At this point I can honestly say that I think Ouma is one of the most well-written, complex, interesting characters that DR has ever had, and it’s a shame that people are still going to be raising huge red flags over misinformation or mistranslations of spoilers, or just outright misinterpretations of him.

His FTEs contain extremely well-done foreshadowing for his mindset and true objectives in the game, and while on the surface he seems like a sadistic force of chaos meant who simply thrives on everyone else’s suffering, in reality he’s one of the most perceptive characters DR has ever had and is extremely careful in how he leads everyone else along without quite letting on that he’s leading them.

…And yet the tag is mostly just full of people calling him a y*ndere or sh*ta or other gross assumptions about him. It’s really sad, and I really want to sit down and write a full post explaining his mindset and motives soon.

land of ghosts

where we step,
no, float -

over the teeming masses,
to their digital device
of choice;

having cut the cord, however -
we fly free

nary a CNN or FOX News
to amplify the blues away, heh

we amass in numbers
too big to count - a googol, i think -
no pun intended…

we span walls,
bridges, rivers & continents

in streets, fields & parks
sign-wielding, flag-waving

raising up a royal fuss.

now, the ghost-thing about us
is that we were heard - muffled, maybe - but


we pressed buttons,
but ballots did not feel us.

we tried to scare off scepticism
haunt hubris & hatred
born of fear

but our voices & swoops only
went woosh -
through the vacuumed void.

for us,
Casper had no words of wisdom

from his lifetime of rebuffs
by uncomprehending adults who shrieked,
snatched their children away

when all he wanted
was to play,
make a friend;

so we yet hover
hoping to discover how & when
we’ll make ourselves known,
matter -

& step outside with friends - seen -
in the sun again
1/17 - lebuc - land of ghosts

Ivanka Trump sits in on meeting with Shinzo Abe, raising conflict of interest questions

President-elect Donald Trump’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday is raising red flags — not because of what was said, but because of who was in attendance. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, sat in on the meeting between the two world leaders, according to a photo the transition team released. This is exactly what Trump campaigned against.

Raise the Flag for Childhood


Imagine this:

Tim Drake retreating to the Manor to recuperate from an injury. On the tail end of his stay, he’s fed up with Damian’s snide remarks and attitude and dismissive manner and taunts. He wants to fight back but he keeps thinking of Stephanie Brown, can’t get her out of his head: “Kill ‘im with kindness.”

So he starts gathering pillows and blankets and dragging tables and chairs. The Manor has plenty. Damian, sure enough, notices, and hangs around watching.

“What are you doing?” he finally asks, when he can’t stand it.

“Building a fort. Want to help?” Tim says and offers.

A fort sounds warlike so Damian is game. Any chance to thrash Tim and get away with it. They build together, testing and reinforcing and adjusting.

Once finished, it’s huge and low-ceilinged and cozy. They climb inside with flashlights and Damian asks, “What are the rules of engagement? How is the winner decided?”

“Nobody wins,” Tim says, flopping back with his laptop to watch a movie. “It’s just for hiding in.”

Damian is torn. He feels cheated– this was going to be a battle, right? But no, Tim had never said anything about a battle. He’d just said 'fort.’

He doesn’t want to abandon it. He’d worked on it, too.

And it’s so comfortable.

So, with a low and quiet growl at himself, Damian slouches down next to Tim to watch a movie.

In their fort.

That they made together.

Tim feels like it’s a minor victory. He doesn’t realize how big it really is until the next time he sleeps over at the Manor and wakes to an armful of blankets dumped on his head and an insistent, but not derisive, voice saying,

“We are wasting daylight. Wake up. I have some ideas to improve our previous model.”

And it’s just the thing they do now, their white flag area, a neutral territory. It’s a safe place.

Plus, it’s super cozy.


Rick Perry and the Dakota Access Pipeline: Conflicts you need to know

  • On Monday, Trump picked Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy.
  • The pick is a curious one: During a Republican presidential primary debate in 2011, Perry completely blanked on the department’s name.
  • Perry’s interest in the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline has also given some reason to pause.
  • Perry is on the Energy Transfer Partners board of directors.
  • ETP is the company that is attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • Perry has also been instrumental in getting legislation passed that benefited the company. 
  • In 2015 Congress passed a bill that lifted a decades-old ban on crude oil exports.
  •  Perry did his part in helping ETP to lobby in support of the bill.
  • He also once vowed to dismantle the agency he will now lead
  • While the gaffe in which he forgot the name of the agency is making headlines, it’s the context of the statement that raises the real red flags. 
  • It was while answering a question about which departments he would dismantle as president that he fumbled. Read more
Shipping Black Sun

As much as I love bumblebee/bumbleby, I think that ship already sunk at this point. With Sun injured, this will be the whole turning point where Black Sun dominates the scene. I have a feeling Sun will survive this and then Blake will finally see then how much Sun means to her since as you all can see, Sun is willing to sacrifice everything for Blake. Including his life. Congratulations black sun. This ship survives. And don’t worry, Sun will survive. He should. He would. He will become Blake’s Sun to rise her up from the darkness of her past. I really admire Sun for that. He’s a real sweetheart. I am happy for Blake.

The problems I had with the writers framing Izzy and the werewolves scene as being a badass moment. I would like to add that Izzy is pretty badass, but that werewolf scene raised a lot of flags for me:

1. Izzy basically using a slur to address the wolves, because take it as you will, but her saying “stay” and “good doggy” wasn’t a badass moment, it was her speaking from the position of highly respected shadowhunter and using a slur on a downworlder, and when you consider that Shadowhunters uses the relationship between shadowhunters and downworlders as a racial allegory, then yes, it is exactly as bad as you think it is.

2. Izzy not giving Luke the chance to take control of his pack. Her having that shadowhunter moment of stepping into the situation to ‘save the day’ when Luke as Pack leader should have been given that chance speaks a lot. It’s an implied message that Luke doesn’t have control over his pack and a shadowhunter can instead beat them into submission, further perpetuating Valentine’s belief that downworlders cannot be ‘reasoned with’ because sooner rather than later, they ‘give in to their demonic side’.

3. Izzy using her whip on the wolf that was charging at Jace. When we consider the fact that Maia didn’t move, and the second wolf didn’t move either, then we realize that there’s a huge chance that the wolf charging at Jace is Gretel’s godfather (which explains why he didn’t listen to his alpha, he’s distraught). Which would mean that Izzy basically used her whip to subdue a man grieving the loss of a girl who’s basically his daughter, a girl who Jace kidnapped and practically handed over to Valentine. So not only was a shadowhunter responsible for taking his goddaughter away from him, but another shadowhunter basically beat him into submission by using ‘force’ against him. 

anonymous asked:

AU: The twins are separate except Luke is given to Padme's successor to Naboo while Leia stays with Bail Organa. Leia and Luke could be more aware of each other. Luke could be a leader in the scene of politics or he could still wish to fight with the rebels and does so much to the weary of everyone else but regardless of putting a prince at risk, he's too good of a pilot for them to not allow him into the war zones. Darth Vader could sense Luke and Leia and capture them both.

This is like ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ for Luke because the Queen of Naboo showing up with a baby days after their pregnant former Queen died is gonna raise some flags for the Imperial government. (Especially when Breha and Bail also show up with a baby randomly.)

But let’s say that the new Queen is just as clever as Amidala was and finds a way to make having a baby plausible enough that they pass scrutiny (well, Vader wouldn’t suspect anyway, he thinks his kid died; Sidious thinks both children are suspect but thinks that one might be the real child while the other is a decoy so he decides to bide his time and watch them both).

I think it would totally make sense for Luke to become a fighter. Queen Amidala - beloved, mourned Queen of Naboo who died tragically too young - had always fought for her planet both politically and literally, so why shouldn’t he? He doesn’t like politics, though, so he joins the Naboo Royal Armed Forces as a pilot.

He and Leia grow up being close friends and they decide to join the Rebellion together. When Leia goes on her mission to find Obi-Wan Kenobi, who’s still exiled himself to Tatooine, Luke is the pilot she chooses to fly with.

But thanks to Luke’s untrained but still strong Force abilities, he’s able to evade Vader’s ship so they don’t get captured at this point. They instead manage to land on Tatooine and find Obi-Wan. He eyes them both, shining in the Force like twin suns and thinks ‘we’re all fucked. How did Vader NOT find you both yet?’

And Luke tells him about how Vader did try to chase them down but they managed to evade him.

And Obi-Wan’s like, ‘you only THINK you evaded him.’ He goes with them anyway and as they break atmo on Tatooine, there’s Vader’s ship, just waiting for them (orbit is as close as he’ll get to Tatooine).

Obi-Wan sighs and prepares to meet his fate.

Luke and Leia get captured.

….Vader’s actually only mad at Obi-Wan for exiling himself on a planet that he knows Vader would never set foot on. (Well, and for cutting off all his limbs and leaving him for dead on Mustafar. But at this point, he’s so lonely he’d rather have Obi-Wan around to keep him company so he doesn’t have to keep talking to Tarkin.)

Vader’s happy that the twins brought Obi-Wan to him (”That wasn’t our intention,” Leia snaps) and he’s happy that Obi-Wan brought the twins to him (”That really wasn’t what was happening,” Obi-Wan says but he’s resigned to not being heard).

Anyway, so Vader gets a little bit of happiness and family bonding time. Um…alright, so I’m having Vader ~feels~ now so I’m gonna make this a happy ending AU and say that the combination of Obi-Wan, Luke, and Leia manage to talk Vader around to the Rebellion side and they destroy the Death Star together and later manage to kill Sidious and bring down the Empire.

Ok so imagine this for Yuri on Ice Episode 9...

Victor got back to Hasetsu Japan to see Makkachin at the Veterinarian Hospital, and he turns out that he’s going to be okay, yay.

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So we’re all sighing with relief that the doggy didn’t choke on a bun and die, and we’re letting our guard down. Back in Moscow, Yuuri doesn’t know how to talk to Yakov, but he’s noticed that Yurio’s tense.

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He’s distracted and tense because his grandpa still hasn’t showed up to watch him perform. What he doesn’t know is that Yakov and Lilia are actually keeping something from him in order to ensure that he skates his best without worrying.

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The death flags were raised in this episode, but it wasn’t for Makkachin….

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….It was for Yurio’s grandpa.




Or maybe both of them, please god no don’t do this to me YoI.

Aqours’s Gallery (February 2017)
Watanabe You
Caption: Uwaah— Amazing amazing amazing!! It’s a catch big enough to make me want to raise my flag~♪ Hooray! Full speed ahead, yousoro~!

Uwaah~ Amazing amazing amazing~!!
It’s come this year too~ New Year’s money♡♡♡

I’ll say it plainly— In the entire year, this is the day I look forward to the most♪
I mean— Even though Kanan-chan and Dia-chan get mad at me often over this…
I’m not the type who plans ahead at all— So the allowance I get every month, I’ve never seen it♡
Ah, maybe putting it that way was a bit of an exaggeration.
When I say I’ve never seen it, that’s just my impression— To put it accurately, I spend it all so quickly it’s like there’s no time to even think I’ve seen it—
Ah, ahahahaha♪
This is just like the typical behaviour of a hopeless elementary school kid huh— sigh.

But you see, every day I do endurance runs to train up my stamina for both high-diving practice and Aqours practice— the mikans I get occasionally from the woman on the mikan mountain out of good will are totally not enough— I have to buy something to fill my stomach~!!
Like the fried stuff and meat buns at the convenience store.
The confectionery’s owner is my bosom friend, and I’m sure I’ve made hefty contributions to the poolside vending machine selling Calorie Mate— For a person like me, there’s only one time like this in each year!!
A day where I can gather money into my hands!!!
Tada, and that is the New Year♡♡♡
Uwaah— What should I go buy?
The game I always wanted? Or should it be the panda muffler I saw and wanted the other day? I also want to change my hole-ridden backpack, and eat some cake!
Aah, it’s really troubling♡
But, what I really want is already decided♪
And that is, a lucky bag—!!!
A lucky bag that I’ll buy with all the fortune I have for this year!
If there are lots of high-value items inside, it’ll be my victory♪
I always buy them until I almost cross my budget— So in the end my New Year’s money disappears entirely into them.
But well, last year I managed to get the pack I really liked so I suppose it’s alright♡
Ah before that, should I go to a buffet— Aah, I wonder if my New Year’s money will last me♪♪

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine February 2017 issue

Peculiar (Newt x Reader) part 8.

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A/N: short and sweet! <3
WARNINGS: mentions of blood

PREMISE:  An aloof, though kind, Gryffindor Quidditch player with an attention span that of a gold fish catches the eye of one extremely shy Hufflepuff that promises her to show all of Hogwarts’s magical creatures in an attempt to show off.
 PART:  1; 2;  3; 4;  5;  6; 6.57;9;

“Go go Gryffindor! Go go Gryffindor!”

The red lodge threw their hands up, roaring applause and approval once their team scored. Both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff raised their flags in cheer – Slytherin was losing, and everyone seemed to approve but the house itself. Leroy threw his fist up in triumph, a grin spreading on his face as Eveline’s excited voice rang out in the Quidditch Pitch.

“Ten point’s to Gryffindor! Fantastic throw, Miss Day!” She cheered.

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I smiled so loud and wide when this man raised his pride flag at Mashrou Leila’s concert this past weekend in Lebanon. (August 5th 2016) 

This is the first time I see a pride flag in my country at a public event and the best part was hearing my cheer getting drowned by the sound of the whole stadium cheering. The whole stadium.

Full of queer middle eastern kids.


(I dont know who the photographer is)