raja am

I’ve been lying to you all… I’m truly deeply Indian.
I’m so sorry for the lies. I’m happy that I can really be myself.
I hope you can accept me for who I am.

Playlist vdren cast 177 30.01.2016

Intro: Autechre – Inhake 2
Lush – Carmen
Vormit Heat – Miriam
DIIV – Under The Sun
Promise and The Monster – Time Of The Season
Falty DL – Visceral
Chronomad – Mamoudi
The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open
Lord Raja – Stoked Tourist
Frederico Durand – Diorama
Saroos – Yukoma
Trans AM – I Feel As Tough
Takuya Matsumoto – Trash Track
Tortoise – The Catastrophist
Pearl River Sound- Remember every Moment
Kellerkind - Destiny