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Far-right activists and anti-fascist groups clash in Portland at dueling rallies

  • Hundreds of anti-fascist organizers and others descended on downtown Portland, Oregon, on Sunday to face off against a smaller but vocal contingent of right-wing demonstrators, CNN reported.
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler had asked the federal government to revoke permits for two right-wing “free speech” events, including Sunday’s Trump Free Speech Rally, in the wake of the MAX murders. 
  • But organizers Patriot Prayer ended up being allowed to host the event, albeit with heavy security; riot police and federal agents with body armor, batons and long arms lined the streets, while loudspeakers announced movement restrictions for attendees of both the Trump event and counter-demonstrations.
  • The situation quickly escalated, according to FOX 12 Oregon’s live feed. Read more (6/5/17)

Portland mayor asks feds to shut down alt-right rallies in wake of recent attacks

  • Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler asked the federal government on Monday to revoke the permits for two upcoming free speech rallies in his city.
  • According to Willamette Week, both events were planned by alt-right groups.
  • Wheeler announced that he made the requests on his Facebook page and on his Twitter account. In the post, Wheeler noted that the Portland community “remains in shock and mourning” after the horrifying deaths of 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and 53-year-old Ricky John Best, who were allegedly stabbed by Jeremy Joseph Christian after coming to the defense of two teens he was harassing. Read More (5/29/17 5:56 PM)
Humans Are Weird/Special Notion: Talking

What if the specialty of humans is that they are (by comparison to other spacefaring species) really good at public speaking?  They’re not the best strategists or scientists or warriors, but if you need an inspiring speech to rally the troops or a coherent infodump or a funny story to break the tension, the Terrans are the ones you turn to.

Humans make the best newscasters, public relations people and masters of ceremony.  Shy alien scientists (which is the vast majority of them) hire human “translators” to present their results and funding requests.  Even humans who aren’t good at public speaking by Earth standards are above average by Galactic standards, so they’re in demand if they haven’t got something better to do.

Of course, there is also a dark side to this gift.  Humans make the best snake oil salespeople, spokespersons for dictators, and religious demagogues.  In some parts of the galaxy, that kind of humans got there first, so human speakers are viewed with suspicion.  But usually a Terran can talk them around….

Take it away, folks! 


TORONTO REPORTBACK:  What happens when a “free speech” Islamophobe rally attracts people too Islamophobic for even the Islamophobic organizers.  Who then try to quash “free speech” at their “free speech” rally.  With violence. Leading to a fistfight between dueling Islamophobe “free speech activists.”


Federal, state, and local Law Enforcement valiantly protect patriots from marxist agitators and anarchist terrorists at a free speech rally in Portland, Oregon.

ay if you guys didn’t know this yet, the ISO went to the police at the “free speech” rally and asked the cops to shut the protest in the park down because they literally just hate anarchists that much. they went back on their word, which was given at a meeting prior to the rally. not saying what the cops did was all their fault, the cops were looking for any excuse to break the protest up. but this combined with the fact that when shit hit the fan, the ISO turned the bloc away and shortly afterwards some anarchists were kettled, ID’d, and released-which is some serious fucking business if you’re not aware of the charges anarchists are facing after J20 in DC. anarchists defended the protest from literal fascists and cops that day, held the line when cops stormed in to the park, and provided medical aid to people that needed it. what the fuck did the ISO do? distribute boring ass propaganda that nobody reads?

I mean, you gotta really hate anarchists to put shutting them down as a priority over defending people from literal fascists in their city, which is exactly what anarchists were doing until the cops broke the protest up with tear gas and rubber bullets. without an anarchist presence on sunday, there would have been 0 security and some attempted stabbings might have been successful had antifa not been there. alt-right infiltrators filming with the intent to doxx and report to the police wouldn’t have been kicked out.

fucking trots let anarchists do all the heavy lifting and then throw them under the bus. lying, backstabbing, cowards.

anonymous asked:

the Portland MAX white supremacist is a perfect example of why racism, homophobia etc shouldn't be considered free speech. it's dangerous. no not everyone who hates marginalised people is going to be a physical threat, but they are 100% are mentally. this man was allowed to shout racist slurs and throw nazi salutes at a 'free speech' rally... where were the police? muslims get kicked off a fucking plane for just existing let alone spewing racial slurs etc. yet they're painted as terrorists.

Yo ANTIFA, forgive me for trying to appeal to your sense of morality. This isn’t a moral issue for you, because it’s fashion. You’re out there breaking shit and curb stomping random people who aren’t nazis because it makes you feel tough and look cool and you look cool.

I watched footage of that shit in Berkeley. You guys fight like old people fuck. Who puts a 90lbs teenage girl on the frontlines? You gang up on people and stom p on them, and then they walk away - you can’t even trample people right! It’s embarrassing.

I realize now there’s no point in trying to appeal to some higher moral standing with you people, becuse you don’t have morals. You’re doing this because it’s trendy, it makes you feel tough and you don’t get criticized because nobody likes fascists anyway. Of course, none of the people you target are ever actual nazis or fascists anyway. You never go after real nazis because those scumbags have guns and can actually fight back.

And I’ve changed my mind on political violence - political violence is perfectly acceptable… in self-defense. Like when a mob of ANTIFA goons show up to attack people at a free speech rally. 

But I totally get it! You think words are violence so you try to use fist violence to stop the word violence. You guys could’ve stopped Hitler! Nevermind that the brown shirts were already doing everything you do, just go out there and hit people with bike locks and then get doxxed by scumbags from 4chan.

I never put so much emotional energy into you guys or your movement. You’re losers. You’re geeks, dwebs, dorks  and babies!

So keep doing violence and sucking at it. It’s no  skin off my ass. Peace out.

For an entire week in 1968, protesters and the Chicago police skirmished, on national television, with the whole world watching. Finally, that Wednesday—nomination day—15,000 people moved into Grant Park in the heart of downtown Chicago for an anti-war MOBE rally. During some speeches, a shirtless, long-haired man began to lower the American flag (planning, it was later reported, to turn it upside down in the international symbol of distress). But as he removed the flag, the police suddenly snapped. They charged into the crowd, swinging billy clubs indiscriminately, seizing demonstrators, clubbing them, and tossing them into paddy wagons. 

A 2008 NPR special details the way the Democratic nomination process was radically revised after the 1968 fiasco at the Chicago Convention in order to win back the droves of disgusted voters who’d abandoned the party, and a major component of that revision was giving the people a voice in the nominating process by instituting primaries and caucuses.

Had they not done this, had they not promised the American people a fair and balanced democratic primary process, the Democrats risked losing party viability and being replaced by another party that was more appealing for voters to engage with. By admitting that they have been lying about taking this promise seriously, the DNC is admitting that its party probably should have perished sometime in the 1970s. They deceived the American people into letting them remain.

Prior to giving the people a voice in the nomination process, the DNC selected the Democratic nominee internally, the result of which was what provoked the 1968 riots in the first place.
So let's talk Shallura...

The premise of my Sheithllura blog is not because I ship any of them but because I think Shallura and Kallura are both plausible ships that the writers/creators are (or are actively thinking about) developing.

I won’t be debating on the shoulds or shouldn'ts of these ships, there’s already a lot of that going on in the fandom. So I will try to keep the speculation and my personal opinions at a minimum. But I am going to show, at best I could, how both ships were actually being implied by the writers/creators.

Shallura is real, you guys!

I’ll talk about Shallura first because it was actually first hinted at in S1. They were very subtle winks and nudges but perceptible enough to be noticed. Although I noticed that Keith had more chances for interactions with Allura in the first half of S1, but I will be discussing that later when I write about Kallura.

Crystal Venom

Shiro and Allura had many interactions before this episode but this is maybe the first time that Shiro shows any kind of affection towards Allura.

When Allura’s suffers her most heartbreaking moment in the show so far, it is Shiro who first consoles and comforts her. And because of Josh Keaton’s great voice acting, Shiro really came off as sympathetic and caring.

It could be also be added that a few scenes before that, it was Shiro who catches her when she falls from the control deck.

Collection and Extraction

If ever there was a Shallura episode, this was it. It was all classic set-up for relationship development if I ever saw one.

Allura, being the strong female character™ that she is, insists on joining the mission despite opposition and doubt from members of the team. She challenges anyone who would defy her will. Everyone expects Shiro be the sensible one, to side with caution and be opposed to her.

But instead, he becomes her advocate and lets her join the mission. This elicits some surprise and disbelief from the others, like Shiro was acting out of character.

When Shiro tries to be protective of her, she is insulted and this creates an awkward tension between them that the other Paladins pick-up on.They’re  back-and-forth glancing  asking themselves, what’s up with these two? This could have been a scene on any romcom out there.

When they get on their mission inside the Galra ship, the whole thing becomes a lighthearted romp of their bonding moments™.

They’re grabbing each other by the hands and running

They foolishly escape being caught by impersonating the Galra officer Plyrox…

There’s that funny scene of them arguing/bantering during that tense situation.

And when the situation becomes dire, Shiro, again, becomes protective of her.

But she still sacrifices herself to save him 

If ever there was a “Moment” between these two, it was that scene of them looking at each other as the enemy closes in on Allura.

He is so shattered by the whole ordeal that he becomes reckless and decides to attack Zarkon’s base to rescue Allura, despite all the protests from his team.

Hunk: But you said going there would be a huge mistake. You said for us to attack that place head-on would be the dumbest possible thing we could ever do.

Shiro, the most controlled and judicious person of the group, lets go of all logic and chooses the most ill-advised course of action just to get Allura back, without any thought on the repercussions.

This is a whole episode dedicated to creating that dynamic and characterization.

Hmmmmm….. 🤔

The Black Paladin

With the finale, the focus is more on the action except for that brief talk between Shiro and Coran to share their worries about Allura. You basically have two characters having a serious and heartfelt conversation about their feelings for another character.

Allura, again, saved Shiro. (I have to include that many Shallura shippers point out that these two are very touchy with each other. Also it might be noteworthy to add that this the 2nd time she saves him.)

Shiro’s Escape

When S2 rolls around, there is discord between them. Shiro feels a bit slighted by Allura’s secrecy about the Black Paladin while Allura is irritated with Shiro for wanting to ally with a Galra. This creates a distance between them as both are indignant with each other. Tensions arise and they argue quite a bit. 

The last scene of that episode is Keith being supportive to a troubled Shiro when Allura walks in seemingly trying to apologize but then becomes cold and callous owing to her deep hatred of all Galrans (great voice acting from Kimberly Brooks). Shiro is irked by Allura’s obstinancy but Keith is the one doing the arguing for him (It’s Sheithllura, people!). Whatever “Moment” they had in the past seems forgotten now as Allura is unable to be sympathetic to Shiro as he had been to her in the past.

Eye of the Storm (or that episode with the Hand Touch™)

This episode is the hallmark of the Shallura shipdom and is basically a continuation of their “Moment” from Allura’s capture.

And it’s all about the framing. We are being shown this moment from Allura’s perspective and what she is seeing is a softer side of Shiro. She is worried and on-edge, and Shiro is again giving comfort and advice. Basically, she’s always saving him and he’s always comforting her.

We see is that they are now more at ease with each other, closer you might say. Shiro is comfortable enough to show some mild affection. They have some history now, some shared experiences and so their relationship is growing.

Another thing to note is that the downtime created in this episode was obviously to further develop dynamics between characters. And so the writers/creators chose to put these two together to show the development in their relationship. They are building up on what they were alluding to in S1.

And when Allura expresses her fear that they they are being tracked through her, Shiro again acts as her protector and tries to appease her worries.

The next episodes after this focused heavily on Kallura so Shallura shippers are gonna have to wait until S3 to see any more big Shallura moments. But the last two episodes of the S2 did leave a few breadcrumbs…

Best Laid Plans

At the end of this episode, it is Shiro who checks up on Allura and tells Coran to take care of her. By this point, we have seen Shiro openly express care and concern for Allura like a gazillion times (okay, that’s an overstatement).


When Voltron is shot by the Komar, Allura calls out Shiro’s name first. She makes her “don’t give up” speech to rally the Paladins but still Voltron remains lifeless. Then the Castle gets hit by the laser and Shiro’s reaction is the most significant here because he actually screams her name in horror. Then he delivers his own “don’t give up” speech that brings Voltron back to life. 

It seems Allura is a pretty effective driving force for Shiro.

Then Shiro disappears and we’re all left hanging asking, what’s gonna happen to those two now?

And that my friends, is every Shallura moment in the show so far (as of S2). 

Although I would like to add a couple of points that aren’t in the show. 

First, the revelation of the scrapped Mouse Washing Scene was obviously a ploy to stir the pot of the ship wars. The question here is that why did the writers/ creators even consider to make more scenes between these two? And what was the point of revealing the existence of this all-fluff scene except to insinuate something? 

Second, if the Romelle character gets introduced in the series, then this might change things. Planet Pollux and Princess Romelle were a big part of the Defender of the Universe story especially regarding Sven’s arc (the character in DotU from which Shiro was based on). Spoiler Alert! Sven and Romelle fall in love with each other. If they switch Shiro’s affections, then everything just mentioned above was just one big chemistry experiment. 

Up next…. KALLURA

moonsbadasschild  asked:

*LE GASP* I saw you answer an ask that you like Voltron! Think about a Voltron x Miraculous Crossover! Which MLB Character do you think would be piloting which Lion?

O H MY FUCKIG GOD okay i honestly love you for giving me an excuse to rant abt both voltron and miraculous ladybug, anyways though

i think marinette would definitely pilot the black lion, she is obviously the leader and is rlly good at rallying speeches and ppl tend to look up to her so she’s kinda an obvious candidate for black paladin!

personally i think maybe adrien would be the yellow paladin? because as a leg you have to support the whole team (like literally but also figuratively) and that’s exactly what his job as chat noir is, he’s there for support

NINO WOULD BE BLUE PALADIN bcs of his relaxed go with the flow sorta vibe he gives off and i feel like that’s an important trait for the guardian spirit of water. also i feel like the legs would have to work well together and because nino and adrien are best friends they’d make a great team and it’s a great lance/hunk parallel

Alya would probably pilot red bcs she’s kinda fiery and also cause the arms are like the right hand man to the black paladin so as marinette’s best friend i think she’d need to be an arm

i don’t? really know who would pilot green, like max is my first thought but he doesn’t really fit into the main group of characters. and i don’t think chloe would pilot green, if anything she’d pilot red but i don’t think alya would fit as the pilot of the green lion? although maybe i mean you don’t have to be exceptionally smart just inquisitive. idk tho.

thanks for the ask!!

We're the Ones Your Parents Warned You About

You probably shouldn’t say hi to us on the first day of school

Or sit next to us in class

Or share a bag of chips with us at lunch

And don’t even think about hanging out with us on the weekends

Because that’s when we’re the worst.

We are the ones your parents warned you about

we’re the lazy youth

the good-for-nothing teens who sit at home all day playing video games

we don’t care about anything

we’re never going to succeed

and we’ll fill your head with pointless daydreams

that will distract you from the important things in life.

You probably shouldn’t make friends with that girl who’s by all herself over there

There must be something wrong with her if she’s alone

And you shouldn’t make friends with the opposite gender

Or those of us who are a different race

Because we might teach you to see things from a different point of view.

We are the ones your parents warned you about

we’re the unrelatable youth

the daydreaming teens who sit at home all day learning about new technologies

we don’t care about the same things your parents do,

we don’t wear the same things,

and we’ll fill your head with our outrageous slang words

that will distract you from being a proper person.

You probably shouldn’t think too hard about the mess that our world is in

I mean, that’s what we did

And look how we ended up?

Because obviously change is never a good thing.

We are the ones your parents warned you about

we’re the progressive youth

the teens with a voice who don’t just sit at home but go to rallies, and protests, and speeches

we care about everything

we’re trying our best to succeed in a world designed to be against us

and we’ll fill your head with new ideas and truths

that your parents tried to cover up because they don’t want things to change.

You probably shouldn’t try to fix things

Or complain about what’s wrong

Or hope for a better future

Because obviously we don’t know enough about the world to clean up this mess.

After all, we’re the ones your parents warned you about

So obviously we can’t be good

Obviously we’re the ones causing the problem

written by: Dillen Mariah (catcusprincess)

Voltron fandom: Lotor’s voice! His hair!

Me: Lotor’s rallying speech to the empire as he takes control, attempting to maintain their unity and power despite the greatest power vacuum in ten thousand years! Him standing in the gladiator arena, ready to prove himself and his strength to everyone he’s about to rule! His obvious plans for continued conquest! The images that suggest he might be attacking Earth! “Each ally gained” holy quiznak are the Galra going to ally with other races?

Things overheard at the "free speech" rally

“Fuck your blackies”

“Kill a commie for mommy”

“All my heroes kill commies”

“We don’t want whites to become a minority.”

supposedly there was some bloke running around in a spartan helmet with a white pride tattoo but I am unable to confirm.

Fun folks, the right-wingers at the rally.

Grantaire who is deaf. Who was estranged from his family and peers all of his life because no one cared enough to learn LSF or teach him. So he taught himself. Who dances without music. Who pushes his pain out through dance and painting and boxing. Who started drinking before University because he was lonely. Who meets Courfeyrac on his first day and is shocked and touched when he decides to learn LSF for him. Who is dragged to an Amis meeting by Courfeyrac because “You have good ideas, Taire. Ideas that deserve to be heard. Seen. All of the above. And deaf issues deserve just as much attention.” So he goes. And he sees someone beautiful there. And he stops watching Courfeyrac try to frantically translate and just concentrates on that beautiful boy who sits up front. And sometimes he reads his lips but sometimes he just watches him. And then Courfeyrac stands up and talks about him. And Grantaire watches everyone’s reactions. Watches their eyes widen and prays to god he won’t see that look of pity he’s so used to, like he’s a hurt puppy or like he’s stupid. But they doesn’t. He just signs, thank you; he means thank you for coming. And finally Grantaire has found a home. And the Amis have LSF lessons once a week, and Grantaire swears, no matter how bad the rest of the week is, no matter how many times he’s not heard, that night is happy. And watching Enjolras’s look of concentration is the purest form of joy that he’s ever found. On his birthday, the Amis sign happy birthday to him and they sing along so loud that he can hear the vibrations in his feet. And for every rally and every speech, there is an Ami standing by Enjolras signing, if Enjolras isn’t doing it himself. And for the first time in his life, he’s finally found a place where he never struggles to communicate.

George Lucas: Star Wars was a comment on American imperialism and an allegorical protest against the Vietnam war. The Empire symbolized American militarism, and the poorly equipped rebel alliance the countries it sought to subjugate.

JJ Abrams: We looked at the source material and thought about what it would be like if there was a group that actually admired the Empire? And saw their work as unfulfilled? Like if a group of Nazis escaped to Argentina and started working together again.