Old Poet’s House / Kyoto Sagano Rakushisha by Masako Ishida

location : Sagano Rakushisha ,Kyoto city,Kyoto prefecture,Japan

京都 嵯峨野 落柿舎

Rakushisya is a cottage of the Genroku poet Mukai Kyorai(1651 - 1704)Kyorai was one of the ten disciples of the famous haiku poet Matuso Basyo.Basyo once referred to Kyorai in this way.“In Kyoto there is Kyorai,who is in charge of haikai in Western Japan."Kyoroai was the most important poet to continue Basho’s authentic style after the master died. Rakushisha is shown in Shui Miyako Meisho Zue (Map or Famous Place in Kyoto)."at the foot of Ogurayama and behind Hinoyashiro in Yamamoto-cho” The Hinoyashiro is now the tomb of Uchiko Naishin7no,the sixth daughter of Emperor Saga. In the garden we have a poem stone which was made Inoue Juko,a relative of Kyorai and a disciple of haiku poet named Chomu,in the autumn of 1772 with this poem; Kakinushiya ( master of persimmons) kozue wa chikaki (treetops are close to ) Arashiyama (Stormy Mountain) As the story goes,Kyorai had about forty persimmon trees in the garden of his hut in Saga. One autumn when they were heavy witu fruit,he had arranged to sell the persimmons.But the night before they were to be picked a great storm arose.the next morning not a single persimmon was left on the trees.Kyorai was enlightened by the experience,and from then on called the hut “Rakushisha” ( cottage of the fallen persimmons) Kyorai’s master Basho visited Rakushisya three times;in 1689,1691and 1694.Whan he visited here the second time.he stayed from April18 to May5.The diary he kept then is called “Saga Nikki” and was published in the third year of Horeki(1753) .His last visit to Rakushisya was about four months before he died. - the Rakushisya Conservation Assosiation.