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This book mentions how some Christian saints had powers to teleport, powers to walk on water, powers to multiply objects like money or food, powers to bilocate and powers to levitate. I do teach how to possibly get these powers so do see my blog for more information. I believe absolutely anyone can get these powers if they know what to do as I believe I do and I am trying to show as many people as I can what to do to get these powers. You can buy this book from [ at books.com ]. I did really speak with demons also so I did see the proof that there is a heaven and I did learn how to get to heaven also. Do see my blog!


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These are the Wikipedia pages of a few saints that had powers that they got as a reward for converting people to the form of Christianity that I teach. I teach how to possibly get these powers so do see my blog. Reblog this post and it counts as a good work. Please do reblog it! Below is a link to Saint Gerards wikipedia page and do know I have book that does say that he did indeed have these powers. Do click the link below..


Raj: And what makes you think that his life is in danger?
Audrey: Alex told me that she likes to engage in…certain acts. In the bedroom. Life-threatening acts. Asphyxiation-
Raj: So do lots of people. Apparently.
Audrey: Alex is a multi-millionaire. I’m worried she’s just marrying him for his money. And that after they marry she is going to choke him and make it look like an accident. Which is why I need to know: Is it true that Naomi tried to kill you on several occasions, Mr Patel?
Raj’s eyes become even more cold and narrowed. She refuses to flinch.
Raj: I don’t know where you got this information. Or why you would think it prudent to ask me such a question-
Audrey: If it’s true, I need you to tell me so I can warn Alex. He won’t listen to me otherwise-
Now Raj’s eyes aren’t quite as cold. His mouth twitches at the corners.    
Raj: Naomi’s fiance is a very dear friend of yours? Aha. I think that you care a lot more for him than you are willing to admit.
Audrey: Oh, please. Alex and I are the best of friends, but that’s all. It’s nothing like that-
Raj: You’re jealous. Naomi stole your man.
Audrey speaks very slowly and concisely.
Audrey: I do not and have never had a man, Mr Patel. Not that it’s any of your business, but I’ve been happily involved with a beautiful woman for more than eight years now-
Raj: What is her name?
Audrey: It’s not-
Raj: Please. Just her first name.
Audrey: Persephone.
Raj looks pleased, and nods as if in approval. It is a mounting struggle not to show her irritation.
Raj: Persephone. The sweet, beautiful maiden who was kidnapped by Hades to become the Queen of the Underworld.
Audrey: Yes. I am quite familiar with the myth, thank you. Now, are you going to answer my question, Mr Patel? Is it true that Naomi tried to kill you?


The petite brunette waiting for him has a cool, steady gaze and an expensive and unflattering haircut. Her features seem a fraction too large for her doll-like face but he likes her smile, which is warm and natural and contains not a trace of nervousness. She introduces herself as Audrey Isola.  
Raj: Raj Patel. To what do I owe this pleasure, Audrey Isola?
Audrey: Do you mind sitting down? I want to talk to you about a few things.
She is very self-assured. He studies her for a few moments. A spot of pink appears above each of her cheekbones.
Audrey: Please?
He sits.
Raj: Where are you from? You’re not from The Islands. I can tell.
Audrey: Bridgeport. I just flew in this morning. Now, I-
Raj: What is your occupation?
Audrey: My background is journalism. But I didn’t come here to write a story on you, don’t worry. I-
Raj: Do you work for a newspaper?
Audrey: No. I’m actually the editor of an arts magazine. Now, can we-
Raj: Which one?
Audrey: The Bridgeport Arts Review.
Raj: Very impressive. It must be quite a feat in these tough economic times to keep a physical magazine alive and thriving. And a readership willing to pay §25 per issue.
Audrey: Thank you. Are you a subscriber?
Raj: No. But my wife…I mean, my ex-wife used to sometimes leave copies lying around the house. She loved to read. Books. Magazines. She had a voracious appetite.
Audrey: Actually, your ex-wife’s voracious appetites are what I came here today to talk to you about, Mr Patel.
The flicker of a smile passes across Raj’s face. But when he speaks again all the warmth has gone from his voice and his eyes. He pushes his chair back.
Raj: Then you flew all this way for nothing. Goodbye, Ms Isola.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind making a not-so-long but well developed biography about one chosen sim of yours? I loved the one you did about Georgiana! Or you can surprise us with some random facts about the character. Please!

Thanks for the lovely message, Nonners! Sorry for the delay. Here is a little biography for one of my favourite Sims, Raj, aka Rajan Patel from Isla Paradiso. Raj hasn’t had a chance to appear properly in my story for quite some time but I do have very grand plans for him!

Raj was born and bred in Isla Paradiso…his father was a fisherman, and so was his father’s father, and it was expected that Raj would follow in their footsteps (or should that be wading boots?) Raj however was blessed with dashing, movie-star good looks, brains, ambition and charisma….it soon became apparent that he was destined to be much more than a humble fisherman. His Eureka! moment came one day after his father had returned from a day’s fishing, and mentioned all the whales he had happened to see that day. Raj begged, borrowed and lied to scrape the money together to buy a  a 50 foot cabin cruiser and take tourists out whale watching. Whale watching exploded as an industry and soon became the foundation of Isla Paradiso’s Tourism sector. Within several years Raj had a fleet of 20 boats, and had expanded his empire to include scuba diving, marlin fishing, windsurfing and water skiing. He was also the richest man in the Islands. And never let it be forgotten that he was married for nearly 17 years to Naomi, whom he met on a fateful holiday to Monte Vista when she was just sixteen. And if you have been following Raj’s or Naomi’s story you will know that certain chilling events that occurred during that holiday ensured that he and Naomi would always share a mortal bond, regardless of their relationship status….

But now Raj is in jail, divorced and serving out a sentence for tax evasion…he will be released before too long however, down but not out, for if there is anything Raj loves it’s a challenge. He is merely biding his time. Waiting for the right opportunity, just like the red-claw crabs that he’s obsessed with reading about in jail. Thank you for the fantastic question, Nonners! Answering it was very enjoyable.

Is it that people are going hungry because of a shortage of food? No it is not. The reason people are going hungry is because of poverty. Then, all of a sudden, you’re on a different question. You’re not asking: why is there insufficient food, but it turns out to be, why are people poor?
And right there, you’re on a political question, and one that is far, far more difficult to answer. It involves asking questions about power, and about class, and about inequality and the persistent inequality in this country. And that’s a much harder question to ask than the question that’s about, ‘Well, is there enough food in America?’, to which clearly the answer is yes.
—  Raj Patel, writer, activist, and academic on food politics and social ecology

Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth (by Colinpri1)

Scratch a Maltusian and you’ll find a racist - Raj Patel

Seriously there is NO reason to believe our world is overpopulated. Its inequality that is causing problems.

There are two novels that can transform a bookish 14-year-kid’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish daydream that can lead to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood in which large chunks of the day are spent inventing ways to make real life more like a fantasy novel. The other is a book about orcs.