it makes me kind of sad when people rant about really young users on DA drawing their unoriginal sonic or pokemon ocs and how poorly drawn they are. I remember being thirteen and drawing fursonas and pokemon ocs all the time and it was great! man that stuff was awesome to draw. I think those years are some of the most fun and creative times being an artist. Just drawing stuff you like and not worrying about “originality” or “gross color-palettes”. 

idk seeing blogs bashing that sort of stuff is dumb imo. They’re not harming any one just let them be. 

So I was walking to work and this lady pulls up asking if I needed a ride to where ever I was going. This surprised me of course, since this never happened to me before.

I walked up to her car and asked how cold it was outside because I realized my legs were beginning to feel that “burning” feeling from the cold.

Apparently it was -48°C out and I had no idea. So I tagged along and was able to get a ride to work.

The lady who drove me just came back from Africa so she was telling me about her adventures when she lived there for 6 months. Cute lady.