raj kothrapali

  • Leonard : I hate my name. It has nerd in it. Lenn-Nerd!
  • Howard : I lost my virginity to my cousin Jeannie.
  • Raj : I would be kind to my rabbit subjects...At first.
  • Leonard : You know what's a cool name? Angelo. That has Angel and Jello in it!
  • Howard : It was my uncle Mury's funeral... We were all back at my aunt Barbara's house... Our eyes locked over the pickled herring, we never meant for it to happen!
  • Raj : One day, I hold a great ball for the president of France, but the rabbits they hate me and don't come, i'm embarrassed so I eat all the lettuce in the world and make them watch.
  • Leonard : People could call me Angie. 'Yo ANGIE, how's it goin'?'