I mean, do passes get any zanier?  This looks like it’s straight out of a circus.  Pretty zany.




A guy/celebrity by the name of Christopher French (he’s dating Ashley Tisdale) looks so much like White Rajon Rondo I’m debating calling the authorities.

I believe so strongly this man could actually be the white version of Boston’s point guard that I’ve already got a trademark on the phrase “Caucajon Rondo™.”




Inside the NBA is MUST WATCH television after playoff games.  Charles and Kenny are on top of their game, Shaq makes me laugh at least once every show, and Ernie does a masterful job jockeying all three.

Last night, they went in on coaches, called Kobe a nuclear weapon, sent the Orlando Magic fishin’, and had some fun with Rajon Rondo’s jacket.

In the video above, Rajondo scolds a cameraman for filming him, saying,

“How many times am I gonna tell you?  Stop filming me.”

When asked for Rondo’s reasoning, Barkley said,

“I think he was mad about that jacket he was wearing.  ‘I don’t want America to know I’m wearing this jacket.  Don’t film me.’”


2010-2011 Player Profile: Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is so good, I actually like him.  That’s saying a lot, because generally, I hate the players I wish played for my favorite team.  I want that admiration to color everything else I’m about to say.  So, don’t forget:  “I like Rajon Rondo." 

A lot of people think Rajon Rondo is primed for a big year, following a season where he threw his hat into the "Best Point Guard” ring.  I don’t.

Let’s look at the court reporter’s transcript.  Rajon Rondo just lost in the NBA Finals.  How did he follow up said Finals loss?  He got cut from the National team.  That’s rough.  Good news is, these are the moments that inspire players to become great.  Bad news is, these are also the moments that bury players.

So, Rajon Rondo’s at a fork in the road.  What path does Rajon Rondo take?  Screw it.  I’m not typing out Rajon Rondo anymore.  I’m making up a nickname.  I’m calling him…Rajondo.

What path does Rajondo take? 


Defensively, he’s the best point guard in the business, and the best on-ball defender in the league.  No one’s better at poking out the ball from behind, and there’s not a single guard better at getting back in a play after being out of position.  He’s long, he’s lean, and he shoots the gaps like a bat out of hell.

Offensively, he’s lightning fast, and has great balance on the court.  Phenomenal body control.  He’s very good at running through the lane, or down the baseline, and getting his teammates opportunities at the basket (only Steve Nash is better).


Everyone knows the knock on Rajondo is he can’t knock down his jumper.  But when it kills the Celtics in the Finals, and then keeps you off the national team, well, you’ve got a Rajondo-sized problem on your hands.

Why was Russell Westbrook taking jumpers in the World Championship Finals?  So, his defender couldn’t play centerfield and help off of him.  In the NBA FInals, Rajondo wasn’t exactly pulling his own weight.  Kobe played off him the whole series, and rested his legs for offense.

Conversely, Ray Allen DIED down the stretch because he had to chase Kobe around.  That was a huge difference in the series.  Especially in Game 7. 

Russ Bengtson, former editor-in-chief of Slam Magazine, caught up with Rajondo at Media Day in Boston.

Bengtson:  Did you work with Mark Price this summer?
Rajondo: No.
Bengtson:  Did you do anything for your shot?
Rajondo: No.
Bengtson:  Feel better about it?
Rajondo:  Yes.

Um, is this imaginary microphone on?

This leads me to other red flag on Rajondo.  And this one is big, super-red, and really flapping in the breeze.

From a Slam Magazine article last Fall:

“I wasn’t a big NBA fan growing up. I didn’t watch it.  My first NBA game as a fan was a Miami Heat game in the Playoffs in 2006, right before I came to the League. I didn’t watch the NBA until maybe my freshman year of college, because I was trying to get there. It just wasn’t interesting to me.  I’ve never even seen Jordan play, really.  Never seen Kevin (Garnett) play.”

If you’re going into surgery, do you want somebody that kinda, sorta, basically likes medicine?  Or do you want some sort of super-dork that studied all through HS, hit the libraries during college, and now lives and breathes science? 

Well, in the human body known as the NBA, the Miami Heat is bone cancer, and you’re gonna need a super-dork to get rid of it.

There exists a “Beat the Heat” checklist.  Sure, it only exists here on Got ‘Em, because I created it, but it exists nonetheless.  In order to beat Miami, a team need 4 things:

First, you can’t be intimidated by them.  No worries there, Celtic fans.  Hell, it could be the other way around.  Those 2.5 Kings might be afraid of the C’s.

Second, you need size and depth of front court.  Boston has that in spades.  The O'Neal Brothers, Baby, KG, and eventually Perk.  They’re big and strong.  They rebound.  They shoot a high percentage, and can score in a variety of ways.

Third, you need a good defense.  Boston has the best in the league. 

Fourth, and most importantly, you need a point guard that will shred the Heat defense, make them play honest, and keep them from fast-breaking your ass off.

So there you have it.  Rajondo’s jumper is the key to beating Miami.  Now, how good do you feel?

Hey, don’t get mad at me.  I like Rajon Rondo.