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hi every time you post about bread it makes me think of how one day i'm going to run away to a mountain and live there with my wife and our 7 adopted children and we're going to make our own bread and raise chickens and goats and start a commune and join with other mountain lesbian communes and overthrow the united states

Sounds like a good plan honestly anon. Good lesbian luck!

Geoff is like that cool uncle who’s done it all

Like this motherfucker was a photographer in the army, he used to surf, he raised chickens, his ex-wife tried to run him over once, he legally changed his middle name to Lazer, he was a roadie for Catch 22, he’s accumulated a bunch of awesome tattoos all over his body..

Need I go on

He’s a badass

so consider this, alexander lightwood farmers market organizer and apple enthusiast, who raises chickens in his backyard, is wildly in love with magnus bane, the king of apples and who boats, keeps bees and could build you a cabin. they are going to get married. this alexander lightwood would absolutely take magnus’s name.

now imagine it’s a sunday morning in the cabin, the light all soft, sunlight catching little bits of dust as it filters through the curtains and onto crisp white sheets. it’s warm, so warm, though outside spring frost is still clinging to the window panes and the buds on the trees. alec’s head is filled with fuzzy warmth, fingers curling in dark strands of hair as magnus’s mouth drags over his chest, the soft sound of kisses echoing in the air. his eyelids would fall shut, sun staining them, overwhelming him, like the warmth of magnus’s fingers over his thigh and the slightly cool bite of metal around one of those fingers.

“mr. bane…” softly, like a prayer, a whisper into skin, sending little shivers through alec’s body, sunlight turning his hair red gold as his lips spread into one of those euphoric smiles. there’s been too many of those and yet not enough, making his cheeks burn, making his eyes crinkle, making his chest fill with that warm winter fire feeling. when he blinks his eyes open, magnus’s face is framed by sun. it occurs to alec distantly that they haven’t left this room in days and it occurs to him again that they don’t have to for many more days to come. “yes?” alec replies, nothing giving either of them more pleasure than that fact, that simple god damn fact. they’re married, their wedding has come and gone in a flurry of laughter and smiles and family and sweet apple flavored cake. it’s come and gone and left this fact in it’s wake. they’re married. 

magnus repeats it as his mouth kisses a soft wet line down alec’s chest. his fingers are still in magnus’s hair, the band of gold on his left hand glinting in the morning light as magnus disappears under the sheets. soft gasps mingle with splintered sunlight and cedar and mr. alexander bane has never been happier.