Rally Day

There are less than 100 days until graduation. For the first time yesterday, the class of 2014 suited up in their graduation gowns and began to feel like they are one foot closer to being out of the Grecourt Gates and into the “real world”. 

This was the first Rally Day I have attended (out of two possible) because I wanted to experience this tradition as a senior and feel the energy of the day with my fellow classmates. Classes were cancelled, brunch was had, and we all wore hats that we chose (or created!) for ourselves instead of our graduation cap. Also, about 30 minutes prior to this event, it started to snow, to be classified as something I would consider a blizzard. 

For my Rally Day hat, I wanted to choose something to represent myself as both a scientist and a Smithie. I made everything on my own, with the exception of buying the crown piece at Michael’s. I took pieces of my rock collection, including things that I have found or people have given to me. Collectively, these samples ranged from New Zealand to Nepal! I spent several hours down in the basement of Burton Hall cutting and polishing these to adhere to my crown. It came out beyond my wildest dreams and feel like it should now be held behind some sort of glass case. 

Other major categories of Rally Day hats observed included: 1) the “Bro” cap/baseball hat (probably backward) 2) a crown 3) flowers, or flower crown 4) over-sized hats that would’ve been worn at a horse race.

You can read more about the tradition of Rally Day here: