a cd i made for my friend a few months ago, she gave it to a guy and now they’re together and gross. thought i would resurrect it cause valentines day is nearing. [mostly] indulgently corny love songs of the old school twee/ indie pop/ C86 variety (plus les rall dens cause they’re the greatest makeout band)

  1. Crush on You – Tronics
  2. I’m in Love With You – Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike
  3. Sunny Sundae Smile – My Bloody Valentine
  4. Romantic About You – Dress Up as Natives
  5. Wherever You Go, Take Me With You – Pastel Collision
  6. You are the Kind – Red Sleeping Beauty
  7. Josephine – The Magnetic Fields
  8. So in Love with You – The Flatmates
  9. I Want You – Another Sunny Day
  10. Lovesick (Peel Session) – Orange Juice
  11. I Fell in Love Last Night – Heavenly
  12. Love Has Got a Hold on Me – Twa Toots
  13. Can’t Keep my Mind off You – The Weather Prophets
  14. Sound of Love – The Legendary Bang
  15. Apple of my Eye – Remember Fun
  16. Crush on You – Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair
  17. You’re So Groovy – The Cannanes
  18. I Must Be in Love – Hey Paulette
  19. We’re Both Alone – Rocketship
  20. I Want You Around – Black Tambourine
  21. Love Comes Slowly Now – The Garbage and the Flowers
  22. Otherwise Fallin’ in Love with You – Les Rallizes Denudes 

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From the Free CeCe McDonald Facebook page

!!!Attention CeCe McDonald lovers!!!
CeCe gets out of prison in just a little over 2 weeks. We are looking for a few donations. If you have any of these things laying around the house please feel free to drop them off for CeCe at The Exchange, 3405 Chicago Ave, Mpls.
*Twin sized bed frame: Headboard/footboard/ralls/all that!
*Sewing supplies: Needles, threads, pins, fabrics, cutting boards, notions, patterns, etc.
*Gift cards to Target, Grocery Stores, Joanne fabrics, Walgreens, etc.

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