raising a fanboy

Dear fictional characters,

Please stop raising our standards.

— From fangirls & fanboys everywhere

  • My son: Let's play Star Wars.
  • Me: OMG yes!
  • Me: We could be Jedi on a mission! Or a master and a padawan! Or we could fly around in x-wings! Or-or-or--
  • My son: Mommy, I want you to be Jar Jar.
  • Me:
  • My son: He's my FAVORITE!
  • Me: NOOOOOOO!!
  • Me: *falls to knees*
  • My son: Here, wear this shirt on your head to make his ears. Can you do the voice too?
  • Me: *quietly sobbing*
  • Me: Why have you turned to the dark side, my son? WHY???