That could have gone better,” he says dryly, thumb idly stroking the back of her hand.

“Could’ve been worse,” she replies, watching him instead of the building which was so recently in danger of exploding. When that smile touches her lips, the idle stroking becomes an intentional caress. “Shame about your coat.

anonymous asked:

Multiple doctors/Rose fanfic recommendations. Basically more than one doctor makes an appearance in the fic.

Fic Rec: Muliple Doctors/Rose:

  • The Choice, by @lastincurableromantic 9&10 (M) 120k After GitF, the TARDIS brings the Doctor, Rose and Mickey back to Earth to solve an emergency involving the TARDIS herself. But when they see a familiar face, the face of someone who should not exist, they realize the crisis is much deeper than they thought and is one that could endanger the Doctor’s very existence. WIP (Recced by @hanluvr)
  • The Consequences of Dreaming, by @nopondintheforest Tentoo &11 (T) 120k Years have passed since the Doctor walked away, leaving the woman he loved behind with his double. Now, traveling with the Ponds, his broken hearts are an old secret, hidden away under the guise of the manic, dynamic alien.(Recced by @hanluvr)
  • But Being Spent by @chocolatequeennk 8&10 (T) 22k  In To Make Much of Time, the TARDIS brought Rose back from Pete’s World just before the Void closed. What if that hadn’t happened? When Rose starts travelling with the dimension cannon, how will they react to all the near misses when they can tell, thanks to their bond, that they’re in the same universe again? An alternate ending of my own fic, because I really wanted to explore this idea, but I also wanted TMMOT to be a Doomsday fixit. (Recced by @lastbluetardis
  • Shades of Blue, by @bluedawn0123 8,9,10,11&12 (M) 160k Trapped in the parallel universe, Rose finally thinks she’s found the Doctor, but it isn’t exactly the one she expects. She falls in love with him anyway. (Recced by @lastbluetardis)
  • Background Radiation by Goldy 10&Tentoo (K) 20k 
    “Brown. He was wearing brown. A brown suit she hadn’t seen since… since….” Five years after Journey’s End, Rose wakes up in the wrong universe. (Recced by @lastbluetardis)
  • Both by wishiknewwho 10&Tentoo (M) 24k She loves them both.  Rose makes a mistake and has to suffer the consequences.  And some other stories, all set in the Both-verse. (Recced by @lastbluetardis)
  • Glimpse Into The Future, by Dzuljeta  9 &10 (T) 14k Soon after Captain Jack enters the scene, The Ninth Doctor begins to feel much more protective over Rose than usual. However, soon he is presented with an opportunity to see his Rose with his Tenth incarnation. (Recced by @natural–blues)
  • Adventures Beneath Starlight, by @lunaseemoony9,10&Tentoo (M) 10k Following Davros’ failed attempts at the reality bomb, the dimensional retroclosure fails to complete and Rose Tyler finds herself with not two Doctors aboard the TARDIS but six of them. Figuring out how to balance out her new complex life is difficult enough. When two faces of her first Doctor show up, she decides to take the opportunity she never got, to tell them how she feels. With how crazy her life has gotten, it’s not as easy as one might think. (Recced by @natural–blues)
  • Never Ever, by ITookTheOneLessTravelled 10&11(M) 9k When Rose is falling, the Doctor is always there to catch her. AU Doomsday where Eleven takes the TARDIS and catches Rose before she can fall through the void, and leaves his Rose and Amy to help Ten with his little runaway bride problem. Featuring Ten, Eleven, Rose, Amy, Rory and Donna. Somewhat explicit moment between Rose and Eleven. (Recced by @natural–blues)            
  • Eleven and his Rose series, by @bittyblueeyes​   9,10&11(T) 180k Rose returns to her home universe and finds that the Doctor has a new face. But no matter what changes had taken place in the separation, he will always be her Doctor and she will always be his Rose. (Recced by @natural–blues)
  • Battle in the Sky, by @bubblygal92 8,11&12 (M) 150k Time can be rewritten but not without consequences. When Eleven’s life puts one rewrite too many on the timeline, the reset button gets pushed at a crucial point. Goes AU during The Night of the Doctor. Fix-it fic for the Time War, 50th anniversary and Christmas Special with a Doctor x Rose reunion twist. (Recced by @chiaroscuroverse)
  • Breaking Us, @bananasareforparties 9,10&11(M) 80k  All he wants is to see her on his dying tour before Lake Silencio, one last time with these ancient eyes. Rose Tyler thinks it’s high time she gets rid of her embarrassing virginity and aspires to do it with that dreamy Jimmy Stone. Things do not go as planned for either of them. Rose/Eleven. PWithP. WIP (Recced by @chiaroscuroverse)
  • Journey of a Thousand Miles, @bluedawn0123  9&10(M) 50k  A determined and slightly immortal Rose Tyler battles back to her Doctor, but coming home is harder than she thought. A reunion fic set post-Doomsday and assuming the Rose Tyler parts of S4 don’t exist. (Recced by @chiaroscuroverse)
  • A Jump of Three Lifetimes, @leftylain  9,10,11&Tentoo (M) 13k Rose finally finds the Doctor during a jump, but the timing is way off. Can what seems like a mistake actually be the best possible solution to all their problems? (Some spoilers and a happy ending for Journey’s End.) (Recced by @chiaroscuroverse)
  • One Street Away, by untempered schism  9&10(M) 40k She opened her door and stepped out into the corridor just as he came round the corner. He stopped dead, staring at her in shock. She gaped at him just like she was seeing a ghost. No, exactly like she was seeing a ghost. Because the man standing not six feet away was her Doctor, raw boned, big ears, and gangly limbs.  She was staring into his unconventionally handsome daft face and noted that his stormy blue eyes were wide with astonishment. This was the Doctor she’d fallen in love with, the lover she’d lost in the blazing fires of regeneration. She was looking into the eyes of a dead man. (Recced by @chiaroscuroverse)
  • Kalendae, by orange_crushed 1-13 (T) 22k He wonders who would have taken the time to program independent reactions of this sophistication. So he asks her. She looks at him and then looks down at her feet, and says it’s a good thing his shoes didn’t leave a scuff on hers, because she’s not sure it would ever come out. So apparently, his autopilot is a complex hard-light simulacrum with high-security topics that are code-designated as strictly off-limit, or his autopilot simply has things she’d prefer not to discuss. He wonders at that, too. (Recced by @chiaroscuroverse)

If anyone have any suggestions, put them in my ask box. Hope it help. Enjoy ;-)

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Dinner date

There’s a fic where the Doctor takes Rose on a dinner date only she doesn’t realize it’s a date. They go to a special restaurant and they are the only customers there. They watch some sort of bioluminescent nature “show” over the sea or ocean out the glass window of the restaurant. I wish I remembered more, but that’s it. Anyone have any ideas?

A Rather Belated Realization by Rallalon, part of the series Some Slightly Unusual Mistakes (Ten x Rose, Adult)


tens-bananas fic-rec list!

Cause all I rlly wanted was to make other people read these amazing fics

Every Breath You Take by rointheta

Ten/Rose - Reunion fic - Donna Noble Awesomeness

Love Letters by fadewithfury

Ten/Rose - The Doctor finds a way to send notes through the Void - kind of angsty

Some Slightly Unusual Mistakes by rallalon

Ten/Rose - The best “Shag or die”-fic there is tbh - So much awesome smut

Five times John Smith & Rose Tyler saved each other from getting doused, and one time they didn’t by kilodalton

Ten/Rose - High School AU - Ten is a nerd

The Underdeveloped Story by rudennotgingr 

Ten/Rose - Bookstore AU - Angst and fucking Jimmy Stone

A Certain Shade of Green by re-sile

TenToo/Rose - What-the-hell-happened-last-night slash Rose-and-Tentoo-finally-comes-to-their-minds - Almost-smut, but pretty graphic

Better Living Through Domesticity by allrightfine

TenToo/Rose - Awesomely written Rose-and-TenToo-finally-comes-to-their-minds - handjobs and snogging

Rose Petals by rointheta

Ten/Rose - REALLY long and REALLY good - just read it - smut in the end

Everything But the Kitchen Sink by Netgirl_y2k

Oswin the Dalek and Eleven - “YOU’RE A DALEK!! …good thing that I’m not HORRIBLY RACIST THEN” - you will laugh your ass off

Mr Smith and The Dinner Lady by lauraxxtennant

Ten/Rose - School Reunion - “Is Mr. Smith going out with the new Dinner Lady?”

Feeling Electric by ProfessorSpork

Ten/Rose - Comicbook-store AU - nerd love and long-distance relationships

Heavy on the Build Up by allrightfine

Ten/Rose - 50th fix-it - “I’ll bet you can’t seduce Queen Elizabeth the first.” - half-resolved sexual tension 

Possibilities, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bananas  by rosa_acicularis

Ten/Rose - Rose gets (somewhat) on with her life, The Doctor doesn’t - I think I have a thing for pining!Ten ugh 

Eos in Orbit by gallifreyburning

Ten/Rose - Rose is the alien, Ten is the companion - the awesomest role-reversal fic there is - un-finished :(

Questions, Dares and Deflections by rointheta

Ten/Rose - Glögg, drunkenness, and so. much. smut. 

The Space Between by Rishi_Diams

Ten/Rose - Sexual Tension (capital letters needed)

a madness shared by two by lyricalprose

Ten/Rose - Ten is sleeping with Rose and doesn’t know it - my god justreaditSOAWESOME

Want to, you know…? by rointheta

Ten/Rose - drunk and jealous Doctor aah

A Place Where we Only Say Goodbye by weezly14

Ten/Rose - Coffee shop AU and Time Loops - if you haven’t read this fic, drop everything you’re doing and just read it. You will not regret it.

On Degrees of Forever by thebadddestwolf

Ten/Rose - talking to each other with psychic-paper, post Doomsday - Angst, happy ending, but I almost cried tbh

Have A Jelly Baby? by whoinwhoville

Ten/Rose - Rose discovers a Jelly Baby room on the TARDIS, Ten reconsiders his life-choises - you will laugh your ass off

Closed by whoinwhoville

Broadchurch/Doctor Who - Rose/Alec Hardy (whether you like it or not, this fic is awesome) - The only Broadchurch/DW fic you will ever need 

Some Enchanted Evening by abadplanwellexecuted

Eleven/Rose - Eleven meets dimension-hopping Rose - read it and cry

Two Months by Sanguine Ink

Ten/Rose - Doomsday fix-it - awesomeawesomeawesome re-write, with Jack included

Never Have I Ever by lauraxxtennant

Ten/Rose Nine/Rose - read the title and you know

And maybe someday I’ll be able to finish some of my own fics 

Read This Fic Now, Sherlockians

Ok, I spent a good half hour trying to find which tumblr linked me to The World On His Wrist, but I’ve given up. All I can say is THANK YOU

and now, I spread this message of love. 

This fic comes like a beacon through the dark. The fist part is pretty gen - almost pre-slash in sections, but you don’t have to read into that if you don’t want to.

It takes place in an AU, or perhaps it’d be more precise to say, three AU’s and one non-AU. 

There are six parts and a prologue (to which you will be linked). The prose is excellent and the story compelling. Even while I couldn’t suss out what the heck was going on until perhaps part four, I felt a driving force urging me to keep reading. SO, for you bored Sherlockians looking for a fic, dive in to

The World On His Wrist