Took a 1990′s photo shoot with myself today. I tried to make it tasteful, but I think it came off more America’s Next Top Model

I walked around with the brush in my hair for 30 minutes to achieve these mall bangs. I may adapt this technique into my morning routine. 

I love this phone. Rotary phones hold a place near and dear to my heart. They’re in the same category as VHS tapes. People wonder about their functionality and I own enough to bring them back into style.

Emma Rald cant be bad at everything

I mean everyone is good at something right

So i kept thinking like what would make sense for her

And its gardening

He can grow flowers like nobody’s business. And not just regular flowers. Magical ones. Ones that smell like a freshly baked cake. Ones that sing beautiful lullabies.

And she makes a ton of flower crowns and gives them to everyone

An introduction, of sorts.

January 1st, 2012

So, the New Year has come around, and I see little hats, and confetti, and drunks all over the place, creating the illusion that time is important. I always thought that time was a bullshit concept, until a deadline or due date enters my field of vision, then time seems like a feasible concept. However, the only time that time seems real is when I think about all the time I have wasted. Perhaps this is due to nostalgia glorifying everything it pisses upon, or perhaps this has to do with the concrete memories and events I can connect with the moments, but whatever time may be, concept or not there’s always a change to be made, and I’m not trying to be profound or anything, but why can’t I or anyone change right the fuck now? 

Using an excuse, I’ve decided to create a resolution, like most. So, instead of making a promise to others that I won’t keep, I’ll make promises to myself that I won’t keep that will cause disappointment around this time next year, instead of accepting the disappointment now. This year, I want to stay scheduled, and document everything while meeting all my deadlines. (I’m off to a wonderful start by posting this four hours after the first day of the New Year). Nevertheless, to document this year, in a wonderful blog form, I will:

  • Take a picture, or video of me
  • Take a picture that represents my day (No faces)
  • Write about my accomplishments
  • Write my goals for tomorrow

I have the video up, (AREN’T I A DOLL?) and I need to introduce myself.


  • I am Rald. Short for Emerald. Most people don’t think it’s sexy, and it sound like an old man. I think it’s both.
  • I have Histrionic Personality Disorder. I need an unreasonable need for attention. Hence why I have a Tumblr. 
  • I’ve been called a hipster. …Not really helping my case here.
  • I’ve been currently working on music, like anyone with a personality disorder would. 
  • Playing ukulele doesn’t really help my third point… Or my fourth point, really.
  • I am an asshole
  • But at least I’m self aware. 

Sorry to make this sound droll, and messy, but it is my first post. The rest will come with practice. Expect a video tomorrow.


Hello, I’m Rald. How the hell are you?
I’ve been away from new media for a little longer than a year, and trying to remember how this all works again.
I’m here for honest conversation about the arts or conversation about anything, for that matter.
What should I draw?
What should I talk about?
If I’m not given a subject, I tend to ramble.