s way more honourable than being safe and evil. - Mod Lily


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Okay but jokes aside but Taylor Swift’s entire discography is literally her being bitter and vengeful towards other celebrities who probably met and spoke with her a total of 4 times in their entire life and yet she and her fans are going to wonder why LITERAL Nazis and white supremacists, kings and queens of being bitter and vengeful for NO real reason, are reciting and praising her lyrics…

Avoca-No (Newt Scamander x Reader)

A/N: I thought of this prompt while chatting with @writingbarnes and like it was at 3 am so enjoy. I really like this prompt. Also, yes I know I said I was going to post every day but I promise I will try to post every day from now on! Thank you for reading!

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You were running through the bustling streets of New York City, dodging the people skillfully as you moved from side to side to avoid them. The rain from the night before made the streets slick with water as you nearly crashed into several people, earning annoyed glances as well as a few curses thrown at you. You couldn’t care less. You were late for work, and the last thing you wanted to do was to get reprimanded by your boss.

You could’ve apparated to save you some time, however, you had already had a warning on using magic in a No-Maj setting, threatening the MACUSA to hold your job title from you. So ever since then, you could only do it the No-Maj way, which unfortunately required you to exercise.

Being a witch was possibly the best and worst thing to happen to you. You were absolutely ecstatic when you had received Ilvermorny’s acceptance letter. It made life so much easier, but because of that you had become much lazier than you were before, which you didn’t know was possible. It was shocking to find that it took the MACUSA that long to realize you had been abusing your powers in front of the humans. However, you knew it was just bound to happen and you were thankful that you didn’t receive anything more than a simple warning.

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WE ARE NOT AFRAID to stand against the countless acts of violence, hate, discrimination, and abuse witnessed globally.
The idea for We Are Not Afraid resulted from the increasing senseless violence experienced by citizens of this world and a desire to try and make a difference by bringing awareness to the issues and the organizations dedicated to helping the victims. At countless rallies of support following attacks around the world people can be spotted holding NOT AFRAID signs.