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Answer 1-7 pretty face💜

Who are your top 5 queens and why? 

  1. Manila! My all time fave she was the one who made me fall in love with drag like just her personality and fashion is so inviting. 
  2. Raja because i am a fashion hoe. 
  3. Alaska because ive never seen a queen like her so out of this world and is super sweet too. 
  4. Violet because ive never felt so attracted to anyone in my life like i felt reborn after being in love with Violet. 
  5. Sahara because i always thought she was super cute and adorable and what a great dancer and her relationship with Manila will always be my favorite from any queens

Favourite season? season 3 hands down always and forever

What queens do you think are the funniest? Alyssa, Alaska, and Katya

Queen with the best fashion? Violet and Raja!

Favourite queen who hasn’t been on drag race? KIM CHI but she gonn be on drag race already so i gotta go with either Rhea Litre or Trannika and i also really like Meth

Favourite Puerto Rican queen? Nina Flowers 

What queens do you hope to see on season 8? Kim Chi always and forever

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opinion on raja, milk, miss fame and jasmine masters 🌟

Raja: I am in love with her, everything about her appeals to me. Her fashion, her ideology- everything. I love that she speaks her mind about things and that she seems so chill, I think that she’s so fucking talented

Miss Fame: She was my FAVOURITE from season 7, originally I judged her and felt like “oh fuck here we go” but I quickly changed my mind. She was so perfect and quirky and just lovely! Her make up skills are unreal and I actually love her album

Jasmine Masters: I really love Jasmine, and I think the hate she gets is disgusting and if anyone sent her hate I want you to unfollow me right now. I think she was really misunderstood on her season and I wish people got to see what she was really like tbh

Thank you for asking honey! (I already did Milk already ♥)

ask me my opinion on a RPDR queen!

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Name: Emilia

Nickname: Em, Emppu also Thrandy since I got lot of buddies who got to know me while I cosplayed as Thranduil.

Birthday: 25th of July, so I got birthday tomorrow.. or more like in 15 minutes!

Star sign: Leo

Gender: Female

Height: 166 cm

Sexual orientation: Bisexual and proud one nowadays.

Favourite colour: Pastel pink, white & black

Time right now: 23:45

Average hours of sleep: Would need over 8 (I am such a sleepyhead) usually get like 6.

Lucky numbers: 7 & 17

Last thing I googled: “Raja Gemini”, yeah I am hooked to RuPaul’s Drag Race and she is my favorite queen!

Number of blankets I sleep with: Two or one, but they are both thick ones and I can not sleep without them even if it was super hot.

Favourite fictional character: Fenris, Daenerys Targaryen, Thranduil, Jack and so on.

Favourite bands: Florence + the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds and Imagine Dragons.

Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: Jurassic World 

Dream trip: I really want to visit Japan and New Zealand but I also want to go like to all abroad convention and meet my cutiepatootie friends.

What I’m wearing: Bra and shorts, (shhh I am coloring my hair).

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