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Halfblood Autumn headcanons

It’s the first day of autumn where I am so naturally I had to do some fall headcanons

•Halfbloods in sweaters. Need I say more?
•Annabeth raking and then Percy jumping in the leaves and then Annabeth raking again and then they both jump in the leaves!
•Just Piper having the best fall outfits
•Hazel trying a pumpkin spice latte for the first time and she doesn’t expect it to be so strong so her face just sort of puckers up
•Frank being cold and hating it
•Just Nico in mittens like yes please?
•Jason swirling the leaves around just so Leo and Percy can be entertained
•Reyna’s dogs are metal so they get super cold in the Fall, so when the brush up against her she just jumps away
•Percy being mean and splashing freezing water at his friends
•Annie and Piper attempt to do Autumn crafts

Bonus: this conversation:

Nico: So I was thinking-
Will: *Loud gasp*
Nico: What?
Will: I just realized something!!
Nico: Yes?
Will: It’s called Fall- because the leaves FALL DOWN
Nico: I hate you. Like I love you. But I hate you.

Flirting Masterlist

As Awkward As Can Be - fruitlessphan

Summary: Loads of awkward flirting.

As If You’d Complain - interrupted-by-fireworks

Summary: Dan flirts with Phil in front of his girlfriend in an attempt to win him over.

Cute Next Door Neighbor - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan gets bored one day when he’s at home and decides to look out of his kitchen window, only to find his very attracted neighborhood raking and jumping into a pile of leaves and gets caught staring at him.

Fairy Tale Ending - justanotherphandomblog

Summary: Dan and Phil high school AU. Phil secretly has a crush on his best friend but could never tell him. That could ruin everything they have. Dan always playfully flirts with Phil but he never thinks much of it. Why would Dan want him when he could have any girl or guy in the school. Plus Dan’s straight. Right?

Flirting With 2009 - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Somehow, Dan finds himself pressed into the bed by 2009!Phil, but he’s not complaining.

Flirt With Me - euphania

Summary: In which Phil is really shit at flirting and ask Dan for advice.

Loving Livy - dannihowell

Summary: You fell asleep on the aeroplane and I keep making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistaken us as a couple and for some reason you keep flirting with me now but I don’t really mind.

Still The Same As 5 Years Ago - duckmcduckpants

Summary: Punk!Dan and Phil were boyfriends back in their high school days. Dan eventually corupted Phil (In a playful way of course). Phil even gave his virginity to Dan. Eventually they lost contact after high school though, but they ended things on a good note. Phil gets a job as a tattoo artist and Dan comes in one day to get a tattoo. Dan is just as flirty and attractive as Phil remembers him to be.

The Hairdresser - fruitlessphan

Summary: Imagine Phil being really nervous about going to the hairdressers’, then imagine Dan as a really flirty hairdresser, and then mix them together in a tense session of fringe-fun.

Fall Ship Meme ☆(◒‿◒)☆

Because I wish it wasn’t still 88 degrees outside, send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • Who’s obsessed with pumpkin spice everything:
  • Who screams obscenities during football games: 
  • Who hides in the bushes and scares kids on Halloween:
  • Who wears nothing but flannels from September 1st til Christmas:
  • Who tries to carve jack-o-lanterns but accidentally crushes the pumpkin:
  • Who clings to the other and whimpers their way through the haunted house:
  • Who rakes the leaves:
  • Who jumps in the pile of freshly-raked leaves:
  • Who checks the Halloween candy for poison and syringes:
  • Who got drunk and inappropriate on the hayride: 
  • Who went as Batman and who goes as Robin:
  • Who went as Sonny and who goes as Cher:
  • Their couple costume this year:

like autumn leaves

a fluffy autumn camping adventure fic that smells like cinnamon and campfire for the lovely @thejollypirate on her birthday! with assistance and beta by my sweetheart @swans-and-pirates <333

(aka: the one where Killian Jones has a s’more)

The air is crisp. A breeze kisses her nose and the tips of her ears. The trees of Storybrooke have turned from green to orange and red, some already tumbling to the ground in preparation for the winter.

It’s a beautiful season. It means warm clothes and warm food. It means snuggling by the fire and preparing for the winter. It means cold early nights with plenty of stargazing opportunities. It means raking up leaves and jumping into piles with her pirate like a couple of children while their baby girl watches on giggling.

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Autumn Questions!

Apple Cider: Scarves or Turtlenecks?

Cinnamon: Soft rain or light breezes?

Cranberry Sauce: Do you rake the leaves or jump in them?

Hot Cocoa: Favorite warm drink?

Pecan Pie: Any special family traditions?

Caramel Apples: Do you still go trick or treating?

Pumpkin: How do you make your Jack-O-Lanterns?

Halloween Town: Favorite spooky movie?

Candy Bowl: Describe the best Halloween party you’ve ever been to.

Howl: Describe your perfect Halloween night.

Vampire: What are you going as this Halloween?

Fallen Leaves: Favorite way to keep warm?

Chills: Mittens or Gloves?

Ghosts: Describe your dream Haunted House.

Golden Retriever: Talk about your favorite autumn memory.

Apple Pie: Ask anything!

Neighbors Masterlist

Fics in which they are neighbors/live next to each other!

After School Special - phanim

Summary- Dan’s never liked his next door neighour. He’s loud, obnoxious, and brings home too many guys. Dan’s witnessed countless drunken encounters through his bedroom window- and he wishes he hadn’t. But when a string of events leads to Dan playing host to a drunken Phil every night for a month, he can’t help but fall for the constant slurred suggestions.

Concrete Angel - irjustineee

Summary: Dan moves to Manchester with his Mum where he meets his neighbour and future best friend, Phil. Little does he know that Phil could be the one that changes everything.

Cute Next Door Neighboor - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan gets bored one day when he’s at home and decides to look out of his kitchen window, only to find his very attracted neighborhood raking and jumping into a pile of leaves and gets caught staring at him.

Dan’s Song - phansdick

Summary: ”My asshole neighbor keeps playing the piano at 3 am” au.

Fred -  skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil have been neighbors for awhile now, but they’ve never really spoken to each other… until Phil needs help sneaking in a cat.

It Started With A Ghost -  Tictacboxes

Summary: Dan gets locked out of his apartment, and he needs to crash at someone’s place. Luckily, his neighbor Phil was available.

Looking For The Stars - crescendohowell

Summary: When Dan finally meets his next door neighbor, Phil, in their junior year of high school they quickly become friends.  But Dan doesn’t get along with his Dad, Phil is hiding something, and they have to keep redefining the line between friends and boyfriends.

Mellifluous Tunes - lesterwishes

Summary: Phil lives on his own in a quaint little apartment right near the heart of London. It was quiet, peaceful and calm. That is, until his new neighbor Dan moves in and decides to make himself known by playing music so loud, the entire building can hear it. Phil finally had enough and goes over to complain but it results in an unlikely friendship.

My Downstairs Neighbor - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Phil accidentally destroys the floor of his bathroom, forcing him and his downstairs neighbor to technically share a bathroom until it can be fixed.

No One Would Know The Sound Of A Ghost - helenismylover

Summary: Dan has barely spoken to his new neighbour since he moved in a few weeks ago, and he’s perfectly fine with that. That is, until Phil turns up at his apartment claiming that he’s being haunted by a poltergeist and seeking Dan’s assistance in a paranormal investigation.

Partners In Crime - notanannoyingfangirl

Summary: After Phil’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave him alone, Dan decides to help his neighbor out by pretending to be Phil’s new boyfriend. However with personal feelings on both sides, and neither willing to admit them aloud, sometimes the lines between the pretend and the actual blur.

Pastel Pajamas And Onesies - steampunkhowell

Summary: teen!phan where they’re neighbors and Phil goes over to Dan’s house at 2am to make out with him because he’s a lil shit.

Sibling Rivalry - dannihowell

Summary: The Howell twins both fancy their new neighbor, Phil.

Surprise Flowers - placingglaciers

Summary: In which Phil slowly falls in love with his new upstairs apartment neighbor, Dan, but doesn’t quite get the right time to tell him.

This Is For You - arcticphan

Summary: Shy!Phil buys a Christmas present for his neighbour, Dan.

This Night is Sparkling (Don’t You Let it Go) - phanlight

Summary: Phil’s reluctant to go to the stupid firework display his family make him go to every year but once he meets one of the new neighbours he realizes maybe he won’t have to spend bonfire night alone.

We Can Go Elsewhere (ao3) - FearMePlease

Summary: Dan and Phil are best friends, as well as next door neighbors, who don’t have the best home life.

When It Feels So Wrong - howellslester

Summary: Dan lives next door and Phil spies on him changing.