With special dedication to my mother who lives very vividly in my motivation, my inspirations, and my dedication to surpass influence and be an exemplary figure for those who know me. This podcast is also for the very few who understand how rich life can be with nothing at all - also for the fallen few who thrived with great perseverance under tremendous pressure. Not adhered to a cliche idea; let’s rejoice in the fruit of living keeping in mind that it’s a very delicate and brief celebration that only we have control of.

Hey everyone, exciting news.

I have remixed a warm and eclectic musical fruit bowl consisting of different genre qualities and sound elements - just for you. I have had this idea for a very long while now, and I have finally decided to put it all together. I have gathered the best of the best in underground music, to present, the first and official RAISINCAST; beginning with V.1.

ボリューム-1: Is an unwinding nostalgic featurette of cop noir VHS symphonies in alignment with their own unique somnolent mood. In this trip we will touch tanned hawain legs resting along the palmed nude beach. We’ll be driving down N. Cruise Boulevard in 1986 as wealthy  cocaine dealers, we will party in Cabrini Green, and dance along the train tracks in a misty downtown Chicago. 

(RAISINCAST will be posted every month with new material, so stayed tuned!)

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So much milk in one night.

For all of my Dallas followers, I will make my DJ debut this Friday, August 5th at the gallery show Leche at Leasly’s. You are all absolutely welcome to come and party with us and savor the fruit of graffiti artist LECHE, I will be on my booth DJing from 7 p.m to 11 p.m. Lunchbox Limited will be selling hand crafted apparel!

-there will be cupcakes and cold milk.


(you may even join us for the afterparty!)

check out Lunchbox limited <-there.

Message me for address and details.