“If you want a child to be happy first, adults need to be less greedy. In general adults who put too much emphasis on success or honor etc… are restricting their children; it’s really too bad. Every child from the time they are born are good-natured, but as they grow up their minds start to get contaminated and filled with horrible thoughts. I hope to raise our children without any pressure. Everyone has things they like and things they are good at, but if parents start to compare their children to the kids next door they end up telling their own kids ‘you must be good at both Korean and math, so you need to study more’, and their children are only resisting it. Under parental supervision children should experience a variety of things, and choose what to do when they are capable of doing so. It should be they themselves not their parents who figure out what they want to learn.“

“아이들이 행복하려면 일단 어른들이 욕심을 줄여야 해요. 어른들의 기준으로 너무 출세나 명예 등을 강조하면서 아이들에게 족쇄를 채우는 게 너무 안타까워요. 모든 아이들은 태어날 때부터 다 선한데 자라면서 오염이 되고 마음에 악한 게 쌓이거든요. 저는 우리가 아이들이 자유롭게 아이들처럼 자라게 했으면 좋겠어요. 누구나 다 좋아하는 게 있고 잘하는 게 있는데, 부모가 옆 집애하고 비교하면서 국어 잘해야 한다 수학 잘해야한다고 공부 시키면 애들이 반발해요. 부모의 관심 아래 많은 여러가지 것들을 경험하다가 이성이 생기면 자신이 결정하는 방향으로 해야죠. 배움은 그렇게 스스로 깨우쳐야해요.”

“I have been married for 10 years. Having to work while also taking care of my kids was really hard. Both of our parents live outside of Seoul, so they aren’t always able to help. Plus, my husband goes abroad for business a lot, so half the time he’s usually not even in Korea.”
“Since your husband travels for work so much how do you manage to take care of both of your kids alone?”
“It’s hard. Really hard. But I think because I’m a mother it’s possible. I think mothers can do anything.”

“지금 결혼한지 10년이 되었는데 육아도 하면서 일도 해야 했어서 아주 힘들었어요. 양쪽 부모님이 지방에 사셔서, 실질적으로 도움을 받을 수도 없었고 남편은 외국 출장이 많아서 거의 일년에 절반은 한국에 없었거든요.”
“남편께서 출장을 그렇게 많이 가셨는데 애 둘을 어떻게 혼자 돌보신 거예요?”
“힘들어요. 아주 힘들죠. 근데 그건 엄마기 때문에 가능했던 거 같아요. 엄마는 가능하다고 생각합니다.“