My Ridiculously Long Fic Rec List

Hello! Since I’ve had trouble writing lately I decided to compile a comprehensive rec list! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you browse through:

  1. This is a long list and as a result I have sorted everything into different categories to make it easier to go through, however be aware that many of these fics can fit into various categories!
  2. I have done my best to provide enough warnings on each fic so that nobody reads something that would make them uncomfortable, but again since there was so much fic to work with there is a good chance that I missed something, so PLEASE be sure to read other warnings that the author may have provided.
  3. If you do catch something that does not have sufficient warnings on it or if a link is not working PLEASE let me know so that I can fix it!
  4. A majority of these fics are Ten/Rose!

Anyway, that’s all from me! Happy Reading!

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anothermadchild  asked:

Best Nine/Rose fanfictions?

Oh dear, we might be here a while. I read quite a few of these two, so here we go. Lots of them will be rated Adult. Enjoy, this epic giant list of Nine x Rose fics!

A Sip of Darkness, A Taste of Light  by kelkat9

Wolf Moon by  ThroughanAmberFocus and pretty much 80% of her stories

A Beautiful Disaster by isilienelenihin

A Little Too Much Spock  by lostwolf

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«[The Doctor] pulls her up by the hand. Touches her shoulder. Cups her face in his hands.

This moment, this image, this final glimpse of these hands touching her: this, he imprints upon his memory. Her eyes drink him in and she bites her lip as she realizes what she’s given away. He shakes his head, silently tells her that regeneration is almost the expected result for a task such as his.

He looks at her, thinks of all he has yet to do and still he feels it, feels it simply from the sight of her, from holding her in his arms. Hope. Hope that there will be more than this, hope that something survives. Hope that someday, long after this is done and his people are dust, he could once again be a man worthy of love.

She presses one last kiss to his lips. “Go save the universe,” she tells him.

He does.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.3)

tinyconfusion  asked:

fic rec list please: fics you read after your soul has been crushed by angst (you know the ones you reread over and over again) .. i want to see if we share some :D

Haha, sure :D.

This is an extremely subjective list of what I would call my “go to comfort fics” that I return to again and again. Of course newer fics I’ve read aren’t on here since I haven’t had a chance to re-read them yet. 

Rated Teen or below

Hair of the Dog, ZephyrHawk

Because you have to face the morning eventually. A short sequel to In Vino Veritas. TenToo x Rose

In Good Spirits, rosa-acicularis

“Give me a month,” she says. “In a month, I’ll know what to say.” In which there is some angst, but mostly silly drunkenness. TenToo x Rose

In Orbit Around You, keep counting

‘Donna informs me that I am an insensitive bastard’. Rose returns, but things aren’t exactly brilliant. Yet. Ten x Rose

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sweet-sweet-rose  asked:

Iam very new to the Doctor Who Fandom and I want to read some fan fics but there are too many. do you know any good fan fics on doctor who?

First things first:  NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY FANFICS. ;) I envy you, I really do.  I wish I could come to these fics for the first time again.  Re-reading is fun but to have that first experience… wow.  You have some fun ahead of you!  I’ll share a list of my absolute faves with you and point you in a direction to maybe find some more. 

Now, I don’t know if you are interested in smutty fanfic or not… if not then I apologize.  That’s pretty much the sum total of my favorite fics.  WHOOPS.  Sorry not sorry. If you are interested, well, then you’re in for a treat: 

  • Beautiful Dancer by psyfi-geekgirl - brilliantly smutty oneshot that takes place in a club setting.  Basically, this is my crack. 
  • Staking His Claim by ThroughanAmberFocus - A rather short-ish look at post-Journey’s End if Tentoo had never been created and Rose was traveling with Ten.  Features another club scene (WOOT!) and a jealous Doctor.  Oh yeah. 
  • Thermoregulation by nocookiesjustbooks - The granddaddy of all dry humping fics.  This is GLORIOUS and hot and her characterisation is just flawless. 
  • Sub Rosa by sinecure - I could talk for years about how much I love this fic.  My most favorite Doctor/Rose fic of all time.  It’s a post-Doomsday reunion story in Pete’s World with PLENTY of gorgeous angst.  Yes, Rose is an escort.  If you have a problem with that, then give it a skip but omg, I love this fic so much. 
  • Coaster Castles (and other sturdy defenses) by rallalon - Do I detect another club scene?  Rose initially mistakes this guy for Nine, who is her Doctor currently.  But he’s not him.  Instead he’s a rather sad looking dude in a pinstripe suit.  BATHROOM SHAG. And angst.  But I love this so much. 
  • Synonyms by karenscribbles - One of those Doctor-had-a-bad-dream-and-pulled-Rose-into-bed-with-him-and-it-lead-to-sex stories.  GUH. 
  • Finally Yielding by moonlitjune - besides Cara’s incomparable Part Human series, this is my favorite Tentoo/Rose fic. Its a “first time” one shot but its done just brilliantly.  
  • To Dream a Life by WildWinterWitch - This is basically the Human Nature AU to end all HN AUs.  Reunion fic with smut and just… glorious.  Simply glorious. Still not sure why Donna was there instead of Martha but… *shrug*
  • Aggression by KCRae - what would it be like if the Doctor experience a mating heat?  Something like this, I imagine. 

And if that’s not your bag, check out this site, which has recs for different fics based on their theme.  So if you want non-smut or a specific Doctor or a particular trope, its easy to separate out and find the fic you want.  Lovely!  Happy reading!

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for some Nine/Rose (or even Ten/Rose) one shots. Any recs? I'm on fanficdotnet and Teaspoon, but I'm fairly new to both sites.

Oh dear, my sweet Nonny… 

I read just about everything Nine and Rose that comes under my nose, but I’m a little bit more selective about Ten and Rose, largely because there’s so much more of it.  That said, the stories that tend to stick with me are usually longer ones.

That’s not to say that I don’t have some one-shot recommendations, however.

First, a few authors and recommendations from each:

(Quick note: a lot of these authors are on multiple sites, in case you prefer another one, but I’ve been on Teaspoon longest, so my bookmarks are a bit more extensive there)


Time Out

Young Man from Kent  (All Nine, all Adult)

On the subject of AnneHedonia, if you ever get a desire for a longer story, hers called An Education is one of the must-reads for any Nine x Rose shipper.

Some Slightly Unusual Mistakes (a short series of one-shots, Ten x Rose, all Adult)

Not so New, New (two corresponding one-shots, Ten x Rose, angsty and tragic)

Same as Always (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Same as Never (Ten x Rose, Adult)

Also, this author has one of my favourite one-shots of all time, though it doesn’t actually fit your requirements, I have to share it here anyway.  Four More Months is possibly the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen written from Jack’s perspective.  Go read it now.

One of my favourite authors, but I am disappointed to see that there’s only the one one-shot.  Fortunately, it’s a brilliant one.

Painting My Moon (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Beadazzled (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Is This the Part? (Nine x Rose + Jack, Teen)

Sunday, Domestic (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Tangled Up in Blue (Nine x Rose, Adult)

I Take the Words ‘verse (Nine x Rose, leading to Ten x Rose, and also Nine x Ten x Rose, mostly Adult, and there are two multi-chapters in there, but well worth your time and then some)

  • ABadPlanWellExecuted

Perspective (Nine x Rose, all ages)

A Pira (Nine x Rose, all ages)

There is sweet music here (Nine x Rose, all ages)

This is another author who has one of my favourite one-shots of all times that doesn’t fit your criteria.  When Seasons Collide is cracky and wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Aren’t I? (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Gorgeous Bloke, Isn’t he? (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Ten Signs You’re in Love (Nine x Rose, Teen)

And another one-shot that doesn’t fit the bill.  A Promise of Forever is all Doctors and Rose, and it’s the finest thing you’ll ever read, promise.

Five Times Rose Tasted Like Peppermint, and One Time the Doctor Did, Too (Nine, Ten, TenToo x Rose, Adult)

Peel Slowly and See (Ten x Rose, AU, Adult)

Another of my favourite authors, but looking back through her work it’s a lot more TenToo x Rose than actual Doctor Ten.  If you’re into TenToo, however, do look in on her!

Incandescent (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Provocation (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Tanzania / In the Mood (Nine x Rose, first is Teen, second is Adult)

The Doctor’s Consort (Nine x Rose, Adult)

And another author with a one-shot that doesn’t fit the bill.  A Little Piece of Home is more about Nine and Jack’s relationship than Nine and Rose, though that relationship is examined a bit.

HMS Gallifrey (Nine x Rose, Adult)

We Were Together series (Ten x Rose, Adult)

Another author with a must-read for any Nine and Rose shipper, but it’s a very long one: The Winter Season.

Chocolate Iced TARDIS’s (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Fool Me Once (Ten x Rose, Adult)

I Think I’m a Tad Possessive (Nine x Rose, Adult)

Another author with a fair number of one-shots, and one rather fantastic series that goes through all of the Doctors and Rose, and I highly recommend it.  Forever and More.

Sympathy for the Devil (Nine x Rose, AU, Adult)

This author has one of my absolute favourite WIPs going right now as well, Silence in the Garden.

A Taste of Home (Ten x Rose, All Ages)

And another of my favourite WIPs, Watch it Burn.

Okay, so this ended up being WAY longer than expected when I first got this ask.  I’m going to stop there, though I could probably go all day.  I know I’m missing a lot of people/stories, so if anyone wants more than this, ask away.

Also, allegoricalrose, fogsblue, professortennant, and theloveofthestormandhiswolf are all masters of the fic rec list!

«Two trips and two rows.

They don’t quite fit together, not yet. [The Doctor] keeps expecting [Rose] to understand things but she doesn’t.

He can only wonder when she will.

She’s not so much sitting next to him as pressing into his side. She’s half-asleep, he’s sure of that, eyes closed and breathing steady.

He stops reading aloud, preferring to listen to her instead.

Her eyes open, a sleepy murmur falling from her lips. “Wha’ happens next?”

“They all lived happily ever after,” he tells her.

She drops her head onto his shoulder. “No they don’t.”

He’d pull back to give her a look if it didn’t entail actually pulling away. Three days she’s known him and already her faith in him is forming, her behavior around him increasingly comfortable.

Three days. He’d loved her after three days. Before. Doesn’t seem fair, that, but why would it be? “How would you know? Sleeping through the entire last chapter, you were.”

“’Cause it’s Dickens,” she replies, her sleepy logic throwing that out first. “An’ if the book’s not done yet, there’s not an ending yet, never mind the happily.”

He presses a kiss to her hair before he can think not to. “Go back to sleep.”

“Keep reading,” she counters.

He can’t deny her anything.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.5)

«[Rose] sits on [the Doctor’s] thighs and he sits up, pushes himself up with his arms, pushes himself up and gathers her to him, her arms wrapping around him instantly.

Enfolding her in his arms, he presses his face into the crook of her neck, gently kisses what bare skin he finds before simply resting his head on her shoulder.

“Doctor, what’s wrong?” she asks him, tense and holding tightly to him and that’s good. That’s very good. He wants her to hold on, wants her to never let go. “Tell me.” She cradles his head, keeps him where he is. “Whatever it is, we can-”

“I love you.”

Her body tenses as she stops breathing and he has never felt more like a child, hiding his face and clinging for comfort.

He tries to stop but he can’t seem to, can’t reclaim composure when she’s rapidly becoming the woman he fell in love with twice. She should know him and love him and hold him and he wants that back, wants it so much that it physically pains him.

“What was that?” she asks softly, holding him as if realizing for the first time that he can break.

“I love you,” he replies, attempting to sound irritable. It’s an impossible task with her on his lap but then, he likes impossible. “Try to pay better attention.”»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.6)

«“You haven’t even asked my species,” he says, which is less embarrassing then telling her that he never did catch her name.

“Not biologically compatible enough for accidents, yeah?” She asks it as if she’s only checking, like she already knows the answer.

He looks at her curiously, left in wonder at her unlikely mixture of idiocy and trust. “You’re not even going to ask what I am?” he marvels.

She bites her lip, trailing her hands down from his shoulders. Her hands press over his hearts, but she doesn’t so much as blink, only smiles. “Cool skin, two hearts … Bet you’re going to say you’re a Time Lord,” she teases.

“I AM a Time Lord!” he protests.

She only giggles, only beams at him. He’s offended and somewhat confused and then she’s kissing him again. “You’re sweet,” she tells him, as if that’s a fair substitution.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.1)

«Breathless is a look that suits her, which pleases some instinctually male part of [the Doctor] that he isn’t supposed to have. Her eyes are blissfully closed, her lips parted for air, and when he leans in to murmur his question into her ear, she very nearly answers.

“Who are you?”

Her fingers tightening in his hair, the beat of her heart changes, hastens. “Me,” she replies.

“How very concise,” he says, still using his murmur against her skin, still attempting the completely unfamiliar with this woman. Maybe this is a seduction after all.

He can hear her smile as she asks rhetorically, “Aren’t I?”

It’s not a question he answers, not one he needs to, the change of song supplying a slight change of mood. She senses the shift in him the way she seems to be able to sense all changes in him. He wonders all the more at her for it, is at once frightened and delighted to be so known.

“I need a name for you,” he tells her seriously.

“I’m your very specific random alien,” she replies, somehow equally serious in tone if not word choice.

He chuckles, liking the first two words best. There’s such possibility in them. “That doesn’t quite seem as if it would roll off the tongue during climax.”

She draws back enough to look at him and he realizes that they’ve stopped moving for the most part, they’re simply standing and holding and he doesn’t know how long they’ve been like that. “Are you propositioning me for sex?” inquires the woman who shoves her tongue in his mouth instead of saying a simple hello.

“I’m asking for something to call you,” he corrects, interpreting her obtuseness as a teasing attempt at stalling. “I don’t need your name, simply something you respond to.”

[…]She considers, wonders. “I’ve been called the Valiant Child,” she offers quietly, but he shakes his head.

“You’re not a child,” he says, confused, then dismissive. “I wouldn’t do this with a child.” Whatever “this” might be, might become.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.2)

«“Mrs. Smith?” [The Doctor] tries to murmur into her ear but it comes out in a louder Northern burr.

She blushes and kisses these lips that he can’t quite seem to get used to. It requires some awkward bending of the neck on his part. “They would only let family in and we’re not exactly the same species,” she explains.

“That all?” he asks, eyebrows raised, words feeling thick in his mouth.

Her blush deepens, yet she refuses to drop her gaze. “Are you implying something, Mr. Smith?”

“That you’re mine,” he says and blinks. It’s not untrue, simply blunter than he used to be. He’s not sure what will come out of his mouth next.

She shrugs, the rise and fall of her shoulders distinct beneath his arm.

“That’s a given,” she replies, says it so simply that he assumes it must be true.

An unfamiliar pull of muscle occurs and he smiles with this face for the first time.

“Fantastic,” he breathes, pressing a kiss to her hair.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.4)

«Eyeing [the Doctor’s] chest, that lip stays bitten. “D’you really have two hearts?”

He rolls his eyes as he takes [Rose’s] hands, scoffs a bit about certain members of certain species as he presses each palm over a heart. Her eyes widen, her mouth falling open. Even after he’s let her go, she stays as she is, feeling the beat of his life thrum against her hands. Her gaze jumps from her hands on his jumper to his face, from his hearts to his eyes, back and forth, and then she closes her eyes.

She closes her eyes and she tilts her head and it’s like she’s trying to listen even though his heartsbeats are much to soft for her ears to pick up without her head against his chest. Her heat burns through his jumper, her fingers moving ever so slightly. “How fast … ?” she asks, leaning towards him as if her pressing an ear to him isn’t entirely out of the question.

He doesn’t answer, merely turns his head to look at the newly conscious tagalong. [Adam] stares back at him, eyes wide and he knows exactly what he must look like, what they must look like.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.5)

«[Rose] has a boyfriend.

Mickey Smith. What sort of a name is “Mickey Smith” anyway?

[The Doctor] thinks of the hospital, thinks of the nurses calling her “Mrs. Smith” and smiling while they did.

He shudders.

He has the strong feeling that he’s going to do something very petty involving that boy.

Or a plastic replica of him. Champagne isn’t exactly his weapon of choice, but it’s still very therapeutic.

She doesn’t know his TARDIS.

She’s always known his TARDIS.

She even says it, even questions the size and he feels betrayed somehow, even if his timeship doesn’t. He tells her he’s alien, tells her for his second time and her first.

And then she cries over her bloody boyfriend.»

- Non-Linear Love Story, by #Rallalon (Chap.5)

anonymous asked:

Is there an eight x Rose or Alternate Doctor x Rose reclist? I didn't see one for either.

Hi Nonny! We think we were able to compile some great Eight♡Rose and an Classic!Doctor♡Rose fics for ya because she belongs with all of them doesn’t she? Check these out!:

Fan art by: @buffyann23


@arynrds recced:

@buffyann23 recced:

@chiaroscuroverse recced:

@julibellule recced:

There is more!! CLICK HERE to see the full reclist!

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