raising cattle


For almost 1,000 years, the Rabari, also called the Rewari or Desai, are an indigenous tribal caste of nomadic cattle and camel herders and shepherds that live throughout northwest India, primarily in the states of Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan. Other Rabari groups also live in Pakistan, especially in the region of the Sindh Desert. The word “Rabari”  translates as “outsiders”, a fair description of their primary occupation and status within Indian society. They have roamed the deserts and plains of what is today western India. It is believed that this indigenous group, with a peculiar Persian physiognomy, migrated from the Iranian plateau more than a millennium ago. 

Traditionally the Rabari followed a highly nomadic way of life, living in tents or under the open skies and raising cattle, camels and goats. As India has changed, so has general tolerance to nomadic groups, who relied in the past on ancestral grazing rights and ancient right-of-ways. Today only a very small percentage of Rabari are truly nomadic, with the majority to be found settled on the outskirts of cities, towns and villages in semi-nomadic lifestyles, following the seasonal rains for periods of time, then returning to their villages.

The Rabari women dedicate long hours to embroidery, a vital and evolving expression of their crafted textile tradition. They also manage the hamlets and all money matters while the men are on the move with the herds. The livestock, wool, milk and leather, is their main source of income.


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  • I think we first need to take into consideration those Diamond Edge photos of him
  • Anyway
  • Yeah just imagine that for a minute
  • But doesn’t want to dress in those fancy clothes all the time
  • the dress shirts feel too restricting and the pants always feels a little tight, and god why is this jacket so heavy does it really need all these extra frills
  • has a special love for cats
  • there’s five cats in the castle that roam around because as a child, Wonwoo found them wandering outside and brought them in
  • they’re very special to Wonwoo, so special in fact that he kind of hired some staff to just watch over the cats
  • also explores the large garden, admiring the beautiful flowers
  • even ask the garden staff about the various plants and he continues to ask questions about it to the point that the staff isn’t even working anymore
  • friends with the neighboring princes
  • there’s a group chat for the 13 of them that is just them complaining about all the work load as well as the various antics the princes do
  • like one time Wonwoo received a snap from Soonyoung at 2 in the morning showing that he was visiting Prince Jihoon and all Wonwoo saw was Soonyoung dumping water on a sleeping Jihoon before running away
  • didn’t hear from Soonyoung for a few days after that
  • Wonwoo’s favorite writers happen to be in some of the neighboring kingdoms, so sometimes Wonwoo will legit take a flight to Joshua’s kingdom just so he can get a copy of the author’s new work that hasn’t been released in his kingdom yet
  • Receives a snap from Joshua that’s a pic of Wonwoo’s back and Joshua screaming
  • Wonwoo also gets hamburgers from Minghao’s kingdom because they have the best cattle raising there
  • So whenever Wonwoo’s family is visiting Minghao’s, at the dinner table you see everyone eating fine sirloin steak and then Wonwoo’s chowing down on a huge hamburger that looks like everything is about to fall out
  • in the gc: let’s go out to eat together, which kingdom should we go to
  • wonwoo: MINGHAO’S
  • is scared of Seungcheols two giant dogs
  • ‘wonwoo just come out of the car’
  • ‘NO’
  • ‘they just like you’
  • ‘WONWOO’
  • met you when he was visiting Joshua
  • well he wasn’t visiting Joshua it was just his favorite author was having a book signing so he played it as though he was visiting Joshua
  • but Wonwoo was being led to the back patio where Joshua was
  • and he heard this laughter, so saccharine and enticing
  • when he fully stepped out onto the patio, when he saw you so perfectly dressed in a bright yellow sundress that touched the floor, a simple jacket hung onto your shoulders, your hair elegantly pulled back with loose pieces hanging down
  • Wonwoo fell
  • Literally
  • With his eyes glued onto you, he forgot that there was a small step to get down onto the main ground so he plunged to the ground
  • It was silent for a still moment as a staff member helped Wonwoo up, but once Wonwoo composed himself, Joshua burst out into laughter while you turned your head and tried to stop yourself from laughing by covering your mouth
  • After all the laughter was out, Joshua introduced you
  • You were the eldest daughter of the military general in Joshua’s kingdom
  • Joshua excused himself as he was being called by his parents, so you and Wonwoo sat in silence, almost awkward since you two didn’t know each other
  • ‘do you like cats’
  • You were so perplexed by the question for a moment before you broke out into a smile, ‘I love cats’
  • And so for five minutes Wonwoo is showing you pictures of his cat and suddenly the awkwardness is gone, now you two are playfully bickering over something trivial
  • and for once, Wonwoo is feeling his heart thump loudly in his chest as you give him a wide smile
  • Joshua comes back soon, sliding back in his chair as he looks at you, ‘our parents are really stressing me out with the whole engagement’
  • Wonwoo freezes ‘engagement?’
  • ‘Oh I forgot to tell you, y/n is my fiancée’
  • Wonwoo feels this pierce in his heart, he knew it was trivial to feel a bit of resentment towards Joshua just because he grew a crush on his wife to be but Wonwoo couldn’t help the feeling
  • For months after, you and Wonwoo grew closer through texts and various run ins at formal events, but as you two grew closer, Wonwoo’s feelings increased
  • He began to get jealous, he was jealous of seeing Joshua stand next to you, holding your hand, putting his hand on your waist, he fumed in his head when he heard Joshua introduce you as his ‘fiancée’
  • During one of the ball events, Wonwoo decided to blow off some steam on one of the open balconies, he bickered with himself in his head over the fact that you were Joshua’s not his.
  • ‘Lonely?’
  • Wonwoo watched as you approached the spot next to him and he knew he had to get it out, the more he held it in, the more it’s going to ruin him
  • ‘I like you. I like you so much but you’re engaged to Joshua and what I’m doing is entirely wrong and for all I know I’m raging war against Joshua’s family over you but I like you’
  • You’re leaning your back against the edge of the balcony, taking in what Wonwoo said and for a minute he thinks you’re going to yell at him, say that you’re Joshua’s, but instead you say the four words he’s always wanted to hear
  • ‘I like you too.’
  • And he’s never wanted to kiss you so badly before but then it hits him, he’s betraying one of his best friends
  • He’s betraying Joshua, probably the nicest guy out of all 13 of the princes
  • And Wonwoo rejects your mutual feelings but then you do something that makes him high confused
  • You’re laughing for like five straight minutes before you finally calm down
  • ‘the engagement isn’t real. Well to our parents it’s real but Joshua and I see each other as sibllings, we grew up together, I beat him at sword fighting and I really can’t date a guy who thinks doing the pindrop every 5 seconds makes him look cool. And besides, Shua’s dating someone but don’t tell him I said that’
  • Suddenly, the weight is lifted off of Wonwoo’s shoulders and finally he can’t help but to grasp your lips with his
  • Before you knew it, You and Joshua publicly announced the end of your engagement
  • Wonwoo, wanting to be like all the romantics in his novels, set out to your house where he brought over ten of his staff to carry bouquets to your door, that day he asked your parents for approval to court you
  • and honestly your parents couldn’t refuse bc like hello a prince with over ten bouquets what an ideal man
  • but you’re just like ‘yeah this is the guy that can scarf down five hamburgers in one setting how ideal’
  • for a while you and Wonwoo remained in a long distance relationship until Joshua got really fed up with Wonwoo talking about how much he missed you so Joshua practically begged you to move
  • but you’re like ‘Joshua I work for your kingdom, I just can’t move’
  • and whelp guess what, suddenly you’re being relocated to Wonwoo’s kingdom to act as a military representative for your father
  • Wonwoo’s all happy and when you come, you’re greeted with his face and his five cats
  • It’s kind of taboo for you to be sleeping in the same bed as Wonwoo before marriage so just imagine Wonwoo peeking his head out of your room at four in the morning before he dashes out to go to his room
  • And to be honest all the staff and his parents know but no one tell him because it’s funny watching him run on the security cameras
  • Will in fact break into your military meetings and because he’s the prince, everyone is standing up and greeting him but you’re just sitting there like ‘Wonwoo I’m working!’
  • ‘but I wanted to have lunch at Minghao’s’
  • After almost three years of his antics with you, Wonwoo’s family host a large ball where Wonwoo announced his engagement with you and he gives this little speech where the whole time, he stares at you while stating how much the past years have been the best of his life
  • Has a very simple wedding, royal families attended and a few friends, and when you walk down the aisle, Wonwoo swears his breath stopped completely
  • ‘stop telling people that Wonwoo’
  • ‘but it’s true, you looked so beautiful’
  • A few months later, after being crowned king and you his queen, you announced to him in the middle of the night, as he was just about to fall asleep after a stressful day
  • ‘im pregnant’
  • And he’s up, he’s wide awake now, he’s screaming, his knights ran in thinking there was a break in
  • Prince Wonwoo loves you dearly, even more so now that you are carrying his child. He even agrees to take you to Minghao’s to feast (but it’s more for his benefit). Anyway, love the king as much as he loves hamburgers. But to be honest, Wonwoo would drop burgers for you any day.

These are the insects I offered to my students today. I did this not to gross them out but because I really believe that entomophagy and eating bugs is one of the best things that we can do for the future. Insects require way fewer resources to produce- they need less water, less space, less food- and they do well in conditions where you couldn’t raise cattle, chickens, etc. They provide great protein and are super cheap- and that’s actually really important. When we think about the human diet, we need to consider the big picture. It’s not just people in the US eating food, it’s people in developing nations and nations with more depleted resources or just natural resources that don’t lend themselves well to what western society understands food production to be. An increased reliance on and acceptance of insect protein, as well as additional nutritional research into how to optimize it, could provide opportunities for personal food production and a lessened reliance on corporate factory farming systems. 

Anyways, these are crickettes! They’re more for the “omg a bug” factor than for the useful factor (it’s insect flour that’s the most effecient way to prepare it), but they’re not that bad. The sour cream and onion flavor’s the best, but the salt and vinegar flavor is SO salty and vinegary that it’s good for people who don’t want to taste a bug. The overwhelming consensus of my students was that the insects were pretty much just like sunflower seeds.

They ate every single one of the cricket samples. I actually ran out

[Bungou Stray Dogs ] 55 Minutes Part 1

[Disclaimer: I’m a fairly new translator, but I’ve tried my best making sense of the story with pretty liberal, but careful decisions when it comes to making the story flow.]

If anyone’s curious about my pacing, all releases (for now) are going to focus on 14 pages each unless a chapter seems to have fewer pages than others. Because I work alone, the chapters will be released depending on my time or unless someone offers help.

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demigod tae

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  • i was gonna say something low key salty about got7 but i won’t cause i don’t want to get beat up
  • anyway this is demigod tae
  • if that wasn’t obvious
  • alright let’s start from the beginning shall we
  • tae’s dad was a simple man, just a farmer
  • a livestock farmer like a very small farm down in the countryside of upper new york, just past corning
  • can you raise livestock there well i guess you can now
  • it’s mostly cows!! but there’s also a little plot of land dedicated to growing some crops maybe like a sweet potato that seems valuable
  • okay anyway he has his little farm, taehyung’s dad that is, and he’s pretty isolated all to himself
  • he gets together with some other fatness occasionally and sells his goods whatever that may be
  • idk about farming im just going off harvest moon okay
  • but you know it’s whatever
  • okay down to the drama
  • there’s a forecast for major flooding in the area, and tae’s dad is a little worried because while he’s on high ground, he loves his little cows and he will not let them get hurt
  • so when the rain starts to fall, he grabs seven hundred blankets and treks out to the barn where all the cows are
  • he pats down some hay and makes a little nest for himself so he can chill with the cows
  • the rain starts to pour and it’s actually rather alarming how hard it’s slamming against the roof, but tae’s dad feels infinitely better knowing he’s with the cows and they’re safe
  • he’s relaxing, singing some songs to the cows, when there’s this sudden slamming against the barn door
  • tae’s dad thinks he must be hearing things, but he’s maybe too curious for his own good, and so he goes to check it out for himself
  • he opens the door cautiously, and standing there in the pouring down rain is a pretty lady, with a hoodie under a pair overalls
  • she’s very tanned, and her hair is dark and a little unruly, and her eyes are the color of the earth right after it rains
  • tae’s dad gets all flustered because she’s gorgeous but then he snaps out of it and ushers her in
  • so what if she’s oh, i don’t know, a serial killer or something
  • she’s kill him with a garden hoe or something smh
  • anyway he quickly searches around the barn and finds some old blankets and hands them over
  • he then takes off his jacket and says he’ll close his eyes if she wants to put it on
  • he definitely doesn’t try to peek through his fingers
  • no he wouldn’t, he’s a good guy and he gives her the privacy she needs and when she changes he opens his eyes again
  • “how’d you even find this place?” he can’t help but ask
  • the lady ignores him at first, heading over to buttercup the cow and rubbing her head affectionately
  • finally she looks over at tae’s dad “lost.”
  • he gives her this look because who even wanders out into the countryside anyhow?? like how did she even find the countryside???
  • “you must really love these cows. they’re fond of you.” the lady says with a soft smile. “especially this one.”
  • and tae’s dad eyes widen and he just gives her this look “wait can you—”
  • “what?” and she smiles and goes back to petting the cows
  • obviously she can’t really escape the rain and so the lady decides to camp out with tae’s dad and the cows for the night
  • and they spend the entire night rambling about their favorite flowers and favorite garden plants and favorite vegetables to grow and the best ways to care for chickens
  • they don’t even sleep because they spend the entire night talking and also the rain is really really loud they can’t sleep under those conditions
  • and she won’t reveal her name the entire night but when the sun starts to rise, she looks over at tae’s dad and kinda mumbles “the names demeter”
  • and tae’s dad eyes light up and he gets all smiley “you mean like the greek goddess??”
  • “something like that”
  • and by mid morning, the rain has calmed down into a soft sort of drizzle and demeter could easily leave but she chooses not too, instead the two of them stay in the barn and keep talking
  • and they kind of get on the topic of the farm and demeter is all “oh is it only you caring for everything here?”
  • and he nods “it’s fine. not many people like farming.”
  • “i like farming.”
  • it starts out with demeter showing up bright-eyed every morning, ready to work under the blazing sun with tae’s dad and yes it’s hard work but they’re always smiling and getting to know each other better and tae’s dad’s corny farm jokes make demeter giggle and blush
  • get it
  • corny jokes
  • cause it’s a farm
  • okay but the months go on and demeter is staying later and later and the two are getting closer and closer
  • and finally tae’s dad is like “there’s an extra room in the house”
  • and that’s when demeter officially moves in with tae’s dad
  • she’s like wow yikes i wasn’t planning on falling in love with him this is— this is new
  • so she’s like well i better tell him i’m the actually the greek goddess so when he’s scared away at least there’ll be a valid reason for it
  • and so one day she comes down to breakfast and sits on the old wooden bench where a plate of scrambled eggs and fresh strawberries is waiting for her
  • she kinda smiles a bit because wow she really is in love??
  • and tae’s dad comes down the stairs and his hair is a mess and he looks sleepy still and demeter is literally heart eyes for days
  • he comes and sits across from her and has the most gentle of smiles on his lips
  • demeter starts to play with her hands nervously “look, i gotta tell you something…”
  • and tae’s dad rests his hands on hers to try and calm her “it’s okay!! i already know your secret.”
  • “you, you do?!”
  • “you like me, don’t you?”
  • and demeter just stares at him because he’s giggling to himself and he looks so damn proud of himself
  • “i thought that one was obvious.” she laughs and she leans over and kisses him on the nose
  • and yes, she eventually tells him her actual secret and yes he totally flips out but not in a bad way more like the most excited wonderful way in the world
  • they don’t actually get married because yah she’s a goddess that kind of breaks the goddess rules but they basically act like it
  • they raise all the beautiful cattle and sunflowers and carrots together
  • but
  • but is that enough??
  • nah fam it’s not
  • they’re sitting at breakfast again right
  • and they’re holding hands as the sun shines through the window and the birds sing outside
  • “look, i gotta tell you something…”
  • tae’s dad laughs and he kisses her forehead “oh come on, i already know you’re the goddess demeter!!”
  • “i thought that one was obvious…”
  • they both laugh but get serious again
  • “look, the reality of it is… i’m pregnant”
  • tae’s dad screams for maybe the next seven years?? yah, at least seven
  • he spins her in his arms and kisses her face all over and then kisses her stomach
  • zeus doesn’t even seem interested in demeter and gods only know why
  • but she gets to stay with tae’s dad, and eventually, with lil baby tae
  • as soon as he can crawl baby tae is out in the garden, messing with the sunflower, pulling up carrots, trying to talk to the bumble bees
  • he’s the cutest baby and he’s spoiled by his parents, especially so by demeter who gives him the gift of being able to grow plants by singing to them
  • like one day he’ll have the potential to control plants with his song but right now he’s a small bean baby
  • get it bean
  • cause demeter
  • anyway tae is raised knowing who his mom is and he’s so damn proud even though he’s not allowed to tell anyone he’s so proud of her and he thinks she’s the coolest person in the world
  • he obviously loves his dad too
  • small bean tae names all the cows after his godly aunts and uncles and apollo is so damn offended he has an ugly ass cow named after him
  • tae absolutely adores nature like both of his parents and he’s like i’m gonna be a farmer like both of you guys are!!
  • and demeter is like look buddy… and that’s when she gives him the whole demigod talk like we love you and everything but eventually zeus is gonna come for my ass and i won’t be here to protect you any longer and you need to go to a special place called camp half blood
  • and tae just about sobs because he’s such a momma and daddy’s boy like he loves both of his parents and the idea of having to be separated from his parents breaks his heart
  • after he hears about camp half blood he sleeps in his parents bed for like four weeks straight
  • but alas the time comes for him to go and unlike most demigods there’s no monster attack, no monster chase scene
  • it’s just him and his parents all walking hand in hand to the border of camp half blood
  • tae is sniffling, because even though he’s like twelve years old he loves his parents more than anything
  • demeter promises he’s always welcome back home but she might not be there, and he need to learn and train to be able to defend himself in the demigod world
  • so tae reluctantly steps past the border and when he gets inside he’s a sniffling mess but guess what’s above his head it’s demeter’s emblem
  • the most adorable boy in the world comes running over to tae and he gets all flustered because the boy is up in space and he’s so adorable
  • “hi i’m hoseok!! i know about you, you’re the one who named a cow after my dad!! my dad said i should seek revenge but you’re so cute, so i’ll take you to your cabin instead!!”
  • that’s how tae ends up in the demeter cabin, surrounded by a bunch of siblings who immediately put a flower crown on his head and a giggling hoseok who wants one too
  • i didnt know this was four pages long but it already is and im at school typing this aren’t you guys im willing to sacrifice my grades for this au
  • jk im in creative writing this is a really chill class and i can get away with doing this kind of thing
  • okay anyway tae grows up at camp and he always goes back to visit his dad because demeter is back up on olympus but she drops by sometimes and they’ll have picnics together
  • but for the most part his days are spent at camp, training and overall being one of the heartthrobs of camp
  • like i know demeter has a wicked wrath, just think like winter?? but i see the demeter cabin being pretty chill, almost like your stereotypical hippies
  • like tae is super happy go lucky we all know that but at camp he has like zero boundaries he would probably walk up to someone and be like wow you’re so cute i wanna kiss you!!
  • probably how he met jeongguk tbh, and then yoongi respectively who then threatened to beat the daylights out of him
  • okay anyway he always has his flower crown perched atop his head, it’s never like him actively picking flowers for his crown, but like since he has the ability to revive things, he can take flowers that have died and revive them for his cute little crown
  • he makes some for all of bangtan and it’s quite the ordeal because hoseok asks if he can pretty please have sunflowers, and pink roses are obviously the flower of choice for jin, but yoongi whines and complains when he doesn’t have the same kind of flowers as jeongguk has
  • tae should make a business out of it or something
  • okay but i don’t see tae as someone who actively wants to fight even if it’s for his own protection, he thinks that monsters probably have good in them if you look long and hard enough for it
  • but he can’t just rely on that philosophy when you know- he’s about to be eaten
  • he has a spear and it’s a perfect fit because he’s tall and he’s agile and it can be used as defense as well as a weapon unlike like, idk a bow or something
  • okay anyway back to tae being the cutest smallest bean at camp who isn’t actually small but whatever
  • okay so you’re pretty on the dl around camp, you stick to your cabin, a few close friends, but you definitely don’t go out there and try to get to learn everyone and their stories
  • you like to spend your days, sparring with close friends, reading, hanging in the arts cabin, or just kind of doing your own thing
  • the rockwall is something you’ve always wanted to try though and so one day you’re like you know what i’m gonna head down there and i’m gonna climb the wall of doom
  • but there’s kind of a line going on because like while anyone can just go for it, it’s hard to maneuver when there’s seventy two other people trying to climb the same area that you are
  • and you’re like i can do this, i’ll wait, it’s no big deal
  • but after a while, you feel a pair of eyes on you
  • you know how you can just tell when someone is staring at you?
  • well that’s the feeling you’re getting right then and there and so you spin around and leaning up against a tree is the most handsome person you have ever seen
  • he’s tall, dark, and handsome
  • i finally can use this
  • yes, in all of these au’s, all the boys retain their natural glow, this is an anti-whitewashing blog
  • anyway he catches you staring and you would assume he would look away all embarrassed but nah fam, he gives you one of those nods, and then winks and you immediately turn back around and shove your hands into your pockets because that is not allowed to happen no sir how dare he do that to you
  • how dare he attack you in your own home
  • but guess what you can still feel his eyes boring a hole into the back of your head and you will not tolerate this oh no
  • so you spin back around and he smiles and motions you over and you’re like hoe don’t do it but you do anyway
  • you cautiously make your way over to him and when he sees you’re actually coming his eyes light up and this huge smile breaks out on your face and you’re like this is what heaven looks like i guess
  • “i’m taehyung, but you can call me tae, or babe, whichever you prefer”
  • you roll your eyes and laugh a bit and he laughs too and wow that’s a very nice life
  • you introduce yourself and then you ask why he called you over and suddenly he looks confused and you have this sudden panic that maybe he was waving to someone else but then he smiles all cute
  • “well, it’s cause you’re adorable!! and i wanted to tell you, duh”
  • and you get super blushy and flustered and stare up at him and he just gives a shrug and smiles again
  • “me and my friends are probably gonna head down to the lake later today, do you wanna come?”
  • a few hours later, you find yourself fending off hoseok and taehyung who are trying to splash you and jeongguk with water
  • seokjin pulls down his sunglasses to glare and jimin mimics him and yoongi naps under his floppy sunhat
  • namjoon is stuck in the middle of the war
  • when you prove very resistant to his attacks, tae starts singing to the seaweed and suddenly it’s all up on your legs and you squeal and try to move but the seaweed has you in place
  • tae giggles and demands your surrender but before he can claim victory, hoseok splashes him and tae falls back in the water dramatically
  • you break through the seaweed and run over to him to see if he’s okay but when you lean over, tae grabs your arm and pulls you down into the water with you
  • it’s really shallow so it’s not it’s dangerous and you practically fall onto tae so there’s that happening
  • you gasp loudly and try to get up but he tells you that it’s really fine and that you can be his human shield from that traitor hoseok
  • which you end up doing
  • besides tae is just warm?? and laying in the water next to him isn’t half bad
  • after that you’re always with the group, no matter what
  • mostly with tae but the group does exist in the background…
  • like you even get an honorary flower crown and tae acts oblivious when namjoon calls him out for using flowers that mean beauty and attraction and love
  • but you and tae don’t really ever hang out alone because one of the boys if not more are tagging along–
  • until you get sent on a quest
  • and taehyung is the only one who tags along
  • there’s been some suspicious activity out west and you and taehyung have been chosen to go expect the issue and fix what needs to be mended
  • the quest is really freaking vague and you and tae are somewhat confused but hey, as long as tae is by your side you don’t mind
  • he’s not very good at fighting and you always have to protect him, but he can use certain plants to heal your wounds if needed
  • he likes to set up camp at night and he always volunteers to watch first so you can sleep
  • he’s also pointing out the different kinds of plants you encounter in each of the different states and he talks about all their properties
  • at first things were kind of !! because obv you both had a thing for each other deep down but after a week in tae was like you know what—
  • and so he casually holds your hand and when you question it he says “it’s safer this way”
  • he lets you use his sleeping bag because he insists it’s warmer
  • okay anyway you get to the good old west and you’re like okay so what are we supposed to do—
  • and suddenly you get an iris message and yoongi and jin appear on the screen and you’re like my dudes!!!
  • but they look absolutely worried and now you’re kind of questioning what’s going on
  • jin sounds absolutely panicked “you two need to leave, it’s not safe for you anymore, we figured out why you two are there and-”
  • the message cuts off suddenly but right before it’s gone you hear yoongi curse
  • you and tae exchange horrified looks but you shake your head “look, we’re aware, we’ll be okay…”
  • there’s a sudden rustling from behind you and you and tae spin, but a small kid comes walking up and you’re like where—
  • “hi, i’m minhyuk!! i’m from camp jupiter, you must be taehyung?”
  • taehyung glares “hey i’m not the only person here”
  • and he introduces you with a scowl
  • “it’s okay…” you rub his arm soothingly “i didn’t know there was another camp–”
  • “really??” minhyuk just shrugs. “well come with me, we have a lot to talk about!!”
  • minhyuk grabs you by the hand and tae just about has a heart attack because wait no other cute boys aren’t allowed to touch you like that !!
  • but anyway you end up at camp jupiter or as you like to call it “camp sticks up their asses” because it’s so strict
  • it’s nothing like camp half blood and while it’s definitely impressive it’s not home whatsoever
  • and like everyone seems way too interested in taehyung and you’re not liking it whatsoever
  • like everyone is like wow you’re so handsome and so gifted and so strong
  • and tae is like i’ve never killed a monster lol
  • and they just— still so handsome and so gifted and so strong!!!
  • and you’re wondering what the heck is going on and why you’re here and what your quest is
  • but one day while you and tae are eating your meal, one of the campers, a kid named wonho, asks tae to follow him
  • you get up to tag along but wonho smiles softly “we’ll be back in a few okay??”
  • but they’re not back in a few
  • in fact it’s night and you’re still waiting for tae
  • luckily a pair of friends named taeil and sicheng try to keep you company and cheer you up
  • but you’re sniffling because you and tae are a duo and now he’s gone—
  • and it’s light out and camp and you go to the guest house alone
  • it’s past midnight when tae comes stumbling in
  • you bolt up and slide off the bunk to meet him and you pull him into your arms
  • “what the hell is going on?!”
  • taehyung shakes his head “they’re trying… the gods are a bunch of crackheads–”
  • and how he’s rambling and he’s talking about the gods and how their split personas are getting worse and how zeus///jupiter has this wild idea to try and merge camps permanently through an exchange program of sorts and how he was the one nominated along with the wonho kid and neither of them had a say in it whatsoever
  • and taehyung says he will not do it there’s no way in all the underworld he will do it
  • and you tell him to calm down and take some deep breaths because he’s overworking himself but he takes you by the shoulders
  • “i’m not leaving camp half blood!! i grew up there!! my family is there!! and you’re there, i’m not ever going to leave your side!!”
  • “tae, nobody ever said-”
  • “i love you!!!”
  • and you two just stare at each other and there are hot tears streaming down his face but he smiles softly “gods i really love you”
  • and he leans down and kisses you so so so gently as if you might break if he’s any rougher
  • that night you two crawl into the same bunk, snuggled together and praying for the best
  • you’re both shaken awake violently though, and you open your eyes to see taeil and minhyuk standing there
  • “hurry up hurry up, we’re getting you out!!”
  • the four of you sneak out of the cabin to the edge of camp and you’re like but what about the guards but minhyuk just laughs and giggles
  • boom you’re swept up in this black mist and it feels like you’re body is pulling itself apart—
  • tae grabs your hand and squeezes it tight
  • when you open your eyes you’re standing in the middle of what looks like a desert
  • “sorry, shadow travel is exhausting” minhyuk yawns
  • and you and tae just stare in confusion??? because minhyuk??? a son of pluto??? but he’s so pure???
  • “opposites attract i guess!!!”
  • he says he and taeil will get you guys out of california for protection
  • and they do
  • you and tae make it back to camp half blood safely and you explain the details to chiron because he wasn’t even sure what was going on
  • he says he’ll try to mediate ok the gods behalf
  • and most of the gods side against zeus so it’s okay!!!
  • you and tae are safe and very much in love
  • the end

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hey vic! as someone who cares so deeply about the environment (i love all the content you shared lately on twitter! opens the eyes a lot), have you ever considered going vegetarian or vegan? have a nice day :)

I used to be a vegetarian for a bit, but then I moved to a small organic farm (I no longer live there, but I miss it - we even had goats), and we raised cattle there. There’s nothing environmentally wrong with consuming meat at a small scale - like hunting or small-scale organic production. The incredibly bad environmental impact of meat is linked to the mass production of it - that in some places 80% of grain production goes to meat, how much waste there is associated with raising animals in bulk, the horrible treatment of animals in most large-scale farms, and the amount of meat wasted during the processing stage, and not to mention in the actual supermarkets, when meat expires too quickly for consumers to purchase it. I eat meat now yes, but whenever possible I try to purchase it from local producers. Eating less meat is probably the easiest and least expensive way to lessen your carbon footprint, but that does not mean you have to go vegan or vegetarian - you just have to be more aware of where that product comes from, and the impact beneath it. 

THE HOUSE OF YES  ( 1997 ) //  sentence starters.
 some mature themes. feel free to edit as desired.

“ I’ll always remember that day. “
“ It was more tasteful than it sounds. “
“ You just have to do something in some other location. “
“ It’s all under control. “
“ You’re definitely the first. And, I hope, the last. “
“ Men don’t marry girls who smell like powdered sugar, they have a sweet little affair with them that they recall fondly in their twilight years. “
“ I want you to leave at once, without further ado. “
“ I thought it would be better if I come and tell her myself. “
“ It would be better if you didn’t tell her at all. It would be better if there were nothing to tell. “
“ If there’s anyone present who knows why this marriage should not take place, it is me. “
“ Why shouldn’t this marriage take place? “
“ Excuse me, I’m going to go baste the turkey and hide the kitchen knives. “
“ You know, we don’t have to stay here. “
“ You look beautiful. You are beautiful. “
“ I spend most of my days with my head in the toilet bowl. “
“ Why are you taking the pills? “
“ Are you saving yourself for marriage? “
“ What’s the wildest place you’ve ever made love? “
“ Men and their secrets. “
“ Not all men have secrets. “
“ We all have secrets. “
“ I didn’t mean to maim you. I only meant to kill you. “
“ I’ve never been through a hurricane before. Have you? “
“ She’s pretty, isn’t she? “
“ I think he/she has a thing for you. “
“ Nobody talked to me all night. “
“ Come on, darling, let’s drink rum and pepsi out of styrofoam cups. “
“ A person gets their heart set on a certain thing, and if a certain person can’t have a certain thing, a person goes insane. “
“ I suppose you think I’m going insane just to be fashionable. “
“ I don’t think you’re insane. I think you’re spoiled. “
“ If people are going to start telling the truth around here i’m going to bed. “
“ There’s no television and no food. What else is there to stay up for? “
“ I’ve forgotten his name – the one who was lousy in bed. “
“ But to be lousy in bed you have to be in bed, don’t you? “
“ Love is for tiny people with tiny lives. “
“ I hear you crying at night alone in your room. “
“ You want somebody for a very long time. And then you have them. And they love you. And they make love to you. But it’s not enough. This is the truth about sex. “
“ Your moral outrage is duly noted. “
“ You are officially a better person than me. “
“ It’s like fucking a mirror. “
“ Are you ashamed? Of us? Of what we have? “
“ I see other houses, I see other lives. And they’re not like mine. “
“ Tell me about when you lost your virginity. “
“ I want you to love someone you’re allowed to love. “
“ I couldn’t come without seeing your face. “
“ When you make love to her, do you see my face? “
“ I lied to keep you here. “
“ She covered him with her body. She tried to keep him there. “
“ She tried to keep his head on but it was falling off. “
“ You be him, and I’ll be her. “
“ Jeez, was I that terrible? “
“ How long does he last? “
“ You can’t stay here. “
“ I was pretending you were him. But it didn’t work. You’re different. “
“ People raise cattle. Children just happen. “
“ Well, she can’t have him, he’s mine. “
“ Leave this morning, or he finds out how you spent the night. Your choice. “
“ What’s that gun doing there? “
“ Relax, it’s an empty gun. “
“ We were taking a trip down memory lane. “
“ If it happens again they’ll put you away. “
“ I’m not going to shoot her. “
“ That’s all we need, him mooning over some dead girl. “
“ If he leaves again, I’ll implode. “
“ Stop smelling my clothes. “
“ I will never love another woman. “
“ Don’t worry, we won’t bloody the carpet. “
“ How was he? “
“ Do you think masturbation counts as infidelity? When I sleep with me and not you, am I cheating on you? “
“ You’ve gotta help me. “
“ No. No alarm, baby, it’s Sunday. “
“ I get so sad when you buckle your bra. “
“ I want you to leave. I want you to leave with me right now. “
“ I know where that scar came from. “
“ The backyard’s getting rather crowded with corpses. “
“ I flushed your car keys down the toilet. “
“ One more time. For old time’s sake. “
“ You can stay right where you belong. With me. “


Nigeria’s Youngest Monarch

Obi (King) Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I, the newly crowned Obi of Ubulu Uku in Anioma, the Igbo-speaking part of Delta State, Nigeria, is Nigeria’s youngest monarch at age 17 as of February 2016. His ascension to the throne came after his late father, Obi Akaeze Edward Ofulue III, the former Obi, was kidnapped and murdered by suspected herdsmen in January.

Hundreds have died and continue to die in Nigeria from conflicts between some nomadic Fulani herdsmen from northern Nigeria and their host communities, (including kidnapping for ransom) and especially in Benue state where over 300 people including women and children have recently been killed in the Agatu local government area. Entire villages have been raised down over cattle. More than 3000 people have died since 2010 through such clashes.



Pairing: Soldier: 76/Genji Shimada/Hanzo Shimada/Reaper x Reader

Summary: The sudden appearance of a mysterious figure leaves more than just annoyance within the minds of these broken men.

Word Count: 3,129

WARNING: violent deaths + strong language

heya! can we have genji, hanzo, soldier76, and reaper realizing they’re falling in love with someone who always wears a mask?

- Anonymous

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Bob Lemons (also spelled Lemmons) was born a slave around 1847, near San Antonio. In 1854, he moved with to Carrizo Springs, Texas. His owner freed him when he was around 17 years old. Lemons left his owner’s family and went to work for a nearby rancher named Duncan Lemons, whose name the teenager adopted. He would become a legendary cowboy, whose specialty was capturing and wrangling wild mustangs. He eventually bought his own ranch, where he raised cattle until his later years, when he lost his eyesight. Lemons died on December 23, 1947. 

Bob Lemmons, photographed by Dorothea Lange, August 1936 (Library of Congress)

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Prompt: Ryan doesn't like to talk about his life before the crew and neither does Ray but pent up emotions hurt. Maybe it's time to talk... or scream.

Okay, I’m gonna be honest, this one has been on my mind since you sent it to me. Like I totally hardcore am in love with this one, so I thank you so much for sending it to me Anon:

Ryan’s the only one out at this time of night, shoulders hunched, hands buried deep in his jacket pockets. He’s not sure why he decided to go for a walk this late, but there’s only so many infomercials he can watch before he wants to rip his hair out. Walking seemed like the lesser of the two evils, even if Los Santos is eerily quiet that night.

Ryan’s life has never been quiet. He spent the first sixteen years of it in and out of foster homes, group homes, and juvenile detention centers. He’s used to loud and crazy, and he practically thrives on chaos. So, when he gets a moment of actual silence, he tries his hardest to preoccupy his mind before his past catches up to him, but sometimes he’s too late.

Tonight is one of those nights.

He doesn’t know why, but his parents have been on his mind all day. He hasn’t thought about them in years, and even then it had been a passing thought. It’s kind of hard to think about someone he doesn’t know; his mother leaving him at the hospital two weeks after giving birth to him and his father fucking off the moment he found out he was going to be a father.

When he’d been younger, no older than four or five, he used to dream about his mother showing up at his home of the week and taking him off to some random house in the country. In his dreams, they raised cattle (and possibly some chickens), and they were happy and together, but then he’d wake up and remember he was alone.

Other times, he’d dream about tracking his father down and making him pay for abandoning him, but unlike the dreams about his mother, these followed him into adulthood.

Ryan’s life has always been a bit of a cliche. Orphan boy gets abandoned by his parents, doesn’t get adopted, and decides to take up a life of crime. It’s a regular Lifetime movie. Granted, if his life ever became a Lifetime movie he’s going to have a serious talk with the writer of that script. Mainly a long drawn out interrogation in which he demands to know how exactly this person procured information about his life.

Before Geoff hired him, he’d done a lot of freelance work. Different crews, different people, different jobs; anything to distract him from long silences. It’s hard to get trapped in his own head when he’s going about 120 down the streets of Los Santos while cops try their hardest to blow out his tires. He’s been a wheel man, a hit man, a brawler, a body guard; he’s been accused of being a loose canon more often than is healthy. He’s killed, maimed, tortured. He’s been kidnapped, arrested, on death’s door more times than anyone has a right to be, but he’s still around.

He’s not invincible, no one is invincible, and once in a while he has that startling realization that he’s living on borrowed time, but they’re all living on borrowed time. Criminals come with an expiration date, every one of them, it’s just a matter of when exactly his would catch up to him.

Ryan stops walking, looking up at the building he had ended up at, snorting softly. He’s not surprised his feet brought him here, in fact he’d be more surprised if he had ended up somewhere completely different. It’s become a regular thing for him on nights like these, finding himself outside of Ray’s apartment.

He debates whether he should keep walking or go inside, the last thing he wants is to wake Ray up, but before he can continue on his phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out and looks at the screen, opening the new text message.

your stalking skills need work rye get up here before the neighbors call the cops

Ryan wants to send something snarky back, perhaps something about the lack of punctuation in Ray’s message, but he knows Ray will just send him back a bunch of random emojis so he refrains, putting his phone back in his pocket.

He crosses the street, heading up the steps, pulling the door open. He takes the elevator up to the fifth floor, picking at a hangnail. When the doors open, he steps off the elevator car and walks down the hall to Ray’s apartment.

The door is ajar and when Ryan pushes it open a Diet Coke is shoved in his face. He takes it, offering Ray a small smile, and says, “If you keep this up, I might have to marry you.”

“You couldn’t handle all this awesome,” Ray retorts gesturing to himself. He walks away from Ryan, heading towards his TV, turning off the game he had paused. “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Something like that,” Ryan confesses, putting the unopened Diet Coke on the counter. “What about you? You having trouble sleeping, too?”

“Something like that.” Ray’s always been hard to read. It used to bug Ryan endlessly, trying to see past his easy going attitude to gauge how he’s really feeling, but now it’s just another part of Ray that he finds a little endearing.

“You wanna talk about it?” Ray asks curiously, leaning against the back of his couch, crossing his arms.

“Not really. Do you?” Ryan’s not the most chatty person in Fake AH, something he and Ray have in common, but he’s willing to listen.

“Not really.”

Which is kind of hard when Ray’s not willing to talk, but what did Ryan expect? Neither one have been really open about their feelings, did he really think Ray would start spilling his darkest secrets just because Ryan asked? It’s not like he did when Ray asked. He has to face facts, he’s a heavily guarded person who is friends with an equally heavily guarded person. Talking about whatever it is is never going to be a big part of their relationship.

An idea suddenly creeps up on Ryan and he wonders why he never thought about doing it before. “Huh.”


“Come on,” he says and turns on his heel, heading out of Ray’s apartment.

“Where are we going?” Ray asks, hurrying to catch up, barely taking the time to shut his door.

Ryan doesn’t answer, too preoccupied with his plan. He finds what he’s looking for after a few minutes, yanking the door open, and turns to face Ray. He grabs his shoulders, giving him a quick smile, and asks, “Do you trust me?”

“If I say no are you gonna throw me off the roof?” Ray replies sarcastically but returns the smile. Ryan snorts, letting him go, and turns back towards the roof access door, heading up the stairs.

It’s breezy outside and cold, and Ryan immediately regrets this plan, but he’s committed. He walks towards the ledge, looking down at the street below, and he hears Ray say, “Uh, you’re not…” he trails off. “You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” Ryan responds turning to look at him. “I know we don’t talk about our pasts for a reason. We’re not like the others, and I doubt we’ll ever be, but maybe this will help.” He gestures to the city behind him, hoping Ray gets it, but knowing he’s not making enough sense for anyone to get it.

“The city?”

Ryan puts his back to Ray, takes a step back, and screams into the night air. “FUCK YOU!” His words echo back at him and he takes a deep breath and yells again, “FUCK YOU!”

He’s not sure who exactly he’s yelling at; maybe it’s his father, perhaps his mother, maybe it’s his five-year-old self deluding himself into thinking he could ever have a normal childhood, but it feels good. It feels great.

Ryan feels their shoulders brush as Ray moves to stand next to him, and suddenly they’re just two boys standing on a rooftop screaming at the top of their lungs. It’s not an ideal solution and their pasts will still be lingering in the back of their minds come morning, but for tonight, for right now, they’re just Ryan and Ray.

And that has to count for something.

Okay, I listened to this song on repeat while writing this. And thanks again for this prompt.

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you do know there are farms out there that don cage their animals. the only places that do that are slaughter farms that go for numbers. and not everyone is keen on taking pills to make up for what every they are lacking of. fruits and veggies only give so much of x. not bashing your choice by any means. we all the right to have what ever life we want

I disagree with this is a LOT of ways: 

Yes there are farms that don’t cage their animals but those are extremely few. I mean factory farming has developed hugely over the past couple of decades to supply the demand for meat. Right now, In America 99.9 percent of chickens for meat, 97 percent of laying hens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs, and 78 percent of cattle are raised in factory farms, where yes cages or extreme confinement is a necessity. In almost all western countries the percent of animals produced in factory farms in is usually above 90. I mean, it makes sense.. the demand for meat means that around 150 Billion animals are killed every year. Around 50-60 billion land animals and around 90 billion marine animals. You can read here in detail about how these estimates are concluded if you like. Taking into account the current human population is around 7 Billion you can image the mammoth task it must be to raise and kill all these animals so quickly, no wonder factory farming is becoming the only way to farm, any other form of less intense, more humane farming would struggle to keep up with the demand. Maybe you think otherwise, and that these industrial farms in which the animals are indeed caged is unnecessary, but i certainly don’t and neither do the heads of the meat industry. 

In addition, to what point do you actually care about if animals are caged are not? I mean, really, do you check? Would you refuse to eat meat if you knew it came from a caged farm? Maybe you buy ‘free range’ meat in the supermarket or whatever.. but if you are in a restaurant.. a cafe, a friend cooks for you, or in a different country, or whatever the circumstance may be.. are you ever sure of the origin of this meat? If you order a burger in a restaurant and think to ask oh has this been produced in a factory farm or a normal farm.. I honestly doubt these thoughts never come to mind.. so I don’t know why people pretend to care so much if their meat has suffered in a factory or non factory farm. 

Also, all farms are bad and cause suffering, the lack of cages does not necessarily mean less suffering. If you care to know more about it you can read about it here, here and here

Also, vegans don’t need to take a pills at all. I certainly dont. You can get EVERYTHING you need from fruits and vegetables in the right quantities you need. Here is a list for you of every single vitamin and mineral humans need and several vegan sources of it. 

Yes we all have the right to do whatever we want. But if we want to consider ourselves moral people we have to take into account the suffering that our existence causes. For me, eating meat and animal products causes an unnecessary and shocking cruelty that I don’t want to be part of. 

anonymous asked:

I don't understand the hate against leather? Especially if you eat meat anyway? I don't mind wearing leather, it means they're using more of the cow and not slaughtering it just to waste stuff. I've gotten flak from my vegan friends because I bought a second hand leather motorcycle jacket from a thrift store (it was $20, too, real good value).

Animal rights activists think there are cattle raised specifically for leather instead of it being made from the skin of cattle already slaughtered for meat. Even non-vegans that are against leather often believe this. If you’re against leather you can’t just boycott leather because it stems from the beef industry. Plus authentic leather is way more sustainable than fake eather, which uses up a lot of fossil fuels.

This is an opinion brought to you by a rancher, who knows quite a few other ranchers and dairy farms.

I recently watched a documentary called Earthlings, which gets praised on a lot in the Vegan, animal rights, and animal welfare tags.

This documentary is complete, biased, exaggerated, and twisted bullshit (At least when it comes to beef and dairy, which is what I’m talking about)

It opens on beef with branding, showing an animal being hot ironed on the face. In my state, you cannot register to brand a cow on a face. In fact, the face is the least common branding site available, as it can damage the cow’s jaw and make it difficult for her to eat. The most common branding site is the hip, rib, and shoulder, but the documentary simply says, cows are branded on their face.

Does it say why? No. Because obviously we scar our animals for fun, right? Cattle don’t have microchips like a dog. If your dog gets stolen, you can usually find it because of it’s Microchipped. Cows don’t have that. Cows are so expensive, they’re like gold, so often Ranchers brand their cattle. If a cow has a brand, she cannot be sold without the brand owner’s authorization, meaning, someone can not steal young, healthy animals from my pasture, and sell them for slaughter.

Next they go on to dehorning, stating that it is cruel, painful, and often done with simple pliers. HAaha.

If I have an animal, I don’t want to ruin it by painfully tearing off it’s horns. This animal will never let me touch it again!

Most cattle, and I DO mean most, are dehorned either as calves (Less painful, not remembered), or have a shot to numb the area at the base of the horn before it’s CUT off, not YANKED off. This way, the cow can still be handled.

Does the documentary say WHY cattle are dehorned? Does it mention that a cow with horns is a danger to itself, humans, and other animals? No? Of course not!

Beef cattle are not stuffed into trailers until it’s so full the animals die. This makes absolutely no sense. If the animals die before they reach the sale ring or slaughter house, no paycheck for you! You make less money if the animals die before slaughter.

Nothing the documentary covers is explained why. WHY do they do that? It’s biased. It makes it seem like ranchers and farmers WANT to hurt their cattle. They don’t. Most of us get attached to our cows. It exaggerates EVERYTHING


According to the documentary, Dairy cattle are CHAINED to their stalls, in their own feces, with no water or food, pumped full of hormones to make them milk more. Wrong.

A dairy barn consists of a long isle down the middle of the barn, with a large alley on each side for the cattle. The cattle can walk down the main alley, or lay in a padded stall. They can stick their head through railings to eat food specially mixed to meet all their needs, or drink water. Dairy barns, because they produce milk that MUST be clean, cannot milk a cow pumped full or hormones and chemicals, and clean their barns daily to avoid bacteria. WOW! It’s almost like we take care of our animals so they produce! WHO KNEW?

Most dairy cattle are allowed to graze in a pasture with their calves, until they’re milked in the morning and the evening. Others keep their cows in a well airated barn. Calves are removed to avoid injury! Calves are often kept it smaller pens, with calf huts, pads, soft bedding, and even blankets! It is counter productive to not care for a calf. A calf is your future cow! Dairy farmers feed them the highest quality milk so the calves grow into strong, productive animals.

Dieing cows are not left in the isles. If a cow begins to appear sick, a vet is called. Simple as that.

The documentary states that a cow’s lifespan can reach 20. WRONG. at the age of 8 or 9, a cow starts to lose her teeth. If you kept a cow alive until 20 she would be malnourished and miserable, unable to eat. The average cow lives until 8 or 9, at which point they are sold. It would be cruel to keep an animal who cannot eat or fulfill it’s own needs.

Cows do not, on average, die at FOUR YEARS OLD because of exhaustion! Four years, at almost any dairy or ranch you visit, is a cow in her PRIME! We do not run our animals to death. We do NOT torture them.

You don’t eat meat? Great! Do your thing! Eat your veggies! That’s fine! But don’t make me out to be devilspawn if I eat meat. Don’t make me out to be cruel, (As stated by the documentary, as cruel as hitler to the jews), because I raise cattle. Fuck. You.

The shit thing about that documentary is it preys on people who have never been on a farm or dairy. If you’ve never been to one, it’s easy to believe things like this. If I made a documentary about how vegans grew their food, and showed it to people who have never met Vegans, or seen how crops are grown, I could easily exaggerate and make Veganism seem horrible, like this documentary does to livestock owners.

Please stop hating on ranchers and farmers. Please?


The top photo is the melon wall experiment from last year. I put some cantaloupes in a raised bed with a cattle panel strapped to the side after I’d lost my melon plants to rabbits. It was a successful deal.

This year I started some pickling cucumbers in the box. If they do as well the wall should provide enough cukes for several years worth of pickles. Their climbing tendrils just reached the panel.

Will update later in the year.

wow i finally managed to finish a thing that’s not, y’know, dudes having babies. canon compliant future fic. warning for a brief mention of suicidal thoughts.

It’s a shitty motel. The place smells stale and mildewy, with an undertone of old cigarettes even though it’s a non-smoking room. Derek breathes through his mouth and tries not to think about it; he stares up at the ceiling, where a water stain shaped like Florida browns the tiles, and tries not to think about anything at all. It doesn’t really work; his heart’s racing with anticipation and nervousness about tomorrow, full of hope even though it’s been seven weeks of fruitless searching. If he strikes out tomorrow, it’ll be the fifth time, and he doesn’t know how many more disappointments he can take. Or, even worse - what if he finds Stiles and Stiles still doesn’t want anything to do with him?

He doesn’t know what went wrong with them. Stiles never told him; all Derek knows is that in the weeks before he disappeared, he’d been withdrawn, unhappy - and then one day, he hadn’t been there at all. It took Derek half a day to panic about it; it was Scott texting him to say Stiles wasn’t responding to his texts and was he okay? before Derek realized Stiles wasn’t responding to him either and - sometimes Stiles went quiet like that, but he always responded to Scott. He called Stiles’ phone over and over, but it went straight to voicemail, so he’d either shut it off, or it’d died. Derek tried the Find My Friends and it showed Stiles’ last location in Beacon Hills, which made him feel a little better until he went into the bathroom and noticed Stiles’ toothbrush was missing.

They weren’t living together - not officially - but Stiles stayed at Derek’s place five, six nights a week, and his things had slowly started taking up residence there. Half of it was gone now; he’d left the odds and ends on top of the dresser, but his drawers were cleared out. He’d taken his toothbrush from the bathroom and a picture of the pack off the fridge and left everything else behind - his books, his Playstation, his games and DVDs. Derek looked under the bed for Stiles’ journal where he kept all his notes on herbs and lore, but it wasn’t there; his phone was, and a note that said don’t look for me. Then, and only then, Derek panicked.

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I’m a vegetarian,

I’m a vegetarian and I do not hate those who choose to eat meat. I do not look down on them, or think that they are horrible people. I made the decision to become a vegetarian, and I don’t believe on forcing my opinions down other people’s throats. What I do believe in however, is educating. 

I honestly enjoy being a vegetarian. I enjoy knowing that for these past 8 years I haven’t eaten, well, dead animal flesh. While restricting your diet may not sound enjoyable, after all these years it feels like I never restricted it at all.

If I had not gone vegetarian, I would have never found my love for zucchini and summer squash. I would have never learned all the different ways I can flavor quinoa and tofu. If I had not gone vegetarian, I wouldn’t have realized my love for healthy, wholesome food. I would have stuck to my life of meat and potatoes. 

While I do not believe that being a vegetarian is for everyone, I think everyone should try it at least once in their life. Give up meat for a week, a month, a year. Just something. Going vegetarian is one of the best things a person can do for the environment. 

Think about it, how many of our resources go into raising livestock for consumption? Raising cattle for instance takes up so much farmland. It takes a ton of water, and let’s not even start on how much corn and grain it takes to feed the amount of cattle we produce per year. Feedlots are terrible for the environment, it’s a cluster of methane producing animals simply existing to be feasted upon. 

Besides the environment, going vegetarian is also super good for your body. Meat often contains antibiotics that, obviously, are not good for consumption. Eating meat also raises your chances of developing certain cancers, along with upping your chance of having heart disease caused by certain meat containing a lot of bad cholesterols. I could go on, but a lot of the health risks associated with eating meat are simply a Google search away. 

Being a vegetarian isn’t a hassle or a punishment. It is something that I feel strongly about, and feel as if it has made me into the person I am today. If you believe that being a vegetarian would be too difficult to do every single day, give Meatless Mondays a try.


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i know you primarily run a political blog, but every once in a while you talk about homesteading. what part of the country do you live in? how much land? do you work the land full time or do you also have a 9 to 5 job? how much of the food do you (and your family?) eat that you grow yourself? only fruits and vegetables or do you also raise animals? etc etc. it is a subject i've always found very interesting, and i'd love to hear about what it's like from your perspective.

Thanks for asking. I have a homesteading tag on my blog if you care to check it out. We have 600 acres in north central Kentucky. I do have a day job. My preference would be not to. The farms primary crops are soybeans and corn.

We can and pickle from the garden. We raise cattle which is the other primary income producing activity but I’ve also started raising sheep in the last several years. I keep chickens and am raising a bunch now. 20 for the freezer and 8 egg layers plus a roo. I tend to cycle through chickens as it is a constant battle to keep things from eating them. After an incident you’ll find in my homesteading tag we took a break from chickens for a couple of years. Everything eats chickens.

I’ve raised turkeys several times as well as hogs.

I’ve built a butcher shop of sorts in one of our equipment sheds and do processing myself.

I believe that having that connection to the natural world, to the physical world, is healthy for mind and body. I wish more people had the drive and means to experience it for their own benefit.

A lot of the anxiety and neuroses so prevalent in today’s society is a result of this separation imo. Many people who suffer don’t consider their environment is alien to their biology.

A hundred years ago you were riding a horse to a one room school and agrarian life was as commonplace as it had been for most of the preceding 10,000 years. Even urban areas from antiquity to the modern era were completely different in their character. When we sit in a sterile suburb searching for meaning we’re something like a monkey in a barren cage at the zoo. Our physiological and psychological composition demands more. On some level this is why video games are so enjoyable.

This isn’t to say that I’d trade the conveniences and benefits of the modern world for the often brutal life of past ages. But what I’m suggesting is that people don’t often realize what ails them because their perspective doesn’t allow them to see how alien this life really is for our species.

Kind of drifted off from your question but this is what it’s about for me. A sense of place, connection, resourcefulness and purpose.

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She loves you too!!!

- Neni is a support character, though is more like Sym.metra 

- Neni wants a cat as a pet, Mak.o won’t let her have one as they move around a lot

- Neni will spend hours at the Pachimari claw machines if you let her

- Neni’s favorite video game is Fighters of the Storm (which in my mind is like Mortal Kombat so Neni likes to rip people’s spines out of their backs)

- Neni always orders the same thing at diners, blueberry pancakes and strawberry milkshakes 

- Neni has a big crush on Ha.na S.ong 

- Neni thinks cows are very cute, due to being raised on a cattle ranch in her youth

- Neni’s favorite color is bubblegum pink and dusty rose pink

- Neni owns 20 different crop tops and baggy sweaters but never wears them

- Neni is a lesbian!