And what about the HEROIC Space Orcs?

A Follow up to So About Those Space Orcs… For @paintsplatteredponies, who wanted more of the xenomorph puppy, and for @sxekhaos, who wrote: 

I would love to see the other side of this. Where alien kids find themselves lost or hurt and humans are the only ones around. The aliens kids are scared of the humans, they have heard stories about humans. But the humans help and protect the kids.

Raleight 46 is, due to technicalities in the Sarthonac planetary index naming scheme, sometimes known as Raleight (Almost) 46. (Because Emperor Raleight of the late Glorious Raleight Empire never quite finished conquering it and when filing proper paperwork for its inclusion in the Federation’s database, called it “Raleight 46, well, Almost.” and the computer did the best it could with that input.) 

It is a tiny death trap world originally intended as no-walls prison colony for the undesirable, criminals and people that the Emperor didn’t really like all that much but hadn’t done anything particularly noteworthy to justify a death sentence. (Emperor Raleight was not particularly fond of death sentences, he found them amoral. He did not find war and conquest amoral, though. Unfortunately for everyone involved. The only thing that came out of this bizarre [and frankly hypocritical] desire to avoid killing was that all his enemies were left alive and kicking and ready to plot out revenge. This is why the Glorious Raleight Empire is late, and not current, if you know what I mean.)

Raleight (Almost) 46 would never truly serve as prison, proper. While Emperor Raleight was signalizing the final conquering process of the world - well, Almost - the infrastructure was a nightmare that plagued imperial constructors and architects with enough frustration to push them into joining the ranks of the rebellion. As the rebellion flourished into full on civil war, the Glorious Raleight Empire collapsed into free, independent worlds that each submitted their own applications to the Federation. 

(The Federation approved the newly freed colonies requests, and immediately swamped them under bureaucracy that made them keenly miss the late Emperor’s eccentricities. They could not know birth of the Glorious Raleight Empire was directly tied in to Ra’ng Leighton’s chronic inability to file anything properly, as well as his once drunken whine at a Federation clerk if there was any way to avoid doing personal paperwork, which the clerk had then taken as an official verbal inquiry and replied that members of the Federal Senate and leaders of recognized independent empires were exempt from regular filing duties. Ra’ng knew damn well he didn’t have neither the money, the patience or the lack of moral fiber to serve in the Senate and not get assassinated on his first week on it, thus he became Raleight The Glorious and set out to conquer a planet he could make into the Glorious Raleight Empire. Predictably, this first planet was also named Raleight. Because Ra’ng was the kind of person who sucked at naming things and having come up with one that’s decent, will overuse it to death. However, Raleight turned out to be an excellent conqueror and soon enough he was adding numerals to planets as his sphere of influence grew, recklessly and without particular thought behind it.)

But I digress, the point is, Raleight (Almost) 46 was left entirely out of the conflict and in fact went on with life - what passes as life in this self-declared death trap world of misery and despair - with a certain air of controlled panic. The penitentiary crew built up a town and settled in as best they could. The workers and petty criminals who had been sent in with no rhyme or reason began mixing and mating and by the time the Federation realized that Raleight (Almost) 46 was the last bastion of the Glorious Raleight Empire that still hadn’t sent out a request to formally join it, and thus sent out a crew to investigate, Raleight (Almost) 46′s only settlement, aptly named Old Town, had become a stubbornly tight-knit community after generations of close relationships and a culture of “If We Survive This, I’ll Buy You A Drink.”

Historians now argue if some of the original crew sent to Raleight (Almost) 46 was not part of the human diaspora across the Federation, given the decidedly Human principles that quickly served as foundations for the isolated culture in the planet. To this day, Raleight (Almost) 46 has become a decidedly popular tourist location for Humans and its economy has shifted to reflect this. However, the first recorded human in Raleight (Almost) 46′s history was the Federation Sanction Peace Officer that would eventually become its first proper Governor, Lucy the Brave, and her second in command, Mia the Hungry.

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Heres my new project bike. From what i’ve learned its a 1986 Raleigh Capri.

First Goal is to remove the sticker bombing and then strip it down to the bare metal and repaint it.

Im not sure on the color yet but im pretty sure im going with Anodized Orange Deep V rims with black inners.

Also probably doing black drop bars and black crank.

Thoughts and inputs would be rad.