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“Do you know how many times I died and burned to protect you and your siblings? If it weren’t for me, there would be no sultanate left.” – Kösem Sultan and her children

Lupin family headcanons:

  • Lyall Lupin really struggled when Remus was bitten, the stigma of werewolves and the stories he’d been brought up on and everything that drove him to curse Fenrir and his kind didn’t make for an easy adjustment. He thought Remus would be different somehow, that he wouldn’t be his son.
  • Hope Lupin never for a second doubted that Remus wasn’t still her little boy, even when Lyall blamed her lack of magical knowledge for this opinion.
  • It was only after the first full moon that Lyall realised Remus was exactly the same as he had been before. He was still kind, bright, curious, shy and endearing as ever, only now cursed with a terrible affliction.
  • Remus was the youngest child in St Mungo’s records to be admitted for a werewolf bite and survive not only the initial bite, but the first transformation.
  • Lyall was never good at potions, but over the years his proficiency grew as he brewed potions to ease Remus’ pain and discomfort after the full moon and he experimented with cures.
  • They gave Remus a shot at a normal childhood, but people asked too many questions about the cuts, bruises and mystery illnesses, but Remus wasn’t a good liar as a child, nor in the early years did he fully understand what happened to him.
  • Hope would sing to Remus after the full moon to try and settle him as a child.
  • Lyall was a very scholarly type, he had an office filled with ancient books on magical beasts, and Remus learnt about magical and dark creatures by his fathers side. The fascination stayed with him throughout his life.
  • Hope was a gardener, when they finally settled in an old, isolated cottage in up in North Yorkshire by the moors, she planted vegetables and grew herbs in their small back garden.
  • Since they denied Remus company his own age, they were a very close family and tried as best they could to make up for this.
  • Lyall struggled the most when Remus chose to accept Dumbledore’s offer to attend Hogwarts, fearing what his fellow students might do to him if they discovered his condition.
  • Hope was particularly close to Remus, having given up her job to stay home and school him and give him her company since she couldn’t allow him age mates. She wrote to him every week in first year, and at least once a month afterwards, up until her death in the summer before Remus’ fourth year.
  • Remus was so devastated when he lost her that he couldn’t even bring himself to tell his friends because how do you bring something like that up when they ask ‘how was your summer?’ so he just didn’t say anything. All three of them knew something was wrong though, but it wasn’t until November that he finally came to terms with it and told them.
  • Lyall was pretty suspicious when it came to James, Sirius and Peter at first, only having Remus’ word for it that they still cared about him, werewolf or not. It wasn’t until he met them that he relaxed, and he had a bit of a soft spot for the three of them from then on. Even after the time James and Sirius pretty much demolished Remus’ bedroom wall Easter of fourth year.
  • Lyall didn’t take a direct part in the first war, nor was he an official Order member, but he provided an unofficial safe house for injured Order members and he’d heal them to the best of his ability. It started with a blood splattered Remus shouting and hauling an unconscious Lily through his front door at 2am. Three weeks later a panicked Lily arrived with a dazed girl with a head wound, apologising and saying this was the first place she could think of to flee to. That girl, Marlene, would go on to drag a stumbling Peter into his living room a week later, and the whole thing kind of snowballed until most Order members knew that Lyall Lupin could heal the majority of injuries they sustained fighting and they were welcome to run there when out of options.
  • Remus spent three weeks mourning the death and betrayal of his friends at his childhood home. Most of that time was spent clutching cups of untouched tea and staring blankly at nothing, or curled up on the sofa with old blankets that reminded him of his childhood. After three weeks however, after the funerals and the announcement of Sirius’ fate because there was no trial, he decided to leave his father ‘in peace’ as he put it, not wanting to disturb his quiet life any further.
  • Lyall never once thought of his son as a burden, Remus was always welcome to come back home.
  • They kept in touch throughout the years through letters, Remus visiting often when able, though he wasn’t generally able to as he bounced form job to job, never staying long enough for anyone to ask questions, working overseas a lot on research projects. He only returned home three times in ten years to stay for more than a week, and that was only when he was truly desperate.
  • Remus confided in Lyall about Sirius’ innocence.
  • Lyall woke to scratching and whining at his front door one night, and he recognised the large, black dog on his doorstep as Sirius from Remus’ explanation of events. It was very reminiscent of the time he had found a lone, shaking Sirius with a broken leg on his doorstep during the first war
  • Sirius stayed a month at Lyall’s insistence. Remus was under scrutiny in light of Sirius’ evasion of capture, and as such Sirius was unable to stay with Remus, nor was Remus able to visit, just in case. Lyall spent that month trying his hardest to feed him up and was greatly saddened to see Sirius as a shadow of his former self.
  • Lyall Lupin outlived his son.
  • He never got to meet his daughter-in-law. He met Harry two weeks after the Battle of Hogwarts at Remus’ funeral. Harry and Andromeda took little Teddy Lupin to visit a week later.



(also reina giving kumiko unexpected kisses just to see that dork’s blushing face just because of reasons)

I’m so sick of people giving me, a bisexual female, shit for flirting with boys in LGBTQ-bars because let’s be real here, the only sexual orientation besides heterosexuality that is mainly, or at least partly, accepted is homosexuality, and most of them don’t give shit about us bi-/pansexual people.

If I, as a bisexual female, go to an LGBTQ-bar or -club and flirt with a guy that does not make me any less valid than females flirting with females and males flirting with males. The fact that I am a bisexual female does not mean that I’m not allowed to have a preference for men or that a bisexual male isn’t allowed to have a preference for women.

When a person of gender A flirts with a person of gender B in an LGBTQ-bar and you tell them to leave because “uhm, sorry, but this is safe space” you completely ignore the fact that “this” is also supposed to be safe space for them and not only for you.

Bisexual, as well as pansexual, people face the issue of neither being accepted by the heteronormative society for not being “fully straight” nor by the LGBTQ-community for not being “fully gay” either and “invading the safe space” of gays and lesbians.

LQBTQ-bars, -clubs, -cafés etc. are supposed to be safe space for each and every member of that community, and just because their current behavior might not represent why they are a part of it that certainly does not give you the right to kick them out of what is meant to be safe space for them just for trying to find a place of acceptance and tolerance.