raising a fanboy

One day he'll find my Star Wars slash. And be traumatized.
  • My 5yo: *loudly sings the Star Wars theme*
  • My 5yo: That's the Jedi song.
  • Me: That's a cool song.
  • My 5yo: It's so cool even the Sith like it!
  • Me: Really?
  • My 5yo: Darth Sidius plays it at every Sith party.
  • Me: The Sith have parties?
  • My 5yo: Oh, yeah. The Sith know how to party.
  • Me: *remembers that I wrote a really porny fic along those lines once*
  • Me: Yep. They do.
  • My son: Let's play Star Wars.
  • Me: OMG yes!
  • Me: We could be Jedi on a mission! Or a master and a padawan! Or we could fly around in x-wings! Or-or-or--
  • My son: Mommy, I want you to be Jar Jar.
  • Me:
  • My son: He's my FAVORITE!
  • Me: NOOOOOOO!!
  • Me: *falls to knees*
  • My son: Here, wear this shirt on your head to make his ears. Can you do the voice too?
  • Me: *quietly sobbing*
  • Me: Why have you turned to the dark side, my son? WHY???

My 8yo and I are trying to learn Aurebesh. For reasons. Anyway, we’ve been sending each other messages to practice, and I just got this one from him. The second word in the first line had me stumped for a while, so I finally asked him what it was. He said, “It’s the heart emoji, duh.”

So it’s <3 in Aurebesh. My kid is an even bigger dork that I am. I LOVE IT.


My son is 5, and as of yet, he doesn’t seem to have any preconceived ideas about toys and gender. He just plays with what he wants to play with, period. 

Today we’re in a Disney park and he wanted to get a toy, and couldn’t decide between these Star Wars droids and the princess Minnie Mouse. He finally decided to buy them both (he has his own spending money). And he’s been playing with them all, too. Sometimes he snuggles Minnie and talks to her about his day, and a few minutes later she’s wielding an imaginary light saber and fighting the Sith alongside the droids.  The bottom picture is one he drew of Minnie and a droid. :-)

I absolutely love it, and I dread the day he finally goes to school (he’s never been, not even to preschool) and learns from other kids that, as a boy, he shouldn’t want the princess Minnie. I can only hope that when that time comes in a year or so, he is self-possessed and confident enough to say, “Fuck off, I’ll play with Minnie if I want to." 

But will he? I have no idea.