Rally Day! (80 Days ‘til Graduation!!!!)

Rally Day is a super important tradition on the path to graduation. It’s the first day we get to wear our gowns, it’s the day we honor alumni for their achievements, and finally, we get to know our commencement speaker. Rumors had been going around all week.

Hats are a big thing for seniors. We wear these instead of our official caps and there’s a contest for the most creative. I don’t like hats too much so I went with a fascinate that I altered to be more Smith-esque.

The weather was also perfect. It was a breezy sixty five and our pictures are all gorgeous and sunshine-y.

We took photos in the CC for a bit and then got to walk into JMG. Here, we heard from our medalists (the alumni) including Gloria Steinem! Favorite quote: “life is unexpected…but fan-f*cking-tastic”. Did I mention that she wore totally badass leather pants to the Q&A the day before? She was a hard act to follow but all of the medalists had excellent things to say.

Lastly, we finally got to know who our speaker would be at graduation. People were soooooo excited and there were so many rumors. When she said that it was Oprah, the screaming was so so so intense. People went bananas.

I wish I’d gone to Rally Day since first year! The spirit of the event was great, even if it is about seniors in part. I can’t wait for graduation now; it’s fun to be excited and celebrate all we’ve achieved.