raisin bagel

I know it’s not healthy and I USUALLY try to stay away from meat/cheese substitutes but my frickin favorite breakfast is a cinnamon raisin bagel with chao cheese and field roast deli slices omgggggg

Café Jerk.

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Summary:  Working at the café is the most annoying thing in the world, but you manage to get deal with it. That is, until you meet Namjoon, the obnoxious jerk who comes by every day to bother you.

Genre/Warnings:  Angst, Slighty suggestive (not really)

Word Count: 1,430

A/N: This is the first scenario I write for any member of BTS and the third scenario I write in general, so sorry if it’s shit. I dedicate this to @bangtan-bunny, who requested a Namjoon scenario. The plot of this was inspired by one of @jonahryan‘s AUs. Feel free to give me any feedback or request anything. 


“Mommy, I want the raisin bagel! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!” The child was having a tantrum and yelling at his mother as if he had just seen a monster.

“I’ll just – OKAY CALM DOWN – have a small latte and a raisin bagel.” The child’s mother finally said, offering me an apologetic smile.  I pressed her order onto the computer of the register and was relieved when she finally walked away with her screaming kid. Working at a café was by far the worst thing I could have ever decided to do, I hated annoying customers. Dealing with snobby businessmen, airheaded girls, and the frequent grumpy elders was not my cup of tea. But I had to pay for my college tuition somehow; it was either this or basically sell my body, which, trust me, was starting to sound like a better option every time I walked into this hell hole of a café.

“Good morning, what can I get for you?” I repeated for what seemed like the billionth time that morning when the next customer approached the counter. I took a better look at the man on the phone standing in front of me and holy fuck, he was hot. His hair was a weird light mint color and his skin a nice tan. He was so freakin’ attractive. I hoped I looked decent and smiled at him, waiting for his order. I looked at him for about 30 seconds, waiting for him to get off the phone.


“Just get me an iced macchiato…” he mumbled and continued speaking on his phone.

“Sure, what size?”

“Didn’t I say a medium?” He responded, looking annoyed as hell. I tried to keep my cool, not wanting to let my own annoyance show.

“No you didn’t, sorry, its gonna be 4,000 won. Name?” I spit back, bringing up the cup to write down his name.

“It’s Namjoon.” He swiped his card while still talking on the phone and walked away after I wrote his name on the cup.

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Closed RP


It was a lovely day and Montparnasse was just sitting outside of a cafe, trying to eat a nice cinnamon raisin bagel in peace when a mob of animal rights activists came marching down with their stupid signs and what have you. He put down his bagel and sighed, “Fucking SJWs.” After a while of suffering in silence, he stood up and cleared with throat before shouting at them “Oi! Yeah you, what the fresh hell do you think you’re doing walking around here disturbing the peace?”