raising the youth

What will BTS offer Jungkook for his birthday?

JIN: WTF !!! I already offered him all my youth raising him. HE WANTS MORE?

SUGA: Lamb skewers! *nods* Totally lamb skewers. 

JHOPE: Some fattening powder in a protein shake container. I need to save us before it’s too late. 

RAPMON: A book called “The Gifts of Imperfections”. Hahahaha. He will never relate. 


TAEHYUNG: A punching bag so he stops punching me.  

Welcome Reylos! Fic Rec List

Hello Reylo fam! It occurred to me that we’re seeing quite a few new faces here in the land of Rey and Kylo and there’s so much fic it could be a little overwhelming. So I thought I’d put together a list of some of my personal favorites. This is in no way meant to be exhaustive or definitive. I encourage people to add, add, add your favorites! 

TFA Compliant Fics

What the Hell is Wrong with Kylo Ren by @tuli-azzameen

Tongue-in-cheek tour of Reylo tropes. This time, it is Kylo Ren who is taken prisoner. Rey is given the impossible task of turning this moody, homicidal creep back to the Light, all while he awkwardly attempts to lure her into darkness. Bickering, sexual tension and poor life-choices ensue.

In My Bloodstream by  EllieCarina

Rey knows Kylo by now. And she knows Ben and almost everything in between. But when Poe Dameron kisses her, she learns something she hadn’t known before. They are bound by the Force and this alone would be difficult enough - with love of all things added to the mix, the universe could as well come apart under the weight of their minds.

PREY by @these-are-the-first-steps

Kylo Ren, recovering, retrained, and bolstered by the Dark Side thanks to Snoke, is still obsessed with his failures and the scavenger that got away. Carving a furious path through the First Order fleet and throwing everything to hell, he hones in almost desperately on her location as she runs from his whispers until there is nothing left but them.

Delicious Ambiguity by @juuls

Rey and Kylo Ren repeatedly encounter each other in battle over the years, fighting desperately for the causes that they believe in even as they both grow in strength - and fight off growing curiosity. Yet when Kylo tells Rey that she’s pregnant via the Force, will that affect their interactions? And will it change Kylo irrevocably?

Commemoration by @charlottecagain

Kylo Ren surprises Rey in order to commemorate a special occasion, and things go from there. Attraction has lead to something far more, and that leads to some dangerous, even desperate ideas as they try to find ways to be together. A little dark, a little light, a lot of connection.

Splintered by @daxcat79

Murdering his own father has left Kylo Ren splintered into two personalities representing darkness (Kylo Ren) and light (Ben Solo). Rey’s strange bond with him has her caught in the middle, struggling with conflicting feelings of her own.

TFA Divergent Fics

Within Monsters by @anonymousmink

This is the last place she ever thought she’d end up.

When work dries up on Jakku, a desperate Rey enlists with Galactech– a tech company who will hire anyone with the right skills, and work for anyone for the right price. Now trapped onboard the Finalizer, Rey is both horrified and fascinated by the dark tales she hears about the leader of the Knights of Ren and the mysterious Force he controls.

But, when a chance encounter awakens a power within her she has never known, it may just be Kylo Ren’s fascination with her that becomes her undoing.

Snare by @carasstarwarsmusings

Kylo walked into a trap set up by the Resistance when the First Order raided San Tekka’s village. He’s now found himself alone in the desert, on a planet crawling with Resistance and Resistance allies and a bounty on his head that is going to have the locals all interested in capturing him.

Scavenged Goods by @tinylittlebrain

Instead of being victorious, Kylo Ren is grievously injured in a pitched battle in Jakku when Poe visits Lor San Tekka. Rey stumbles across his inert unmasked form and, against her better judgement, drags him back to her AT-AT.


She’s got no kriffing idea.

Reylo AUs

Hex by @pissbabysithlord

For a moment he assumed she was someone’s familiar, but there were few witches in the area. Kylo sincerely doubted any of them would be so cruel as to have their companion fend for themselves in the streets, especially when considering how small she was. Still, there was something undeniably clever about her.

He sighed; either way, it was of no consequence to him.

She Who Would be Queen by  sasstasticmad

Rey is the last daughter of a once noble house, isolated and yearning for a place in the world. When she receives a letter the day after her eighteenth birthday, it seems her station and her husband have been decided for her.

Kylo Ren is the heir to a cruel and vast empire, taken from his parents and raised from his youth to rule. He weds because it is his duty, although it seems his bride is nothing like he had ever expected.

Summer Heat by  IshaRen

A lonely young woman arrives at the cottage she inherited from her grandfather on a remote lake in northern Ontario, to find her neighbour is a rare Alpha, a relic of the old days when humans were ruled by their designation. Across a long hot summer, they connect over their shared history, and she finds that the past may not be as far away as she assumed.

There are so many more, but this was getting rather long. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment!


“On behalf of the skeleton clique, this certificate is awarded to Joshua Dun and Twenty One Pilots in recognition of the completion of the STAY ALIVE PROJECT. $3000 was donated in your name to TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS in an effort to raise awareness of youth depression, self-injury, and suicide.”

I remember seeing a while ago on twitter (yeah, I see your tweets), this thing called “stay alive project”. I started seeing more and more tweets and posts online about it. What happened is, for my birthday, people from all over donated money to go towards a goal of $3,000 which would be donated to an organization called “To Write Love on Her Arms”. Our culture, including myself, and kids like me or younger than me have been bombarded with overwhelming thoughts, ideas, and accessibility to self harm or suicide. Music is something that truly helped save my life, or at least was a gateway to do so, and if I can use music to help somebody do the same, then that’s all I really want. I’m honored to receive this certificate on behalf of so many people willing to help with this cause/organization to donate money in my name. Thank you. Stay alive, stay street, and try as hard as possible to turn your pain into something constructive. 

hey guys so i had been toying with this idea for a few months. but if i started a gofundme to raise funds for lgbt youth, and we could donate on behalf of the supergirl fandom … would anyone be interested? i would donate the first $20 as well

I can’t stop thinking about flint’s Name Origin Story lately

Did I ever tell you where that name came from?…I told you of my grandfather who raised me…Well, in his youth he was a deckhand on a privateer off the coast of Massachusetts. And one night he was alone on the late watch at anchor in the Boston Harbor when he sees this man climbing out of the water and onto his ship. A stranger…The stranger approaches my grandfather and asks him for a little rum. Man said that he’d fled his fishing trawler. Accused of killing another man. And when asked his name, the man simply replied Mr. Flint. This stranger, he never said whether he was guilty of the killing or why he chose that ship or where he was bound, he just sat there. Eventually, he asked my grandfather for a little more rum from below. My grandfather went off to fetch it, but when he returned the man was gone…It was as if the sea had conjured that man out of nothing and then taken him back for some unknowable purpose.

I feel like they have to be circling back to this in some way. this idea that some iteration of treasure island flint’s end has already been told. a man named flint who asks james mcgraw’s grandfather to fetch aft the rum?!? a man who has been accused of doing dark things, but who seems nothing but a ghost, conjured out of the water and then taken back?!?

every time I read this I’m just……..can this story really end in any other way than with Flint™ being returned to the sea…….

“There may be ways of severing oneself in that way…sacrificing one part to save the other.”

or is part of the tragedy of it all that nothing is ever sharp enough to make the cut

[running around in circles]

  • soo ho: you need to go to your happy place.
  • ban ryu: what's that? sounds stupid.
  • han sung: well, everyone's happy place is different.
  • han sung: for me, i just imagine i'm slurping the world's longest piece of linguine.
  • han sung: it keeps going on and on, and every 20 feet of noodle there's a sauce change.

Have you ever been interested in finding out what astrological placements make you like a certain kind of video game?  In my studies I have found several factors can influence this.  Those include the sun in the sign, the house sun is in the birth horoscope, and the sign placement that lies on the 5th house cusp of Fun and Hobbies.

Including below is a comprehensive list of Video games and styles of games a person may enjoy by the factors listed above.

When the Sun is In Aries, Sun is in the 1st House, or Aries is on the 5th House Cusp there may be an interest in:

War Video Games.  Call of Duty.  Battlefield.  Sports Video Games. Hack and Slash Video Games.  Games with little down time.  Games where you are moving forward.  Games that include asserting the will. Games that you can pick up and play.  A constant influx of something new as you play.  Games where you have to defend or occupy.  Tower Defense style video games.  Bare knuckle fighting video games like Street fighter.

When The Sun is in Taurus, Sun is in the 2nd house, or Taurus is on the fifth House Cusp

Musical Games.  Artistic Games.  Games about dressing up.  Games that you relax too.  Games involving Resources.  Making and Spending Money. Simulation games about Business.  Games about nature.  Exploring Nature. Games involving food play.  Cooking games.  Games that include progression. Role Playing games.  Platforming games where you collect things.

When the Sun is in Gemini , Sun is in the 3rd House, or Gemini is on the 5th house Cusp

Video games that may have multiple genres and variety in them.  Games that involve learning.  Brain games. Games that include puzzles or are puzzle games.  Communication in the games.  Games that involve writing.  Games that involve Driving.  Games with a sense of humor to them.  Video games with multiple tasks to complete in them.  Games that utilize the dexterity skill of the hands.

When the Sun is in Cancer , Sun is in the 4th House, or Cancer is on the 5th house Cusp

Games that have family appeal to them.  Games that include family bonding. A family atmosphere in the actual games.  Family simulators like the Sims. Multiplayer video games.  Games that may be about nurturing and raising.

When the Sun is in Leo , Sun is in the 5th House, or Leo is on the 5th house Cusp

The Ultimate gamer.  Games where they can lead.  Sports video games. Games where they can strive to be number one and strut their stuff. Games that include being creatively self expressive. Music Games. Games you can create your own character.  A game where you can raise your character from a youthful state.  Games that are just plain fun. May have a childlike aura about the games.  Video games involving creative characters.  Video games where risks must be taken to win. Dating Simulators.  Video Games that involve raising children. Video games where the main characters themselves are children.  

When the Sun is in Virgo , Sun is in the 6th House, or Virgo is on the 5th house Cusp

Games that have an everyday appeal to them.  Games that simulate real life. Specific tasks must be accomplished.  Games where they can offer services, like own a shop or be a healer. Games that require use of the mind.  Detail oriented video games.  Puzzle games.  Building a character for a role playing game.  Video games where they can raise pets or involve animals in the plot or character build.  Role playing games, or fantasy games.  Games where the storylines may include a medical or health overtone.

When the Sun is in Libra , Sun is in the 7th House, or Libra is on the 5th house Cusp

Social games.  Multiplayer Games.  Games you need a partner to complete. Games that involve dressing or beautifying a character.  Video games where you have to negotiate.  Strategy games that require diplomacy skills to win. Games involving a heavy emphasis on Law. Lawyer Simulators.  Phoenix Wright. Games where justice is solved. Story lines with characters who believe the pen is mightier then the sword.  Games where you work to bring balance that is out of sorts in some way.

When the Sun is in Scorpio , Sun is in the 8th House, or Scorpio is on the 5th house Cusp

Intense video games.  Video Games that require commitment and loyalty. Role Playing or Adventure Video Games.  Games where you have deep emotional attachment to the characters.  Games where there are twists, turns, upheavals, or mysteries to be solved.  Games where the storylines center on taboo, occult, or metaphysical things.  Games that are psychological in nature. Silent Hill.  Horror Games.  Games that test the willpower.  Sports Games. War Games.

When the Sun is in Sagittarius , Sun is in the 9th House, or Sagittarius is on the 5th house Cusp

Another ultimate gamer position.Video games that help broaden the horizons. Video games from other cultures.  Anime inspired video games.  Lots of adventuring and exploring to do.  Role playing type of videos.  RPGS that include building a higher education and philosophy system into their character. Games that involve stories including people with many different backgrounds and cultures.  Video games with storylines that have religious overtones. Multiplayer games where they have to teach the ropes to others.  Sports video games relating to precision. Passing specialists, quarterbacks, archers. Games involving precise shooting skills; sniping.  Middle-age or medieval games that use horses as a form of transportation.

When the Sun is in Capricorn , Sun is in the 10th House, or Capricorn is on the 5th house Cusp

Video games where there are serious overtones.  Storylines in games where people deal with real life situations and issues.  A game where you have to build a reputation.  Storylines where you start from the bottom and work your way up.  character driven role playing and adventure games.  Simulation video games.  Video games that teach real life skills that help build a career or aid in real life vocation.  Games where there is a sense of accomplishment as you play them.  Accolades or notoriety are given for achieving a high score.  Playing games to be on the top 10 list. 

When the Sun is in Aquarius , Sun is in the 11th House, or Aquarius is on the 5th house Cusp

Massively Multiplayer online games.  Being involved in the world and making a different to how it shapes.  Games they can build a sense of attachment with through their own aspirations.  Having the ability to choose between working with various factions.  Being able to work at their own pace despite being in a organization.  Options for working with others or going at it alone.  Games they can drop in and out of.  Games that including a sense of inventing something. Progressive games. Games including futuristic storylines.  Complex and progressive storylines.  Sci-Fi Games.  Video games that are cutting edge. Virtual Reality.

When the Sun is in Pisces , Sun is in the 12th House, or Pisces is on the 5th house Cusp

Big gamer position.  Escape life by playing video games.  Video games may be played in isolation.  Doing things in video games they dream they can do in real life.  Saving the world.  Games that have fantasy like realms.  Role Playing Games.  Adventure Games.  Games with dragons or mythology.  Games about foreign lands and other worlds.  Video games that you can drop in and out of socially.  Video games where your character can be customized as you go. Games with storylines that deal with horror aspects, like secret enemies or the subconscious playing tricks.  Storylines where people deal with grief and sorrow

Kyo Kara Maoh - pt. 2

I have to add that I love how the engagement thing continues to progress for Wolfram and Yuri. 

Cause like, this is freaking great.

1. Yuri proposes. 

2. Wolfram sort of accepts (says he is Yuri’s fiance after the fight and all that)

3. Wolfram shows some concern over their differences:

This, to me, means that he does have some doubts about things. (After all, they are engaged and he likes Yuri a lot, but the engagement was accidental and finalized by a match, not by mutual love and/or adoration.) 

4. Then we see Yuri try to bring Wolfram back with him to Japan (and not Conrad or anyone else), despite the fact that he has told literally no one on Earth about him coming to Shin M. (and he doesn’t tell Wolfram where they would be going until after it becomes clear that he cannot pass through, which Wolfram is not upset about). Scene below (oh, and I put the whole scene here because I have some analysis to add - also, TT_TT):

Alaysis of the scene:

First: We can see from the dialogue that Yuri may not have intended for Wolfram to come with him - because he is a little irritated that Wolfram jumps in with him, but the first conversation about Wolfram keeping on his swim trunks and stuff implies that Wolfram should go in with him.

Second: Look at their interaction. Yuri is holding Wolfram’s hand, and not uncomfortable with the contact Wolfram makes by hugging him (his words point to Wolfram diving in, not hugging). Wolfram is comfortable with the contact too, so they’re doing better than before. but…

Third: Wolfram acts more like Yuri’s vessel than his friend or loving-fiance in this scene. He is straightforward about Yuri belong to this world and thinks Yuri should have known that this might happen regardless of whether or not he was told. I don’t want to say that Wolfram is being cold in this scene, because his facial expressions are not cold. Rather, he is giving Yuri a wake-up call that is harsh but, from his perspective, true. A Truth that Yuri needs to learn. Wolfram, here, is pretty formal. Acting as a person close enough to the king that he can speak candidly, but still not familiar with Yuri.

5. We see Wolfram go about things in a somewhat formal way at the start, like he gets marriage papers, expects (and wants) to quickly produce a child. He is upset that Yuri won’t formalize things - likely because Yuri started this, but now won’t follow through which must be confusing to him - a youth raised in such a society that marriages like that are not only common, but supported. Look at Lady Cherri, for example. She married for love, but admits it is a rarity. As a huge supporter of love, it is somewhat odd to me that she fully supports Wolfram’s engagement, regardless of the whether they know and love each other yet, at the beginning of the story until you realize that this is, probably, regular in their society. Marriages are not always between lovers - and though a lover is preferred, it is not necessarily the case for many nobels. 

6. They become fathers to the Bear-bees and Greta. This changes their dynamic quiet a bit. At first, Wolfram is not entirely accepting. Yuri continues to call her his love child and immediately begins acting warmly towards her, comforting her, treating her, soon he even adopts her, but Wolfram only comes around to being an accepting father after that arc/vol. is done (showing progression from the formal to more familial ties). 

7. After Conrad looses his arm, Wolfram chases after Yuri and saves him from the giant crevas cause by the box. He finally catches him and it is a touching scene. 

8. Wolfram FORMALLY accepts the engagement.

(He states that him slapping him formalizes the engagement as something mutual and not one sided.) Around this point, we see that Wolfram has really grown to love Yuri. The engagement is, from his side, now wanted and agreed upon. Though he recognizes that Yuri has still not fully come around (he never states it, but it is somewhat clear based on his language).

9. Yuri saves Wolfram and fully accepts the engagement when he yells “I’m your fiance” at Wolfram and wakes him up. It concludes with him saying:

10. Wolfram’s giddiness after this scene, asking Yuri if he was jealous and pointing out what Yuri said, Yuri walking with him - refusing to let go of his hand while they’re in the box is (priceless) confirmation to Wolfram that Yuri fully accepts the engagement. The two are now mutually accepting of the engagement, each other, and the relationship.

Which is why I love this loves story. And believe that this some AWESOME love story progression.

anonymous asked:

Victuuri or otayuri and don't go breaking my heart?

Oh anon… you have exposed one of my hidden secrets… I LOVE Elton John. I specifically love this song. If there was ever a song you might actually catch me singing, well friend, this would be it. So let’s have some fun here ;)

Victor and Yuuri’s song

Otabek and Yuri’s song

“Change of plans!” Yuri shouted, grabbing Otabek by the arm and hauling him away from the stairs leading to the stage.

“What?” Otabek yelled back, stumbling as Yuri yanked him roughly behind the heavy curtain. When Yuri spun to face him, Otabek repeated himself.

“Those losers,” Yuri threw an angry arm toward the stage where Yuuri and Victor were currently simultaneously giving the whole crowd a joint heart attack. “Look they stole our whole aesthetic! They think they can win this thing by acting like rockers, well then, four can play at this game!”

Otabek lifted a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. “I thought you didn’t care about winning. Weren’t you the one saying I dragged you into this?” Yuri’s exact words had been laced with far less appropriate words, and Otabek bit back his smile as he remembered his friend’s angry rant.

“Well you did,” Yuri threw his hands in the air and stamped his foot. “It is your friend who organized this whole embarrassment fest, and now you are going to help me win it.”

Shaking his head, Otabek couldn’t help both rolling his eyes and smirking at Yuri’s competitive nature. “First, it is a karaoke competition for charity,” Otabek chuckled when Yuri rolled his own eyes, “and second, it was technically my friend’s boyfriend.” Turning to look over his shoulder, Otabek waved in Seung-gil’s direction, seeing his friend’s arm slung over the shoulders of one very excited Phichit Chulanont.

Seung-gil had made Otabek to promise to participate in this ridiculous event, and Otabek in turn had dragged Yuri into the mess. The rest of the skaters had happily joined in the effort to raise money for LGBT+ youth, and Otabek knew that deep down Yuri wanted to be a part of it.

“Earth to Beka!” Yuri snapped his fingers in front of Otabek’s face. “Look, if they are going to do,” Yuri looked at the stage and made a weird noise in his throat, “ugh… that… then we are going to beat them at their own game. Ready to be all lovey dovey?”

The blush was instantly over Otabek’s cheeks as he gaped at Yuri. “I don’t… know… if that’s a good idea…” There were a large number of press representatives and fans in the audience and Otabek wasn’t sure either of them were ready for the rumors to gain any sort of steam. 

“Don’t wuss out on me now,” Yuri punched Otabek in the shoulder, “half of these idiots think we are more than friends anyway, might as well take advantage of their stupidity. I want that trophy!”

Stomping away, Yuri left Otabek standing in his indecisive contemplation. He had no idea what song Yuri was going to pick, or if it would be something he even knew, but he figured if it would make Yuri happy that he would do anything. Admitting defeat with a loud sigh, Otabek spun on his heel to follow Yuri back to the side of the stage.

“Don’t go breaking my heart,” Yuri whispered, pressing a microphone into Otabek’s hand and sticking his tongue out at Yuuri and Victor as they walked past.

“What?!” Otabek squawked, nearly dropping the mic as he juggled it in surprise.

“Our song,” Yuri said, turning around at the top of the stairs. “You are Elton John, I’m Kiki Dee. Let’s kick some ass.”

“What a sentence,” Otabek joked, following his best friend up the stairs and straight into his own personal hell.

Ps. They lost to Leo and Guang-Hong’s rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer.

my concepts for my modern olympian sets explained (part 2)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE.


A man who accomplished all that he had done merely for being exceedingly charming. Dionysus is an investor of hedonism. If it makes you drunk, stoned, dance, or horny, Dionysus has his hands in it. He owns several dance clubs, and rave venues across the nation, as well as has his own line of hard liquor and elite wines. On the downlow, he is also a drug lord. Pushing everything from weed to ecstasy; the only thing he won’t touch are prescription pills. He has homes in many countries, but his favourite is his mansion in Miami. A gorgeous luxury beach home where he hosts many Gatzby-level parties almost every weekend. Dionysus is a little person, and one of the more successful of Zeus’ bastards. Despite his birth, Dionysus had built a huge following for simply doing what he loves: partying. 


One of the most driven of Zeus’ daughters, Athena had reached her position with little help from her father. Started as a traffic cop, Athena rose up the ranks in a considerable short period of time for someone as young as her. She went into homicide, detective, and then found herself as an FBI agent. However, she did not stop there, as her talents and ambition earned her a high ranking level in the CIA. Athena is an unstoppable force and an immoveable object; she is intelligent and lethal. Only briefly had she thought about joining her brother, Ares, in Military, but thought better since her talents suited something more political and sophisticated. Still young, it is only a few short years before she is running the entire show in the CIA headquarters. More often than not, Ares and Athena butt heads like rams on who is more badass. Athena usually wins. 


Apollo has many talents, though he is mostly known for his music. He became a famous musician quite quickly, and soon after his artwork thrived as well. In almost every medium of art, whether it was music, painting, sculpting, or theatre, Apollo is good at it. What he is also good at is falling in love. He can’t help it, when he sees something beautiful, his heart gives in. They become his muse, and he obsesses over it until the next beautiful thing walks by him and steals his heart as well. His heart is nondiscriminatory; he will fall in love with any beautiful soul or face regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. He will write songs about them, paint a picture, or write poems, etc. It is plainly that Apollo wears his heart on his sleeve. Because of his charm and his beautiful talents, Apollo has many fans, and many vying for his affections. There are some, though, that dont always fall for him, and it sometimes…doesn’t end pleasantly. A few revenge songs here or there happen quite often. Apollo is very friendly and keeps his friends close, but his strongest friendship is with his twin sister, Artemis, who is the very opposite to him. While he is the sun; shines brightly and demands attention, Artemis is the moon; distant and mysterious, and sometimes disappears for a day.  


Artemis is a completely independent woman. Also, the complete opposite of her twin brother, Apollo. She doesn’t open her heart so easily; the last time she did that, she got her heart broken. Therefore, romance isn’t something she is interested in, and being an Asexual, neither is sex. Artemis focuses on things that make her happy, which is taking care of wildlife. She volunteers at shelters and rescue centres, and does her best to defend urban animals in the city where they are often treated like vermin. Artemis has taken many strays in her time, and nursed them back to health and returned them back into the wild. Artemis prefers to be alone, though she has a close knit small group of friends that support her and her life choices. In fact, they practically live with her. She actually doesn’t have a standard job; she isn’t a fan of conforming, and picks up jobs for quick cash, but ultimately, she isn’t one to live for materialism. Artemis wouldn’t consider herself ‘homeless’, but she has couch-hoped, and slept in subways before. But, she is happy because she is doing what she loves, which is being the silent guardian of animals. And if you are ever caught abusing any of them, she will probably have her dog castrate you. Artemis prefers animals and nature overall more than people. Being an activist, she attends many rallies, many of them for environment issues, and for animal rights. The environment is a big one, and one of the ways she makes money is by picking up cans and bottles and selling them for pocket change. She would also fight you if you litter in front of her, so…. don’t. Additionally, Artemis is a fierce feminist, and will defend the virtue and honour of women if she saw injustice in front of her. If she had a computer and internet access, she would have a tumblr, let’s be honest. 


This seasoned traveller is easily likeable, and knows many people thanks to his job. While he does live primarily in Vegas, and spends a lot of time being lucky in casinos, Hermes’ primary job is a courier. This is how he gets to travel so often and at such a cheap rate. Though he wasn’t always a courier… He had less socially acceptable careers, such as a thief. A thief who had a massive gambling debt that he owed the Mob Boss, Hades, and in order to pay it, he stole some money from his friend Apollo. Though all was forgiven after he repaid everyone (and let’s be honest, his “luck” at the casino isn’t luck at all). Even if Hermes has a tendency for trickery and most people wouldn’t trust him with their credit cards, it’s hard to hate him, because he does keep his allies and friends close. He knows how to pull strings to bring opportunities to his friends and family, and anyone willing to pay him. Especially since he has traveled all over the world, he’s met many people from different backgrounds and different talents. Hermes’ primary client in his courier career is Zeus, where he hand delivers important papers, packages, etc, to certain people that he doesn’t want to risk using the mail for.


Ares did not follow his father in business or politics. He was a difficult child to raise, even Hera’s coddling did not soften his edges. In school, an all boy’s school, he got into so many fights that he got expelled more than three times until they decided to send him to military school. That was the beginning of Ares’ career. It turned out the military life suited him perfectly… Probably not the best idea to allow him near fire arms, but it turned out he is very good with them. He still got into trouble; his easily triggered anger would get him into fist fights that would end up in broken noses and bruised eyes. However, with his father’s name, and his natural talents in warfare, his rank rose to Master Gunnery Sergeant after a few years. Though he shows promise to raise to higher ranks, his youth and his hot-headedness has been keeping him where he is. Besides, he works better on the floor than he does with political-side of the military with the lieutenants and generals. More often than not, him and his half sister, Athena, always butt heads on who are better, the CIA or the Military. They also often find themselves on opposite ends of every argument. Ares’ always comes off more emotional and Athena more logical, so it is no wonder than his older sister wins every argument. 

next up: Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Persephone, Hebe, Eros, and Pan

Special Kinda Woman: Hard Times

Standing at the sink, you washed potatoes as you decided what you wanted for dinner. Clint laid curled up at your feet, dozing off. He had become lazy in his old age, opting to stay close to you and sleep most of the time, though he still got bursts of energy, particularly when Jesse was home.

It had been two weeks since you had heard from the cowboy, but with him new profession, that wasn’t abnormal. After Jesse had left Overwatch, he had stayed with you. There were people that weren’t too happy about his leaving, people Jesse said could cause him a lot to trouble. Luckily, Jesse had never told anyone about you, about his visits, about where you lived. Taking advantage of this, he stayed with you.

That is, until the fall of Overwatch. You were with him when he heard, you had both seen it on the news. Jesse hadn’t broken down, not immediately at least. As the names of the dead flashed across the screen, you had seen it, clear as day. Gabriel Reyes. You looked over at Jesse, not sure what to expect. Tears. Pain. Sorrow. But instead, he just stood there, stoic and somber. For the rest of the day he remained like that, unwilling to talk about what had happened. But that night, in the darkness of your room, in the comfort of your bed, he broke.

Clutching at you with a desperate grip, Jesse fell apart in your arms. You had never seen him like this. When you had buried his father two years ago, he didn’t shed a single tear, showed no sorry. Simply threw the dirt upon his coffin and walked away. But now, the toughest man you had ever known lay crying soft, broken sobs in your arms, tears running free as he clung to you for dear life.
It was two months after that night that Jesse finally ventured beyond the safety of your land. With Overwatch gone, he figured he’d be safe to go out into the world again, seeking his own form of justice. That’s when Jesse started bounty hunting.

He was good at it. Taking out criminals and turning them in, dead or alive. He was making some good money. Sadly, it meant it was harder to judge when he would be home. Depending on who he set his sights on, it could be a week or two, or it could be a couple months. But he seemed happy. He felt like he was making a difference again. And with every bad guy he captured, he seemed to be healing. Slowly, his laid back attitude returned, his flirtatious smile easier to come by.

You missed the days when he would call often, but your time with him was savored, with Jesse making a point of bringing you presents and showering you with affections when he returned. But despite the occasional loneliness, you were happy. Jesse, the reckless boy who raised hell as a youth had now grown up into the man you always knew he would be. And, even if only in spirit at times, he was by your side. You couldn’t be prouder of him.

As the roar of an old motorcycle grew louder, a large smile grew across you face. At your feet, Clint jumped up, barking excitedly as he pranced around the kitchen.

“Daddy’s home.” You told him, abandoning your work, opting to meet Jesse at the door.
Opening the screen door, you enjoyed the light breeze as the cowboy smacked the kickstand into place with his boot. He now wore a bright red serape around his shoulders, going along with that silly hat to complete his cowboy look.

“Welcome home.” You called, walking down the steps to meet him as he swung his leg over his bike. Looking over at you, his eyes were tired, distant as he puffed on his cigar. As you came to stand before him, your arms wrapped around him, hugging him tight as you enjoyed his warmth. It was a moment or two before the man reciprocated, his hand splaying across your back as he nuzzled into the top of your head.

“Hey.” His voice was quite, empty as he responded. Rubbing your hands across his back, you nuzzled into his chest, hoping he would hold you closer.

“You have perfect timing. I was just about to start dinner. Chicken and mashed potatoes sound good to you?” his grip on you back tightened, arm pulling you close as you smiled into his shirt. “Or I could make some chicken and dumplings. I know you love those.” Your smile dropped and the man’s body enveloped you, leaning over your smaller frame as he pulled you painfully close, his body racked with small tremors. “Jesse? Jesse, what’s wrong?” frightened, you tried to pull away, tried to get a look at the man’s face, but his grip was too tight.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He muttered, breathing forced as he clung to you. With a harsh shove, you were able to force him off you, hands moving up to cup his cheeks as you stared into his eyes. They were fearful, distressed as he breathed heavy.

“Jesse, what’s wrong? What happened? Please tell me.” But he couldn’t. Closing his eyes, he pulled away from your touch, turning away as he grimaced. You were afraid, mind conjuring images of terrible things as you wondered what had a hold of the cowboy. But as you reached out to him, you realized what had him so shooken.

“Jesse! Where is your arm?” As you pulled back his serape, you got a clear look at the mans left arm. Or at least, what left of it.

From the elbow down, nothing remained where there had once been a strong and dexterous limb. At the end of his bicep was a gnarled mess of scar tissue. Your heart stopped at the sight, stomach tightening as you stared at what had become of his arm.

“I’m so sorry.” Pulling away, Jesse hid the stub behind his back, eyes filled with shame as he stepped away from you. “I got reckless. I didn’t know there were so many of them.” His voice had a quiver to it that shook you to your core. Moving forward, your arms were wrapped around his neck before he could take another step back.

“Oh Jesse, hunny.” Pulling him close, his hat fell to the ground as you ran your fingers through his hair, an act that always calmed him when he was upset. “It’s ok, Jesse. It’s going to be ok.” The man remained unmoving, unsure whether to push you away or cling to you as the feeling of your hand petting him lowered his defenses. Finally, the man gave into you, good arm squeezing you as he buried his face into your neck.

“I can’t shoot anymore. I can’t be a hero. I’ve let you down.” You struggled to support him as the man leaned more of his weight on you. Pulling back, you looked the man in the eyes, frightened by the hopelessness that hid just behind those brown orbs.

“Jesse, no. You could never let me down. I am so proud of all the things you’ve done. We’ll get past this. You’re alive. Your home. That’s all I care about. Jesse, I love you.” Jesse wanted to believe you, wanted to trust that things would be alright, that one day he would look back and see this as just a bump in the road, but right now, in the moment, overcome by his loss, he didn’t see how that could ever be possible.

He was damaged goods now. Half a man. It had been a struggle for him just to get back to you. He had never before had difficult riding his bike, but with fifteen pounds missing from one side, he struggled to balance. And his livelihood? He could still shoot, but with one hand, he couldn’t dead eye enemies, couldn’t fight off opponents in hand to hand combat. And god had reloading been a bitch without his left hand. He was useless. He couldn’t protect anyone. Couldn’t redeem himself. Couldn’t provide for you. What good was he without his arm? There was nothing he could possibly give you.

“Well, I guess it got rid of that tattoo you hated so much.” His attempt at humor fell flat as you lead him into the house, Clint waiting eagerly at the door to meet you.

The next couple of days were a struggle for Jesse. Every day tasks now far more difficult as he attempted to relearn simple things that he had always taken for granted. Getting dressed, brushing his teeth, making food, going for runs, showering, even lighting his cigar was a challenge. You helped his as best you could, rearranging the house to make things easier for him, buying him cloths with out buttons on them, doing an little thing you could to make things easier for him.

After finding him angrily fumbling to open a jar of pickles, you had taken over all the cooking, too many food containers proving near impossible to open single handedly. It had been so long since you had seen this much anger in Jesse. Everything frustrated him,

Though he knew his arm was gone, knew there was nothing bellow his elbow, no one had bothered to tell his brain that. Many nights he lay up awake, tossing and turning as the phantom pains convinced him that his left arm was trapped in an ever tightening vice, electricity surging painfully through his fingertips. He tried not to wake you, not wanting to bother you with his shortcomings. But more nights then he’d like, his grunts and groans of pain would cause you to stir. His arm was gone, wasn’t that enough. Why did he have to suffer this pain in addition to his loss. You would stay up with him, massaging the wound in an attempt to make the pain dissipate, but he never had the heart to tell you it did nothing.

Once, while making love in the kitchen, he had had you bent over the table enjoying the feeling of you for the first time since he had returned. But as he reached to pull you back, he lost his balance, toppling over as his imaginary left arm reached out to catch him. Unfortunately, his chin collided with the very real counter. Embarrassed and frustrated, a flurry of obscenities filled the kitchen. But you were patient with him, kneeling beside him as you kissed his jaw, moving down to kiss the stump he cursed as words of bitterness and self loathing gave way to insecurity and fear.

That was the worst part. That his arm never really felt gone. Every morning he woke up, thinking he could lean over and stroke your cheek with his missing hand. He still tried to pick thing up with his left arm, tried to put on his clothes with the imaginary hand, reaching for his cigar with his stump.

One day, as you were up on a stool putting grocery’s away in the top cupboard, your foot slipped, causing you to fall back. Jesse saw, lunging out to catch you, to save you from a hard fall. Only, it was his left arm that reached out. As your body smacked against the hard floor, a groan of pain escaping you, it all came crashing down on him.

“God fucking damnit!!” Jesse yelled, startling you as he stood over you, face contorted in anger and grief. “Mother fucking bitch! Useless piece of- Shit fucking ass fuck!” His curses stopped making sense as he shouted out every foul word and angry phrase he had ever heard in a jumble of slurs. You were frightened by his anger, not sure how to react.

“I-it’s alright Jesse! I’m alright.” But your words were lost to him, unheard as he sunk deeper into his own self hatred and despair.

“Why am I so useless? If I just had my fucking arm!” As anger consumed him, he felt ready to explode, needing to lash out at something, anything. Chairs went flying, glasses shattering to scatter across the floor as the table was overturned. You scooted away frantically, terrified at his outburst. “You can’t even fucking protect her!” Turning, he slammed his fist into the counter with a sickening crack, and you could see the pain it caused in his face, despite the anger that still raged.

“Jesse!” you cried out, jumping up to drape over him as he fell to his knees, his fury leaving him drained.

“You’re worthless. Fucking worthless.” he muttered, too lost in his pain to recognize your touch. “Everyone would have been better off if you had died that day.” Your heart broke, tears unrestrained as you clutched fiercely at the man.

“Don’t say that! Don’t you dare say that! I need you, Jesse! You can’t leave me alone like that! You promised you’d always come back! I love you, Jesse! You have to stay with me!” Shouting, your body shielded him from the world, your tears falling into his lap as you sobbed. Through the cloud of despair and sorrow, your words started to reach him as you whimpered in his ear. “Please don’t say that Jesse. I could never smile again if I lost you. We’ll get through this. We’ll be happy again. Stay with me. Please, just stay with me Jesse.” Overcome by his actions, by the reality of his life now, the man went to bury his face in his hands, but was met by only one. You were tired, in every aspect of the word, but still you comforted him as best you could, holding him, saying whatever you thought might reach him, promising him future happiness that you weren’t sure you believed yourself.

Eventually, Jesse let you guide him to bed, undressing him before the both of you crawled into bed. In your arms, Jesse finally found rest from his troubles, his exhaustion so overpowering that even the phantom pains couldn’t keep him up. As you lay there, hands rubbing over his body in an attempt at comfort, you wondered how long you could keep this up. How long could you endure this man’s suffering. As you drifted off to sleep, one thought lingered in your mind, indomitable and dangerous.

This couldn’t continue.

Despite your overwhelming fatigue, you got up early the next morning before the sun had even thought about raising, finishing up your chores in time to cook breakfast. The food was prepared and laid out on the table before you went to wake Jesse. The man begrudgingly rolled out of bed, not even bothering to get dressed as he trudged to the kitchen, falling heavy in one of the chairs as he gave a small noise of protest. The cowboy didn’t say a word as he ate. You weren’t sure if his silence stemmed from exhaustion or embarrassment or a lack of things to say, but a part of you was grateful for the quiet.

As you finished up your food, you left your plate in the sink, telling the man you would wash them later. If you left the dish there, he would be less likely to try to wash his on his own, making things easier on both of you. Giving him a kiss on the forehead, you told him that you would be going into town, and weren’t sure when you would be back. The man said nothing as he bit into a piece of toast, his eyes distant and hollow. A part of you felt bad for leaving him like that, but you weren’t sure what you could do to help at this point.

You had never been good at comforting people. You knew how to deal with wound, knew how to address snake bites, knew how to handle broken bones, hell you could even perform tracheotomies. Emotions however, were a different story. Reading people had never been a strong suit of yours, often opting to be alone instead of interacting with others. Jesse had always been the exception to the rule.

The cowboys directness and unreserved character had always put you at ease. With Jesse, you knew where he stood. You didn’t have to read him, didn’t have to analyze or dissect, it was always written all over his face. If he liked someone, you knew it, if he didn’t, then everybody knew it. It had always been so easy. But the Jesse you saw now, the Jesse that laid on your couch all day, the Jesse that showed no interest in the things that used to bring him such joy, the Jesse that never smiled, he was a stranger to you.

The bell on the door clanged a cheerful tune as you walked through the door, unfamiliar smells greeting you as you took a deep breath. The shop was empty. Not surprising on a Sunday morning. Folks around here took church very seriously. You should have been there right now. But instead you were here, doing this. Nervously, you took a few more steps into the shop.

This had been a candy shop when you were a kid. Mr. Mercer had owned the shop running it since the beginning of time, or so you had thought as a child. Whenever your grades had been good enough you dad used to give you a couple bucks and let you go down to this shop to pick up a treat. You’re mother had always been strictly against sweets, so those rare delights had been a secret, just for you and your father. But Mr. Mercer had passed away many years ago and with no children to carry on his work, the shop had been sold.

As you walked up to the counter, looking around for any signs of life, you heard a familiar voice call out to you from some back office.

“Coming. I’m coming.” As a door behind the counter opened, a man emerged that you hadn’t seen in nearly a decade.

As you stood at the other side of the counter, Mark was momentarily frozen in place, eyes wide with surprise as he recognized you. You offered a weak smile, not sure how to approach the situation. It had been nine years since you had last seen the man, he was older looking now. He had changed his hair, and grown a neatly trimmed mustache, it was different from the clean shaven face you remembered, but you liked it. He was just as handsome as you remembered.

“Hey.” You said softly, giving a small wave. You honestly weren’t sure how this was going to go. You wouldn’t be surprised if he turned you away.

“Now there’s a face I haven’t seen in a long time.” Stepping around the counter, he was in front of you, holding you, before you knew it. His hug was warm, comforting. Returning the gesture, you felt like no time had passed at all, instantly picking up on the years of closeness and understanding you had shared with the man. “It’s been too long.” He muttered, giving you one last squeeze before stepping back.

“It has. You seem well. I hear the shop is doing good. Everyone at church talks about what a success you’ve become.” You shared comfortable smiles, watching each other as you picked things back up.

“It’s an honest living. I’m afraid everybody likes to blow my ‘success’ a bit out of proportion though.” His eye’s were bright as he looked around at the place “What about you? I hear your running Mrs. Jodeen’s ranch now.”

“Yeah, it’s a lot of hard work, but I love it. The house is payed off and the cattle bring in good money every season, so I’m pretty well set.” Mark had always been so easy to talk to, so good at making people comfortable.

“I’ll be honest with you, I never thought I’d see you again.” It was a sobering look that overtook his face, eyes soft and warm as they looked at you.

“Well, if I’m being honest with you, I didn’t come here for 'just’ a visit.” Mark seemed intrigued by your words, leaning back against the counter as you waited for you to continue speaking. For better or worse, you wanted to give this a shot.

It was dark by the time you got home, the stars making their appearance one by one in the navy sky as you walked up the creaking steps. As you walked in the front door, you saw Jesse, a lump on the couch as he watched tv, his serape draped over him so he wouldn’t have to see the stump that plagued him. Giving him a kiss on top of his head, you ran your fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp as you leaned over him.

“How was your day?” a raised beer glass, mostly empty, was all you got in response. “Is the pain bad?” Closing his eyes, Jesse gave a small nod. You knew when he didn’t speak it was bad news. That was when it hurt the most. “Want me to give you a massage?” You asked, already starting to kneed the muscles of his shoulders with your trim fingers. Shaking his head, Jesse continued to stare at the screen, unable, or unwilling to make eye contact. And tonight, you were ok with that. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Again he shook his head. Giving him another soft kiss on the head, you wandered into the kitchen to do the dishes that had accumulated throughout the day.

After that day, you started to go out more and more. It seemed like every two or three days, you would run into town, staying out for large portions of the day before coming home with groceries or supplies for the ranch. Jesse didn’t like it, not that he would admit that. He was starting to feel lonely whenever you left, having nothing to do but lounge on the couch, watching tv and drinking. He couldn’t even rewatch his favorite old cowboy movies, the memory of what his life used to be too fresh, too painful to revisit. He wanted you here, wanted to see you smile, hear your laugh, know you were still happy, even if saddled with the pathetic man he had become, but he could never bring himself to voice these thoughts. That’s why, whenever you came home, he just lay there, unable to speak as you went about your business.

After a while, you were spending more time in town then you were at home. Most days, you’d walk in the door long after dark, not even having purchases to show for your day spent out. Now, Jesse was never book smart, but he was people smart. He knew you weren’t going shopping, weren’t running errands. But he played it off like he saw nothing, not having the conviction to confront you.

As his days of beer turned into days of whiskey, Jesse couldn’t shake the feeling that you were avoiding him. Did he disgust you now? Were you tired of his endless neediness? Tired of a man who couldn’t take care of himself? Did you no longer yearn for him the way you used to?

Desperately, Jesse tried to drown out these thoughts, reminding himself that you had always been there, would always be there. You were the one constant in his life. Somewhere along the way, Jesse had become aware of the distinct possibility that you were cheating on him. But he would always force the thought out of his mind, the idea too frightening for him to face. Over and over again he would reassure himself, you would never do that to him.

But as time passed, and you came to be gone every day now, he could no longer deny the obvious. Every day you came home with a light in your eyes and a bright smile, the same look he used to inspire in you. You didn’t smell the same anymore, a faint, unfamiliar odor always lingering on your skin.

When he did work up the nerve to ask you where you had been, you would ramble off some vague excuse, unable to meet his eyes. His nights were spend sleeping on the couch, unable to stand the smell that lingered on you, his days drowned in whiskey as he sat in that lonely house.

Not even bothering to get dressed anymore, Jesse spent all of his time in boxers and a t-shirt, showering seldom, and eating only the premade meals you left for him. The drinking didn’t help the phantom pains, but it helped the emotion pain, dulling him till he didn’t care anymore.

Deep down, Jesse couldn’t even deny that a part of him couldn’t blame you for seeking comfort in another man. He was worthless. Nothing but a shell of the hero he used to be. You had once dreamed of greatness for him, but now he couldn’t deliver on that. He knew you were disgusted by him, repulsed. Lord knew he was. He had nothing to offer you. He should just leave, but he was too much of a coward to even do that. You were the only home he had, and as much as he knew you’d be better off without him, he was too scared to leave you, to lose you. So there he sat, planted in that couch, drinking his problems away as he stared blankly at the tv, trying to forget about the useless sack of shit he had become.

That’s how you found him, already halfway to drunk as you walked in the door, a joyous smile on your lips and a song in your heart. Carrying in a large box, you walked over to the cowboy, standing in front of the tv so he couldn’t ignore you like he always did.

“Hey Jesse.” Your voice was chipper as the man continued to ignore you, tipping back his whiskey bottle as he took another swig. “Jesse, I want to talk to you.” Taking the remote, you turned the tv off, snatching the bottle from his hand.

“Hey.” He protested, finally making eye contact as he glared at you. Readjusting the cumbersome box, you were unhindered by the cruelty in his eyes.

“Don’t ignore me Jesse.” He grimaced slightly at being called out, instinctively firing back, going on the defensive.

“What’s in the box? A present from your new boyfriend.” He regretted his words, this not being how he wanted to start this conversation. In fact he didn’t even want to have this conversation.

“What?” You questioned, flustered and confused as Jesse’s eyes left yours, not feeling prepared for this.

“Just leave me alone.” He muttered, reaching for the remote, but you held it out of reach.

“No, Jesse. This is important.”

She’s leaving me. She’s going to kick me out. I’m no use to her anymore and she’s finally had enough. It was just a matter of time. But as you put the large box in his lap, your eyes were warm, excited even as they looked at him.

“What is this?” Jesse asked in confusion.

“Open it.” you prompted, hands clasped together as you watched him eagerly.

Jesse gave you a puzzled look, but when you offered him no further answer, he gave in. As he removed the lid, he just stared at the contents of the box, so many questions swirling in his head.

“It’s a prosthetic.” You announced, unnerved by the cowboy’s silence as he just stared.

In the box, on top of a pillow, lay a metal arm. Shiny and pristine, besides the lack of skin, it was so human looking it was almost creepy. “I wanted to have it sooner, but there were parts that had to be specially ordered. It should do everything a real hand can and a few more things. It’s made out of this special metal that’s really strong, but light weight, so it wont be too heavy for you.” Jesse ran his fingers along the back of the hand, across the skull on the forearm. “The skull I had added as a decoration.” you admitted, a little embarrassed. “I thought it would look bad ass and intimidating. Sorry if it’s a bit silly. We can have it changed if you don’t like it. But this was made specifically with fighting in mind. It’s super strong. You should be able to able to tear through steel with just this hand, or so I’m told. And its quick, so you’ll be able to dead eye people again. You can continue bounty hunting if you want. You can shoot again.”

“You had this made?” Jesse asked quietly, face still down turned as he looked over the present.

“Yeah.” you answered nervously. You had been anticipating more excitement at the prospect of regaining his livelihood. “I went to a robotics engineer, but I oversaw everything to make sure it was exactly what you needed.”

“I though you were cheating.” you were awe struck as Jesse looked up at you, vulnerable and questioning as tears ran the length of his face. His eyes held so much sorrow, so much fear, finally letting it all loose as he admitted his deepest worry to you. You hadn’t realized he was plagued by these thoughts, hadn’t considered that while you were out collecting parts and pieces for this, he was at home, alone to stew in his own fears and self loathing. You had been so absorbed in making this perfect, you had forgotten to tend to the man, leaving him to his own devices as you neglected him. “I thought you found another man. A real man.” Before you knew it, he was standing, the metal arm falling to the ground as he wrapped himself around you, burying you in his embrace. “I thought I lost you.” His voice was meek, fearful as he muttered into your hair.

“Oh, Jesse.” quickly embracing him, you rubbed your hands all over him, filled with remorse for the torment he had suffered at your absence. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. There’s no one I want but you.” Kissing all over his face, you wiped away his tears, looking deep into his eyes and regretting the pain you had caused him. “I’m so sorry I left you alone. I’m here now. I won’t leave you alone again.”

Jesse cursed himself for the things he had thought, the images his mind had conjured. All this time he had let himself believe that you were finding your comfort in the arms of another, but you had been slaving away to bring him this present. Present wasn’t the right word. You had given him his life back. Not only had you stood by him through thick and thin, not only had you supported him at his lowest, you had made him whole again, working tirelessly to restore him to his former glory. Like so many times before, you had never given up on him, even when he had. How many times now had you saved him from himself?

“Thank you.” Before you could respond, he had your lips, kissing you deeply, all the love and passion and appreciation you’d been missing over the last two months pouring out in that one kiss. As his hand began to wander your body, you felt light headed, his kiss taking your breath away as he relearned every inch of you.

“J-Jesse” you gasped into his mouth, fighting for air as he pulled at your cloths. “We still need to have it attached.” You broke from his lips just long enough to protest before he reclaimed you, making it clear he wasn’t letting you go any time soon.

“It can wait.” He growled into your mouth. “I’m not done showing you how thankful I am.” Picking you up, he never broke the kiss as he carried you off to the bedroom.

Jesse had been more lively then you had expected. But finally, three rounds and one shower later you found yourself walking into the small robotics shop. You hadn’t yet told the cowboy who would be attaching his new arm. You knew it would have been polite to tell Jesse back at the house, but you had worried if he knew, he would refuse to come. You knew he wasn’t that childish anymore, but his spirits were so high now, you wanted to stall ruining that for as long as you could. A part of you hoped he might not even remember Mark. He hadn’t recognized him when last they had seen each other, and that had been over ten years ago. Maybe you would get lucky.

As you entered the shop, a few of the customers spared you a glance, eyes widening as they saw Jesse. He had become a bit of a legend around town. Elders still saw him as the hotheaded brat that raised hell in their quiet little town, but the youth only knew him as one of the heroes of Overwatch. You hoped Jesse wouldn’t notice their stares as you both walked back to the counter. You lucked out. Carrying his new treasure in his good arm, Jesse was too lost in his own daydreams of renewed heroism to notice the eyes that followed him. It was so good to see him smiling again.

As you approached the counter, you saw Mark talking with Mr. Bannin, a local farmer. Looking over, Mark offered you a soft smile, giving you a brief wave and holding up a finger to signal he would just be a minute before returning to his conversation. You gave a soft nod, grateful that he was still making time for you despite it being an hour past your agreed upon time. You were startled as Jesse suddenly grabbed at you awkwardly, almost dropping the box that held his arm as he pulled you towards him.

“What’s he doing here?” Jesse watched Mark untrustingly, body ridged as he stood on guard. Biting your lip, you cursed Jesse’s untimely memory.

“Who?” You knew it was a stupid question, but a part of you still hoped this could be avoided.

“That’s the pansy boy you used to go with. Why is he here?” As Jesse looked down at you, you could see it in his eyes, there was no way around this. Moving to stand in front of him, you shushed him, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. The people of this town were kind and friendly, but they could be nosy.

“He owns this shop. Mark is a robotics engineer.” You explained, unnerved by how untrusting Jesse’s eyes were.

“You mean this is the guy you’ve been with this last month?”

“Jesse, please, don’t make a scene. Mark worked really hard to make this for you. And he didn’t charge me half of what it was worth. He did us a really big favor.” The cowboy grew quiet, though his face was still stern, eyes watching the other man intently.

Finally, with a laugh and a pat on the back, Mark left the farmer, walking over to the two of you as he offered a friendly smile.

“Long time no see, McCree.” he greeted the other warmly, though he did not extend a hand for the cowboy to shake, recognizing his lack of a free hand and not wanting to offend him. Stepping closer to you, Jesse offered the other no smile, instead pursing his lips as he tried not to scowl at the man.

“Yeah. It has been.” He muttered, his disdain clear to everyone in the shop.

“Well if you want to step in back I have everything all set up for us.” Mark paid the man’s attitude no mind, waving you both towards a back room. Jesse rested what remained of his left arm across your back, ushering you forward as he eyed Mark.

“Come on, darlin’.” You winced as he put extra emphasis on the pet name. After all these years, Jesse was still possessive of you when he felt threatened. You weren’t sure if you were annoyed, or a little happy that after all these years, that part of him still remained.

The room you walked into was clearly a workshop. Strange tools and parts hung everywhere, shiny and foreign to you. In the center of the room was a work bench Mark had cleared off and covered with a tarp, clearly where he intended to perform the 'operation’.

“If you could sit up here for me, please.” Patting the table, Mark pulled over a tray of tools you didn’t recognize.

Mark Johnson Sr. had been a doctor. You remembered many dinners where he would regale you with stories of tricky medical procedures he had done. You weren’t surprised that his son had picked up a lot of those skills. Or at least enough to perform a simple prosthetic attachment. You weren’t sure what all was involved with it, but you knew with modern medicine, it wouldn’t be a very invasive procedure.

Placing the box on the table, Jesse hopped up, his legs swinging out like a child as he scooted back. Once he was settled his hand reached out, taking yours and pulling you close as his eyes watched Mark. You gave a sigh. You couldn’t say you were surprised.

“This shouldn’t take too long. I’m just going to use a local anesthetic. The procedure itself shouldn’t hurt, but sometimes when attaching the mechanics to the nerve endings it can cause your phantom pains to flare up. Most of the time the anesthetic helps with that.” Jesse still watched the other untrusting, eyeing the shot he pulled out. “Can I get you to take your shirt off?” As Jesse’s eyes moved to you, you knew where this was going.

“You want to help me, sweetheart?” You knew if he wanted to, he could undo the buttons himself. The cowboy just wanted you to undress him in front of the only other man you had ever dated. You had half a mind to refused, but it had been so long since Jesse had been this lively, you didn’t want to see that falter.

Moving to stand between his legs, you pulled is shirt out of his pants, nimble fingers making quick work of the buttons. It didn’t take long, but you were distinctly aware that Jesse was giving Mark the biggest arrogant grin while you stripped him of his shirt.

“Thanks, babe.” Leaning down, Jesse captured you lips in a kiss and you knew it was more for the other man than you.

“Alright, if I can get you to lay back.” Mark was unfazed by the cowboy’s show, busying himself with his work. Feeling sufficiently triumphant, Jesse let you go, turning to lay down across the table.

Over the past month of drinking and living on the couch, Jesse’s muscles had lost some of their tone, and he had gained a little weight around the midsection, but as he laid back on the makeshift operating table, you could tell he was sucking in his gut, trying to look impressive as the other man studied his wound. It was almost cute. Staying by Jesse’s side, you held his hand as Mark administered the shot.
In a minute or two, when his patients arm was fully numb, the operation proceeded.

It was fascinating to watch. No cuts, no intrusions, no blood. You had no clue what was going on as Mark used all sorts of strange and foreign tools. A part of you wanted him to explain what he was doing, but you didn’t ask, not wanting to slow things down.

You were surprised with Jesse’s patience. Never one for sitting still, the cowboy didn’t squirm or fidget through the whole course of the hour long procedure. Briefly, you wondered if he had grown accustomed to sitting for medical attention from his time in Overwatch.

“All done.” Mark announced, giving you both a smile as he stood up, stretching his back. Sitting up, Jesse admired the piece of metal that was now attached to him. Narrowing his eyes as if consecrating heavily, the cowboy stared at the hand. With the squeak of metal against metal, the fingers moved slightly. Jesse’s face lit up.

“HA!” He exclaimed, clenching and unclenching the hand as looked at it from every angle. Delight danced in his eyes as he toyed with the dexterity of the hand.

“I would be careful what you use that hand on for a while. It possesses more strength than any human, you could easily break things or hurt people. So give yourself time to adjust to the feeling of it.” Mark smiled warmly at the cowboy’s joy.

“Thank you Mark.” Your eyes were soft as they regarded the other. He had done so much for you. You knew you would never really be able to repay him for what he had given you.

“Glad I could help.” He spared you one last affectionate glance before addressing Jesse. “You call me if you have any trouble with it. I can make any adjustments you need.” Offering up a hand, you were surprised when Jesse eagerly took it, giving it a hearty shake as he grinned at the other.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” With that, Mark left to attend his shop, leaving the two of you alone.

You helped the cowboy get dressed. Not cause he needed you to, but because he was too distracted by his new limb to bother putting his shirt back on. Guading him out of the store and to the street, Jesse was all smiles as he flexed his mechanical arm.

“So what would you like to do first? We could go for a ride? Go fishi-” Six shots rang out, causing you to jump as the loud noise interrupted the quiet of the town. Quickly, men nearby drew their guns, women ducking as they looked around, children scurried off, and six birds fell hard to the ground.

Looking over you saw Jesse, eyes bright with glee, his gun in his hand as he studied the fowl he had dead eyed. He almost looked crazed, his smile wide and manic.

“Jesse!” you shouted, smacking him in the chest as he laughed with delight.

“I still got it.” You wanted to stay mad at him, to lecture him for causing such a commotion, but as the man smiled that child like smile, you couldn’t bring yourself to reprimand him.

“At least wait till we get home. You’re going to have the whole town in an uproar.” Holstering his gun, put his arm around your shoulder, smile never fading as he pulled you close.

“Sorry, darlin’. I’ll behave. I promise.”

You managed to get him home without further incident, Jesse whistling a happy tune the whole way. Once you had returned, you broke out the ammo. Taking all the empty beer bottles and whiskey jugs, you started lining them up on the fence post for the cowboy to shoot at. Just like you had all those years ago. You wondered if Jesse would ever get tired of smiling as the hours rolled by, the man shooting trick shot after trick shot. He was impressive.

As the day faded into night, Jesse showed no sign of quitting. You could still see his glowing grin illuminated by the light of his cigar as shot anything you put up for him. Finally, after hours of shooting, you approached the cowboy, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Jesse, it’s pretty late. We should get some rest.” In a flash, his gun was holstered, his cigar thrown away before both his arms encircled you as he moved in close. Gentle kisses were lane all over your face and neck, his hands wandering you as he pressed against you.

“Thank you.” His voice was soft, but his words carried a weight to them that left you startled. “You always stand by me. You’ve given me everything. I really would be nothing without you. And here again, you’ve saved me.” Taking your lips, he kissed you so deeply you were forced to lean back. “I love you.” Wrapping your arms around his neck, you returned the kiss, tears of joy coming to your eyes as you regained the Jesse you knew and loved. He was back. “Now lets get inside. I want to thank you properly again.”

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bemily prompt. emily comes out as bisexual to beca

Beca’s never really been the best at consoling people. She once climbed out of the window of her childhood friend’s house because it looked like he was about to start crying. She’d waited for the perfect moment – when he went to get them both a drink from the kitchen – before bolting and running home. It wasn’t until she saw him the next day at school, clearly hurt, that she remembered that other people have feelings and it’s pretty shitty to pretend they don’t, no matter how awkward you feel around them.

Which is why, when Emily shows up at the Bella house in tears, Beca doesn’t turn her away. She opens the door and wordlessly lets her inside, waiting until she’s in the living room before taking a deep breath and shutting the door.

And there’s something unsettling about Emily Junk crying. She’s like Chloe, that way. It just doesn’t seem right for such a bubbly and loving person to be sad.

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