‘Rags: The Musical’

- The whole squad got parts in the musical, even Michael (he also did tech)

Christine is Rebecca, Rich is David (the nine-year-old) Jake is Ben, and Chloe is Bella, while Brooke and Jenna are steamstress girls and Jeremy and Michael are in chorus

- It’s awkward because Ben and Bella are in love so when Jake and Chloe are acting like they were in love Rich and Brooke just darkly glared from the wings

- But when Jake and Chloe come to the wings they go to their dates and. Smooch

- Rich tried to grab Jake’s ass in a rehearsal and Jake yelled 'dAVID WHAT ARE YOU DOING’ and it became a running joke

- Christine legit made people cry when she sang 'Children Of The Wind’

- There’s a part in 'Sound Of Love’ where theres a waltz and since Michael and Jeremy were in chorus they immediately clung to each other and did the dance

- Also in 'Sound Of Love’ Ben says his name in a really weird way so Jake did it and they had to stop rehearsal because everyone was laughing so hard

- Since Rebecca is David’s mother whenever Rich sees Christine he says 'hello mother’ and she goes 'hello son’

- Theres a Russian custom to 'kiss’ your significant others cheeks (usually just pressing your cheeks together and making a kissing sound, kinda like some Latin American customs) so whenever Michael and Jeremy are onstage in the back they do that and its adorable

- It’s often you see Jake with his head in Rich’s lap and Rich running his fingers through his hair

- Dustin Kropp plays Nathan, Rebecca’s husband, so Christine and him hug a lot

- During 'Penny A Tune’ David slides on the floor during 'You can’t beat our prices!’ And the first time Rich did it hE FELL OFF THE STAGE

- Brooke is a steamstress girl and since she can actually sew she once started mending someones clothes and no one questioned it

- 'Penny A Tune’ takes place in a marketplace so theres couples walking around and buying things so Jeremy and Michael walk together

- Mister Reyes told them to walk with girls but once 'its 2017!’ was yelled at him from all directions he let them be a couple

- Theres also 'families’ in 'Penny A Tune’ so Michael got his moms to let him bring in his little sister to be his and Jeremy’s child

- Jeremy carried her on his hip until they had to go backstage (they were walking around in the aisles) then he would hand her off to Michael’s moms, who were sitting in the seats closest to the doors to backstage

- Michael got a part as a rallier in 'Bread And Freedom’ so he’s standing on a soapbox and being Very Passionate and Jeremy is like 'wow…. i am so bi’

- [spoiler] Bella dies in a fire and someone has to carry her body onstage for a scene

- But the kid who carries her and Chloe hate each other so they’re bickering until they have to go onstage so then Chloe lets her knees give out and she goes completely limp and the kid scoops her up and carries her onstage

- Jeremy’s voice cracked on a high note in 'Greenhorns’ and Michael snorted

- But since Jeremy was an alto and Michael is a tenor Jere glared at him until they were allowed to intermingle and then he tried to tackle him

- Chloe was wearing her dress and hitching it up a little for some reason and when Rich walked by he yelled 'I can see her legs!’ And Chloe just hitched the skirt up more and gave him a saucy look

- Jenna is a really good singer so she was Rosa and everyone goes quiet when she sings

- They all love her

- They were running through the choreography for 'Bread And Freedom’ and Christine was holding Rich’s hand and at one point she started walking and Rich didn’t get the memo so Christine said 'hurry up my child’

- In 'Easy For You,’ Rebecca and Saul (her sorta-kinda love interest) are roasting each other so seeing Christine totally destroy this other kid is always a entertainment

- Brooke was Esther (a streamstress girl like Rosa) and she KILLED IT

- Christine once messed up a line in rehearsal so when she did she sank to the floor and laid there for a little and Jenna was like that one video of the guy saying 'are you choking??’ To the choking kid and everyone laughed their asses off

- Jake flirts just like Ben in 'For My Mary’ and it’s the cutest thing

- Since Jeremy knows Hebrew, everyone goes to him so that they can pronounce the words in 'Kaddish’ (a Jewish prayer song) correctly

- 'Wanna know how you’re like Bella, Chloe?’


'Kinda a bitch’


- Theres a really inspiring scene in the beginning of 'Bread And Freedom’ where Rebecca and Rosa pick up their sewing machines and protest against the unsafe working environments of sweatshops, but those things are heavy

- So Christine and Jenna are suffering as they pick up this heavy-ass sewing machine + singing

- Bella dies in a sweatshop fire because the door was closed and she couldn’t get out of the fire, and during that scene everyone is screaming (even the people backstage) so Rich Can Not be in those scenes because it reminds him of the Halloween fire

- Michael sometimes chases after people with a broom

- Theres a really sad scene during 'Kaddish’ where Avram, Bella’s father, sings 'open your eyes, Bella, just take a breath…’ (Which is what he said to her when she was alive) and EVERYONE cried a little the first time it happened (Even Chloe, even though she was supposed to be dead)

- Thomas, Rebecca’s husband, earned the name 'Charming Slimy Man’ and Dustin wears that label with pride

- “Hello Bella’

- Brooke let out the shrillest, most blood-curdling scream when they rehearsed the sweatshop fire scene for the first time and afterwards she just smiles a little

'Was that good?’

'Holy shit’

'Language, Jake’

- Brooke has to wear a reddish-brown wig because she’s "too blonde to be Jewish” (actual quote from my school)

- Christine and Chloe hang out more so that their characters have more chemistry

- 'Rags,’ Bella’s song, is super angsty and Chloe kills it

- Also in 'Rags,’ Jeremy is onstage as an Affulent American during a dream sequence of Bella’s, and when the people dancing have to circle around Bella, his hat fell off

- Michael is an immigrant in 'Greenhorns’ so he’s wearing this ugly coat and different frames for his glasses (because hipster-style was NOT a thing) and he kinda hates it

- In 'Penny A Tune’ Michael’s little sister looks like a little Affulent American child and she looks adorable

- Rich and Jake’s characters (David and Ben) are in the beginning of 'Sound Of Love’ and David needs to be a little shit and Rich loves it

'Yes, I ooooown a gramaphone!’ - Christine, sounding adorable in 'Sound Of Love’

- Theres an awkward scene in 'For My Mary’ where Ben and Bella waltz, and its so uncomfortable and weird and everyone loves it

- 'Penny A Tune’: Jeremy and Michael’s arms are linked, Michael’s little sister is on Jeremy’s hip, and they all look vv fancy

- [Suicide tw] During the sweatshop fire scene Mr. Reyes says 'Make it dramatic! Say 'don’t jump!’

Brooke, Christine, Jenna: We’re saying what

Chloe, from the back of the auditorium: WHAT


- Jeremy keeps hitting his left thigh (specifically) on things so his leg is all bruised up

Character Analysis of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Back Cover

The Back Cover of Kingdom Hearts feels like a giant miscast. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Rather, the Master of Masters set everyone up to fail by giving them the roles they weren’t suited for.

Ira the unicorn is the best fit for discerning the prophecy, but makes for a lousy leader.

Invi the snake makes an amazing right hand woman, but she is a terrible intermediator.

Ava the fox is the best intermediator by a long shot. She could be the glue that holds everyone together, but her role of not getting involved with politics and instead focusing on the next generation forbids her from being the glue.

Gula the leopard and Aced the bear have the best leadership qualities. They would be best for leading the five and preparing the next generation. Aced has a lot of natural charisma and can rally people, and Gula is really good at making tough decisions on the snap.

But again, Aced is an awful right hand man. And Gula can’t discern the prophecy (and the Master of Masters removes Luxu to ensure this doubly so) and makes for an ineffective assassin.

Given further consideration, Gula is the ideal head honcho. He listens to his fellow union leaders and does what he can to make their plans work. And if things aren’t looking so great, he has enough humility to say he messed up, let’s rewind or try plan B. He’s present minded and a decision maker. Gula wants results.

Aced would’ve loved Ava’s job. Most likely, he would have been better at it, too. Although similarly to canon, he would’ve been initially disappointed to not be the leader, but in his own way, he still would be, just in a different operation. The right capacity. Since he’s a natural rallier, he would take a lot of enjoyment in gathering up candidates, training them up, and sending them off after he saw that they were ready.

It’s funny in a way. This last Sunday’s sermon was about destiny, listening to your heart, and God given patience for the things we were called to do. And that no one but you can fulfill your own destiny, and nothing but trouble will come of trying to carry out someone else’s destiny. Then, here’s this hour long story about a bunch of people assigned roles that conflict with who they are and the destinies they have, and when they listen to their hearts and do what they’d do best, it conflicts with their role.

Basically, they’re all carrying each others’ destinies and not fulfilling their own because they’re relying on the bad advice of someone they respect.

Nonetheless, they all naturally gravitate towards their real purpose.
Ira, when left to his own devices, wants to do nothing more than study the prophecies all day. This is where he excels, even managing to figure out that something is missing from their books and going so far as to have a fair guess at what it is.

Invi makes for the best second hand a leader could ask for. She always ready and willing to carry out his will.

And Ava’s heart is for everyone to just get along.

I think they could’ve been a successful and functional unit if it had been Ira in the books, Gula at the head, Invi as the right hand, Ava the bridge, and Aced the rallier for the future. These are their true strengths.

… Haha, and now I want to do a body analogy. Which is a little different, actually, but portrays who they are at their best, I think.

Ira’s the head, the mind, the deep thinker.
Gula’s the spine who listens and inspires everyone to get it done.
Ava’s the heart, keeps the peace and offers encouragement.
Invi’s the hands that carry out their bidding.
Aced is the feet that walk into the future.

In the ideal world that obviously didn’t happen. And wouldn’t unless Gula stormed Ira’s office, stuffed the lost page under his nose and told him they were switching then and there.

Sortir de l'aporie.

Je ne fais pas partie des gens qui pensent que l'horizon indépassable de la politique se limite aujourd'hui à un choix douloureux et cornélien entre la « ligne Philippot » (socialo-étatisto-souverainiste) et la ligne « Marion » (identitaro-catho-droitarde)… Tout d'abord parce que ces positions me semblent toutes deux porteuses d'impasses, d'oxymores, de simplifications, d'insuffisances et d'approximations trompeuses … Ensuite, parce que cette dichotomie reste étroitement imbriquée à une vision de la politique « stratégique » et « communicationnelle » qui me semble inévitablement vouée à l'échec. Or, si l'on voulait véritablement rompre avec les pratiques et les concepts qui ont échoué jusqu'à présent, c'est justement à cette approche « clientéliste » et « managériale » de la politique qu'il faudrait totalement tourner le dos.

Aujourd'hui, on fait de la politique comme on fait du marketing et celle-ci se borne donc à être un vulgaire « placement de produit ». On détermine des « cibles » (ouvriers, classes moyennes, retraités…) que l'on veut séduire et on bricole à leur intention un programme correspondant à leur « attentes » et leurs « intérêts » supposés. Une fois cette « offre » lancée sur le marché électoral, on espère que la somme des « cibles visées » atteigne le chiffre nirvanaesque de 51%.

« Allez dites-nous ce qui ne vous a pas plu la dernière fois, qu'on le modifie ou qu'on l'enlève ! Vous souhaitez un peu plus de ça, un peu moins de ceci ? Dites nous, on s'arrange !Ici c'est comme chez Subway, composez vous-même votre tartine de merde ! ». Au final, ce n'est même plus de la soupe, mais un insipide brouet constitué des glaviots revendicatifs des uns et des autres…

Il s'agirait donc, si l'on était vraiment radicaux et pourquoi pas « révolutionnaires », ce mot qui fait désormais rigoler tous les doctes et les gens dits sérieux, totalement inverser le processus, établir un programme basé sur l'analyse, l'expérience, les valeurs et la volonté, autour d'un objectif clair, défini, solide et immuable qui ne soit pas soumis aux aléas de la mode, des humeurs de « l'opinion » ou des contingences de la météo. Une fois ce programme établi, il faudrait l'exposer, le présenter, fermement et sereinement, le diffuser, chercher à l'appliquer à petite échelle pour tenter de le concrétiser et si possible de « l'exemplariser », l'imposer ainsi petit à petit dans l'espace public.

Ce sont les gens qu'il faut rallier au programme et non le programme qu'il faut adapter aux desiderata de la multitude des individus, des groupes sociaux, des factions, des lobbys… Ne pas chercher à flatter les intérêts particuliers mais tendre au Bien commun, au delà de tous les clientélismes boutiquiers. Nous ne devons pas être le syndicat de défense de telle ou telle catégorie, de telle ou telle classe, de tel ou tel groupe mais les porteurs d'une idée et d'un projet au service du pays et du peuple dans leur intégralité.

Nous ne sommes pas marxistes, ainsi nous ne jouons pas les « les pauvres contre les riches », manichéisme vain et niais, mais nous voulons la Justice Sociale, c'est à dire l'équilibre, la décence et la complémentarité au sein d'une communauté organique et solidaire. Nous ne sommes pas libéraux, donc nous n'opposons les libertés individuelles à l'Etat, mais faisons du second le garant des premières face à l'ubris et la rapacité sans limite des appétits de certains. Nous rejetons l'étiquette de « droite », à jamais souillée par l'égoïsme de classe et le matérialisme productiviste. Nous refusons tout autant celle de « gauche », définitivement discréditée par la xénophilie masochiste et le mondialisme uniformisant. Nous sommes la troisième voie, celle qui les terrifie tant qu'ils n'ont de cesse de l'insulter, de la calomnier et de la criminaliser. Nous devons réaffirmer ce que nous sommes, et non nous travestir, endosser des costumes qui ne sont pas taillés pour nous, tenter de jouer avec leurs règles, leurs codes, leur vocabulaire.

Après des années de calculs, d'alliances contre-nature, de billard à quinze bandes, de géostratèges génialement funambulesques, de masques, de triple discours, de pragmatisme gamellard et de « dédiabolisation » larvesque, pourquoi ne pas essayer la sincérité et la conviction ? De toute façon, ça ne peut pas être pire…


Pourquoi j’ai rejoint la révolution au Kurdistan

Académie de formation des YPG pour les volontaires étrangers, canton de Cizîrê, le 12 avril 2017

Ce blog sera le carnet de voyage d’un communiste libertaire parti rejoindre la révolution au Kurdistan syrien (Rojava).

J’essaierai de le mettre régulièrement à jour (dans la mesure du possible comme vous pouvez l’imaginer) pour vous tenir informer de toutes les expériences ou découvertes que je ferai ici.

Je suppose que je dois tout d’abord commencer par une petite présentation.

Je m’appelle Arthur Aberlin.

Pour ne pas faciliter la vie de nos amis du Renseignement, même si je me doute qu’ils savent que je suis ici, je ne vous en dirai pas trop sur ma propre histoire, sinon que je viens d’une famille ouvrière d’une ville moyenne. J’ai eu la chance de faire des études dans une fac de province, mais dans une filière sans débouché. J’ai commencé à militer dans le mouvement étudiant, avant de m’engager dans une organisation communiste libertaire.

Pourquoi je suis parti ?

Question inévitable, je crois… La première raison est bien entendu une mise en pratique de ma solidarité avec la révolution qui se déroule en ce moment au Rojava. Je sais que la nature révolutionnaire des événements en cours est objet de joutes intellectuelles masturbatoires dans nos milieux, auxquelles j’ai d’ailleurs participé moi-même.

Néanmoins, au bout d’un certain temps, j’ai toujours eu davantage de respect pour l’imperfection de l’action que pour une théorie parfaite. Et j’en avais assez de rester spectateur d’événements qui se passent à quelques jours de voyage de chez nous. Le déclencheur fut sans doute plus personnel mais, comme le veut la formule usuelle, tout est politique.

Donc après plusieurs années de militantisme, disons que j’avais de plus en plus de mal à donner un sens à la routine militante… Et je sentais doucement mais sûrement une lente résignation s’installer en moi. Je regardais depuis longtemps vers les événements syriens ; je chérissais la pensée réconfortante qu’au pire, je pourrais toujours rejoindre cette révolution. Un fantasme qui permettait de me rassurer quant à ma qualité de révolutionnaire je suppose.

Bref ! Un matin de janvier, en tombant sur le journal en ligne d’un camarade qui avait sauté le pas – j’espère le rencontrer pour lui dire qu’il est à l’origine, quelque part, d’un tournant dans ma vie –, je me suis dit que j’étais à la croisée des chemins :

  • ou bien je continuais un train-train militant qui ne m’apportait plus grande satisfaction et dont je craignais un dénouement désagréable, fait de désillusions envers mes idéaux et très certainement de pas mal d’alcool pour faire passer le tout.
  • ou bien je concrétisais mes fantasmes et je marchais vers l’inconnu. 

Le lendemain mon choix était fait. 

Je commençai à réfléchir à comment rallier les YPG.

On names: Athene

Let’s check out some excellent epithets of Pallas Athene. Lots of names connecting her to places, a few generic appellations shared with other deities, etc. But most really are illuminating. For example, note that the goddess is a leader in peace and war, is very perceptive and quick of mind, a great protectress - but is noted more for quickness of mind and practicality, than for introspection and deep knowledge. Basically, it looks like her presence is more likely to be felt on a military base or in a city hall than in a library.

Adamatos thea - untamed
Agoraia - of the market place
Anemotis - of the winds
Ageleia - who leads and protects people like a herd of cattle or she who takes the spoils
Aglauros - connected with the heroine Aglauros
Aithyia - diver, or a figurative reference to ships?
Alea - connected with the hero Aleus. Possibly also of refuge
Alalkomeneis - protectress, or also of Alalkomenai
Alkidemos - defender of the people
Alkimakhe - defender in battle
Alkis - strong, brave
Amboulia - of counsel
Apatouria - deciever
Areia - warlike
Akraia - She on high
Amaria - of day?
Arkhegetis - foundress, leader
Assesia - of Assesus
Atrytone - unflinching
Axiopoinos - who metes out just punishment
Aiantis - connected with the hero Aiax, or with the attic phile Aiantis
Agestratos- leader of hosts
Boarmia, Boudeia - yoker of oxen
Bia - might
Boulaia - of the boule (council)
Damasippos - horse tamer
Deino - terrible
Epipyrgitis - of/upon the tower
Ergane - of craft
Eryma - defender
Erysiptolis - defender of the city
Euresitekhnos - inventor of the crafts
Glaukopis - bright-eyed, owl-eyed
Gorgopis - gorgon-faced, grim
Gorgolopha - gorgon-crested
Gorgophone - killer of the gorgon
Gigantoleteira - destroyer of giants
Iasonia - connected with the hero Jason, or healer
Ilia - of Ilios
Ismenia - of the Ismenos river
Itonia - of Itonus, or connected with the hero Itonios
Hephaistia - connected with Hephaistos
Hippia - of horses
Hippolaitis - of Hippola
Hellotia - of the fertile marsh, or connected with the heroine Hellotis
Homaria - of the gathering
Homolois - well, one of the gates of Thebes was called that, and there was a Homoloia festival in Boeotia. Also, Homole mountain in Thessaly, and a legendary priestess called Homolois. Might also mean “of concord”. Nice range of options.
Hygieia - of good health
Kalliergos - of beautiful crafts
Keleutheia - of the roads
Khalinitis - bridler
Khalkioikos - of the bronze dwelling
Khryseopelex - gold-helmeted
Khrysolonkhos - of the golden spear
Kleidouchos - keeper of the keys
Koryphasia - of the head, or of the promontory called Koryphasion
Koryphagenes - born from the head
Kyparissia - of Kyparissiae, or of the cypress
Kydonia - of Kydonia on Crete
Kynthia - of the Kynthus mountain on Delos
Kolokasia - of the edible tubers, probably
Kissaia - of ivy
Koresia - of the lake Koresia, which might just mean maiden lake
Ktesia - protectress of the household
Kranaia - of the top of the hill, probably
Laossoos - rallier of the people
Lemnia - of Lemnos
Lindia - of Lindos
Leitis - distributor of war booty
Larisaia - of Larisus
Magarsia - of Magarsos
Medeousa Athenon - protectress and queen of Athens
Mekhanitis - contriver of plans
Meter - mother. (Yes, there was such a cult in Elis. Apparently, there is nothing weird about asking a virgin goddess for children)
Moria - of the sacred olive tree
Nike - victory
Nikephoros - bringer of victory, who holds victory in her hands
Nedousia - of Nedon
Narkaia - connected with the hero Narkaios
Obrimopatre - of a mighty father
Oleria - of Oleris
Ophtalmitis - of eyes
Optiletis - sightful
Oxyderkes - of sharp eyesight
Pareia - of parian marble (in reference to a statue )
Paionia - healer
Pandrosos - connected with the heroine Pandrosos
Pankrates - almighty
Persepolis - sacker of cities
Potnia Egrekydoimos - mistress who raises the din of war
Phalaritis - who wears cheekpieces
Phobesistrate - who is feared by hosts
Phratria - of the phratry
Phronesis - of moral responsibility
Polyboulos, Polymetis - of many counsels
Polioukhos, Poliatis - protector of the polis
Polemedokos - sustainer of war
Promakhos - first in battle, who fights in front
Pronoia - of foresight
Proxima - near one
Panakhaia - of all Akhaia
Parthenos - virgin
Pallas - maybe a reference to her friend she killed accidentally, maybe a giant she killed (not accidentally) , maybe one who brandishes (pallein) her spear or aegis
Pronaia - before the temple
Pylaimakhos - fighter at the gates
Polias - of the city
Pylaitis - of the gates
Sais, Saitis - of Sais. Neith, a Kemetic goddess, is that city’s proper patron, but hey, Interpretatio Graeca, what can you do *grumble grumble *
Salpinx - war trumpet
Soteira - saviour
Sounia - of Sounion
Skiras - of Skiron
Skillyntia - of Skillos
Sthenias - mighty
Stoikheia - marshaler of ranks
Telkhinia - connected with the Telkhines, probably
Tritogeneia - born near the Lybian lake Tritonis or river Triton, or possibly from the head
Zosteria - of the girdle
Xenia - of (hospitality to) strangers

It cannot be stressed enough that Pausanias is invaluable, as well as the Homeric hymns, Kallimachos, Euripides, Aristophanes, etc. We are so very lucky to have their works, aren’t we?


Up until a few months ago I supported the black lives matter movement. The big picture is: Why do black people only want to come together and seek justice when a white person kills one of us vs. when someone of our own race has killed one of us? Where’s the sea of ralliers with their picket signs and outrage when there’s black on black violence? Their silent.

Achetez le nouvel album des Enfoirés!

Après, “Toute la Vie”, qui nous apprend que les jeunes ne sont jamais qu'un tas de feignasses retrouvez, dans le prochain album des Enfoirés

1.T'avais qu'à rester chez toi
Une chanson destinée à toutes les personnes décédées en tentant de traverser la Méditerranée pour rallier l'Europe.

2. Bah ça t'apprendra à fumer des Gitanes
Dédiée à toutes les victimes du cancer du poumon, c'est pourtant écrit sur le paquet que c'est pas bon pour la santé!

3. Je t'avais bien dit de pas faire Socio
Pour tous les chômeurs diplômés de sciences humaines, pouviez pas faire école de commerce comme tout le monde?

4.Fallait le quitter grognasse
Pour toutes les victimes de violence conjugale. Depuis le temps qu'on leur dit de partir, faut bien qu'elles soient masochistes!

Et encore une myriade de tubes, pleine de solidarité, d'amour et de cynisme épouvantable.


Still working on my US presidents magic set. Here are some of my favorite designs. So I’ve made two ability words for the set, that are meant to be somewhat educational, somewhat interesting. Only one is seen here which is Assassinated. This appears on presidents that were assassinated and has some effect when the creature dies. It’s pretty much a more limited version of morbid. The other one that will appear on three presidents is impeach. Technically only two presidents were impeached, but Nixon most likely would have been impeached if he had not resigned. Impeached I haven’t entirely worked through, but the creatures it appears on will have a powerful ability, but when you activate that ability an opponent can impeach it. Then the ability will still go off at a reduced effect and the opponent has to pay something like mana or sacrificing a permanent, something along those lines. It’s a punisher mechanic, similar to tribute to an extent.  

Anyway, I did want to give a brief explination for some of the cards I’m showing. So these designs are based on stuff the presidents did or said. First up is old George Washington. 

General Washington - I wanted to make George red/white/blue just because it seemed fun. I gave him the ability to destroy a treefolk, because there’s a story about how he chopped down a cherry tree. It’s not really a thing a red/white/blue creature would probably do, but it seemed fun. Also he boosts other creatures, he was known to be a great rallier of people and finally he gives soldiers islandwalk when he attacks. This is a reference to crossing the Delaware River. 

Thomas Jefferson - His first ability is a reference to the Louisiana purchase. Granted the land purchase was quite huge, but Louisiana is known for having many swamps, so he searches for a swamp. Also he can search out small artifacts because he was known to be a bit of an inventor and made little gadgets. 

William Henry Harrison - He appears as a rather weird creature, and probably useless in most cases, but WHH died after 30 days in office, so he didn’t do much as a president. The story goes that when he took oath of office it was raining, he got pneumonia and never recovered. 

Abraham Lincoln - First ability is kinda like freeing the slaves. It doesn’t sound quite as good when you write it out and they’re just going back to their owner, but hopefully you get what I was going for. Second ability, when he died the Civil War ended shortly afterwards and the Union got all the south back. It got “land” back if you want to stretch it a little, so that’s how I came up with that. 

Rutherford B. Hayes - Another odd design, I took some ques from the card Near-Death experience. Rutherford B. Hayes ended up winning the presidency by a single vote of the electoral college despite loosing the popular vote by close margin. 

Teddy Roosevelt, Rough-Rider - Teddy is a fun president, he did a lot of cool things before, after and during his president. So I piled on a few things for him. One he gets a bear token. This is a reference to a hunting trip where he refused to shoot a tied up bear because it couldn’t defend itself. Afterwards a toy maker made the first “teddy bear” and it became a big deal. Even today there are still teddy bears. Mountainwalk is because he charged up San Juan Hill with the Rough-riders. And the final ability is a reference to a famous quote he said which was “speak softly and carry a big stick” so I knew I wanted to do something with equipment. 

Finally we have Taft. Taft is famous for doing pretty much nothing major during his presidency. He was a very large man, and a fattie in magic is a large creature, so he’s a large creature. I also chose to make him my only vanilla president because he was so famous for doing almost nothing. He also was quoted many times about how he hated politics and didn’t even really want to run for president. 

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