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Thoughts on 6x11 - “Raisin’s Back”

(You can read my comic highlights of “Raisin’s Back” here.)

I seem to be in the virtually non-existent minority here, but I actually enjoyed this episode. Firstly, though:

Dudes, the kisses were fine and do not make me want to vomit at all. 

I cannot emphasise this enough. It’s not a puppy eating a baby. They barely lasted 2 seconds. If you were terrible at blinking you would miss it. It’s not a passionate make-out the duration of Winston walking backwards into a crowd.

Would I rather it be Jess? Of course. But I’m nowhere near going to the extreme of feeling disgusted, by a romantic portrayal of a romantic relationship Nick is in that isn’t with Jess. It’s certainly not going to keep me from watching or enjoying the show.

Okay, now we got that out of the way:

  • Reagan arrives in the loft, and immediately, there are cracks in her and Nick’s relationship. The problem is communication. Both of them are highly stubborn people, especially when it comes to arguments and conveying feelings. In fact, they are passive aggressive to one another. In one day, they kept two secrets from each other. Nick read her wrong before she even arrived in the loft. They had to be mediated by Jess. Had Jess not stepped in, it could have continued for weeks.
  • Nick goes to Jess when he finds out. Not Winston or Schmidt (definitely not Cece, haha), who were also in the loft, but Jess. You could say that this was because Jess already knew, though, again, I think there is some foreshadowing at play here.

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The one thought that kept running through my head during “raisin’s back” was how sibling-like their fighting was. When nick and Jess fought, it was so full of sexual tension and angst. And sure maybe I don’t want to open my eyes to any nick/Reagan chemistry, but when they fight does it look like they wanna tear each other’s clothes off?? Because it doesn’t to me.

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