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Series: Vegas

Note: Read this so you can understand what’s going on a little better lol. So this is not v7. This takes place in between Vegas and Tease, so just keep that in the back of your mind while you read. This is the story of how Y/N got on birth control. Also, credit to @adothoe for a couple lines of dialogue she helped me with.

Word Count: 3066

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: smut, lazy sex, pharmacy, little bit of jealousy, cursing

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Daveed sighed as he laid on his back in bed next to your sleeping form, restless because he’d been wide awake for almost an hour now. It was one of those nights where his brain was on overdrive. His mind wandered from replaying the lyrics to the new clipping. song he was working on to images of the small baby animals he saw while doing a voiceover for a Disney documentary.

Letting his eyes fall shut, he wrapped his arms tighter around you, pulling you up against his chest. He buried his face into your neck, trying his hardest to clear his mind as best he could.

You stirred in his embrace, awakening groggily and slowly due to the new feeling of Daveed’s warm breath on your neck.

“D?” you murmured tiredly, shifting closer to the warmth his body created.

“Mm,” He hummed against you, his voice rough from not using it for a few hours. He was tired, yes, but the way his train of thought couldn’t come to a stop kept him wide awake, awake enough to respond with no sleep evident in his tone at all.

“D, go the fuck to sleep.”

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Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 2128

Request/Summary: It’s your turn to show the bullies from high school you were successful in the love department, but there was a mild problem, you were single. (Fake Dating AU)

Warnings: angsttttt, cussing, should be it

Tagging: @serkewen12 @ariadne1004 @merrahonthawall @bethbat @deltablue202 @blueco16 @alienxsara @bad-hatter @mersers-moonypadfoot-prongs @gonnamurderyou

A/N- Finally got it done! This is the last part of the Restraint series! I hope you like it. Special thanks to @angry-and-yandere for helping me out.

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“Hey yo Diggs, is there any chance you could come to a dinner thing with me? Somehow my mom figured out we were ‘together’ and wanted me to bring you…”

“Ye-” Stupid. Daveed remembered. Stupid. He went silent,

“Daveed?” You asked after a few moments of quiet.

“You know what, sorry Y/N, I can’t.” He held his breath, “Sorry.”

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you’ll look good (in between my sheets)

prompt: person A and person B meet at a bar, each nursing a broken heart after a recent breakup. bonus for a selfie and smut. 

word count: 3,654 (*aaron burr voice* sweet jesus)

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

warnings: smut, daveed “i can charm the skirts off a nun” diggs, “okay so we’re doing this” reader. 

a/n: when i die, delete this so daveed never finds this sin. 

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Peace, Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Prompt: Reader likes making Oak baked goods. (Which I interpreted as ‘Reader owns a bakery’.)

Words: 1288

Author’s Note: It’s still 10:20 where I live, so technically I still put out a fic on Friday…whoops a little late!

Warnings: None?

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“We’re closed!” You called, not bothering to turn at the sound of the bell above the door chiming.

“Even for your favorite customer?” You instantly recognized the voice and spun to greet him with a smile.

“Customer usually implies you pay. You show up unannounced and charm your way into a box of free pastries.” You teased your old friend, who in turn leaned against the counter and shrugged casually.

“I distinctly remember striking up a deal. Free food for free tickets.” Oak grinned when you squealed in excitement.

“You got it?”

“I got it! Orchestra, right in the middle so you have an unobstructed view of my beautiful face.” He struck a few poses as you snatched the ticket from his hand, confirming its existence.

“I owe you five million free pastries! You have to bring some in for the crew, as a thank you.” You immediately got to work, stuffing as many baked goods as you could into various pink boxes from behind the counter.

“Don’t you have actual paying customers to feed?” Oak’s voice rang out. You popped up from behind the glass display case with four boxes stuffed to the brink.

“Screw them!” You insisted, pushing the boxes into his empty hands. “Thank you, I promise not to embarrass myself in front of them!”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” He called to you as you pushed him out the door, knowing he was on the brink of running late for the first show of the day. “See you tonight!” You stood at the glass door, watching for a moment as he struggled under the mass of boxes while crossing the busy street.

You sighed, making sure the ticket was secure in your pocket before flipping the sign at the door from ‘closed’ to ‘open’.

“Oak, let me help!” Random people called, each taking one box from him and placing it on the common table.

“What are these?” Daveed asked, raising his brow and investigating the closest box.

“My friend owns a bakery and is seeing the show tonight, she wanted to give these to you guys for luck.” That was all it took for the rampage to start. The entire cast and crew acted as vultures around the boxes, barely leaving crumbs behind.

“I call the croissant! My wife will kill me if I don’t bring one home for her!” Lin called over everyone, who parted for him to take claim over a few treats. He took note of the bakery’s name for future use before sauntering over to Oak with a skip in his step.

“So…” He started, “This friend of yours…” He wiggled his eyebrows, much to the displeasure of Oak. “They’re the friend, huh?”

“Shut up.” Oak grumbled, snatching his usual chocolate chip muffin, snapping a picture of the cast as they swarmed around the few remaining pastries, and stomped off to his dressing room.

“I cried before you even came out.” You insisted.

“Nothing sad even happens in the first few minutes!” He responded, tugging at your hand as he ushered you backstage.

“I know, but I knew what was coming.” You whispered, very aware of where you were. You dragged you across the rotating floor without stopping, weaving through the halls before stopping in what appeared to be a makeshift kitchen.

“Hello, hello!” Called the very last person Oak wanted in contact with you tonight, Lin. “The baker has arrived!”

“The genius!” You shot back, noticing Oak’s discomfort, “Oak says you’re not that smart in real life.”

“Guilty.” He shrugged, twisting his hair up into a makeshift bun, “Thanks for the goodies this morning, by the way! Oak’s been keeping you a secret for too long.” Lin elbowed him, eliciting a grunt and a whine from Oak, who had stayed awfully quiet during this interaction.

“My bakery is the best kept secret in New York.” You insisted as Oak grumbled something about seeing his dressing room before Anthony and Daveed left for the night.

“I’ll let you kids get to it.” Lin saluted, zipping his hoodie up and preparing himself for the crowd that had more than likely gathered outside the stage door. “Peace!” He threw up the peace sign, taking his leave as Oak dragged you away.

“He seemed nice.” You told him, trying to make conversation. He didn’t respond, and you wondered why Lin was such a sore subject for him.

“We’re closed!” You called, not bothering to look up from the register.

“Sorry, just here for the croissants!” Lin called, pulling his headphones down to wrap around his neck. “My wife, Vanessa, she loved the one I brought home last night. Thought I’d stop in?” He made his way to the counter, leaning against it just as Oak had the morning before.

“You guys are always welcome here, closed or not.” You got to work packaging a few croissants and a cookie. A treat for his son, you thought. “Can I ask you something?” You pushed the bag across the counter, shaking your head when he tried to pull out his wallet.


“Are you and Oak friends? He was kind of cold after we talked to you last night.”

He winced at the question.

“It’s just…I know things.”

“Things? Well, you’re a certified genius, hopefully you know something.” He let out a single loud laugh, and you prided yourself in being witty enough to elicit the sound.

“I mean, it’s not really my place to say. Oak, he’s a quiet guy. He likes to talk, though. Most of the time we talk, it’s about you.”

“Me?” You pointed to yourself, as if there was another you living somewhere that he could be referring to.

“It’s very cute, if not a little annoying. Although, now that I’ve met you and earned your trust enough to get free croissants.” He grabbed the bag off the counter, “The praise is well earned.” He took in your dumbstruck expression, “If you feel the same way about him, you should talk to him. He’s got a few things to say.” He threw up his peace sign again as he backed out the door and across the street towards the theater.

You were very grateful the doorman had recognized you on sight. With the cover story of ‘Oh, I’m bringing Oak lunch!’ and a wrapped panini in your grasp, it only took a minute for you to be let through.

You passed through pretty much unnoticed save for a few people who thanked you again for the treats from the day before. You nodded, stopping to ask where you would find Oak. They all pointed the way back towards the kitchen area you had been in before.

He sat at the table, scrolling through his phone and sipping from a water bottle, half in costume. He looked up as you entered, unsure how or why you had come.


“Hi. Lunch.” You pushed the sandwich into his hands before he could protest, “Also, do you want to go out tomorrow?”

He looked back and forth from the panini to you, wondering how the two were related.

“Uh, yes?”

Inside, a parade was running through your head. On the outside, you played it cool. Letting a simple smile grace your lips, you tried to casually back out with your head held high. You eventually ran into a wall, and then another person.

Finally, you took your leave, throwing up Lin’s signature peace sign as you ducked out.

The pieces began to put themselves together. The familiar box Lin carried in this morning. The peace sign. The smug grin Lin wore all morning.

Lin-Manuel Miranda!” Oak called, pushing out of his chair as he heard a distant scream of panic.


Note: This one came out so cute at the end. It’s basically from everyone’s point of view except yours. I’m trying a different approach haha.


  1. Request where Daveed is super nervous and can never get a word out around Y/N because he likes her so much. He writes a rap song about her that the rest of the cast discovers (without him knowing) and Rafael performs it while the rest of the cast does the back-up vocals for a Ham4Ham and it ends with Y/N kissing Daveed and asking him out. I’m sorry this prompt is so long, I just absolutely adore your writing. Thank you!

Word Count: 2157

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning: None, secondhand embarrassment, Daveed being a shy lil bean

“Hey Daveed,” You greeted, walking into the room. “What’s up, Rafa?”

“Hey,” Daveed said softly, his brain automatically forgetting every word he’d ever learned.

“Hey Y/N, how was your day?” Rafa said, striking up a conversation.

“Eh, tiring, but I’m fine.” You sighed, leaning against the doorway Daveed’s dressing room. “What about you guys?”

“My day’s been great. I’ve just been hanging around. Talking to people, eating, writing, you know the drill.” Rafa chuckled.

“Nice.” You laughed. “What about you Daveed? How was the show?”

Daveed hesitated before responding. “It was good.”

“Good? That’s it? C’mon, you can do better than that, Diggs.” Rafa said, making Daveed shrug.

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

A/N: thanks to that hoe @casual-hamiltrash for this. 
I’m not sorry.
(Lin if you ever see this leave thank)

Summary: What happens when Lin starts to annoy you during an important meeting?

Warnings: cursing, thigh grabbing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), hinted smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Enjoy! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


“(Y/N), we’re gonna be late!” Lin called out to you.

“Lin, can’t we just say back, and you know?” You whined, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

“When we get back, now come on.” Lin demanded. 

You grabbed his arm. “Pleeeease?” You whined.


“(Y/N).” You mocked.

“You’re an adult.”

“I’m aware.”

“Come on.”

You groaned, picking up your hoodie and following him out.

Apparently you were going to get together with mostly everyone who helped in Hamilton, for, something. Lin didn’t tell you. He just ran in, spouting nonsense and all you heard was a something about a meeting.

When you arrived there, you saw everyone, Alex, Javi, Pippa, Daveed, mostly the hamilcast.

“Lin, it’s about time.” Anthony joked.

“I would’ve been here earlier if someone would’ve hurried up.”

You shot awkward finger guns, and then the both of you sat next to each other and a table. You sat next to Lin and Daveed.

“Alright, so I was thinking-” Alex began.

You kind of dozed off, not really paying attention.

“-nah, we should do Non-Stop.” Daveed’s voice interrupted your thoughts.

“What do you think, (Y/N)?” Alex asked.

“Huh?” You came back to reality.

“Oh! About the songs? Uh, maybe Non-sTOP.” You voice went high, as you felt Lin squeeze you upper thigh.

“You alright?” Daveed raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m f-fine.” You stuttered, feeling Lin’s fingers drag across your thigh.

Great day to wear shorts you thought.

The rest of the meeting went through okay. Who am I kidding? It went through terribly. Every time you went to talk, Lin’s hand found his way towards your thigh. You’re so gonna kill him when you both get home.

“Lin, you’ve been quiet man, what do you think?” Anthony asked.

“Well, Non-Stop would be a good choice, since mostly all of us are included in it.” Lin went on.

You looked at his side.

He’s ticklish, right? Maybe? Oh well, about to find out.

While he was in the middle of his sentence, you jabbed him in the side with you finger, him letting out a squeak and jerking away.

The whole room went  quiet.

“Lin…are you alright?” Javi asked.

“Hm? Yeah. Fine.” His voice cracked.

A couple minutes later, you received a text from Daveed.

From: Daveed:
I know what y’all are doing. Better calm it down. ;)

To: Daveed:
You keep your mouth shut.

From: Daveed:

Every time you went to speak, Lin of course either trailed his fingers lightly up your thigh, or just flat our squeezed it, where you would either jolt upright or let out a squeak. You took revenge by jabbing him in the side, causing him to let out a squeal, leaving everyone confused as hell.

After the meeting, you wanted to leave quickly. You said goodbye and headed out with Lin, who was behind you. He hand was just below your ass. That fucking hoe.

When you two got home, you took off your hoodie.

“So, that meeting-” You cut Lin off by throwing your hoodie in his face.

“Lin! What the fuck! You embarrassed me!” You yelled.

“You jabbed me in the side!” He argued.

“You started it with that stupid thigh shit! That was not funny!” You shot back.

He smirked. “I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

“What?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, (Y/N) (Y/N) (Y/N), you thought I was joking, didn’t you?” He purred.

It hit you, and you smirked back at him.

You walked toward him, and he wrapped you in his arms.

“How about, we take this somewhere else?” You looked up at him, and he had the most lust-filled look in his eyes.


Let’s just say, you didn’t go to bed early that night.


The next day, you woke up next to Lin, who was still snoring.

You got up, grabbing your phone, which was blown up with twitter notifications.

You checked what everyone was going on about, and you saw it.

February 17th, 2017-12:03am

@DaveedDiggs: wow, look at these two. @(Y/U/N) and @Lin_Manuel

Added to that caption, was a picture of Lin’s hand on your thigh, you biting your lip. You guessed he grabbed the picture when you two weren’t looking.

The comments were, well:

Damn Lin, get it.

Holy shiiit.

Daaamn, did Lin give the gud fuk after?

Damn, @(Y/U/N) is lucky af

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@secretschuylersister Plow me af.



You fucking yelled.

“Lin check your fucking twitter.” 

He jolted awake, quickly checking it.


You texted him.

To: Daveed:

Dude! What the fuck!

You got a reply minutes later.

From: Daveed:

Oops, my finger slipped.

“I’m gonna fucking kill him.” You muttered.

“Ditto.” Lin added.


Hope y’all enjoyed this! 


Little Angels first cosplay :>

There were tiny pointed shades, but he demolished them…


I’m so sorry for the wait on this request and I am also sorry if the story sounds redondant! A lot of people already wrote a story based on what happened to Kim K. in Paris and it is really hard to do something different. I hope you like it though xx

Warning : No hate towards Paris, I mean I’m legit french so why whould I send hate to my country ya know !

“Goodnight, guys! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Y/N waved at the small group of french fans that had showed up in front of her hotel. She climbed up the stairs tiredly, followed by her bodyguard. “I love Paris. They’re really nice, aren’t they?” She stated, letting out a content sigh. “Yeah, they actually are.” Hey bodyguard replied, sending a smile. “I’ll join you upstairs, I’ll go and check the lobby.” He stated, before walking back downstairs, leaving Y/N alone.

Having a bodyguard following every single of your steps wasn’t common but when you had about 10 million followers on social media and had some numbers one singles all around the world, it was pretty much necessary. And Y/N had had the change of knowing her bodyguard, Dave, for a long while as they were long time friends. Y/N was on a trip to Paris for the weekend to promote her latest single and she had always been amazed by the beauty of this city and the kindness of its people.

After giving a little private show for a famous radio, she had spent a few minutes with her fans standing outside of her hotel before climbing to get some rest. The first day of her trip had been amazing so far.

Once she had found her room number, she was about to walk in when she noticed that the door was opened. Nerves suddenly flashed her body as she gently pushed the door , allowing her to step inside and as soon as she did, she felt her heart flinch. And she was now left motionless by fear. A gun was pointed to her head. Too men stood there, black hoods over their heads, hiding their identity. “Give us what you got.” One of the men said, his accent barely understandable and Y/N glanced down to her finger. The sight of the sliver ring blurred by her tears. Without even thinking, she slid the ring on her finger and within a second, on e of the men had it in his hands and in a bag where she could catch a glimpse of a few of her belongings. She knew she should have screamed for her life but fear had caught up on her and she was paralyzed.

“Hey!” She jumped at the sound of Dave calling out after them and the men quickly ran off. Her bodyguard tried to run after them but they were too fast and before anyone could understand what had just happened, they were already far gone.

“Oh my god, Y/N are you okay? Did they hurt you?” Dave rambled, a hint of panic in his voice as he gripped onto her arms carefully. And despite the worried stare of her friend on her, she couldn’t was speechless. Y/N shrugged him off before walking to the couch and sitting down on it slowly, taking a moment to register the actions, feeling the coldness of the gun on her forehead all over again and she was suddenly hit by a wave panic as her breathing became less and less easy for her. Dave sat down next to her, phone pressed against his ear as he was calling the police but Y/N didn’t care about them, she needed to talk to him.

A couple of minutes later, the police was already around the room, checking everything as they had put a blanket over Y/N’s shoulders, as if it was going to change anything. “Call him.” Y/N ordered as her eyes finally moved from the floor to look up to her friend. And it didn’t took long for Dave to understand. He pulled out his phone and dialled the number that he knew all too well.

“Hey. Something happened. Her room got robbed. Yes, she’s right here. No, Joe, just calm do-” Dave spoke, replying to Joe on the other side of the phone and the tears were now unstoppable from Y/N’s cheeks as she was still shaking from horror. She could her the voice of her lover raising in volume as Dave explained what had happened. Y/N reached out of the phone, exchanging a look with Dave before grabbing the phone and bringing to her ear, doing her best to stay calm.

“Love, are you okay? What happened?” Her boyfriend asked, anger evident in his voice as she let out a sigh. “They put a fucking gun to my head. I’m terrified, Joe. I need you.” Y/N rambled as she felt as if she couldn’t stop talking now that she had heard his voice. “Shhh, baby please just take a deep breath and focus on my voice, alright?” Joe ordered, his voice calmer as he was trying to sooth her down and Y/N nodded, forgetting that it was technically impossible for him to see her since he was in England. She took in a deep breath, just as told and listened to her lover’s words. “I just booked the first flight that I could get, I’ll be there in about 3 hours. Love, please just try to stay calm, It won’t take long for me to get here, I promise. I love you, alright.” Joe said, speaking slowly as he was about to get out of their shared house and drive to the airport. “I love you too.” Y/N replied, barely above a whisper as she smiled to herself at the thought of simply wrapping her arms around him.

And Joe was right. A few hours later, he was now in Paris, walking through the dark streets as it was late. And it didn’t took long for him to find the hotel and quickly climb up the stairs to the floor where her room was.

“I’m her boyfriend just let me in!” Joe exclaimed, anger running through his veins as the french policemen wouldn’t let him in, barely understanding what he was saying. Y/N stood up at the sound of the voice and stepped out of the room, where her eyes fell on him and without hesitating, she closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him as if he was about to fly away. “I’m here, Y/N. I’m not going anywhere now.” Joe whispered in her ear as he dropping soft kisses along her neck, running his fingers through her hair, not even paying attention the people watching him. “I want to go home.” Y/N stated, as she buried her head into the crock of his neck, inhaling his reassuring scent. “Tomorrow, don’t worry. We’ll cancel everything. Your safety is what matters the most.” Joe admitted after they had pulled away, brushing his fingers against her cheek his blue eyes staring deeply into hers.

And this time he was able to see the nod that she gave him as Joe pressed a soft kiss on her lips, before Dave got in charge of giving them another room in another hotel, closer to the airport so they would be able to go home as soon as they could.


For the Anon who requested 8 (I told you not to be alone with ___) and 19 (don’t be stupid). With Hotch.

“So he tackles this guy to the ground before any of us can even move and as he struggling to keep the UnSub down he just looks up at me and goes, ‘oh no Dave. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got him.’ Just deadpan. Oh god I thought I was going to die.” Your boyfriend’s best friend tells you before another sip of his scotch. A grin is stretched across his face and you’re loving these stories. Aaron doesn’t talk much about work, you know that he’s got a high pressure job that can get very stressful so you let it be. It’s the stories that Dave has been telling you for the last half hour that you actually want to hear.
“That’s typical Aaron for you.” You laugh, “God forbid he ever be anything but cool calm and collected.”
“Oh sweetheart do I have stories for you.” Dave grins and is just about to launch into another one when Aaron comes out of Derek and Savannah’s back door.
“There you are beautiful.” He says giving you a grin.
“I didn’t know you and Dave had such sweet pet names for each other.” You tease him and he chuckles before pressing a firm kiss to your lips.
“Don’t be stupid.” He groans and you laugh as you lean into him.
“So mean to me Hotchner.” You continue, “Calling Dave beautiful and then calling me stupid. It’s just not fair!”
“Oh my god.” Dave says with a laugh, clearly enjoying your theatrics, unlike your boyfriend.
“I mean really-” Hotch cuts you off with another kiss, his hand cupping the back of your head. You can feel the smile on his lips against your mouth.
“Are you done?” He asks pulling away just enough to ask the question.
“If I say no are you going to keep kissing me?” He laughs and slides his hand from the back of your head to your far shoulder.
“What were the two of you talking about?” He asks trying to sound casual but you’re not fooled.
“You.” Dave tells him and Aaron raises his eyebrows.
“Oh geeze.” He groans, “Babe are you ready to go?” He asks softly.
“Yea we can go.” You agree taking his hand. “It was a pleasure meeting you Dave.”
“You too.” Dave says raising his glass in farewell. You and Aaron head out and down the street toward where you’d parked in comfortable silence.
“I thought I told you not to be alone with Dave.”
“You did but I’m still trying to figure out why.”
“He knows all my secrets and will tell them.” Aaron says and you roll your eyes.
“Then I’m adding him to my favorites list.” You tease. “So it’s not because he’s a jerk or something?”
“No, Dave’s great. You’re more than welcome to hang out with him.” Aaron confirms and you smile.
“Good. He promised me some stories.”
“Oh god.” Aaron groans and you laugh. You can’t wait to hear all these stories.

The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 9)

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: a tad bit of angst, my best portrayal of a 1920s hospital, like one swear word, some really sweet fluffy moments, you’ll probably hate me by the end

words: 3883

a/n: “Damn Rebekah, it took you long enough!!” i know, i know, it took me an awful long time to get this finished, but I am unbelievably proud of it and excited to share it. It hardly resembles The Great Gatsby at this point, but oh well.  

I had to do a ton of research for it and need to thank @digging-daveed for helping me out with ideas, I had no idea where to go from TMM8 until she helped me out. @psychedemigod gave me the idea for one of the cute little moments in here, and @secretschuylersister made sure everything made sense as always. they’re all the best, a million thanks to them. 

Ed Sheeran’s “Happier” helped with some inspiration for the last 600ish words because it was just? Fitting? so listen to that on repeat while you read this if you want. 

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask!

tags: @isis278 @21phantasticromances @dvddggs @l-nmanuel @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @accidentally-impeccable @paintingpetrichors

part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven part eight part ten

“You’re-I’m sorry, what?” You sputtered with wide eyes after a moment of letting his words sink in.

Daveed slowly approached the bed, his eyes softer than you’d ever seen, and his lips twitched into a sort of smile. “I’m in love wi–”

You held a hand up to stop him from continuing, pursing your lips together before speaking. “I-I heard you, Daveed.” You moved your hand to rub the back of your neck and swallowed the lump in your throat. “What would you like me to say?”

“I’d like you to stop seeing Mr. Miranda.”

For just a minute, you waited for a sign that he was joking but when no such sign came, you laughed out loud at the ridiculous request. “You’re crazy!”

“Excuse me?” Daveed raised both of his eyebrows in disbelief.

“I said that you’re crazy, Daveed! Why, in heaven’s name, would I leave the father of my child and the man I’m in love with? I may be unhappy with his recent behavior, but I still love him.”

“On account of me being in love with you.”

“Not a chance in hell! My child deserves a father that will love him or her. You’ve proven that you can’t be a good father.”

“Nevertheless, I’m your husband!”

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Fertility Yogurt (TG/AP/Preg)

Brent was spending the afternoon at his older brother’s apartment. Dave, his brother, had just broken up with his fiancé, Jessica, so Brent was hanging out with him to keep him company. The two had spent a few hours watching TV and playing video games, but Brent could tell that his older brother was still broken up. Brent wasn’t really old enough to understand what Dave was going through seeing as he hadn’t even dated a girl before, but he was just hoping that being there for Dave would be enough to get him through his breakup.

              “Hey, Dave, I’m getting kind of hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

              “Not sure, but there might be something in the fridge.”

              Brent got up and checked the fridge. It was mostly full of condiments and old deli meat, letting Brent know that Jessica probably did most of the grocery shopping. However, Brent did find a single yogurt container that hadn’t expired yet. He tore off the lid and scarfed the yogurt down without even looking at what flavor it was. Upon finishing it, he noticed that the label said it was formulated specifically for women who were “expecting”. Not entirely sure what that meant, he shrugged and tossed the container in the trash. However, as he was about to leave the kitchen, he felt a warm sensation beginning to come from his stomach. The sensation spread across his body as he rapidly began to grow outwards and upwards. Pops and cracks echoed through the apartment as his skeleton grew, leaving Brent at least a foot taller and with a slightly feminine looking frame.

              “Dave! You need to see this!” Brent yelled. Dave ran into the kitchen and looked at his changing brother in shock. “I think I’m getting older – ack!” Brent grunted as his limbs extended to adult proportions. His clothes began to tear as his body continued to grow, leaving him partially naked and slightly embarrassed. With another loud crack, his hips grew outwards to childbearing proportion.

              “Holy shit, it’s actually working…” Dave mumbled in awe. Brent heard his brother’s remark, but before he could react he felt another tingling coming from his chest. He let out an uncontrollable moan as his nipples began to grow larger, rubbing against the tattered fabric of his shirt and sending alien pleasures coursing through his body. Fat quickly began to build beneath his nipples, forming two sizeable breasts that tore his shirt off and hung alluringly off his chest. Terrified, he looked at his brother, but saw that Dave was simply staring at his new breasts and smirking.

              “Dave! What did you mean by ‘it’s actually working’? Did you do this to m- oooohhhhhh…” Brent began to moan again, this time with a slightly deeper feminine voice, as his ass began to inflate. He looked behind him and watched as his growing ass shredded what was left of his pants. His attention quickly moved to his groin as his prepubescent member began to tingle in ways he’d never felt before. He watched in horror as his member began to retract into his abdomen, tickling and sending more alien pleasures coursing through his body as it slipped between the flesh between his legs. Soon he was left with a slightly damp clit, something that he was entirely unfamiliar with. He reached a hand down and touched the lips of his new vagina out of curiosity, but recoiled when it sent more unfamiliar feelings through his changing body. He felt his organs shift around as his new sex became fully functional, complete with ovaries and a womb.

              He heard his pants tear completely as his thighs thickened, and with a few more pops he saw his feet grow into a pair of dainty, perfectly pedicured female feet. He noticed his brother staring at his feet as he flexed and stretched them, and for some reason Brent suddenly knew that Dave had a foot fetish.

              “Dave…why is this happening?” he moaned between his heavy panting.

              “Sorry, little bro, but Jessica and I were meant to be together. That yogurt was meant for a friend, but you ate it first, and now you’re going to make my life whole again.”

              Brent felt like he was going to be sick. He couldn’t believe his brother would do this to him. He wanted to scream in anger and run out the door, but before he could yell for help he felt his skull begin to reshape. Dave watched and smiled as Brent’s face shifted and cracked, becoming a perfect replica of his fiancé’s. Brent felt a tickle run down his naked back as his hair grew long and flowing. He couldn’t see himself, but he remembered what Jessica looked like and could tell that he looked exactly like her.

              “Ohhh….fuck…is it over?” Brent asked hesitantly. “I’m your brother! Did you think I’d just fall in love with you? We’re family! ‘m a boy! What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Brent yelled using adult language he’d never used before.

              “No, there’s a few more things…” Dave said wryly. “I don’t think you knew this, but Jessica was pregnant.”

              Brent’s eyes widened at the revelation, and just as he was about to shove his brother, his new ovaries released a flood of hormones. His mind was assaulted with new thoughts and memories, most of which involved falling in love with Dave. Brent tried to fight the flood of information entering his mind, but was quickly distracted by a sensation growing in his abdomen. He looked down and watched in horror as his belly began to bulge. He wanted to believe that this was all a nightmare, but his brother walked over to him and placed a firm hand on his growing belly. He felt his stomach grow even more as his tits suddenly began to swell. They grew heavy as they filled with milk, putting him slightly off balance. He reached the third trimester of pregnancy in a matter of seconds, but as horrified as we was of his new body, he suddenly began to feel comfortable as his brother caressed him. He wanted to fight his changing mind, but the more he stared at his brother, the more comfortable he began to feel.

              “Dave…stop…I’m your brother…” Brent moaned as Dave slowly began to lay him on the floor. Dave silently stared into his eyes, knowing full well that the mental changes were almost complete. Dave rubbed a hand against Brent’s rapidly moistening pussy, making it even harder for Brent to fight. Pleasure coursed through his fertile body as memories of getting pregnant forced their way into his head. Thoughts of breastfeeding and childcare suddenly made him excited even though he knew they shouldn’t. He was going to be a mother, and as much as he hated the thought, he felt overcome with excitement by the mere thought of raising a family with Dave. Without warning, Dave thrust his rock hard cock into his pussy, sending new levels of pleasure coursing through his mature new body. He wanted to scream.

              “Dave…don’t….don’t stop…” he moaned as he gave in to the pleasure. He began to revel Dave’s domination of him, smiling more and more as his breasts bounced up and down as Dave continued to thrust. His pupils dilated as the name Jessica took over his mind. He accepted his new life as waves of ecstasy rolled over him, finally resigning himself to being his brother’s fiancé. She looked her lover in the eyes and smiled as she remember just how attractive he was. As they both began to sweat, she pulled her lover’s face closer to hers and smiled in ecstasy. She teased his lips with her tongue, causing him to thrust even faster. She was going to be a wife and a mother, and while she smiled at the thought of motherhood, she couldn’t wait for the next time her future husband would fuck her this well.

              She let out a sensual moan as he grunted in pleasure, both of them climaxing at the same time. She smiled as she felt his cum drip out of her pussy. He caressed her swelling breasts and belly, smiling and kissing her on the cheek. He was so happy to have Jessica back and couldn’t wait to be a father. He felt a little bad about his little brother, but the look on Jessica’s face told him that his former brother was okay with the changes. Jessica smiled and leaned over to Dave before whispering into his ear, “Oh, babe…that was amazing. You’re amazing. And I’ll always be there for you.”