Rakshasa Boyfriends (Kairav & Hapi)

Yes! A new Rakshasa story! This one features two lovely boys, a snow leopard and a lion, who fall for an artist hired by Queen Mythri. Of course, Mythri is excited to play at her new hobby of matchmaking. A commission for @catywampous 

   “How is this, your majesty?” You wave the queen over, showing her the painting you’ve been working on.

   Mythri beams with excitement and she grabs your shoulders and squeezes. “This is astounding!”

   You feel your cheeks burn as the queen compliments you.

   Mythri then pats your back. “I only hope that when you do the family portrait my rowdy family can sit still.” She goes to the crib nearby and lifts the baby princess out. “Of course, once the children get older I’ll have to bring you back.”

   You feel tears come to your eyes. This is your first royal job as a painter. You’ve done small jobs, mainly for nobles and affluent countrymen. All of them have had a sour attitude about your work, complaining about your use of colors and how you take artistic liberties.

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Another compilation of telegram stickers from our D&D group’s misadventures for our players to use in the group chat; a.k.a. a lot of the party having a terrible time

[part 1][part 3][part 4]

The Messenger

Hey guys! Surprise Sunday Ficlet! 

Okay, this one’s a bit on the unique side as I’m using somebody else’s world for this story! Some of you may already follow @momolady and her Rakshasa court stories (her writings are wonderful but VERY NSFW) and I got so inspired by her world-building that I asked and got the go-ahead to write in her world! 
Oh, and don’t worry guys! This story is entirely SFW, it simply takes place in the same world, and with just a little bit more angst than normal. It’s essential to the tale, though!

Heads up that this is a LONG ONE. I hope you like it, momo!

It’s been days since you left your home village, on an errand for the elder council, and you were exhausted beyond anything you’d ever experienced. Your skin burns from the time spent under the sun, and your feet ache from having to walk for so long. You’d run out of food the day previous, and your water as well, but you kept going. As you stumble through the market in the shadow of the palace, you wonder what the scroll you carried said, and why you had to deliver it so urgently.

People dodge around you, trying to keep clear of your path as you make painful progress toward the gates. No one lifts a finger to help you, but you were used to such things in your village. Your unusual skin coloration always seemed to scare people away. You try to walk straight, but keep stumbling as you grow closer to your goal.

Finally, you can see the palace gates, and with your goal in sight you try to quicken your step. However, the weakness in your limbs increases with the strain, and you stumble more and more. The guards stationed on either side of the gate notice you, and take on a wary stance. You try your hardest to stand up and look presentable as you dig out the scroll case from your bag with shaking, sun blistered hands.

“I… come bearing… a message… for his majesty,” you rasp, your throat too dry to function properly. One of the guards immediately steps forward to receive it, a tall, strongly built white lion. You marvel at his shining fur as he towers over you, grateful for the long shadow he cast. His cautious blue eyes watch you carefully as you reach forward to place the case in his huge, heavy paw. As the weight of it is removed from your hand, you feel a strange sense of peace fall over you, and your legs buckle.

“Hey-!” The white lion catches you with one arm, cradling you to his chest as he calls to his companion. “Get me some water! Hurry!” He looks down at you, his strong features creased with worry, the sun directly behind his head making his long mane shine with a fiery brilliance. He strokes the side of your face, his palm rough but gentle. “Hang in there,” he says softly, just as the world goes white.

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mud-over-snow  asked:

What kind of monster is Tege? or is this a top secret secret?


No, it’s not top secret, I just haven’t drawn it much… I got a similar ask to my nfsw-blog and I’ll post that here too, and include the ask since it was sort of instrumental for my ridiculousness…

And with that out of my system, here’s a real answer: Tege’s a monster mix based on adze from Ewe folklore (mother) and rakshasa from hindu mythology (father), and she has an F1 Savannah cat.

Sanjit (blue) belongs to @beastlyart 
Tege is mine.