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Just so we’re clear, the reason a lot of people protest climate change isn’t because they like trees and hiking. It’s because we’re making the Earth unlivable for all humans, and that humans in the poorest countries are the ones worst hit.

Protesting climate change ain’t a white privilege thing. The people protesting climate change the hardest are Indigenous people, Island nation people, and poor people in hot countries. They’re terrified.


Happy Earth Day! 

But, really everyday is earth day. If we are going to save Mother Earth, we all have to make a conscious effort in our own lives everyday. Recycle, ride your bike more, eat less meat, pick up that piece of trash that isnt yours, be an advocate for environmental policy, and believe in science.

It is important to know the political and physical geography of today’s events.

First, there were five distinct groups.
The Trump supporters were based in Terry Schrunk Plaza. They tended to wear flags, fatigues and red Trump hats. A handful of minorities were present.

Surrounding them were four different groups.
A peace group began their protests outside Portland City Hall. The diversity in this crowd ranged from different ethnicities, to clothing, to age (young children and their parents, teenagers, millennial, boomers, and a group of 80+ year olds who have been part of Portland protests for decades.) By 11:30, when I arrived, City Hall walkway and the sidewalk in front were packed, making it difficult to walk along the sidewalk. The crowd shortly was filling one of the lanes of traffic along 4th avenue. A number of religious and ethnic community leaders gave speeches. Chanting and loudspeakers were directed towards the small group of Trump supporters who came to the west end of the park with signs and flags. This was, by far, the largest of the anti-Trump groups.

On the east side of Schrunk Plaza a group made up of Union members and an older crowd with a megaphone taunted the Trump supporters closer to the stage in the plaza. The chanting was robust from both sides.

And in Chapman Park there were two groups, though at times difficult to distinguish between them. The color of the day was black. Some were covered head to toe. Others wore t-shirts with slogans attacking both the Trump administration and the Portland police. There were a number in the park who were there to protest the Trump rally and call for peace. And then there were those itching for a fight: Angry at Trump, his supporters, the media, and the Portland Police. Perhaps especially the Portland Police.

The largest area with direct contact between the opposing protestors was between SW 4th and SW. 3rd on Madison. That is where the largest conflict occurred. It made sense this was the area that police heavily patrolled. A concentrated line of police in riot gear spaced just a few feet apart, three to five feet off the sidewalk. At times one lane of the street included patrol cars or vans with running boards and handles on the outside that acted as transport for twelve or more police. One lane was always open to cars on SW 4th, 3rd, and Madison. That made it easy for police and security teams from at least three of the groups to ask, (Yes, “Ask”, This is Portland) people to stay out of the street. Those in Chapman Square, Schrunk Plaza, and along Madison Street had either a barrier of police in riot gear or yellow police incident tape to show them where the demarcation lines were.

Perhaps the most obvious part about the Portland police presence was whom they were watching. The anti-Trump demonstrators outnumbered the Trump rally by estimates of 20:1. And the police approach was clearly that Trump supporters were considered in danger. Police stood facing Chapman sometimes shoulder to shoulder. To the east and west of Shrunk Plaza they were not as concentrated, 8-10 officers with one or two facing the Trump supporters. The rest focused on the peace group at City Hall or the union chanters at the Federal building.
That focus was commented on constantly. Along with those comments was a memory of the action several weeks ago when buses were ready to transport Trump marchers back to the starting point when they marched through a multi-ethnic neighborhood chanting anti-immigrant slogans. No riot police presence was evident then, so police are seen as protecting Trump supporters while aggressively agitating those against the Trump administration.

About 30 minutes before the scheduled end of the Trump rally things began to change significantly.

I stood at the Northwest corner of SW 4th and Madison starting around noon. I could see straight down the line of the police facing Chapman Square. I could also see the peace groups gathered at City Hall and the small contingent of Trump supporters in constant shouting. I could see into Chapman Square itself only a few feet. Lots of black clad people concentrated in the SW corner of the square, making it hard to see much in the center.

It was a busy corner.

For a time, there was almost a joyous atmosphere to the crowd. But it was not without its tension.

At one point, as I was talking to a friend, a group of Trump supporters carrying various flags and paraphernalia came through the crowd outside City Hall. They made it a point to shoulder their way pushing people. When they got across the street, one of them had his red hat knocked off of his head. It fell to the ground and a heavyset black clad fellow in his 20’s grabbed the hat and started to walk away with it. My friend intervened and told him, “We don’t do that,” effectively de-escalating the incident and sending the anti-Trump guy across the street to Chapman Square and the Trump supporter on his way north on 4th.

A white truck circled the blocks several times. It seemed to want someone to get agitated as it constantly sped up to trap people in crosswalks.

A number of individual incidents took place with police isolating people for a time and searching bags, taking away poles, and then releasing them.

Then the scene got intense around 3:20.

Scores more police arrived with insignia from several agencies. A loudspeaker announced the “Because of Criminal activity, people need to move to the center of Chapman Square.” Something had happened. We could not see what that was from the corner next to the Portland Building.
Standing where I was, NOT in Chapman Square, across the street, I figured I’d be able to watch the situation. But that was not to be.

As I stood there, I was suddenly pushed by a Police officer with a baton telling me that I had to move. I said, “the announcement said people in the Square. I am not in the Square. And I am observing as an elected official.” (I had my little magnetic nametag on my right side of my shirt.)

His response was to say, “Hello Lew. We’ve met. But you still need to leave this area.”

So I started walking north along 4th watching the Square.

It became clear that more was going on there. Within a few minutes several large reports rang out. Smoke of some form was evident. Angry voices rang out across the park. I could see batons being swung. I could not see whether people or objects were being hit. I called to one of the activists I saw in the center of the square to come my direction. He was helping a woman who was clearly disoriented and upset. They came under the chain that surrounds the park and into the sidewalk and street, yelling at the police for what was likely tear gas or pepper spray of come kind.

What sounded like a series of pellets being fired could be heard.

The next announcement said that police had been assaulted and that the gathering had been declared illegal.

Eventually the line of police stopped a few feet in from Main Street while still in Chapman Square.

By that time I’d seen a number of water bottles and rocks thrown at the police. I did not see who threw them. But they landed near the front of the police line.

A new announcement said Lonsdale Square had also seen criminal activity and that it too must be cleared.

I started walking that way. At one point a group of folks threw several newspaper vending machines into the center of the street. Then came several orange cones.

Remembering the fire that was started at the May Day march, I walked directly over to the growing pile and stood there for a while. A masked friend from the crowd yelled at me to watch out because tear gas weapons were pointed at me in the center of the street. I decided to stand there a while to see if anything more would take place. Nothing did.

I left to go closer to the stand off line.

There a few individuals were yelling at police. One attempted to get others to join him at the front of the line. It was only marginally successful.

But something had changed.

The large group of black clad people gathered to march north along 4th.

The police line dispersed and moved back to the Madison Street location.

I looked down 4th to see the group chanting and heading towards Morrison, possibly Burnside, with Police in pursuit.

(Note that because 4th and 3rd avenues had been blocked, the peace groups at City Hall and the Federal building were separated from the smaller groups in Chapman Square. I wonder how they would have handled the pushing and shoving. Some folks had simply sat down in Chapman Square, only to be moved forcibly with batons.)

By this time the Trump rally was officially over.

It was clear from looking across the street that those in Schrunk Plaza were agitated and looking to the police for directions out of there. Those directions had a small number walking out the SE exit and up Jefferson Street.

I walked up to City Hall. (Hearing along the way from ACLU legal observers that flash and tear gas canisters had been used around 4th and Morrison and that the group had been surrounded and everyone arrested.)

At City Hall the numbers had diminished somewhat, but the enthusiasm had not. Chants were still going.

I do not believe the group at City Hall knew that the Trump rally had ended until police started letting a larger number of folks out of the Plaza on the west side.

Anti-Trump demonstrators formed a gauntlet for them to go through for a time on the corner of Jefferson and 4th. There were a few punches thrown before police broke up that gauntlet. Only to see another one form half a block down. And then still another skirmish in the next block. That seemed to be the case along a path that went several blocks south and then doubled back on 5th avenue to the Portland building.

By the time I got to Madison again, a pepper spray incident had taken place involving the police. Demonstrators were treating several people, including a photographer.

As I left down town I unsuccessfully tried to find the larger group that had moved north. Helicopters were circling. I did not find them. But I saw both brief skirmishes and measured conversations taking place throughout the downtown.

Take a ways:
If the message was that Portlanders reject the Trump agenda, that came through loud and clear.
Were the Black clad folks heading into the streets to create more problems? Possibly.
Did Portland police give clear directions? No.
Was the strategy simply to move the more volatile elements away from each other before the end of the Trump rally? Well, that worked.
I’ve been told that at least one brick was thrown at police prior to the closing of Chapman Square. That would likely be grounds for some action. Was it over reaction?
Did the isolation approach work for the five rally groups? The peaceful groups continued to make their views clear. At what cost to future demonstrations? I know one former state senator who lost a great deal of respect for the Portland police after being manhandled and tear gassed while standing in what she had been told was a safe place to be.
I have not seen the media coverage beyond one article that spent ¾ of the time talking with and about the Trump supporters. I get it. The huge numbers of people protesting them were there because of them. And I think it was also likely that the reporter had not met or talked with that group before. I’d also say that the reporter decided to lump all of the protestors in one easy meme rather than understand the differences and how that played out on the streets and parks downtown. And of course the adrenaline spikes when there is action. Understanding the deeper issues or differences takes time for broadcast news and greater history and awareness for print. These days’ reporters are given neither time nor support for providing context.

Finally. It, frankly, could have been a lot worse.

—  Lew Frederick, Oregon State Senator (via Facebook)
Vermont Gothic

It is 4 pm. It is dark. The wind whips your hair around, obscuring your vision. You wonder when you will see the sun again. 

You are on an old, decrepit covered bridge. The wooden boards creak and moan beneath your feet. A sign is nailed to the front: For Pedestrians Only. The creaking gets steadily louder.

Lake Champlain has frozen over. You step out onto the ice, confident that you won’t fall through. You see something–a shadow, passing under the ice. It is big, too big to be anything other than Champ. You turn around. The shadow follows you back to the shore.

It is twenty below. Your bones rattle. You do not expect to ever be warm again. You heard on the news that another elderly person has been found dead in their home, killed by the cold. 

You wake up and the sky is dark with snowflakes. The drifts reach almost to your shoulders, the wind having shifted the snow overnight. You open your front door only to be met with a wall of snow. You do not know how you will reach your car. 

The road winds and twists, narrow and steep as you climb the mountain. Suddenly, eyes. You slam on the breaks. A doe stares back at you. Your heart pounds with adrenaline. The doe doesn’t move.

You follow the blue piping through the woods. Sugaring season. The ground is wet below your feet and you boots sink into the mud with every step. You see a shape out of the corner of your eye. Dark, and too big to be a dog. The bear watches you with intent.

It is summer. The air is wet, smothering. The humidity leaves your skin hot and clammy. You are at a climate change rally. Bill McKibben leads the crowd. It is too hot. You cannot breathe.

You walk along the edge of the road. Dust kicks up every time a car passes. The road is full of potholes, unpaved. You count the political signs as you go. 15 for Obama so far. Red catches your eye. It’s a Romney sign. You shudder and walk faster to the natural foods co-op.

With the nation consumed by racial division and discussion, the Kaepernick protests have spread beyond football, drawing more people not associated with the sport to speak out.

The latest demonstration took place on Wednesday in Manhattan when a dozen groups including Justice League NYC and Color of Change rallied in front of N.F.L. headquarters. Several hundred Kaepernick supporters showed up, holding signs and chanting “I’m with Kap.” The event’s speakers took the N.F.L. to task for a lack of racial sensitivity and Kaepernick’s continued unemployment.

Modern College AU with Established Enjoltaire

People had bad days, and when Enjolras woke to a painful coughing fit that left him doubled over and gasping for breath, he knew he was in for a crap day.

Nevertheless, he had too much to do to take a sick day, so he fought against the dizziness coating his vision and got ready for class.

His phone blinked with three new texts from Grantaire, but before he could thumb through them, a call from his father came through. With a sigh, he swiped to answer.

“Hey, Da-”

“Are your grades slipping?”

Enjolras frowned. “No, why?”

“Javert emailed me and said you were slipping in his law class. I don’t give that school money for you to fuck everything up!”

Enjolras’s heart began to hammer hard against his chest, and he turned away from the phone to cough harshly into his fist. “I’m not-”

“It’s that boy, isn’t it? Grantaire? He’s a bad influence on you, Enjolras. You shouldn’t be with him.”

The counter-argument that Grantaire had some of the highest grades at the university were hot on his tongue, but Enjolras knew it was pointless. His father would never listen to him, so he only sighed in response.

“Get your shit together, or I’m cutting you off for good.”

After the harsh statement, Enjolras was met with the soft chime indicating that the call ended, but he kept the small device pressed to his ear because he suddenly couldn’t move. His father’s words echoed back at him as he struggled to get a solid breath in.

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He found the place was surprisingly silent. There was someone digging in the rows behind him, there was traffic just beyond his sight. He could see billboards advertising the latest mobile phone plan from where he sat.

But all it took was a blink, a glance in front of him…and all the noise was gone. It all became silent and peaceful and….accepting. He felt the anxiety he had been carrying with him since his last meeting with Eurus fall away; the nervouse flutters of his heart whenever he thought about his first meeting with Molly…they were calmed down. His agony and anger at his family got subdued.

Here it was all facts, all actual incidences and him. His take on things, unadulterated by the emotional cognizance he had recently developed. His correct behaviour, the public persona, the detective’s aura…all faded away and it was just him and his thoughts.

He was surprised that it had taken this long for him to realise that somethings dont change, that some people still listen and still see you as you are. Are still accepting of all your madness and idiocacy and insanity. And still will join you…in whatever capacity they can.

“Took you long enough to come see me. Was it the new violin, or scratching the dining table…or did we finally reach adoloescence and realised that kissing and romping in bed with a girl can be fun?”

He rolled his eyes. What did he expect? Did he rally think death would change the easence of what she was?

“Always so astute Mary. You should’ve been a detective,” he snarked.

“And leave you without an occupation!!?? Nah, I love John too much for that..” Her eyes twinkled as she teased him.

God he missed her. But her resting place was as good a bolthole as any.

So he got right to the point.

“This new case, you’re gonna love it. So this Mr Damascius….”……

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Why Do You Ship Bbrae???? Did You forgot about Terra? They obviously loved each other

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

Oh, anon.

I’m going to be honest; when I first saw this ask, I was confused. I thought; animosity? Is someone trying to stir up some drama or something? Is this a prank to lure me into a horrible ship war trap? Do they expect me to blast another ship/fandom in my response? Or is it just a clever ruse from a fellow BB/Rae fan who thinks they can make me talk bad about Terra and BB/T? :o The possibilities are endless!!


I’d like to think I’m pretty open and obvious about my opinions on the controversial Teen/Titans ship conversations. One peek through my blog should give you a good idea. But in case there’s some confusion, let’s clear up some basics here.

No, I don’t ship BB/T. 

No, I don’t hate Terra. 

No, I don’t hate or harass other fans for disliking BB/Rae and shipping BB/T (just keep it out of the appropriate tag, and we’re cool, man), and I don’t go around preaching to them and rallying to change their opinions. On that note, I don’t hate and harass multishippers, either. If I find an individual blogger overtly obnoxious with their opinions (meaning it’s in the tag and/or they bash/generalize all FANS for liking things they don’t) I just block them and be done with it. Who has time for that sort of negativity? 

I don’t read any fanfiction that pits Raven against Terra over Beast Boy’s affection. I sure as hell will never write it, either. I don’t do love triangles, and I don’t ever bash any characters in anything I write because, in my humble opinion, my ship can float plenty without needing to bring anyone else down to do it. :) 

So, to answer one of your questions; I did not ‘forget’ about Terra. I don’t deny they loved each other. In fact, I often openly acknowledge their relationship in a positive light when I can in a lot of my work. I’ve even written a few BB/T prompts and one-shots, and reblogged some cute fanart/gifsets by very talented folks. (They’re all under the BB/Terra tag minus the slash, so I mean. You can look for yourself). I found the relationship sort of cute and sweet in the JC animated movie, and I’ve doodled some Terra fanart in the past!

You see, my goal is to give to the community, anon. Not to segregate. Which is why I refuse to fall into this clever little attempt at trying to start drama where there is none. My blog, although more prone to BB/Rae content because that is my OTP, is still a BB/T friendly blog. In fact, it’s just about friendly to every TT ship that isn’t dami/rae or wally/rae or slade/titans, and even then, I clearly tag them so followers who DO like the ships can blacklist those posts. 

So, I guess my question to you, anon, is what is the point of this ask? What were you trying to accomplish by bringing this up? Did you want me to compare the ships and state why one is better than the other? That’s entirely subjective, and BB/T fans are also allowed to love their ship with as much fervor as I love BB/Rae. But that’s not quite what you asked for. 

That’s okay though; I’ll still do it.

I’m going to answer your question, anon.

I’m going to tell you exactly why I ship BB/Rae. Buckle up; this is going to be a long ride. :)

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Updated Character profiles for my Ninjago OCs, Lux and Zora Hernandez-Avalos! There’s a lot so just a heads up for a lot of words and text.

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Miss Yayaha, you speak of my city-state being close-minded and condemn me for it. Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Yet my words stand. Eorzea will not change over night. You don't suffer the consequences of being cast out by loved ones. They do. Don't you understand some will not be capable of carrying the burden of becoming a social outcast of their family, tribe ect? I'd rather have broken hearts over lifeless corpse due to ending their lives due to shame and loneliness! - A Concerned Woodwailer

Dear Woodwailer,

Shame and Loneliness? Do you know what happens when you get away from disapproving, cruel, and closed minded people? You open room for those that understand, those that accept you. You lose loved ones, but you hold close the one that you hold close to you.

You’re right, I don’t suffer the consequences, but my advice is an OPINION that they can choose to accept or not. They asked for my advice and I gave them what I would do in my situation.

What if that girl was the one? Then they still suffer the same loneliness, the same sadness as they would have had they been outcasted.

If they get outcasted at least they still have each other to help them through it. At least they have love, and know that there is love in this world filled with hatred.

I didn’t say everyone that breathed in the Shroud was a radical, there are exceptions to the rule, but the rule is still there. I’m fully aware Eorzea won’t change over night, but if everyone trying to make a difference stayed in hiding then the world WILL NEVER CHANGE.

Why does it immediately go to suicide from loneliness, why can’t there be a happy end in your eyes? Would you truly, in their shoes, give up on the person you love because of societies standards? Would you truly let yourself fall into a loveless marriage? A loveless life constantly in longing for that person? That you could never have because society says no?

Can you honestly stand here and tell me you wouldn’t risk it for love?

For happiness?

For change?

If we stand by and do nothing then nothing changes.

If you stand for nothing, Woodwailer, what will you fall for?


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Ya know when we bring up how most official LGBTQ+ groups include aces, like aven or Trevor project, the first thing they all say is "well you bullied and blackmailed them into using a for aces!!" And I'm? I clearly remember all LGBTQ+ groups rallying for them to change A to aces and agender when they had it for het allies? There was no "bullying or blackmailing" it was us all supporting each other and getting us support? Oh wait I forgot aphobes are ahistorical and ignorant as can be welp

Not to mention, like… for real. You really think that the Trevor Project supports aces because we blackmailed them? With what?????

Tf do you think aspecs did, march up to the Trevor Project and say, “we’ll cut your funding!!”

We don’t have that much power. The Trevor Project and other LGBT+ organizations aren’t afraid of us. They just accept us as one of their own. To act like we’re being supported out of some sense of fear is, frankly, ridiculous.

–Mod Mercy