raising whovians

I’ve gotta know.

I’ve never been an online active member of the Doctor Who fandom until recently.

Raise of hands, how many Whovians believe or are convinced that Alex Kingston and Matt Smith have had some sort of affair? Because I bloody well am.


Heavy metal Who - too epic for words.

My predictions for s9:

1) Clara’s pregnant (otherwise how would Orson Pink exist - unless they bring back Danny Pink and it would make a nice change if dead boyfriends didn’t always come back to life)

2) Jenny returns (I mean the Doctor’s Daughter, regenerated… they mention her in Dark Water and the Moff doesn’t often make random mentions)

3) River returns (that would look a lot cleverer if that hadn’t already been revealed)

4) Danny comes back to life (because I have no faith in the Moff’s ability to let people stay dead.  Still I’d prefer 1))

Anyone else got any predictions?  And on a scale of 1 to 12 how excited are we?  I’m at 10.  I’m always at 10.

What to expect when raising a Tiny Whovian:

  • One must carry their sonic screwdriver everywhere.
  • Your child may only answer to “Doctor” so prepare to be ignored until you remember this. 
  • Dalek attacks happen regularly- even you could be a Dalek. 
  • The TARDIS will always mysteriously materialize at bedtime. What the heck is with that? 
  • Bow ties are cool and therefore must be worn with any collared shirt. 
  • “BUT MUM THE TARDIS IS SHRINKING! I CAN’T COME OUT RIGHT NOW”  is apparently a fully justifiable excuse not to do something now. 
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You really must watch this video.