SIG P320

First and foremost i want to congrats to SIG on getting the Army Contract! 

The p320 is easily my favorite new pistol design and i am 10000% about mine. Before i handled anyone else’s 320 i had zero idea that sig had changed their take down lever.  When shooting the 320 the take down lever on my gun was big and bulky and dug into my hand, kinda like glock finger with the trigger guard. fast forward to today’s mail call. Finally ordered the part to get my fucking 320 up to speed with a slimmer takedown. When i have the chance to hit the range Ill be able to tell if this was worth the 15 bucks or whatever it cost to update the pistol with the slimmer profile. 

SIG PN : 1300777-R

All photos posted are of the new unit on the frame, as you can see it slims down quite a bit. 

A grenadier of the Hessian Rall Regiment as he would have appeared in 1776. This was one of the three Hessian regiments defeated at the battle of Trenton. Being actually a garrison grenadier regiment did they not wear mustaches (except for possibly their grenadier company) as did other German grenadiers. Art by Don Troiani.