raising your spirits

It is all within YOU! Love yourself and the rest will follow… Love is the foundation of life. Love your body, your soul, your mind, your life, you are this way for a reason! Embrace it. Nourish yourself with proper foods, go for a nice walk every day and take in the nature you see all around you! Connect yourself to Mother Earth, to Gaia, to the sky… You will start to realize how everything is connected✨ you will see the beauty in everything… It will take practice, awaking to your truth is a journey, but in the end you will feel so free and full of Light, Love and Oneness💗 I want to share this way of Being with everyone… It is truly liberating✨
It all starts within YOU!✨🙏🏼🌟 🙄☪👁💜👁


there are rare occasions where during a long training session or match, and usually it’s a situation where the player has suffered more often than not… there will be this single miraculous play. it’s the kind of play that can immediately raise your spirits just by reminiscing about it… the kind of play that will instantly restore confidence into your heart

midnight luxe {part 6}

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pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, fashion designer au

wordcount: 4k

summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook, the alluringly beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

“Okay, now hold on to me and try not to fall,” he said softly, his hand was hovering nearby, an invitation for you to grab hold of it. You reached out and squeezed it tightly as if that would somehow aid your balance.

“I can’t do this,” you murmured. You furrowed your brows and squeezed his hand just a little too hard out of frustration. His skin was soft and his fingers were beautifully decorated with an assortment of rings that perfectly matched the baby blue colour of his nail varnish, as if he’d coordinated it all. Knowing Jimin, he probably had.

“Yes you can, it just takes a bit of practice, that’s all,” he reassured again. You were sure he must be getting sick of this by now, but he didn’t complain once. You didn’t think you’d ever met anyone as gentle as him, his patience seemed to be infinite.

“These heels are so high, how is any normal human meant to walk in them?” you asked as you stumbled across the floor, leaning on him to try and balance yourself, “Can’t I just wear flats for the fashion show?”

Immediately, he gave you a look that clearly said absolutely not. It had been a long shot of course, but worth a try. Your legs felt shaky and awkward, like a newborn deer, you knew there was nothing elegant or model-like about the way you helplessly clung onto Jimin’s clothing as you attempted to walk. As stupid as it sounded, you hadn’t properly considered the technicalities of doing a runway walk. Needless to say, reality had definitely slapped you hard in the face today. You were starting from square one.

When you finally made it across the room, you let go of him and allowed your body to slowly fall to the floor. You stared down at your shoes. They were black,  had a large platform and heels that added an impressive amount of inches to your height.

“Well, you’ve certainly got the diva aspect of being a model right,” Jimin said with a giggle. He crouched down so that he was level with you. You appreciated his efforts to raise your spirits, “Y/N, the first step of being a real model is learning how to walk like one. After that it’s easy.”

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Genre: Angst | Badboy!au 

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Length: 6.3k

Warning: Violence and mature language

Summary: Bellicose - (adj.) Demonstrating aggressiveness and a willingness to fight. You and Baekhyun are over, at least, in your eyes…

Author’s Note: Hello guys! This is the first scenario I’m posting on tumblr!! Please enjoy it and let me know what you guys think :)

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His eyes scorch your flesh as soon as you step into the Exordium bar.

Honestly, you shouldn’t have been that surprised. He practically runs this place.  

Ignoring his stare, you scan the stuffed, dark, and hazy lounge briefly, spotting his ‘minions’ surrounding the pool tables. One of the taller men, his closest friend, Park Chanyeol, knocks some balls into the holes and leans back from the table. He notices you noticing him and licks his lips languidly as he scales your body hungrily.

You scowl. He smirks. 

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The Eyes That Never Lie

Originally posted by matt-smith-fans

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor x Reader

Content/Warnings: fluff; slight angst

Words: 1059

A/N: For your Eleventh Doctor fix, I wrote a soulmate AU request for him. This was from anon for 29. You can see every color except the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you meet them.

You were certain there was something wrong with you. After all, you had to have extraordinarily bad luck to have lost a soulmate not once, not twice, but three times. The first color you weren’t able to see was brown. It wasn’t an exceptionally uncommon color to not be able to see - in fact, it was remarkably common - but you yearned to know what color brown was. You didn’t wish to find out by losing your first soulmate, though. But one day you woke up, and brown was there. You recognized the foreign color immediately, and you cried, because it meant your first soulmate was gone. Blue had been snatched away in its place, and after a while you began to forget what blue even looked like.

You got blue back, though, and brown was gone again. You got to see brown for the shortest amount of time, it was gone in only a little over a year. You cried this time too, since by some sort of sick cosmic joke you had lost your second soulmate, too. You didn’t tell anyone you had lost a soulmate, again. Not even your parents. People would begin to think something was wrong with you. Several years after losing brown, it came back. You lost green this time, and wondered how long you would have this soulmate before they were gone, too.

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Elaborate and Sweet

Title: Elaborate and Sweet

 Summary: When Dwalin and you get in a huge fight, things are said, feelings are hurt, love is questioned…until he makes an elaborate and sweet apology that sets everything right.  

 Warnings: Mild Language. Angst. Fluff.  Arguments.  

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction

Originally posted by ghisborne

You loved Dwalin, you really did, with all of your heart.  He was strong, courageous, and such a sweetie.  No one who didn’t know him personally wouldn’t have guessed that, but it was true.  When he had a moment alone with you he would just pull you into his arms and lavish you with kisses and praise.  You loved the little moments like that.


But Dwalin was also stubborn, pig-headed, prideful side, and also had a short fuse.  It was a very volatile combination.  You knew this, ever since you had met him on the journey.  You learned it first hand in fact as he was stubborn and pissy about you, a human girl, joining their company to reclaim Erebor.

But all that had worked out.  You were skilled in fighting and healing, was quick to prove your worth, and around the time you all got to Beorn’s, had won over Dwalin’s heart.  That was a night you liked to re-visit when you and Dwalin had your little spats or arguments, remembering how gentle he was, how all his walls came tumbling down as he bared his heart to you, how he kissed you when you both admitted your love for each other…

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Just Like Before

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Vampire!Jimin

Word Count: 4,900+

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, rough sex, spanking, biting, blood drinking

Related stories: Lucent (and the “Ruin” universe)

“So are you busting out of here tonight or what?”

Taehyung leaned his long frame against the side of the piano, baring his usual wide, rectangular smile down at you. Tonight, you could tell he was in a mischievous mood, a wild, golden glow dancing in his otherwise subtle, brown eyes. As someone who had a bad knack for encouraging you to walk a bit too close to the dangerous side, you were sure his propositions were always so tempting thanks to that smile and those eyes.

The bar was already empty of patrons for the evening, polished, wooden chairs stacked and dark table tops wiped clean to sparkling. You hadn’t really noticed when the last customer left, too caught up in pouring your heart into the ivory and black rows in front of you until Taehyung had graced you with his presence.

Even now you found it tough to bring yourself back to the present, too wrapped up in your thoughts. It was easy to slip into a fog nowadays and this was just another night where you were lamenting your lack of freedom, where you would give anything to be free like everyone else, able to go out with your friends or on a date with your boyfriend without feeling like every pair of smoldering, golden, glowing eyes were on you.

But those days were long gone and two years had sped by with you mostly cooped up in Jimin’s apartment or the bar below it, save for the few times his daring half-brother and your good friend had convinced you to sneak away.

“Come on, earth to gorgeous. I’m losing you again,” Taehyung joked, waving a long-fingered hand in front of your face and forcing you to return to reality.

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Stovetop Incense for Yule

Stovetop Incense, sometimes called stovetop potpourri outside of magic circles, is a mixture of ingredients with a liquid base, simmered on the stove in a pan to fill the air with a lovely aroma. This recipe is intended to be simmered all day during Yule to invite warmth and comfort into the home.


  • 1 to 2 inches of water
  • 5 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 cup of cranberries
  • 2 slices oranges  
  • 2 teaspoons of whole cloves
  • optional: dash of vanilla extract 

Add water to pan and turn burner to medium-high. Add each ingredient while thinking of the winter season. Stir the mixture clockwise, inhaling deeply and letting its warmth raise your spirits. Wait until the water simmers, then turn down heat to medium. Stir periodically throughout the day, adding more water when necessary.

Insecure ft. Dean

lite smut, %2 fluff

what had happened earlier caught you off guard. your day was doing just fine until you got on the subway.

you sat down in the nearest seat by the door of the subway. luckily, there was a seat for you. usually, there wasn’t and you would have to stand which killed your legs.

you plugged in your earbuds and sat back, hoping that you would get to your destination in a short amount of time.

about five minutes later, you felt a tap on your left shoulder. so of course you turned your head to see who tapped you and what they wanted. you put your music on pause and pulled out your earbuds, turning to face three korean girls. they were most likely your age.

“yes?” you asked.

one of them pointed to your thighs and they all giggled. “you’re so fat. you should loose some weight.”

“how are your legs so meaty like that?” one added on.

you chose not to say anything and ignore them because if you responded back to them, the outcome of it probably wouldn’t have been pretty.

you moved over to the right side of the subway and continued listening to music. while you sat there, you glanced over at the girls a few times. they were still giggling, and teasing you from a distance.

you had just about enough of them. no one likes to be pointed at and no one damn sure likes to be made fun of. especially someone different like you.

“the fuck are y'all looking at!?” you asked in a loud tone, making it obvious to everyone that you were talking to them.

the girls jumped, and turned their backs to you. as confusing as their reaction was, you were just happy that they stopped fucking with you for the rest of the ride.

you contacted hyuk about it immediately after you got home. when you texted him, you were crying. but thank god for him, he raised your spirits. he’s always the one to make you feel better about yourself in this fucked up world.


“baby!” you listened as hyuk threw his keys onto the kitchen table and hung up his coat.

“i’m in here.” you responded.

soon after your response, hyuk appeared in the doorframe. he leaned on it and eyed you. “you know you’re the most beautiful woman i know right?”

you let out a small laugh and blushed, not even hiding it. “if you say so hyuk.”

“no really.” he hummed lowly but loud enough for you to hear it. his eyes hovered down to your thighs, and the fact that you were wearing short shorts turned him on even more.

he bit his bottom lip. “come here.”

you climbed off of the couch and went over to him, you stood directly in front of him just waiting to see what he was about to do.

he kissed your forehead and grabbed your hand. you were guided into the room and told to sit on your shared bed.

“take those off.” he pointed at your shorts, you responded quickly. as you pulled them off, he watched you. you couldn’t deny that his glance was sexy.

literally as soon as your shorts hit the floor, hyuk climbed between your legs and began leaving those trails of wet kisses that you loved. you grabbed onto his shoulders as he went down lower. he hovered over your panties and kissed you through the cloth, earning him a moan from you.

then, he kissed your thighs. “don’t you ever talk about losing weight. you’re beautiful just like this.”

you nodded since you couldn’t say anything. his touch gave you chills, it gave you goosebumps, and most of all it gave you satisfaction.

“tell me when you want me to stop alright?” he said while he ‘slid your panties to the side.

before you could answer, he started moving his tongue in a motion that took you by surprise. usually when he did this, his tongue game was up to par. you didn’t think that he could get any better but boy were you wrong.

“you taste so good baby.” he gripped your thighs and spread your legs wide so that he could really enjoy his meal.

“baby…” you bit down on your lip and threw your head back. the amount of pleasure that he was giving you was unbearable. you found yourself slowly rolling your hips at the same rhythm as his tongue.

about ten minutes later, you made up your mind. you were too horny to go through with this any longer.

“hyuk…” you paused until he stopped and looked up at you. “i’m ready.”

“okay but before we..you know.” he paused and climbed on top of you. “promise me that you’ll stop being so insecure.”

“i promise.”

hyuk slowly entered you, inch by inch until there wasn’t any left.

“shit y/n you feel so good.” he grunted at how your walls wrapped around him.

his strokes were slow, steady, and full. his strokes were accurate to his grinding on stage, he was so passionate when it came to this.

his fingers ran across your skin, and his lips never left your neck. “you’re so sexy.” he softly grunted into your ear.

“i know…” you replied as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

he chuckled and sped up, causing you to moan aloud. he stuck his head in the crook of your neck, enabling you to hear his small grunts clearer. you stroked his hair with your fingers and repeatedly kissed his neck tattoo.

scratching his back was really really tempting. you chose now to tell him before your voice went hoarse. “i love you.”

“i love you too mocha.” he kissed your lips and pulled out of you, causing you to let out a small whimper at the sudden emptiness.

“turn around and lay on your tummy.” he told you which made you giggle.

“yes daddy.” you said in a cringey and seductive way, while doing as you were told.

hyuk laughed lightly while positioning himself in between your legs. “call me daddy again and i will fuck the shit out of you y/n.”

“i want you too…daddy.” you bit down on your lip to hide your grin.

unexpectedly, hyuk grabbed you by your waist and sat you up on your knees. he rammed himself into you with full force. the only thing that you were able to do was scream/moan.

“what happened to calling me daddy sweetheart?” he sarcastically said as he slowed down and ran his fingers along your thighs.

when you didn’t respond, hyuk became worried, “ba-”

once he saw your face, his whole attitude changed. you were basically drooling with your eyes closed.

“i’m that good?” he got cocky.

you hummed yes and rolled over on your back.  "come here.“

hyuk literally slid between your legs again and leveled his face with yours. he leaned into you skipping the soft kisses and went straight for your tongue. if your tongue and his tongue were to get into a fight, he’d win. he wasn’t playing any games with you any more and you could tell by his body language that he was close to his climax.

he pulled away from the kiss and and pulled you to the edge of the bed by your thighs. “ready?” he asked, while pushing his hair back, revealing his forehead. daddy look.

you nodded and prepared yourself, this was one of hyuk’s favorite positions so you knew that you’d be in for a ride. he loved this position because he could see you and your beautiful face. with every stroke he could see how it affected you, your facial expressions and moans were what drove him. he could see everything.

of course, he started off slow but eventually he sped up. the room filled up with the noise of hyuk’s skin slapping against yours and his grunts became louder as he chased his high.

“fuck y/n..” his climax was more than close. all that he needed for you to say that you were his and that all of you belonged to him.

“who’s pussy is this?” he asked you in between gritted teeth.

it was your favorite question. you always shouted his name the loudest you could. the new neighbors needed to know his name.


once the both of you were showered, you asked hyuk if he wanted to cuddle but he rejected your suggestion.

“what why?” you asked, feeling a little hurt.

“i have to go back to the studio, millic is there.” he held up his phone and showed you his nonifications. millic had called and texted him over 100 times.

“did you make up a lie just so you could come over here?” you giggled as you buttoned up a loose button on his shirt.

“yeah, i told him it was important business. but i mean, it kinda was.” he chuckled and kissed your forehead before grabbing his keys. “i love you mochaaa..!” he sung while he stood at the doorway, with his arms wide open waiting for your embrace.

you rolled your eyes at how petty he was and ran over to him. you hugged him as tight as you could. “thanks for always making me feel better baby.”

“i’m your man, it’s what im supposed to do.” he kissed your lips this time. “i’ll see you later okay?”

“okay.” you waved him off.

and with that, he left.


you were smiling brightly the rest of the day. melanin popping cause that sex glo yezz.

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Heyo!! could you write a bts imagine where you get sick and you tell them to stay away but they insist to help? Thanks love~

I love fluffy shit like this:)

Jin would just smile lovingly at you as you pointed at the door for him to leave when he entered with a glass of orange juice and a bowl of soup. Ignoring your miserable commands he’d sit on the bed next to you and hand you the things he brought to make you feel better. When you’d scold him for risking his voice he’d laugh and cover his mouth with his hand. ‘Better? Now scoot over.’

When you were sick you’d see a different side of Yoongi, a softer more caring side. Not that he wasn’t already caring with you but when you were sick he’d try his hardest to make you as comfortable as possible. Despite your commands to make him leave he’d just laugh at you, kiss your temple and sit on the other side of the room where his desk was. ‘You’re there for me when I’m sick, the least I can do I work from home in case you need something.’ He’d say in a 'matter of fact’ voice.

He’d be all over you, making you tea bringing you soup and making sure you’re taking your medicine. He hated seeing you out of order and would do everything his mom would do when he was sick. He loved being a source of care for you so when you protested his help he’d just chuckle and change the topic.

Getting sick himself wouldn’t even be a concern of his. His response to you telling him to leave would be a quite 'ahhhh jagiya’ as he put in your favorite cartoon movie and crawled into bed with you. He’d pull you close to his chest and rub circles on your back, asking softly if there was anything you needed.

It’s not that he would listen and leave you abandoned to deal with it yourself, but he’d give you your space making sure to check on you every hour on the hour. He’d sit in the living room right outside your door and although he’d appear to be watching a movie he was secretly listening to hear you call his name to the point where he’d run into your room randomly asking if you called him when he only heard the A/c kick on.


He’d make you feel better by raising your spirits. You’d tell him you didn’t want him to get sick so he’d leave to return in a mask and gleaning gloves. He’d sit on the floor by your bed and purposely mumble things through the mask to make you laugh. Just because he was banished to the floor it wouldn’t mean he would try to get in bed with you. 'Jagi look I’m protected please can I just hold your hand’

Although he would probably be the most afraid to catch what you had he’d still find himself in your room a lot so he could take care of you. He’d rub Vicks on your chest, bring you ginger tea and make sure you were as comfortable as possible. Every time he would walk in the room you’d tell him not to but he’d just smile sweetly and continue to take care of you.

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Headcanons for the bros comforting their s/o when they start crying?

u got it, friend (๑و•̀ω•́)و

Noctis: Alarm bells go off in his head right away once he sees the tears start to fall. He fumbles around a bit trying to find the right words, but he swallows them down and steps forward to wrap his arms around them gently. He really isn’t good in situations like these, but he pets their hair lovingly and keeps an arm firmly around their back. “You’re okay. I got you,” he’ll murmur to them until they stop shaking. Once their crying lowers into small sniffs, he’ll take their face in his hands and kiss them on the forehead. He isn’t sure how else to communicate how much he cares for them, so kisses will have to do.

Ignis: “Come, now, no tears,” he might try to chide them, but soon realize it’s too late for that. He’ll place a hand on their head softly and pull them into his shoulder so they can cling onto him if they need to. He uses one hand to keep running his fingers through their hair in a repetitive motion, and the other hand rubs circles on their back. “Shall I make tea?” he offers after a while, but seeing them in their melting state he simply sighs and wipes away some of their tears with a handkerchief. “Please… tell me what I can do to raise your spirits.” (Even he would feel a little helpless in the situation.)

Gladio: He doesn’t say a word, just wraps an arm around them and pulls them to his chest. He’d probably have to sit somewhere just so his partner can curl themselves up in his lap and cry into his shirt. Gladio pats their back over and over like a parent would do, and wipes away their tears with his thumbs. If he’s really at a loss for what to do, it doesn’t show, but he might start humming something in another attempt to take their mind off of whatever’s causing them stress. After they calm down a bit, he places kisses on their cheeks and smiles. “Feel any better?” (He’ll tickle them until they’re laughing if they don’t smile at first.)

Prompto: “Oh no,” he whispers at the first sight of tears. “Oh no, oh no, oh no.” He gathers his partner up in his arms and frantically starts to ramble, “Is everything okay? Are you hurt? Did something happen? Does your stomach hurt? Did I do it?” It’ll take him a moment to realize that his partner is crying a bit too hard to respond to him, so he simply cradles their head so they’re leaned into his neck and strokes their hair. “Shhhh,” he soothes them. “It’s okay. You’re always so strong all the time, it’s amazing, y’know? I just bawl whenever something gets on my mind.” When they start to regain their composure, he grabs their hand. “Alright, who’s ready for a pick-me-up? I vote ice cream!”

TTB: 20 Questions

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition—20 Questions    

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch The Butts.  

 Warnings: Mild Language.

 Start at the beginning 

Originally posted by ohflint

You managed to curl up under a cloak from one of the men-dwarves, they said they were dwarves-you were now with and managed to get a bit of sleep.  By bit you meant maybe twenty minutes.  Your mind was running a mile a second, but you just figured it was some crazy dream, must have hit your head too hard when you fell…it would be fine.  You would open your eyes to the white walls of a hospital where hopefully you had a CAT scan and everything was normal again…

But it wasn’t. You woke with a start at hearing two of the men-dwarves shouting at one another and sat up, groaning as you felt your body twitch against the bruises that covered your body from the fall.  Every muscle in your body was crying out, begging you to just sit as still as possible and pray for medication, but you honestly didn’t even know if they had that here.  So, you tried to distract yourself from the pain.  Your eyes moved quickly, taking stock of what was around you before you let out a loud groan and let your head fall forward.  Just trees, rocks, grass, and a lot of dwarves…

“Lass, you alright?”  You didn’t look up to see who was speaking, not like you knew all of their names anyway…

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