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What's your most domestic, married, white-picket-fence-type fantasy?

Married, 1-2 kids, I want to be the “gymnastics dad” and drive my kid(s) carpool and be at all of their gymnastics meets (because let’s be real I’m making them do gymnastics for a little bit, until they find what they love and what makes them happy). Basically I want to have all of the family things and raise my children. Yeah I plan on working as a PA but my family will come first and that’s why I chose PA over MD/DO, I’ll have the time to spend with my family rather than at work all day every day.

“I broke up with my girlfriend this morning. We’d been together for three years. But I’m Catholic, and she doesn’t know if she believes in God or not. I wanted to propose to her one day. I think she’d be a great mom and a great wife. But I feel like this might be something we can’t overcome. I want to get married in a Catholic church. I want to raise my children to be Catholic. It’s important to me and it’s something that we’d have to deal with eventually. So I didn’t think it would be a good idea to keep putting it off. But it really hurts to lose her. Both of us were bawling our eyes out. She was such a big part of my life. Every time something good happens, she is the first person I want to tell. And I do respect that she refuses to believe in something just because I do. But I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping God will give me an answer.”

When people buy your hatchlings and give them lore and apparel.  

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“where are you from?”

when asked by another person of color: “oh it looks like we may share some history as immigrants or children of immigrants! I want to know what your other culture is and I’ll share mine!”

when asked by a white person: “you don’t look like you’re from here, please confirm my suspicions that you’re from elsewhere”

to those, I always answer: “I’m from here.”

and they ask: “No, where are you REALLY from?”


if you’ve ever wondered if i have doctor who ocs, the answer is yes
of course
who do you think i am
i’ve got like 4 seasons planned out c’mon
i’ve made them all pinterest boards bc that’s the way i am

i cant imagine being a mother and raising my children anywhere else but california. i’ll be one of those moms who’s wearing her jesse kamm pants and vintage mules or celine glove flats walking her kids to school with my puppy. i want everyone i love to experience california 

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How can I raise my children to be feminists while still having an evangelical Christian faith and conservative Republican values?

Faith and conservatism don’t negate believing women are equal so if you raise your children with that understanding they should be fine.

I have way too many aspirations for one life. I want to be an author and a poet and a nurse and a flight attendant and I want to own a cute little coffee shop where people come to write or read or just exist and I want to sell everything I own and just travel sound the world and I want to live in a super small town where everyone knows each others names and I want to raise my children there and I want to be a tattoo artist and make my body into the master piece that it deserves to be and I want to travel to Africa and build houses and I want to become a doctor and cure cancer and I want to be be a dog trainer and an astronaut and I want to be a photographer and I want to be a journalist for a major magazine in New York and walk everywhere in heels and go to fashion shows on my days off and I want to be a consoler for teenagers who struggle with mental illness and help them the way no one helped me and I want to be a kindergarten teacher and a stay at home mom and all of this is too much for one lifetime and that’s the problem.
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