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soulmate au | baseball player au

⇢ pairing: park jinyoung | reader

⇢ genre: fluff + soft angst

⇢ word count: 7.227

author’s note: born out of this anon request and the unbecoming amount of love i have for soulmate aus lmaoo

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Wanna Bet? [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

Word Count: 1,080

Prompt:  “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

Warnings: Violence. Language. Fluff

a/n: this was supposed to be a drabble… oops

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“Daryl, I think I want to start learning how to use a crossbow. I’m tired of having to use my knife all the time, I’ve been too close to death before because of it.” You approach Daryl. The two of you are on a run together to gather more baby supplies for Judith, since she was only born a couple of weeks ago and she’s already running low on formula.

A few minutes ago, in an attempt to kill a walker that was standing in front of the bottles, it had grabbed your hand before you had the chance to stab it, successfully making you drop your knife. Daryl saved you, thankfully, but all you can think about is how nice it would be to be able to kill walkers without having to actually get near them.

“Learnin’ how ‘ta shoot a bow is hard as shit. It’s gon’ take a while.” Daryl shakes his head, a small smile creeping on to his lips. You two haven’t been together too long, only for a few weeks at most (although you’re not really sure- no one keeps track of time anymore), but you’ve noticed the little things about him, and whenever you take interest in things that he likes is one of them. He knows that he is a loved and valuable member of the group, but you know that he still occasionally struggles with the feeling as if he is unwanted and disliked. So whenever you do things like this, despite it being for a genuine good reason, it always makes him happy.

“You never know, Daryl. I could be a natural.” You shrug your shoulders, grabbing the bottles and formula off the shelf. There are so many different brands and kinds, but since baby Judith can be quite the picky eater at times, you’ve learned that taking everything available is the best option.

“I doubt it. Shootin’ bows don’t come naturally to no one.” Daryl snorts. “Took me years ‘ta get this good.”

“You must have just not been a natural then, huh.” You tease him. “I bet you that I could shoot your bow right now and get a good shot on one of those walkers outside.”

“Whatever.” Daryl shakes his head, finishing filling up his bag. It’s almost over spilling at this point. “I bet ‘ya can’t.”

“Is that a challenge?” You raise your eyebrows at him. “Well, it’s on. Hand me your bow.”

“I’m gonna win this bet, ‘ya know that, right?” Daryl stares at you.

“I’m so confident in my skills that I’m placing a wager on this. If I get a shot on the walker, you have to cook my food for a week. I’m sick and tired of burning my hands on that fire trying to heat up my food.” You tell Daryl. In reality, you’re not confident at all. You know there is a huge chance that you’re going to shoot that bow and miss by a long shot. But, Daryl’s complete and utter non-confidence in you sparked a fire. Your inner competitiveness came out, and here you are, placing a bet over something you know damn well you can’t do.

“That’s easy as hell, couldn’t come up with a harder one?” Daryl lets out an airy laugh. “And if I win, and I know I will, ‘ya have to take my night watch up in the tower tonight.”

“Deal.” You smile. You shake his hand, sealing the bet you just made. You’re so screwed.

Daryl and you walk out of the small grocery store, loading up your bags of baby things into his motorcycle before he hands you his bow. You look at it intimidated before you grab it out of his hands, taking a deep breath.

You look around for a walker, seeing one walking around the side of the building. It hasn’t spotted you two yet, giving you the perfect advantage. You try and attempt to cock the stirrup, but the setting that Daryl has it set on is too weighted, and you can’t pull it back.

“Daryl, this is unfair. I can’t even pull it back.” You pout.

“That’s losing fair and square.” Daryl shrugs. “Can’t pull back the arrow, aint my fault.”

“Daryl,” You glare at him, and he sighs.

“The stakes are goin’ up ‘cause of this…” He grumbles. He takes the bow back from your hands, adjusting the weight so you can pull it back with ease. “Ya gotta sleep in my cell with me for the next week now, too.”

“That’s a punishment?” You raise your eyebrows. “Sounds like a treat to me.”

You lift the crossbow up, closing one eye to get better accuracy to shoot the walker, just as you’ve seen Daryl do in the past. You draw back the stirrup, releasing the trigger once you are satisfied with your aim. Much to your surprise, it actually goes where you were aiming- right in its forehead.

“No fuckin’ way,” Daryl groans out.

“Told you I’d be a natural.” You wink at him and kiss his cheek. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll still sleep in your cell for the week. I would’ve done that anyways- don’t be shy to ask me stuff. But, you’re totally still cooking my food for me.”

“Nah, that was cheatin’.” Daryl grins at you. “Ya had me lessen the weight.”

“Nope, I won fair and square.” You shake your head. “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

“You’re a pain in my ass sometimes, ya know that?” Daryl laughs and brings you into a kiss. His lips move against yours at a slow pace, neither one of you had dared to go any further than small, simple kisses. He was already nervous about getting into a relationship in the first place, so you are not rushing him. The kisses he gives you are perfect.

“Alright, alright, ‘ya professional hunter,” Daryl pulls away. “Go get that arrow outta his head, and we can get outta here. We can start lessons tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” You peck his lips one more time. “Can’t wait for my delicious dinner tonight, babe.”

“Ah, whatever.” Daryl laughs, and you pick up the arrow before setting it back into its rightful place. “You’re lucky I like ‘ya.”

“You’re right.” You grin. “I am lucky.”


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Pas de Deux (Ken x Reader)

Rating: M, very very VERY M

(A/N) The fam wanted some sub!Ken and, boy howdy, I was more than WILLING to give! To spice things up, I made this a Ballet AU because why the hell not? He’s my ult and he deserves a cool AU! (ps i just busted the fattest nut for this gif holy cow)

Originally posted by ladyandraz

The orchestra struck the first note of the grand pas de deux boldly, as it should be, opening up the scene for the audience who were already scooting closer in their seats to catch a glimpse of what was to come. For this particular ballet, which contained numerous modern and adult concepts like love, sex, control, and the power struggle between two lovers, was not only a dance, but a song as well; a song of both your bodies and voices that captured the essence of the characters’ relationship. It was the first time in the entire show that you and your partner were to sing, being the last characters in the plot to showcase your voices to the audience who wanted to know if you both could dance and sing. Critics in the crowd were ready to pick you apart, ready to write columns about how you were nothing more than dancers who could maybe carry a tune when asked. But you had a fiery anger in your heart, defiance lifting your chin as you strode out elegantly toward center stage, ready to prove those ruthless columnists wrong.

You heard numerous audience members gasp as you glided to the middle, performing several intricate dance passes while they gawked at your stage outfit which was innovative and daring for a ballet. Much of your skin was exposed, save for your breasts and tutu, and the audience members soon understood the sexual nature of this grand pas de deux when your partner and danseur breached the stage.

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Driven #2 - [MONSTA X] Kihyun!Au

[A/N] Oh well. A flash fiction became series, I mean what’s new. Fuck me.

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[Part 1]

He came in with his small bag and walked in to you wearing your shorts in the middle of your queen-sized bed. With your fingers tapping the keyboard loudly on your laptop, he walked in, almost tiptoeing as he bit his lower lip with uneasy eyes. He set his bag as silent as possible, trying not to get your attention.

But of course you noticed, you just didn’t want to make a huge deal out of it. Until he sat next to your feet, on the same bed, “Where do you think you’re sitting.” You said, death in your tone. He fidgets his eyes away, and he muttered a few words that was barely heard by you. “What.” You shot, squeezing your face, leaning towards him. “Where do I sleep?” He turned to you, annoyed, flustered and cornered. You breathed in deeply and snapped your head to the left and Kihyun jumped on it. “Not next to me…there. Over there.” You darted your eyes to a small area where your stuffed toys were.

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Fluff Marathon # 10

Ubbe Ragnarsson

Request:  Small fluff request; How about Ubbe teaching the reader something and being all cute and flirty about it.

Taglist: @whenimaunicorn @itharley @burningsunshin3 @inthenameofodin @miss-brightly-red @odins-missing-eye @nothingbuthappydays @dani-si @zombie-zayde @ivarbarnes @decaffeinatedeaglefart @float-autumn-leave

You sat crouched down in the forest, fingers slipping over the falling leaves from the trees. Since your brother passed away of illness there wasn’t a hunter in the family anymore. You father got to old and your mother hardly did anything to provide the family. So it came to you, you went trading in the hopes to get some things in to provide you and your parents for the winter. For that you had to have something to trade. So you took that bow for the first time, looking to the string, the arrows, thinking about your brother. You needed to learn how to hunt. And here you were, looking to the leaves, following the marks of a deer in the mud onto an open field. You looked through the trees to the field, looking for the deer or at least a white spotted tale or his brown ears but there was nothing and you signed, frustrated about the situation and the lack in skills. Your brother learned you a thing or two about hunting, or at least trailing a deer through the woods but doing it was not that easy as he always explained it. You sat down against a tree, looking over the field, the trees, cursing yourself over your situation.

A whole hour past when you heard the noise of leaves brushing against each other. You looked up, seeing a small group of deer’s crossing over the field.
‘Just sitting and looking won’t help you.’ A voice said from behind. You startled and pushed yourself up, turning around to Ubbe. Offcourse it startled the deer’s to, they vanished between the trees.
‘Really?’ You asked him. He leaned against the tree, tilting his head a little. He knew your brother, they both hunted sometimes together, so he wasn’t an unfamiliar face.
‘It’s cute, you stepping up like this.’ He said.
‘It’s that or starving to dead.’ You answered without looking back to him. You started walking, crossing the fields to fiend those deer’s again, off course he followed.
‘You could just ask for help.’ He stated. You signed, stopping and turning back to him.
‘You know I won’t do that.’
‘I also know you can’t hunt.’ He pointed to that bow you had between your hands.
‘First time for everything.’ You replied rather stubborn, not trying to look to long to him and following the trail again. He was silence, following you in your footsteps while you were looking for that group of deer’s. It couldn’t be that hard right? You just had to pull the string, aim and let it loose … you could do that.
‘It suits you.’ He said after quite some time of silence.
‘This, you, looking like this.’
‘What are you trying to say Ubbe?’ You asked without looking away from the trail between the forest ground.
‘Just, the bow, the arrows, you holding all of that.’ He said. He didn’t say it in the manner of speaking it supposed to be.
‘Are you flirting?’ You asked him impatient. He leaned a little in and you just kept your eyes in his once.
‘I don’t know, you tell me.’ He answered that question way to polite. You gazed a little longer and turned around to the trail again. It was about five minutes in silence before you grabbed you around your waist and pulled you behind a tree all of the sudden. Your heart raced as he laid his finger against your lips to keep you silence. You looked at it, feeling how his chest raised against yours. It took you some time before you finally found some words.
‘What?’ You asked. He smiled and turned you, pointing between the trees to the deer’s resting in a small open spot.
‘Can I hit them from this distant?’ You asked softly. He looked over your shoulder, still to close by.
‘Don’t know, is this asking for help?’ He asked amused. You gave him a frustrating look, looking back to the deer’s, trying to remember what your brother always told you. You signed, turning back behind to tree.
‘Will you learn me how to shoot one?’ You forced out. He smiled, titling his head while he studied your face, looked shortly over your body. He nodded. ‘Thank you. Tell me, what should I do?’ You whispered, looking back to the deer’s. It was silent for a moment and you looked over your shoulder back to Ubbe. He had an arrow in his hand, studying the arrowhead before giving it to you. You took it over, rather nervous and looked back at the deer’s.
‘It isn’t just shooting Y/n.’ He began, whispering from over your shoulder. You looked a little aside before looking back. ‘The first question you have to ask yourself is if you can kill such a beautiful animal.’ He said. You looked to the deer’s, asking yourself the exact same thing.
‘I need to survive, this is me surviving.’
‘I wouldn’t turn a beautiful animal down if it came to ask for help.’ He whispered. You felt his warm breath against your neck and you closed your eyes for a moment.
‘I’m not an animal.’ You pointed out. He chuckled lightly before nodding back to the animals.
‘Alright. You need to think about your breathing, you won’t shoot straight all nervous like this.’ He explained you further. You felt his hand slip around your waist to your stomach and it looked like he was pulling you in a trance. His fingers laid between your breast, where your breathing was the most obvious. ‘Calm down.’ He whispered. You laid focus on the animal more than the fact he was touching you. He pushed your elbow up and you raised your bow, laying the arrow on it. His hands shifted on your body, stroking from your elbow to the side of your chest, while his other hand covered yours. It left all kind of feelings behind. He was mimicking your position, placing your feet a little wider by pushing his leg between yours. ‘Pull that string, aim but don’t let go.’ He whispered. You did what he told you to, you felt his head resting aside yours as he followed your aim to the deer that was closed by. He adjust your aim a little, you felt your heart raise in your chest. ‘Breath out Y/n and shoot, go on the feeling.’ You did, slowly breathing out before you let the string go and that arrow flew right at the animal, piercing in it’s neck. The others ran off, that deer to but it didn’t go far. ‘And  that is how you shoot a completely harmless beautiful animal.’
‘Are you making me feel guilty?’ You asked him, looking to the animal his last movements between the grass.
‘No, just me saying that you should come to me the next time.’ You felt his lips move against your ear and you breathed out again.
‘Because I’m a completely harmless animal to?’ You slowly turned around to him. He laid his hand against your jaw, stroking his hand over your cheek.£‘Harmless, I don’t know, beautiful, defiantly.’ He stated with a charming smile.

Burning (El Diablo x Reader)

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Requested by @nerdygirl1219: “Hello! Can you do a Diablo x reader where like the reader has her own powers (You can choose what kind) and like she’s not in Diablo’s gang but her brother is in it, but she’s still close with some of the members. And the night Diablo accidentally kills his family, she was going over to his home to visit and she sees the house on fire and when the cops come not only do they arrest him, but also her because they think she was involved in it. So they go to Belle Reve together and stuff.”

A/n: I chose the powers that Scarlet Witch has in the marvel movies. I love Wanda so much and I really wanted to try something with her abilities. I tried to make this work so I hope you guys like this.

Warning: Violence, mild swearing.

Whistling echoed off of the walls of your glass cell. Your hand waved in the air, red particles flowed through your finger tips and danced in the air above you. Footsteps sounded towards your cell and you let your hand drop down beside you as you sat up.

“What can she do?” The voice asked as a woman you didn’t recognize approached your cell.

“The reports say she can manifest energy currents that appear in reddish, glowing mist-like shapes. When using those abilities of hers, her irises glow a dark, reddish color. She has the ability project energy blasts, waves, and bolts. She can also get into someone’s head and mess around in there. Using painful memories to create pain for her victims and even projecting visions into their minds to control their actions. Mental manipulation at its finest.”

You glared at the guard reading from a clipboard that explained your abilities, like you weren’t even there. Griggs had always been a pain in your ass and you would give anything to kill him with your bare hands.

“(Y/n) (L/n)?” She asked, her tone as cold as the expression on her face.

“The one and only,” you smirked, raising your hands in the air to mimic a bow.

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anonymous asked:

2D cheating on his s/o, And them finding out, and the aftermath? Possibly getting back together?

You heaved a deep sigh as your brows furrowed in irritation, swivelling your head on your hand around to look at the doorway of the sitting room. The doorway in which 2D had left from about 20 minutes ago, a phone call he had to take, sure, a 20 minute phone call while he left you sitting alone in his house though? No.
You didn’t even know who he was on the phone to, and that bugged you tremendously. He’d been so jittery recently and you couldn’t understand why, Murdoc certainly wasn’t bothering him as much as he used to, since discovering S&M he was definitely more interested in beating himself up than 2D. And you could honestly think of no other reason that would have him on edge constantly.
A groan left you parted lips as you picked up your own phone to glance at the time; 20:48, unbelievable, he’d left you at about half past and now it was going on to ten to. The frown on your features deepened as you decided to track him down to ask what was taking so long.
You checked most of the rooms only to come up empty handed, however a voice echoing from the bathroom had you raising a brow as you quietly walked down and pressed your ear against the door.
’- na doll, course I want to see you tomorrow, I’ve already told (Y/N) I have to cancel tomorrow night with her so I’m all yours… I know, I will end things with her soon, I’m just waiting for the right time… yea, I should go too, she’s been waiting on me for ages, love ya doll’
Your eyes remained wide in shock throughout their entire conversation, even as the room went quiet and you stumbled back from the door.
2D, he was cheating on you, 2D, the man you loved, the man you gave up so much for, he’s just tailing you along like some pathetic little bimbo.
Your wide eyes snapped down to the door handle as it turned before 2D emerged, his face going from calm to absolutely horrified the moment he saw you.
’(Y/N)! I-I, uh-’ he started stammering before your shocked features turned hard and stormy.
‘You what 2D? Go on, I’d love to hear how you plan on getting yourself out of this one’ you growled out as you glared at him.
2D stood frozen in place, a cold sweat beginning to form as he stared at your face, speechless as he watched your eyes once filled with love and admiration for him turn to eyes filled with disgust and hatred.
‘Look, Darlin’ I-I can explain’ he gulped as he reached a hand out for you.
'Don’t you fucking touch me’ you spat, flinching back before he could reach you and looking at him like something diseased, 'I can’t even look at you, what the fuck kind of person do you take me for? A toy? Something to keep you entertained until you find someone better? You make me sick, I wish I’d never fucking met you’ you spoke every word with venom as you stared at how his shoulders slumped pathetically.
'I’m done’ you spoke after waiting a few moments to see if he’d say anything to help his case, but as he remained with his head bowed in silence you raised your hands and walked away, heading for the sitting room to get your stuff.
'No Darlin’, wai-’ he didn’t get to finish, as he reached out and successfully grabbed your wrist, you immediately whirled around and slapped him across the face, the sound echoing off the walls and your hand stinging from the force was all you registered before turning back around to get your stuff and walking right out the door, never looking back.
Aftermath: for weeks 2D tried to get in contact with you, constant calls and texts and him sobbing his apologies through voicemail begging for your forgiveness.
You, however, remained strong in ignoring all of his attempts. Your friends surrounded you in love and comfort, especially Noodle who you thought it would be difficult since 2D was like a father figure to her, but she was disgusted by his behaviour and while she was still civil to him, she was constantly there for you.
All the apology attempts came down to boiling point four weeks after you left him crumpled on the floor after finding out, a devastated 2D simply turned up at your door, his last attempt at forgiveness.
You stared at him, nothing but pity for the mess he had become, but no more love.
'Please’ was all he said through a whimper as he leaned heavily against your doorframe. You watched him long and hard for a few moments before sighing.
'Listen, I don’t want anymore of this, these apology attempts. I need you to understand, we are over. I will never take you back 2D, you hurt me in the worst way you possibly could. And I need you to understand that I’m doing this for myself, I deserve so much better than you, someone who won’t take what we had and destroy it while only thinking of themselves. I loved you, and that obviously meant very little to you. Goodbye 2D, I wish you well for the future’
You finished, giving him a small smile before softly closing the door behind you, letting a small tear slide down your cheek.
It was hard, but it was for the best.

(Super long, and I changed it a bit, but once someone cheats on you you immediately deserve better than that. You’ve got to love and put yourself first ❤️)

Endure Spell (Pokemon Inspired)

A spell to help give you emotional strength when times get trying and difficult.

You Will Need:

  • A Red Sachet
  • Cinnamon (preferably chipped, powdered will leak through the sachet)
  • Clove
  • Rosemary
  • Amethyst
  • Bloodstone
  • A candle to burn (preferably red)


  • Light your candle and let it burn during the duration of your spell
  • Add your herbs into the sachet a top them add the crystals
  • Tie the sachet shut and grasp it between both of your hands and bow your forehead and raise your fists that hold the sachet up
  • “These herbs, these stones, this candle and fire; shall bring me strength in these times. Grant me my desire, to be stronger.”
  • Focus on your intent to be strong emotionally and visualize a fire starting to burn inside you, to help power you and give you strength.
  • Once satisfied with this, blow out your candle and hold your sachet over the smoke.
  • “I will be strong.” and repeat this 3 times.
  • Carry sachet around with you, cleanse in smoke of incense or candles and charge by placing it near a burning candle (not too close to get wax on it or risk it catching flame)
Shame - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Requested by @fangirlinghufflepuff : Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! Can you please do one where Draco is in a secret relationship with reader, muggleborn Hufflepuff girl and she notices he starts acting weird, after he got the mark, and he tells her everything at last?

You were in the library with a group of friends, including Draco. Around you, everyone was chatting happily but Draco was quiet and reluctant to meet your eyes. This had become normal during the past few weeks. You had, consequently, become worried and withdrawn. Nobody had seemed to draw the connection between the two of you. 

Harry Potter turned into the aisle you were occupying and signalled for you to come his way - although you spent you time among a number of different friendship groups you had become somewhat of an advisor to Harry. You told your friends you’d be right back.

“Everything alright?” you asked, concerned. Harry just frowned.

“I think I’ve figured out what Draco has been doing,” he said. Your heart sank.

“Harry, not this again, please.” He ignored you.

“I think he’s a Death Eater,” he explained. You took a sharp intake of breath. 

“Don’t be ridiculous Harry,” you said, although this only confirmed what you suspected. “We can talk about this later, okay? I have to finish my essay.” You turned and walked away, knowing that now was the time to talk to Draco. 

Returning to the group, you tried to at least pretend that your mind was on the conversation. Writing a note on a scrap of paper, you sent it to Draco, who - though he was sat just a few metres away - felt miles away. He looked up and met your pleading your eyes. He gave you a resigned nod.

Much later, when everyone had left, you were finally alone. There was a heavy silence between you, neither quite willing to break it. You cautiously took his hand. Although he flinched, he didn’t remove his hand. You reached and gently raised his bowed head with your free hand. 

“Draco, I know that something’s wrong, I can see that. But I want you to know that nothing, I mean it, nothing will stop me from loving you. It’s been hell without you recently, not just because I’ve missed you, but because I’ve been worried sick about you. All of the ways you’ve supported me, but I haven’t been able to help you. The pain of seeing you in pain is unbearable." 

You watched as Draco’s walls crumbled and a tear rolled down his cheek. He squeezed your hand tightly. You saw him attempt to speak, but he couldn’t trust his voice. Freeing his hand from yours, he pulled his sleeve up to show the symbol which was burned there. His head turned away in shame, but you took his hand again and watched as he slowly dared to look at you. Wordlessly, you kissed away the tears on his cheeks.

Straight shooter

AN: The reader is a talented marksman and is asked by Bellamy to train some of the delinquents, but when Mbege takes an interest in his new trainer, Bellamy has to step in
Characters: Bellamy, various delinquents
Pairings: Bellamy x reader
Warning(s): Swearing
Spoiler(s): None
Prompt: Too long to type

Your breath fogged up in the cool morning air and you cast a worried glance at the overcast sky. The days were getting shorter, the nights colder and the word winter seemed frozen in your mind. Sticks crunched under heavy boots and you spun, an arrow already notched in your handmade bow.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Bellamy called, raising his hands in surrender, “It’s just me.”

You let out a sigh of relief, “Bellamy, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“Sorry,” the boy said with a sheepish smile, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

You shrugged, “There’s not much that doesn’t scare me these days.”

“Preach,” Bellamy replied, “what’re you doing out here by the way?”

“Hunting,” you explained, “winter is on it’s way. I figured we could use the extra food and a few more animal pelts. Pretty soon it’s gonna be cold all the time, and we can’t afford to lose anyone else.”

Bellamy nodded solemnly, “I agree,” the boy said, running his hand across his tired face, “not that staying warm will matter if the grounders slaughter us in the next few days.”

“Aren’t you the optimistic one,” you joked with a rueful smile, “don’t worry Bell, we can fight.”

“Well, that’s kind of what I’m here about.” Bellamy admitted.

You raised your eyebrow, intrigued by the prospect of a new challenge.

“You’re pretty good with that bow,” Bellamy commented, “and you’re the best gunman I have.” The boy’s eyes flicked to you nervously, “Would you mind coaching some of the others? I would just do it myself, but with all the battle preparations going on…”

“Sure thing,” you cut in, “don’t even worry about it. I’ll have that bunch of morons fighting ready in no time.”

Bellamy breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you Y/N, this is really gonna help our chances.”

“Happy to.” You smiled, slinging your bow over your shoulder and brushing past the boy, heading in the direction of camp, “Oh and if you need anything else, I’m your girl.”

Bellamy blushed lightly, glad that you’d already begun to walk away, “You’re my girl.”


Bellamy’s eyes scanned the crowd of nervous teens. For almost a week there had been no grounder attacks but everyone could feel their presence in the air, an oncoming tidal wave of pain and destruction. Needless to say, it made people nervous.

Bellamy’s days had been occupied with overseeing projects and discussing strategy with Clarke, but now he’d run out of work. His hands were idle, and that made Bellamy anxious. His mind wandered to you, and he was filled with the rush of excitement that you always gave him. Maybe he’d check how you were doing with your new position; he could even lend a hand. The prospect of spending an entire day near you filled Bellamy with a warm glow as he made his way to the makeshift shooting range.

Your eyes were trained on the fifteen boys, who followed your every instruction, finding small faults in the way a gun was held, or the positioning of one on a shoulder and correcting each with a subtle grace that made Bellamy believe that you were born to teach others.

Bellamy leant against a tree, content to just watch you work. It was obvious now that you didn’t need his help, you were just fine.

Bellamy had felt connected to you since the first day on earth. You’d opposed him, accusing the boy of manipulating the 100 for your own personal gain. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that and, once his anger had cooled, Bellamy found himself oddly impressed by you. As time passed, Bellamy tried to learn more about you. You were from Mecha station, your father had been floated for domestic violence, you’d been training to become a mechanic, and you were the toughest person anyone ever knew. Bellamy’s picture of you had been incomplete though, until you’d been trapped in a cave together during a hunting trip.

The boy remembered the day with perfect clarity. You’d smiled and joked together, him making fun of your hair, you making fun of his God complex. For three hours Bellamy had felt completely relaxed, something about you made it easy for him to be himself. When the fog had cleared, the two of you left, and Bellamy knew two things for sure. One; the puzzle that was you was far more intricate than he’d originally thought and Two; he was deeply in love with you.

That last realization had scared him. When you’ve got an illegal sibling to look after, you don’t have the option of falling in love, getting married and having kids. Your whole life is dedicated to protecting your sibling and Bellamy didn’t regret looking after Octavia the way he did, but he’d never prepared himself for a life away from her. He’d never prepared himself for love. He’d never prepared himself for you. The first time you’d kissed, he’d kept his muscles tensed, too frightened to do so much as move. You’d laughed gently, and kissed him again, more softly, coaxing him into a reaction he hadn’t known was inside of him.

As your relationship had progressed, Bellamy had learned more about himself than he’d thought was possible. He loved you so much that it hurt sometimes, but he never regretted his choice. Loving you was worth it.

Watching you now, Bellamy was more certain than ever. His eyes clung hungrily to yours, tracking your movements and marvelling at how much being near you made him ache.

“Hey Y/N?” John Mbege called, “I’m having some trouble, give me a hand?”

You stepped closer to the boy, lifting his arm and peering through the scope over John’s shoulder. Mbege winked at his friend Murphy and purposely shifted his gun again. Again, you adjusted it, oblivious to the looks Mbege was shooting the other boys. Bellamy clenched his jaw, curling his hands into fists.

“So, Y/N, what’re you up to after this?” Mbege asked.

You shrugged, still focussing on the shooting tactics of your students. Mbege put his gun down, following you as you paced across the lines.

“Well if you’re not too busy, I’ve got an hour and a tent where we can have some fun.” Mbege said flirtatiously.

Your eyes finally met his, “An hour? Really? Wow, that’s ambitious.” You smirked and stepped past the boy, “Any way, thanks but no thanks.”

“Come on girl,” Mbege pressed, “don’t be like that.”

“She said no thanks.” Bellamy said through clenched teeth, “That’s your cue to back the hell off.”

“What’s it to you Blake?” Mbege asks, “You got a claim on Y/N?”

“Maybe I do.” Bellamy said, “So back off.”

Your eyebrows had disappeared into your hairline and you pulled Bellamy aside.

“What the hell was that Blake?” You asked, your eyebrows creased with worry, “You don’t think I can handle a horny teenage boy?”

“No it’s not that it’s-“

“Because if so, you really shouldn’t have given me this job. Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you’d better get over it fast ‘cause-“

“You’re mine Y/N.” Bellamy called, “That’s it. You’re mine and I’m in love with you and I don’t like the idea other guys getting to be with you in a way I can’t.” The boy stepped closer, “I know you can take care of yourself, you’re the most badass person I know.” You smiled and Bellamy tentatively brought his hand to your face, “I got jealous okay? Can you forgive me?”

Your pulse thudded under Bellamy’s fingers and you softly pulled on the boy’s t-shirt, “I think I can,” you said seductively, “but let’s get one thing straight. I don’t belong to anyone, I may be your girl, but I’m my own girl first.”

Bellamy smiled, “So then you’re my girl?”

You nodded, kissing the older boy’s palm, “I’m your girl.”



Bellamy brought his lips to yours, forcing them open and pulling you close. Fire rushed through Bellamy as your fingers wound into his thick hair.

“Y/N,” he moaned, “God, I love you.”

You pushed the boy against the bark of a nearby tree, sighing in pleasure as Bellamy kissed along your collar bone.

“You know,” you panted, “I’ve got an hour and a tent where we can have some fun.”

When In Doubt, Blame Tony [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Drabble.

I don’t know what this is. Short, fluffy ridiculousness. I had to make some changes to the request, so I hope it is okay.

Title: When In Doubt, Blame Tony.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: A scenario where your boyfriend Bucky for some reason tries to make you jealous, but you aren’t really are the jealous type, and he thinks you don’t like him that much? fluff and happy ending please

(gif via @bravobarnes )

You were currently holding up the bar in Tony’s plush lounge, trying not to focus on the man across the room that was busy entertaining a number of women with his inviting smirk. Bucky wasn’t normally so talkative around strangers, but tonight he appeared to be in a singular mood and seemed to be enjoying himself. You threw back a shot of tequila, chasing it with lime and grimacing.

At least one of you was having fun tonight.

Natasha sidled up to you, leaning back against the bar and sparing you a consolatory glance before she turned her gaze back to the party.

“I thought you and Barnes were an item?” she commented, raising a curious brow your way as you frowned. It had been a relatively new thing, at least in the team’s eyes. You and Bucky had been dancing around each other for years, and you both finally decided to give it a go only a two months ago.

“So did I,” you snorted, with a baleful glance his way. “Apparently we were both wrong.” You weren’t sure what had changed between the two of you. As far you knew, things had been fine. But then came Tony’s party. Bucky paid you a little attention in the beginning, but soon enough left you behind. When he played pool with Steve, you didn’t mind. Those two deserved some down time with each other. When he arm wrestled Thor, you had been firmly in his corner, cheering him on. He only gave you a quick smile as Thor declared the challenge a tie, and dragged him off to parts unknown.

You didn’t see him for nearly an hour, and when you finally spotted him he was surrounded by a gaggle of women. They were unashamedly flirting with him, touching his arms, giggling, standing as close as they could without literally hanging on to him.

You tried to not let it bother you. The Avengers all had groupies. It was just a fact. Poor Steve got hit on more than anyone, and didn’t know what to do with himself when it happened. Those occasions usually ended with him stammering and Nat politely shooing the girls away.

Bucky was not afflicted with such a severe case of shyness. And on this particular night, he was a shameless flirt. The women enjoyed it thoroughly. You did not.

“I can take care of them if you’d like,” Natasha offered, deadly serious. You were tempted to let her run them off using any method she pleased, but that wouldn’t be mature of you.

“They’re not the problem,” you replied with a sigh.

“Barnes could do with a swift kick to the head,” she agreed with a devilish grin. “And I’m not talking about the one attached to his neck.”

“That is one of your signature moves,” you considered, and Nat looked almost eager at the prospect.

“My Ladies!” Thor’s booming voice interrupted your scheming as he trod up to the bar, throwing a welcoming arm around you both. Natasha looked bemused, but you let out a small laugh at the blonde’s boundless enthusiasm. “You are both looking well tonight! Glorious visions of beauty that I am only too fortunate to behold!”

“Well someone’s been getting into the Asgardian liquor,” Nat grinned.

“What is a party without drink?” Thor lamented. “And I, being most generous, shared my bounty with my hearty brethren!”

“Translation?” you turned to Nat with a questioning look. Thor tended to get grandiose when he had been drinking, and could be a little hard to follow.

“He slipped the super soldiers some booze,” she returned bluntly. “Which might explain why Steve is currently curled up on Sam’s lap,” she added as she slipped her phone out of her pocket and snapped a quick photo.

“And why Bucky is hitting on anything that moves,” you muttered sourly.

Thor grimaced, pulling back and laying an apologetic hand on your shoulder. “I am afraid that is Brother Tony’s fault. He suggested to Sergeant Barnes that making one’s partner jealous could lead to…more amorous love making.” You blushed but Thor was not so easily embarrassed and Nat just let out a sharp bark of laughter. “I believe he is attempting to court you.”  

“Yeah, well I’m not feeling particularly amorous at the moment,” you mumbled, and Thor graced you with a sad puppy dog face that made it impossible to be mad at him.

“My apologies for any role I played in your unhappiness,” he opined, bowing slightly and raising your hand to his lips for a kiss.

You didn’t get a chance to accept his apology before Bucky came striding over, his face red.

“Hey!” he shouted, shoving Thor away from you. Considering he hadn’t used his metal arm to push him, Thor was only being kind when he took a step away from you. “No touching! She’s supposed to be the jealous one, not me!”

People were beginning to stare and you wanted no part of the unwanted attention. With a roll of your eyes, you turned and headed for the terrace. You smacked Steve on the back of the head as you passed for good measure. His confused whine made you smile.

It took Bucky a moment to realize you were gone, and he looked to Natasha plaintively. She pointed toward the doors with an unimpressed expression. “Run, before I hurt you.”

Bucky didn’t need to be told twice.

The cool night air was welcome as he stepped out onto the terrace, serving to sober him up a little. You were leaning on the railing, looking out at the stars. He joined you, staring down at you anxiously, trying to figure out what to say. His head was still a bit out of sorts.

“Were you seriously trying to make me jealous?” you asked in bemusement, tired of the awkward silence.

“Tony made it seem like a good idea,” he muttered in embarrassment.

“Tony is a moron,” you shook your head. “He’s used to one night stands and bored socialites. Ask Pepper if she’d put up with that. Here’s a hint: the answer’s no.”

Bucky hung his head and you almost had to laugh at how downtrodden he looked. His hair was loose, leaving his profile in shadow, but you could tell he was pouting.

“’M sorry,” he murmured, gazing at you through his lashes. “It was dumb, I just thought…”

“What?” you sighed, turned to face him fully. He shrugged in a dopey fashion. You nearly resented him for being such a cute drunk.

“I dunno…you’re just really hot when you’re angry,” he admitted bashfully.

You couldn’t hold back your laugh this time, and he looked up at you questioningly. “It’s not fair,” you chuckled. “You can’t be this adorable right now. I almost let Nat kick you in the balls ten minutes ago.”

His confused expression turned pained. “You were really going to let her kick me?”

“In the balls,” you nodded bluntly. “Hard.” He grimaced. “You did want to make me angry,” you reminded him.

“Yeah, remind me never to do that,” he muttered, adjusting himself discreetly. With a long-suffering sigh, Bucky moved forward, dropping an arm around your waist and pulling you close as he rested his head on your shoulder. “Sorry, I promise to never listen to Tony Stark ever again.”

“Wiser words have never been spoken,” you grinned, letting yourself relax in his arms. “I’m kind of partied out, want to just go to bed?” you contemplated.

“Yes, please,” Bucky groaned eagerly, taking your hand and leading you back towards the lounge.

“You do realize you aren’t getting laid tonight?” you added for clarification. He was still in the doghouse, adorable or not.

Bucky’s footsteps faltered before he resumed walking at a more subdued pace. You had to smother a laugh when you heard him mutter “Damn.”    

12 Dates of Christmas; Part 6

Originally posted by coupleromance

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

Part 6 Outfit

Summary: AU. Dean and the reader are set up on a blind date a few weeks before Christmas, and things kind of seem too good to be true. They decide to have twelve dates beginning with their first and ending with Christmas, to see if spending all that time together will change their minds – and their feelings.

Word Count: 2455

Warnings: More fluff. Dean showering. Making out with Dean. An evil ex and a black eye. This chapter was not as fluffy as I wanted, but hopefully future chapters will be back to the ridiculously fluffy stuff we’re all used to with this series! 

Tags: @kbrand0, @daydreamingintheimpala, @supernaturalfreewill, @growningupgeek, @illisea


Your name: submit What is this?

I think we forgot something.

The text notification on your phone finally forced you to open your eyes. It was early, but you had plenty of time to get ready for work.

Dean’s message pulled your face into a frown. We did?

You pushed back the covers and slid out of bed, stretching your muscles as you walked to the bathroom and pulled two fluffy towels from the cabinet. The water warmed quickly, but you didn’t spend too much time getting washed up. Going outside with wet hair wasn’t an idea you were keen on, but it was going to take time to blow-dry your hair before heading over to the station.

Today, pretty girl. We forgot about today.

Another confusing text message.

“Today?” you said out loud to yourself. “What did I forget today?”

Still wrapped in your towel and thankful for a good heating system, you padded over to the calendar in the kitchen. Dean #6 – Movies.

“I’m off today!” you squealed, and then quieter, and with a smile, you added, “And I get to see Dean tonight.”

Movies! you texted back. Date #6. Can’t wait! :)

Me either, pretty girl. I’ll bring dinner, see you after work.

Now you just had to find something to fill the hours until Dean arrived.


By early afternoon, your housework was done, and, despite the cold weather, you wanted to get out of the house for a little bit. You hadn’t seen Mandy in a few days, so you put in a call to your friend to see what she was up to for the afternoon.

“I’m finishing up at work, actually,” she told you, “but I’m going to find a dress for my party in an hour or so. Want to meet up for a late lunch first?”

“Sounds great. Need to get something, myself.”

You were able to fold and put away your last load of laundry before you bundled up to go meet Mandy. No new snow had fallen, but the old stuff still covered rooftops and lawns, and had turned to a gray slush along the curb of the main roads. Not once did that deter your Christmas joy when you saw lights or Christmas trees or tinsel or any other decoration. That was one of your favorite things about the holiday.

Mandy’s cheeks were just a rosy as yours when you met her at the dress store, but she already had several dresses in hand.

“Oh, one of these is for you! You’ve got to try it on. Dean will be so impressed.” She handed you a pretty red dress; you raised your brow at the bow on the front. “Just give it a try. You weren’t sure about the blind date, and that worked out really well. You shouldn’t doubt my judgment ever again.”

You chuckled but took the dress from her. “Dating and dresses are not the same thing, my friend.”

“Maybe they’re more similar than you think,” Mandy joked.

You and Mandy each picked out a couple more dresses, and you found a pair of shoes to go with any of the dresses you had found. As it turned out, Mandy was completely right about the red dress. The gold heels you’d found matched perfectly; with a little effort when it came to hair and make-up, you’d really (hopefully) impress Dean.

After trying on dresses and shoes, then going so far as to find some new make-up, you were ready for comfy clothes when you got home. Dean would be over after not too long, but he’d already seen you fall apart after a long shift, then saw you when you woke up after sleeping next to you for eight hours … You figured he would probably be okay with comfy clothes. A comfy pair of shorts and a K-State shirt and a messy bun; yes, this was comfort.

“So, I’m picking up Chinese food,” Dean told you when he called after work. “And I hope you don’t mind, but I brought some sweats to change into when I get there.”

You grinned to yourself. “That’s perfect. I’m already in comfy clothes, and I’ve got a couple of beers in my fridge with your name on them.”

“Keep talking like that,” Dean warned, “and I just might keep you around after these twelve dates.”

You had to laugh at that. “Only if I’ll have you.”

He chuckled. “Fair enough. See you in about thirty minutes, pretty girl.”

“See you soon.”

You had How the Grinch Stole Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life ready to go, a throw blanket on the couch, and you had just set out a couple frosted mugs when Dean rang the doorbell.

“I mean to tell you it was open and you could just come in,” you apologized, taking the Chinese food from his hand. “How about I’ll get this set up, and you can change? My room or the bathroom, either is fine.”

“Somebody’s hungry,” Dean laughed as he headed for the bathroom. “I hate to delay your supper anymore, and this may be a tad awkward but I feel like I smell like oil and grease. Would it be weird if I showered real quick?”

Dean in your shower. Why did the thought of that suddenly make your cheeks heat? “Uh, sure, no problem. Towels are in the cabinet.”

“Thanks.” You noticed that he was a little flushed as well as he headed for the bathroom, clean t-shirt and sweats in hand.


You were seated on the couch watching a sitcom while you waited for Dean. The Chinese food was kept warm in the oven, although you had gone ahead and started on a beer – a beer you nearly choked on when Dean came out of the bathroom.

He was dressed but his hair was still a little wet, spiked up from him running a hand through it. And even though he smelled like your soap, it somehow smelled better on him. You immediately jumped up from the couch and made for the kitchen. Maybe getting the food set out would help distract you from that handsome man for a moment or two.

No such luck.

“Hey,” Dean said, his voice low and quiet in your ear, his hands on your hips. “I didn’t get to kiss you when I walked in.”

You gulped as you turned in his arms, but then a smirk pulled at your mouth. “Well, you did smell like oil and grease when you came in.”

“True,” Dean replied, backing you up against the counter. “What about now?”

You lifted one shoulder. “You smell all right now, I guess.”

He leaned down to capture your mouth with his. “Hey.”

“Hey, Sparky,” you smiled up at him. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me, too,” he said. “Ready to eat?”

“Yes,” you groaned. “I’m so hungry!”

You started The Grinch while the two of you ate and shared about your day. Dean told you about a really cool GTO that had come into the garage, and you told him about dress shopping with Mandy.

“I didn’t realize it was that nice,” Dean commented.

“It’s a new thing this year, Mandy’s just trying it out.” You bit your lip. “Still want to go?”

“Do I still get to be your date?”

“I thought that was the plan,” you frowned.

Dean leaned over and kissed you sweetly. “Then I still want to go.”

You couldn’t help but giggle as you got up to change out the movie. “You’re too sweet.”

You placed The Grinch back in its case and popped It’s A Wonderful Life into the DVD player. You had the brief thought that it was wonderful to have Dean come home to you after work, take a shower, kiss you hello, then sit and have supper with you while you talked about your respective days. The smile must have still been on your face when you turned around, because Dean asked about it.

“Just thinking it really is wonderful to have you here tonight, that’s all.” You shrugged and looked over at him with a smile, your head resting on the cushion of the couch.

Dean scooted a little closer, resting his head on the cushion next to you. “I was just thinking the same thing.”

It was on the tip of your tongue to tell him that the other six dates didn’t need to happen; you were ready for a relationship now. Your heart was screaming for you to say the words, but your brain told you to wait it out.

Fortunately, you didn’t have much time to mull over the debate between your heart and your head. All at once, as though you could read each other’s minds, Dean’s hands came up to cradle your face, your arms went around his neck, and your mouths crashed together.

Up until now, the kisses between the two of you had been sweet and promised of more kisses to come. Tonight though, there was a different kind of yearning behind the steamy kiss happening on your living room couch.

When sitting next to you wasn’t enough, Dean pulled you closer to straddle his lap. His hands left your face only to travel down your back and squeeze your hips.

“Y/N …” he whispered against your neck.

You redirected his lips to yours and smiled against his mouth. “Slow down there, Sparky. This is just a preview.”

“More to come later?” Dean inquired.

You felt the blush in your cheeks again. “I don’t want to sound like a prude, but how about we’ll get to more when I can think about it without blushing?”

Dean chuckled into another kiss. “That’s pretty adorable.”

“Kiss me again,” you begged in a whisper.

As seemed to always be the case, the man didn’t disappoint.


“Someone’s on Cloud Nine,” Ethan teased as the two of you sat at the station, waiting for a call to come in.

It had been a slow day, which you were okay with. Dean had stayed a lot longer than usual the night before, between that glorious make-out session and watching the entirety of It’s A Wonderful Life. You’d fallen asleep with him on the couch, both of you stretched out and spooned together for warmth. The two of you slept a few hours like that until you woke up from a weird dream. Dean had made sure you were okay, then gathered his things to head home. Today had been filled with more sweet texts and random text messages telling you he didn’t have much to say but wanted you to know he was thinking of you.

“I think this is going to be a good one,” you admitted to Ethan. “I really like him.”

“You haven’t been on your phone much in the last couple of hours. Sure you really like him?”

You rolled your eyes and tossed a pen at him. “He’s having dinner with his family tonight. He’s bringing me leftovers in a little bit, if you want to meet him.”

Ethan’s eyes grew wide. “If I want to meet him? Do you even have to ask?”

An hour later, when Dean brought you the plate of hot, homemade food, along with a package of cookies from his mom, you nearly ran to the door of the station to let him in. Your smile quickly turned to a look of concern.

“Dean! What happened?” you asked incredulously. You pulled him into the station, taking him over to the day room and setting him down in the chair. You gently felt the bruised around his eye, and the small cut over his cheekbone.

He pulled away from you. “It’s really not a big deal. Hey, Ethan, right? Brought a plate for you, too. Y/N is always telling me you’re like another brother to her, so I figure I better suck up when I can.”

“Thanks, nice to meet you,” Ethan said, taking the plates and the cookies from Dean. “I’ll go warm these up in the kitchen and let you two talk.”

The second Ethan was out of the room, you stood in front of Dean with your hands on your hips. “All right, Sparky. Spill it.”

“You’re so cute in that uniform, you know? It’s like this tough girl thing, but then you’re going to save lives and that is so compassionate –”

“Dean. Stop.” You took a seat next to him and looked him directly in the eye. “Come on. I don’t want to do this thing where we have secrets and don’t tell each other stuff.”

He sighed and leaned forward on his knees. “You’re right. I’m sorry for holding out. I just got in a little bit of a fight at work today, that’s all.”

“A fight over what?”

Dean pursed his lips. “Sure you want the details?”

“I’m sure.”

“All right. Well, the guy with the GTO came to pick it up today, and he came in with this haughty look on his face. Guess he knows you and saw the picture you posted of us on your social media last night.”

You knew the picture he was talking about. A close-up of the two of you, big smiles and faces right next to each other. You tried to think who you knew with a GTO who might have had a problem with it.

Dean mentioned a name, and suddenly, it clicked in your mind. “I want you to know I didn’t believe anything he said, but he wasn’t saying some really nice things about you.”

“Oh, I’ll take care of this right now!” You reached for your phone, but Dean immediately grabbed it from your hand.

“Hey, it’s taken care of,” Dean assured. “I’ve got this shiner and that little cut, but you should see him. It’s a wonder he didn’t send the cops after me – although he did throw the first punch.”

“Sounds about right, actually.” Dean raised a brow. “Oh, he never hit me, but anger was definitely an issue for him. It’s why we aren’t together anymore, and it was a struggle for him for a while. I thought he was over it, but the picture … I’m really sorry, Dean.”

“Y/N,” he said quietly, crooking a finger under your chin to get your attention. “Don’t apologize. I’m not one bit sorry about this.”

You took a deep breath and tried to smile. “Well, thanks for defending my honor.”

He kissed your forehead and grinned back at you. “Anything for my princess in tactical boots.”

That comment made you laugh, and lifted your spirits. If your deranged ex could come around and cause trouble, and Dean still wanted to see you … bring on the next six dates.

Drabble #2

Annoyingly Protective

Pairing: Alec x Sibling!Reader, Izzy x Sibling!Reader.
Request: Can you do a thing where you’re izzy and Alec’s sibling and they get protective over you? - Anon
Warnings: None that I believe to be warnings ;)
A/N: Wooho!!! First Shadowhunter “thing”. So so happy. I hope that you enjoy!! And yes I know this didn’t actually happen, but just think of it kind of like an AU or something. I hope this is what you had in mind. And by the way, don’t forget that I also write Supernatural (another amazing show that I love) and that Requests are Open!!!!

Gifs are not mine

Everyone was getting ready for the fight. The fight that no one knew was going t be necessary. Today was the day that the Shadowhunters would have to face an enemy they never knew about. Valentine’s best demon warrior who had just shown up out of nowhere.

“Everyone gear up!” Jace said loudly enough for the team that was dispersed around the room to hear him.

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Planes Are Perfect for Reunions

Title: Planes Are Perfect for Reunions
Pairing: OiYama

“Oh!” Oikawa leaned towards the man, trying to figure out which member of the team he was. He took in the long black hair, tinted with green, and the strand that seemed to stick out. He glanced at the freckles dotting the boy’s nose and cheeks. 

“I don’t think you’d remember me,” he said. “I didn’t really play until second year so-”

“You’re the cute pinch server,” Oikawa cut in. “You scored a point off us at the Spring Tournament.”
Notes: For the prompt “This is a five-hour-long plane ride, we’re sitting together and you’re deathly afraid of flying” in this post

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So I wrote a Dongwoo oneshot and yeah

It’s choppy as hell but aye here it is

please enjoy


“Hey, did you hear? We’re supposed to be getting that exchange student from Korea today.”

“Oh! I think I saw him in the hallway today when I came in this morning!”

“A boy?!”

“Yes! And he is sooooooo cute!  I wonder if he knows English.”

“Of course he does. How else do you think he was able to even come here?”

“Ohhh, I bet he has a sexy accent~”

Sighing softly under your breath, you pressed your fingers into your ears to try and tune out the chattering girls sitting behind you in your first period class, which has yet to start.  It seemed like that everyone but you were excited for this new exchange student coming to your school today.  Sure, it’s interesting to have someone from another country around, but it wasn’t really a big deal.

Hearing the door to the classroom open, you lifted your head up to see your teacher walking into the classroom, followed by an unfamiliar looking boy.  He was tall, with short black hair and light skin and when he turned to face the class, it was all it took not for you to choke on your breath.

The girls sitting behind you were wrong.  He wasn’t cute, he was gorgeous.

“Oh God, do you see his lips?” One girl whispered behind you and you had to force yourself to look away from his face.  Yes, you’ve seen them alright.  They looked so plump and luscious, you just wanted to bite them.

“Alright class.  As you all probably know, today is the day where we get to meet our exchange student from South Korea.  He is going to finish the rest of the year with you, so I do hope that you welcome him and treat him with respect.”  Smiling to the boy, the teacher patted his shoulder and nodded to him.  “Would you like to introduce yourself?”

Obviously getting a bit flustered, the boy nodded his head.  “Ah, de…” he muttered before he straightened up a bit before bowing.  Hearing snickering to your left, you turned your head and glared at the boy who was snickering, though catching your glare, he immediately shut up and you faced to the front of the class again.

“Hello.  My name is J– Dongwoo Jang.  I a-am very happy to be here.  Please treat me well,” he finished off with a small smile, causing a few deep sighs to be heard from some of the female students.  You shook your head at them.  He’s going to become quite popular really fast.

“Thank you so much Dongwoo.  Now, why do you have a seat…”  The teacher trailed off and she looked around for an empty desk for Dongwoo to sit in.  “Ah! Please sit next to _____.  Raise your hand, _____.”

Blinking a few times, you raised your hand as Dongwoo bowed to the teacher before he moved to sit at the desk to your right.  After sitting down, he turned his head and smiled at you, nodding his head.  You returned the smile with one of your own before facing the front again as the teacher started her lesson.

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Bull's Eye

I tried my best, dear anon!

A frustrated groan escaped your lips as yet another one of your arrows missed the target. You lowered your bow and looked at the ground. Maybe you should have set your heart to something else. You had come to Mirkwood’s military training grounds to start your archery training, longing to be one of the best warriors the Sindar had ever seen. You had already mastered the sword, knife and dagger, but if you wanted to be a famous elvish fighter, you had to be good at bow-shooting, too. It was the most prestigious fighting discipline amongst your folk. 

You heard a leaf crack behind you and you whirled around. This was really not a time where you wanted to be watched. It would be embarrassing. To your relief it was only Legolas Longleaf who stepped out of the woods that surrounded the training grounds, his bow in hand. Your heart skipped a beat when he looked up and his eyes met yours, but as soon as he noticed you his eyes widened and he quickly looked away.

“Good Morning, my prince.” You greeted him.

As you were a descendant of the Noldor, you had been welcomed in Mirkwood respectfully, and your quarters for the duration of your visit were right next to the prince’s. You had spent quite a lot of time together in the last few weeks, even though he always seemed reserved around you.

He gave you a short nod, before he chose the target next to yours and started to practice. With a sigh you started to collect your arrows, which lay scattered on the ground. Not a single one had even touched the target. Legolas, who had hit the bull’s eye with his first arrow, watched as you went back to your mark, an amused smirk tugging at his lips. You blushed, embarrassed that he had seen your failure.

“There’s no shame in being bad when you start to practice, you know.” He commented, as he pulled back the string of his bow again, aiming at his target. “Everyone is bad at the beginning. That’s why it’s something special when you’re good at something. It shows that you were determined enough to keep on practicing.”

He let the arrow fly lose and it hit the target right next to his first one.

“That’s easy for you to say.” You muttered, as you aimed at the target. “You’re a master of the bow.”

“That’s because I practiced a lot.” He commented, his voice suddenly coming from right behind you.

You jumped, only now realising that he stood behind you. He didn’t seem to notice he had scared you, though. Instead he reached around you and guided your hands to the correct position on the bow.

“You’re holding it wrong.” He explained as you looked at him with raised eyebrows. “You have to hold it like this.”

When your grip on the bow was right, he quickly stepped back, motioning for you to try and shoot. You pulled back the string and let the arrow fly. To your surprise it hit the target, still very close to the edge, but it was your best shot so far. You turned around with a big smile, and Legolas regarded you with a small grin, before he went back to his position.

“You still have to work on your aim, though.”

The smile dropped from your face and you frowned.

“Can you show me how?”

The blonde froze, his arrow hitting a tree that stood behind the target. Evidently your suggestion had surprised him. Maybe he didn’t want to spend time with you? Maybe Thranduil had forced him to show you around the realm, and he actually had better things to do. Maybe he didn’t like you at all.

“You don’t have to, of course.” You quickly added, rejection burning in your stomach at these thoughts.

Little did you know that there was a turmoil just like yours going on in Legolas’ head. During the time you spend together he had fallen in love with you. It had started on the first night of your arrival, at the banquet, where he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. Everything about you had been so fascinating. The way your hair fell into your face when you looked down, how your eyes widened as you stared in awe at the wonders of Mirkwood. And when you laughed he could’ve sworn the birds outside fell quiet. And then, when he had shown you around, you had shown nothing but the utmost respect for the nature surrounding you. You had been just as amazed at the tiniest flower as you had been at the biggest tree.

But it was evident to him that you didn’t share his feelings. Of course you had been polite to him, as you were required to, but never had you shown any sense that you felt anything more than friendship or respect for him. And you would have to leave soon, so a union between the two of you would be impossible, anyway. Little did he know that you thought the same of him. So you both had kept your distance, fearing rejection if you revealed your feelings to each other.

He was very close to refuse his help, but he also knew how much mastering the bow meant to you. Why should he interfere with your dream, just because he was afraid of getting too close to you?

“No, no!” he stuttered quickly, as he recognized that you had noticed his hesitation. “I will gladly help you, if you want me to.”

He cursed himself for his stupidity as he slowly put his own bow down and walked over to you. You nervously chewed on your lip, fully aware that he had only accepted reluctantly. He stood behind you and asked you to raise the bow, swiftly correcting the position of your hands again.

“Now, you have to focus on the bull’s eye.” He explained, his voice right next to your ear.

You became fully aware of how close he was standing to you in that moment, as his breath hit your neck and his arms snaked around your waist to hold your hands on the bow. Your heartbeat began to speed up and you silently prayed to whatever god would listen that he wouldn’t hear it. But just like you he was too occupied with his own heartbeat, so that you both didn’t notice the condition of the other one.

“Now, position the head of the arrow on the bull’s eye in your line of vision. Like this…”

He swiftly moved the bow and pulled the string back. Then he told you to let go and you did, and the arrow hit right next to the bull’s eye. For a moment you were so in shock that you couldn’t move, and so you both stood there for a moment, with the bow raised in your hands and closer to each other than you had ever been. Then, Legolas cleared his throat and stepped back.

“See, it’s not that hard…” He started, but he was interrupted by you.

“Thank you so much!”

You turned around with a big smile and threw your arms around him, grateful for his help. For a moment you forgot the awkwardness between you, but when you realized what you were doing, you instantly stepped back and cleared your throat.

Legolas let out a surprised yelp at your sudden embrace. His face began to heat up instantly. Never had you hugged each other, and he had to admit that the feeling of your arms around his neck felt better than he had ever dared to imagine. When you stepped back he pulled you back into his arms before he could even think about it, and when he realized what he had done he blushed more deeply. But now it was too late to undo his movement and if he was to push you away again he would only make the situation even more awkward.

A warm feeling rose in your stomach as he hugged you, and you slung his arms around his waist in response. It seemed as if he didn’t hate you, after all. With a relieved sigh you buried your head in his broad chest. He buried his head in your neck and inhaled your scent, making you smile. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this to happen.” You whispered into his chest.

He almost couldn’t believe what he had heard, but his face instantly twisted into a wide smile at your words.

“I think I know…” He answered, almost inaudible.

His words made your stomach tingle and only now you realized how much you’d longed for this moment. You’d told yourself over and over again that he would never notice you, that the prince of Mirkwood would never fall for someone like you.

Slowly you let go of each other and regarded the other one with careful looks. You noticed with a smile that Legolas’ cheeks were tinted with red, and slowly you raised your hand to stroke it. He smiled and grabbed your hand, holding it at his cheek.

“What would you do if I kissed you?” He blurted out, his eyes fixed on the ground.

You smiled.

“Why don’t you find out?”

A grin spread on his face as he leaned in, pausing as his lips were barely touching yours to await your reaction. You closed the space between you by standing on your toes, pressing his lips to his in a long anticipated kiss. His lips were soft, just as you’d imagined it from him. Legolas smiled into the kiss. Your reaction had apparently given him courage, because now he was pulling you closer by your waist and run his tongue along your lips, begging for entrance. You opened them and your tongues circled around each other, taking some time to get used to the new sensation.

Your stomach was full of butterflies, and when you parted you just stared at the blonde in front of you for a moment, unable to comprehend what had happened. Then you broke into a wide smile.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” You commented.

Legolas just blushed.

“Shut up! You can’t even shoot a bow without my help!”

Photograph- Isaac Lahey song Imagine

 I went totally over board with this but once I started writing I couldn’t stop! It’s super cute and fluffy! requests are still open!

Originally posted by hell-not-hallelujah

Paring: Isaac x Reader


Warnings: A few swear words, slight mention of self harm

Wait for me to come home loving can heal loving can mend your soul

When Isaac left you both knew it was for the best, you loved him but you wouldn’t stop him. You both tried to make it work, but international calls are expensive and you can’t kiss through a phone call. Separate ways, he told you that you shouldn’t be stuck on him, “there’s bigger and better things in the world (Y/N)” he paused taking a deep breath “go find them” and then he hung up. Being forced to move on was your thing, you moped for days the pack was afraid you might harm yourself. But here you are, nearly two years later. Senior year wasn’t the best, not with all the supernatural bullshit, but hey it’s Beacon Hills what do you expect. You can’t help but think about how much better it would be if he were here, it would’ve been four years with him this year. You still had the pictures on your wall, even though your mom swore that would only cause you pain you couldn’t take them down. It was all you had left of him.

Where our eyes are never closing Hearts are never broken Times forever frozen still

They were happier, simpler times. There wasn’t too much supernatural in your life in the beginning, werewolves of course. But nothing that was horrible. You ran your fingers over one of your favorites, Allison had taken it at Mcdonalds one night. it was your first time going out together, even though it was a double date you wouldn’t change it for anything.

“Isaac! Stop throwing fries you’re gonna get us kicked out!” you screeched as one hit a middle aged man a few tables down. It wasn’t long before a manager came over and told you guys to chill out. You threw your head back laughing as Issac put his arm around you. The flash on Allison’s phone startled you making Issac chuckle. Scott and Allison decided to head home and that left you and Issac alone. You sat and talked for an hour and half about everything that had ever happened in your lives, and you probably would’ve went on forever but a worker told you that they were closing and you had to leave. So you did, hand and hand. Neither of you drove yet so you walked, it was about a twenty minute walk to your house but you didn’t mind it. You were kicking stones and swinging your hands, you being the klutz you are you tripped on your own feet. He caught you before you fell.

You wiped your tears and rubbed your locket, he gave it too you on your one year anniversary. No one really thought Isaac was such a loving guy, he was full of love he just didn’t have anyone to give it to until he met you.

Oh you can fit me Inside the necklace you got when you were 16 Next to your heartbeat Where I should be Keep it deep within your soul

“Isaac it’s pouring down rain and it’s like two in the morning why are you here?!” You shouted out your front door, you could barely hear yourself over the rain. “I almost forgot to give you something for our anniversary” you smiled giggling “And it couldn’t wait till the morning at school?” “I had to give it to you now!” he smiled reaching in his pocket and pulling out a black box, it had a matching bow wrapped around it. You raised an eyebrow as he placed it in your hand, sliding the bow aside you opened the box to find a little heart locket. “Oh my god Issac it’s gorgeous you didn’t have to get me anything.” “Shut up and open the locket!” you opened it to see the two of you at Mcdonalds you felt tears come to your eyes you wrapped your arms around his neck. “That way you’ll always have me in your heart” he whispered in your ear “Who knew you were such a softy Lahey” you joked, he laughed hugging you tightly, “I love you Issac” “I love you too (Y/N), but you better get inside you’re getting soaked.

You were pulled out of your memory when your phone started ringing, you looked at the caller ID Scotty Boy. “Hello?” you said, you were actually confused at to why he was calling you at eleven on a Friday night. “Hey can you come to the clinic right now, we have an emergency.” He replied “Yeah I’m on my way, what happened!?” You yelled into the phone grabbing your keys and putting on your slippers. “Just get here soon” and with that he hung up.

You were doing twenty over the speed limit but you didn’t care if it was an emergency you needed to be there as soon as possible. Your head hurt from over thinking everything that could be wrong. You pulled in half crooked beside the jeep slamming your car door running into the clinic. “Scott?” you called “What’s going on?” as you walked into the room you saw everyone standing there, no one was hurt or bleeding you were about to ask what was up but two hands covered your eyes. “What the hell is this about?” “We have a surprise for you!” Stiles replied “Guess who?” he whispered in your ear sending shivers down your spine. You spun around, and your jaw dropped “What- how- why?” you muttered, you could feel tears about to fall. “I tried to see bigger and better things like I told you to do but I didn’t want to see them without you” He replied pulling you into a hug. “I love your outfit by the way (Y/N)” he smirked you looked down remembering you were in your pajamas, and they weren’t even your cute ones. You laughed rolling your eyes “Scott scared the hell out of me I didn’t have time to change” you replied.

You sat on your bed with Isaac, it seemed weird, not awkward, it just didn’t seem real. “You still have all the pictures” he smiled looking at them all, they covered at least half of your wall “I still have the necklace” you pulled it out of the inside of your shirt. He pulled you into a hug, “I’ve missed you so much (Y/N), I love you more than anything.” “I love you too, more than you’ll ever know”

“Spice” – A Pirates in Love Fanfiction Featuring Captain Alan

Warning – Smexy Times ahead with Alan!

Dedicated to and Inspired by hikarunohana

Rated M for Mature

The jingle of the buckles on Alan’s boots echoed along the wooden plank floor as he entered the antique stone cottage, the sound of his tentative footsteps amplified by the eerie silence of the empty room.  Nervously, he licked his lips as his eyes adjusted to the dim light, only a few rays of sunlight illuminating the small space through an aged stained-glass window.  Though there was no one in sight, the deep imprints on the cushions of the well-worn couch and a nearby half-filled cup of tea indicated that someone did indeed live somewhere within the hushed walls.  However, the sparseness of guest chairs gave off the distinct impression that the owner of said abode was not inclined towards visitors.

Alan had expected as much.  The remote location of the cottage, five miles deep into the forbidding forest and away from the port of Dione, would have been indication enough, even without the unsettling rumors about the hermetic herbalist who resided there.  The curmudgeonly crone known only as Cytherea was both revered and feared by the locals, her vast knowledge of the potency of the flora that flourished on the island bordering on magical.  It was said that her curative powers were matched only by her distaste of the residents that lived alongside her on that idyllic isle, many of whom told a terrifying tale of accidentally crossing her path while wandering the woods. Only an incredibly brave man, or an absolutely foolish one, would dare to trespass on her hallowed grounds.

Luckily for Alan, he was equal parts both.

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