raising my children

Remember his comments as a 20-year-old?

Everyone in the studio was speechless after his statement about how parents should raise their children to become someone like him. (this is just a rough translation)

M1:(right after his answer) I give that 100 points *everyone laughs*

W1: There’s nothing left to say, right?

M1: He’s even good (put emotions) in his answers…

W2: Even for parents find it hard to say that (what he said abt there are good points in their children). Last time when I watched GPF together with my son, and he said that he also want to become like Yuzuru Hanyu. But now that I listened to Hanyu, I realized it’s impossible.*everyone laughs*

M2: (was asked for his opinion about Yuzu’s answer as a 20-year-old) Oh, how to say this? It doesn’t seem right haha……

Everyone just went on about how he doesn’t seem like 20 years old at all, from his answers to his expression on ice. 

Guys, I know, I feel the same. This boy is a gift to the world (or an alien). He never seems to be his age, physically and mentally. He looks forever younger and thinks like so much older than his age. Truly belongs to Hanyu planet XD


if you’ve ever wondered if i have doctor who ocs, the answer is yes
of course
who do you think i am
i’ve got like 4 seasons planned out c’mon
i’ve made them all pinterest boards bc that’s the way i am

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Am I missing something about the baby squirrels that everyone else knows? Because I'm incredibly curious as to the story behind that sentence.

Okay, well, let me tell you a story,

A few years back I was walking in the Abbey grounds with a friend. It was a lovely summers day, everything was as it should be. But then there came this ungodly shrieking from a huge oak tree - I’m talking ‘oh my god, someone is clearly murdering a cat!’ kind of ungodly shrieking - and we ran over to see that a large male grey squirrel had attacked another squrrel’s drey (nest) and literally THROWN 4 tiny baby squirrels out of the tree.

These babies were little, and screaming, and writhing in pain and fear. One of them was badly injured. Naturally I couldn’t leave them to die - especially not like that. It was obvious that their mother wouldn’t be able to recollect them - she was fighting to the death with the intruder, who was bigger and stronger, and there are cats and foxes EVERYWHERE in the Abbey. They were done for.

So I did what I think any stupidly compassionate fool would do; I stripped off my t-shirt (it was my ‘liberté égalité fraternité one) - thankfully I had my binder underneath so I wasn’t half-naked - and gently scooped all four of them up in it. 

I got them home and settled them into a cardboard box with some bedding, water, and a hot water bottle. I then immediately looked up the local wildlife rescue to see what could be done.

I learned 3 valuable pieces of British wildlife law that day:

  1. If you take grey squirrels to a British wildlife charity, they will probably euthanize them. This is because they are an invasive species
  2. For the same reason, it is actually ILLEGAL to rescue grey squirrels.
  3. And on a similar note, if you DO, it is then ILLEGAL TO RELEASE grey squirrels back into the wild.

So I was stuck, illegally hoarding baby squirrels. 

Now, I understand the damage invasive species do - honestly. But I also knew there was no way I could let 4 baby animals die horribly just because of their species - a species humans had introduced, afterall. I also figured that, given the huge population of cats and foxes in Glastonbury, as adults they wouldn’t really get to breed in a manner that would cause any kind of strange population spike beyond what would have happened anyway. The way I saw it, these 4 tiny creatures could hardly do any more damage to the environment, and they deserved at least a chance. I would never have slept at night again if I had let them die.

So this is the point where I said ‘fuck the police!’ and embarked upon raising my small angry children. I named them liberté, égalité, fraternité, and beyonce. Tragically, the one named Beyonce died - she was too injured, but at least she went comfortably, in a warm quiet room with her siblings around her, and not on the cold hard ground in agonising pain. 

I fed them milk from a pipette. And then rat food, since I had rats at the time. They thrived. They grew. I was so damn fucking proud. I was like a weird Daenerys Targaryen. Father Of Squirrels.

They were horrible by the way. Nasty, aggressive beasts. Liberté especially was a vicious creature, but I was proud, since I knew he’d do well. He had a fighting spirit (he escaped in my bedroom once and had to be captured in a hat)

Eventually I was able to release them quietly and secretly in a small wooded glen near my house. I still wonder if they’re alive today. I suppose it was morally ambiguous of me, considering their species, but personally I couldn’t let animals suffer because of wildlife laws.

I sort of privately hope my illegal squirrels are thriving.

The Thing About Goku and Chi-Chi

I think people who criticize the GoChi ship look at their relationship and think, ‘I wouldn’t be happy in that relationship, therefor they must not be happy’.  And I understand that thinking, to an extent.  

If my husband died and left with no promise of return, I wouldn’t want to live the rest of my life raising my children alone as a widow.  I would’ve probably attempted to move on after a couple of years.  But Chi-Chi didn’t.  

If my wife scolded me and told me what to do as often as Chi-Chi, I might not be happy.  I would’ve probably complained or argued with her.  But Goku didn’t.

To the contrary, Goku explicitly said what GoChi fans have known for years - he loves that about Chi-Chi.  That means when Chi-Chi berated him countless times for being irresponsible and for deterring Gohan from his studies, he loved her for it. 

Likewise, when Goku unexpectedly came back to Earth seven years after his death, one of the first things Chi-Chi said to him was, “I waited for you.”   That means Chi-Chi didn’t mind waiting for Goku.   She waited, even with no indication she would ever see him again in her lifetime.  If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.

The GoChi ship works because of Goku and Chi-Chi.  

They know they belong together, without reservation, without regret, without even a moment’s consideration of looking elsewhere.  Their relationship is loyalty, acceptance, and commitment at its finest.  

Not all of us are made for that and even fewer seem to fully grasp it, which is why I think a lot of people can’t relate.  But we can sure as hell be impressed by it and I, for one, ship it.

non-romantic songs



i don’t know what genre this is:

please note that the songs might contain certain content like language, triggering topics, gendered words, etc.

I will raise my children to be beautiful human beings and powerful men who understand how magnificent women are. I believe that all women, all over the world, are beautiful, whole and powerful. They should be honored like goddesses, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day. We must continue to lift each other up, believe in ourselves and not hold back from this truth. #InternationalWomensDay

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i'm just going to pretend helion ~ loved ~ lucien's mother in the past and all that, but now he is over it and is happy with his wife and the children he had with her

I stand by this canon concept 100%. So here’s what really happened. 

Helion didn’t show up to the High Lord Meeting with his wife that he’s been married to since before Amarantha came because she’s pregnant. They had a whole discussion about it when Rhys sent out the invitations and her argument was that he needed her there because she’s the brains in their relationship and he’s the brawn. And Helion practically got down on his knees trying to ask her not to go and just look over the Day Court while he was gone. Partially because it’s no one’s business whether or not he has a wife and kid(s) and because even if they meet in a safe place he’s not going to bring his pregnant wife/mate there. He doesn’t trust them, at all. Rightfully so, just saying. 

She begrudgingly agreed but she wants a full report when he comes back (down to the dotted i’s and crossed t’s). She ends up making the war plans, you know, the thing NO ONE DID AND SOMEHOW THEY WON THE BATTLE, but okay okay that’s fine. She makes up war plans and that’s how they won because she utilized everyone’s powers (Tarquin got to drown some people, Helion burnt everyone to a fine crisp with his sun light, Thesan has some awesome powers with lightning, Kallias made popsicles out of everyone, who cares about Beron, blah blah blah) and she knew all the plot twists everyone had planned. You know why she knew? Because everything that happened were her ideas/plans. She is the reason they won this ‘war’. Point blank, thank you, your honor. That will be all. 

When Helion came back home after the battle she pestered him and every time Helion let something slip, “And then I fought in my beast form- Oh wait, no, I didn’t mean to say that” “YOU DID WHAT? WITHOUT TELLING ME? THAT WAS NOT APART OF THE PLAN, HELION” and basically they’re a beautiful married couple and it ended with Helion kissing her stomach (and holding his son(s)/daughter(s) depending on how many children you want him to have)

When Helion came to the Inner Circle’s chambers there was no talk of threesomes, only a beautiful clever line of “Not just females” all Jesper Fahey style and BAM there’s the bisexual High Lord we all deserve. There was no sleeping with Mor, in fact there was no thirsting after Mor in the first place. And there was no revelation between Rhys and Feyre that Helion is Lucien’s father, because although he did have an affair with Lady Autumn it was short because Helion realized how stupid he was being and ended it faster than you can say Helion Spell-Cleaver. So then after the War he went back home and that’s how he met and began to court his wife and here we are now. 

And even though Helion has heirs he will never die because he is immortal and unkillable and that’s whats up. His children end up being princes and princesses, respectively, of the different cities in the Day Court and everyone is happy, healthy, and alive. 

Bonus: His wife was already High Lady of the Day Court but no one knew about her so Rhys was, in fact, not the first person to have a High Lady. It was Helion. 

I love these 100% canon facts and my literal parents Helion and the unnamed female I will eventually name I promise.