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“save rock and roll” lol by using 808’s and so many electronics that you forget there’s a band playing.

ya i mean they have some songs that i don’t mind, mostly from take this to your grave & from under the cork tree but you probably won’t catch me listening to them esp after save rock and roll 

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arie whats an album full of bassdrops and breakdowns i want something so stupid heavy that the bumper falls off my car

idk something from immoralist ask fleshprevails he knows that heavy stuff i just listen to shitty 80s punk bands

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Hey I was thinking of making a connection between tssf lyrics just like your wonder years thing, but I didn't want you to think I was stealing your idea. Would it be okay if I put "completely inspired by *your blog*" if I were to make it?

hey dude, that’s completely fine man! i wouldn’t worry too much about it seriously haha :)

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There were some questions about sound and fury sucking last year or something, what's that about? Like what happened I have no idea

S&F ended up getting cancelled. There were lots of people complaining about the lineup prior (because hardcore kids just love complaining); not sure exactly what led to the demise, and it really isn’t my place to say.