rally for cancer

The Death of Love

Burning was the sunset like a portent of doom
On the saintly iron maiden as she fell from her wound

But visions and ambition
Never listened to submission
And she was on a mission from the highest above
To Lord upon the slaughter
Like a sword through hissing water
She arose where archers sought her
For the death of love

The righteous death of love

Gilles adored her drama
Her suit of pure white armor
Blazed against the English in a torrent of light

And as they rallied onto night
A cancer fled his soul

Framed amid the thick of fire
Aflame, a Valkyrie
She made him click without desire
And in his eyes she swam a Goddess

And even when they caught her breath
Her words would leave a scar

“For only in the grip of darkness
Will we shine amidst the brightest stars”

For People Equating BLM to the KKK

I just can’t with people who try to compare Black Lives Matter to the KKK. Oh sure, yeah, Black Lives Matter totally has a history going around lynching and terrorizing minority groups. Did you hear about that story where BLM drove by a little girl’s birthday party with guns to terrorize her and her family? Oh wait, no, that was the KKK… Oh, did you hear about that time when BLM lynched that black boy for whistling at a white woman? Oh, sorry, again that was the KKK. Did you read about BLM having a history of claiming superiority over minorities? Whoops! The KKK again! If you compare BLM to the KKK, you’re racist. I don’t care how many black friends you have, I don’t care if you are black (in that case, you’re an Uncle Tom and I don’t give a shit if that offends you), you’re racist and there’s nothing else to it. If you’re serious about your hate of BLM, I fucking dare you to go to Breast Cancer rally and call them akin to a Neo Nazi group and tell them that ALL forms of cancer matter or that people with Pancreatic Cancer have it worse than breast cancer victims (and as a person who lost their grandmother to pancreatic cancer, I wouldn’t be that stupid to make that claim). I dare you to go to a fundraiser for a charity organization and tell them that all charity causes matter. Because you’re being unfair to the BLM, I’m going to be unfair to you and claim that I bet you wish that black people were still slaves and getting lynched because you clearly sympathise with anti-blackness and you don’t want black people to take a stand against black people getting killed by the police. Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean only Black Lives Matter, it means Black Lives Matter AS WELL AS everyone else’s in a country where during mass incarceration, voter suppression, or Jim Crow, or slavery when black lives never mattered. I’m sorry that you’re morally bankrupt or that you can’t sympathise with people who have darker skin than you. I’m sorry that you think that a black rights group is the equivalent of a group of people who have all the rights and power in this country and seek to put black people back in their place. I’m sorry that you think that black people don’t have the right to fight against police brutality when we have the fucking first amendment which applies to black people and not just whites. I’m sorry you’re so ill-educated and lazy that you don’t have the mental capacity to do research about what BLM and KKK actually stand for. But that’s not the BLM’s fault, that’s you’re own. Don’t get mad whenever so-called “SJWs” get on your case about you spewing this unfounded bullshit because you’re asking for it. And if me calling you racist and intellectually bankrupt offends you, cry me a river with your right-wing, alt-right SJW tears. 


Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) display Volatile Anger, which is characterized by violent outbursts which seem to appear out of nowhere.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) display Passive Anger, which is characterized by using sarcasm and mockery and satire to disguise the depth of their anger.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) display Constructive Anger, which is characterized by wanting to make changes and rallying others.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) display Retaliatory Anger, which is characterized by only occurring in reaction to something else.