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President Trump’s executive order on immigration late Friday ignited nationwide protests — and a slew of legal challenges.

At least four federal judges across the country have blocked part of the order and temporarily ensured refugees and travelers who reached U.S. soil would not be deported.

Here’s an explanation of what happened so far and what could come next.

5 Questions About The Law And Trump’s Immigration Order

Photo: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images                                                     Caption: Activists stage a rally at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Saturday against President Trump’s order barring travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days.


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Rock vs. The Despairs

vs. Mahiru and Sonia

Rock finds himself looking at a rally. On the stage in front there appears to be a princess rallying a group of people in… bear-shaped masks? Huh?

Rock sneaks in to investigate, and on the stage, there is another of the monitors that took Kumi and Teruteru. A bigger one, presumably to control large crowds. As the princess looks at the crowd, the figure of Rock sticks out like a sore thumb. The brainwashing video plays on the monitor, and everyone turns to attack Rock.

Rock averts his gaze from the video and takes out the crowd, soon finding himself face-to-face with… a red-eyed Mahiru Koizumi. The princess, Sonia Nevermind watches the two from the stage.

“Mahiru… what is going on?”

[Hitler] specialized in big, theatrical rallies staged with spectacular elements borrowed from the circus. Here, “Hitler adapted the content of his speeches to suit the tastes of his lower-middle-class, nationalist-conservative, ethnic-chauvinist and anti-Semitic listeners,” Mr. Ullrich writes. He peppered his speeches with coarse phrases and put-downs of hecklers. Even as he fomented chaos by playing to crowds’ fears and resentments, he offered himself as the visionary leader who could restore law and order.