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Indian hero called Rajesh Kumar Sharma ..

This guy began educating New Delhi’s poorest children ,, and even went as far as creating a free school for them under a metro bridge.

For two hours every weekday, Sharma leaves his day-job at a general store in Shakarpur – his brother fills in for him – so that he can teach the children .

Indian man offers underprivileged children free education under a bridge

By Nadine Kalinauskas, Good News, Nov. 28, 2012
Rajesh Kumar Sharma, 40, offers a free education to New Delhi’s slum children under a metro bridge.

Over 30 local Indian children have been attending his open-air, dirt-floor school since it opened three years ago, NBC News reports.

Five days a week, for two hours a day, Sharma leaves his post at his general store–his brother fills in for him–to teach underprivileged children otherwise without access to schooling.

The father of three quit college due to financial limitations, and didn’t want other children to encounter the same situation. So he persuaded local labourers, rickshaw-pullers and farm hands to allow their children to attend his school and give them greater opportunities at overcoming their poverty.

Sharma teaches children at other locations, too. The Indian Express reports that he started teaching the basics to 140 students, prepping them for admission to government schools. Seventy of them are now in those government schools.

“They still come here everyday. I manage to keep them ahead of the school curriculum,” Sharma told the paper, adding that he allows children too young for classes to sit in on the teaching.


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