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Since it aired, I’ve felt uncomfortable with Harry’s statements about equality in the Quotidien interview and the resulting posts/articles about it, but I needed to step back and figure out WHY it made me feel that way.  There was something about his language that immediately rubbed me the wrong way and to see how his statements have been used as some kind of great moment of activism has only added to my discomfort.

As a human rights worker, I spend every day trying to raise awareness and understanding of rights, to ensure that they are implemented properly in my country, and to establish effective forms of redress when there are rights violations.  At the core of my value base is a belief in social justice, equality and non-discrimination, human dignity and human rights.  In my ideal world, these would be fundamental truths for all people, but I recognise that, despite living in a relatively wealthy, developed nation, these are simply not realities for a large section of the population.  The children and families I work with are facing poverty, mental health issues, family breakdown, discrimination, immigration difficulties, violence, trauma and neglect.  For them, the idea of equality is directly connected to politics.  The decisions made at local and national levels impact directly on their day-to-day experiences and their ability to ensure that their basic needs are met.

By stating that equality is something removed from politics, Harry demonstrated his privilege.  As a wealthy and influential white man, he has privilege that allows him to remove himself from the political discourse of inequality and discrimination that define the lives of many others.  That is not to say that Harry has not faced issues like those I mentioned above, but he has resources and connections that others can only dream of so that he doesn’t need to make his ‘fundamental’ beliefs about politics.  

To me, his statement was not inspirational or demonstrative of a greater passion for and awareness of the issues that are impacting on our society today.  It came across as a vague, ill-informed platitude, and when it is being used to generate headlines, it demonstrates just how low the bar is set for him.  Celebrities often use their status as a platform to raise awareness of causes or issues that are important to them.  They are able to speak in specifics, demonstrating a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the topic.  This is not what happened at Quotidien.  In between a series of ‘ums’ and ‘I don’t knows’, Harry cobbled together a sentence to avoid a question he wasn’t comfortable answering. 

This was not an example of activism.  It was an example of not being aware of one’s own privilege.  I would call out my friends and colleagues for making similar vague, ignorant statements, so I won’t hesitate to do so when a celebrity does it, especially when the fandom is holding it up as something to be applauded.  I felt Harry’s statement was dismissive of the reality of people’s lived experience.  Equality is directly connected to politics (and Politics).  Ignoring that only makes the issues we face more difficult to overcome.


WNBA players just took a stand in favor of #BlackLives Matter and the league fined them

“Seventy percent of the @wnba players are African-American women and as a league collectively impacted. My teammates and I will continue to use our platform and raise awareness for the #BlackLivesMattermovement until the @wnba gives its support as it does for Breast Cancer Awareness, Pride and other subject matters.”

Photos: Instagram/Tina Charles/Twitter

Dead Girl Walking (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2066

Warnings: Steamy content (well, the title gives that away)

Summary: Connor and Y/N get cast as JD and Veronica in their college production of Heathers. This doesn’t help the crush Y/N has been harbouring on Connor since freshman year of high school.

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A/N: Here it is!! This was partially inspired by some requests I got for this, and partially inspired by my Heathers!AU with @memeing-through-a-window

“Hello everyone! To those of you who do not take drama as a class, I am Mr Reyes. I will be directing this production.” Mr Reyes said, and there was a spattering of applause across the auditorium.

“Now, I’m sure you’re all dying to find out your roles in our upcoming production of Heathers. Here we go.” Mr Reyes said, and everyone inhaled sharply.

I crossed my fingers and looked over at my best friend Zoe, her eyes shut tightly in anticipation.

“In the role of Martha Dunnstock, Alana Beck.” Mr Reyes said and we all clapped politely, looking at Alana who was smiling brightly.

“The role of Kurt Kelly goes to Jake Dillinger, and Ram Sweeney goes to Richard Goranski.” A celebratory whoop came from a few rows back, and I chuckled at the boys’ reaction.

“The roles of Mr Kelly and Mr Sweeney will go to Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere.” I smirked slightly, knowing that Mr Reyes was slightly sneaky with his casting of those roles.

“Mr and Mrs Sawyer will be played by Chloe Valentine and Brooke Lohst.” I clapped softly, glancing over at the pair.

“And now, onto the Heathers themselves. Due to the lack of women interested in this production, we have had to give some of our Heathers to the men.” Mr Reyes said, and I snorted, drawing some attention.

“Heather McNamara will be played by Evan Hansen, and Heather Duke will be played by Jared Kleinman. Heather Chandler, our only female Heather, will be played by Zoe Murphy.” Mr Reyes said, and I squeezed Zoe’s hand.

She was smiling widely, and I knew she was going to crush it as Heather Chandler.

“The lovely Christine Canigula will be playing Ms Fleming.” Christine beamed at Mr Reyes, and I felt very happy for her.

“This leaves our two leading roles. Jason Dean will be played by Connor Murphy, and Veronica Sawyer goes to Y/N Y/L/N! Congratulations to you all.” Mr Reyes said, and I looked over at Connor, my eyes wide.

I’d been crushing on Connor since freshman year of high school, and here we are, freshman year of college, and those feelings haven’t gone away.

“Now, rehearsals will start next Wednesday, so be ready. The original cast recording is somewhere online, so listen to it. That’s all.” Mr Reyes said, ushering us out of the auditorium.

As soon as we were out the double doors, I was bombarded with various congratulations.

“You’re so lucky, oh my god.” Zoe said, wrapping me in a side hug. I felt my cheeks go pink, and I smiled gratefully at her.

“Thanks. I do, however, have to have fake sex with your brother onstage. You know how I feel about him, Zo.” I said and Zoe cackled, throwing her head back.

“Well, let’s just say things might end up working out for you two.” She said, winking at me. My cheeks went a brighter pink, and I went to say something, but was interrupted by someone coughing.

I whirled around to see Connor standing there, his hair partially covering his face.

“Hey Y/N. Can I talk to you for a sec?” Connor asked and I nodded, glancing back briefly at Zoe.

Connor shot me a half smile, and walked away. I trailed behind him, jogging slightly.

“So, what’s up?” I asked, catching my breath a little. Connor rocked back and forth on his heels, and I frowned slightly.

“Well, I was just wondering, seeing as we’re going to be spending a lot of time together onstage and in rehearsals, if maybe you wanted to go grab some lunch with me?” Connor asked, wringing his hands together.

My cheeks went a bright shade of pink, and I nodded eagerly. “Absolutely. I mean, yeah, of course.” I said, realising I was probably coming on too strong.

“Awesome. I’ll, uh, meet you here at 12. Today.” Connor said and I smiled brightly at him.
“Bye Y/N.” He said, and I waved him off.

“Bye Connor.”

“You guys are coming along incredibly. Everyone except Y/N and Connor can go.” Mr Reyes said, and I glanced over at Connor awkwardly.

Everyone else trailed out of the auditorium, until it was just Connor, Mr Reyes and I left.

“Now, I thought you two would appreciate not having everyone else in the room for this next song.” Mr Reyes said and I gulped, looking at Connor with wide eyes.

“I think you two both know which song I’m talking about. We won’t go through the full choreography just yet, but we still need to start rehearsing it.” Mr Reyes said, patting the both of us on the shoulder.

I took in a deep breath and walked up onto the stage, fidgeting with my blazer. I wasn’t in my proper costume, but I was wearing an outfit that resembled my costume.

“From the top, you two.” Mr Reyes said, pressing play on the music. It started playing and I bit my lip.

“The demon queen of high school has decreed it. She says Monday eight am, I’ll be deleted.” I sang, glancing over at Connor briefly.

“They’ll hunt me down in study hall. Stuff and mount me on the wall. Thirty hours to live, how shall I spend them?” I sang, walking forward a little.

“I don’t have to stay and die like cattle. I could change my name and ride up to Seattle. But I don’t own a motorbike.” I looked up at Connor, who was now lying down on the raised platform.

“Wait. Here’s an option that I like. Spend these thirty hours getting freaky! I need it hard, I’m a dead girl walking. I’m in your yard, I’m a dead girl walking.” I sang, walking up the platform stairs.

“Before they punch my clock, I’m snapping off your window lock. Got no time to knock, I’m a dead girl walking.” I sang, standing in front of Connor, who was now on his feet.

“Veronica. What are you doing in my room?” Connor asked, and I shushed him, waving my hand about wildly. Mr Reyes chuckled, and I took in a deep breath.

“Sorry, but I really had to wake you. See, I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you.” Connor’s eyes widened at this line, and Mr Reyes’ laughter increased.

“Heather says I gots to go, you’re my last meal on death row. Shut your mouth, and lose them tightie whities. C'mon!” I sang, undoing my blazer.

“Tonight I’m yours, I’m your dead girl walking. Get on all fours, kiss this dead girl walking.” I said, shoving Connor down by his shoulders.

“Let’s go, you know the drill. I’m hot, and pissed, and on the pill. Bow down to the will of a dead girl walking.” I sang, trying to keep my voice even as Connor’s hands crept up near the hem of my skirt.

I crouched down, looking Connor in the eye. I noticed that one of his eyes was coloured differently, and I felt my heart lurch.

“And you know, you know, you know. It’s cause you’re beautiful. You say you’re numb inside, but I can’t agree.” I sang, putting my hands on Connor’s chest.

His chest was surprisingly firm, and his face was rapidly reddening. “So the world’s unfair. Keep it locked out there. In here it’s beautiful. Let’s make this beautiful.”

“That works for me.” I pressed my lips to Connor’s, and kissed him with fervour. He kissed back eagerly, and I pulled off my blazer, still keeping our lips together.

I pulled off his shirt, and I let out a gasp at the sight of his bare chest. I pulled away from the kiss, and noticed Connor’s eyes cloud with something dark.

I pushed him down so he was on his back, and I was straddling him, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

I started kissing his neck and moved my lips further down his chest, kissing furiously.

“Yeah! Full steam ahead, take this dead girl walking.” I sang, reluctantly pulling away from Connor.

“How’d you find my address?” Connor sang, sitting up slightly.

“Let’s break the bed, rock this dead girl walking!” I sang, throwing my arms up in the air.

“I think we tore my mattress.” Connor sang, glancing towards the ground.

“No sleep tonight for you. Better chug that Mountain Dew.” I sang, getting a good look at Connor. His eyes wide, his cheeks flushed and his hair mused.

“Okay, okay.” He sang quietly, earning a chuckle from Mr Reyes.

“Get your ass in gear. Make this whole town disappear.”

“Okay, okay.” Connor sang, his voice stronger this time.

“Slap me.” Connor stage slapped me at this line, and my cheek tingled at the contact.

“Pull my hair.” Connor tugged my head back by my hair, and tangled his fingers in my hair.

“Touch me there, and there, and there.” My breath hitched as Connor’s hands roamed over my ass and breasts.

“No more talking. Love this dead girl walking.” I sang, hitting the high note with ease. Connor sang his part with ease, and I drank in the sight of him beneath me.

“Love this dead girl! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” We both sang together, our bodies harmonising perfectly.

“Ow!” Connor said, grimacing slightly.

“Yeah!” We both sang, and I was surprised at how well Connor could sing. The music concluded, and we were both panting.

Mr Reyes applauded, and I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. “Very well done, you two! You have excellent chemistry, I must say.” Mr Reyes said, as I awkwardly clambered off Connor.

We picked up our clothes and pulled them back on, smiling as we walked off the stage.

“I’ll see you at Friday’s rehearsal. I can’t stress how good that performance was, especially for a rehearsal.” Mr Reyes said as we left the auditorium.

The doors slammed shut behind us, and the air became thick with awkwardness. “I, uh.” I stammered, my cheeks burning.

“I’ll, um, see you on Friday.” Connor muttered, walking away quickly staring at the ground as he did.

“Opening night, people! I just wanted to congratulate you all on your work over the past couple of months, so, congratulations!” Mr Reyes said, applauding us.

I fidgeted anxiously with my costume, the indigo scarf I was wearing seeming to weigh a ton.

“Hey, Y/N, you ok?” Connor asked, and I turned on my heel to face him. The dark costume of JD suited him perfectly, and I felt seriously attracted to him.

“I’m really nervous. What if I screw up? What if I can’t hit one of the high notes? Ugh.” I said, running a hand through my hair.

“Hey, hey, look at me.” Connor said, placing his hands gently on my shoulders. I looked up at him, noticing the stage makeup that accented his already beautiful features.

“You are going to knock this out of the park. Your voice is absolutely stunning, and I have the utmost faith in you and your abilities.” Connor said, moving his hands from my shoulders to my cheeks.

I felt my cheeks flush, and I noticed Connor’s cheeks were a similar colour. “Thanks.” I muttered, looking right into Connor’s eyes.

He rubbed circles on my cheek with his thumb, and I took in a deep breath. I leaned forward and connected my lips with Connor’s.

His eyes widened briefly, but he closed them quickly, kissing back eagerly. I tangled my hands in Connor’s hair, tugging on it gently.

He let out a groan, and he moved his hands to my waist, pulling me closer to him. Suddenly we heard a cough and pulled apart, turning to see where the cough had come from.

We saw Zoe standing there in full costume, a smirk wide on her face. “God, Veronica, drool much?” She said and I snorted, glancing up at Connor.

“It’s not like I’m throwing my panties at him, Heather.” I said, and I noticed Connor freeze momentarily.

“Oh, but you will be soon enough.” Zoe said, winking at the two of us. She walked off with a perfected strut, and I let out a sigh.

“She’s the worst.” Connor muttered and I chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.

“She’s not that bad, Con.” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“My god, I love you so much.”


Happy McLennon day! 60 years since John met Paul at the Woolton Church Fete on the 6th July 1957 and started this whole thing off… 

“I just thought, ‘Well, he looks good, he’s singing well and he seems like a great lead singer to me. Of course, he had his glasses off, so he really looked suave. I remember John was good. He was really the only outstanding member; all the rest kind of slipped away.”

[Paul, talking about his first impressions of John, Record Collector Magazine, 1995]

“I was on a battered old guitar, which hadn’t cost much. A bloke named Rodney was on banjo, Pete Shotton was on washboard, I think Eric Griffiths was on another guitar and Len Gary [sic] was on box bass. 

“There was a friend of mine called Ivan who lived at the back of my house and he went to the same school as Paul McCartney - The Liverpool Institute High School. It was through Ivan that I first met Paul. Seems that he knew Paul was always dickering around in music and thought that he would be a good lad to have in the group.

“So one day when we were playing at Woolton he brought him along. We can both remember it quite well. We’ve even got the date down. It was June 15th 1955 [sic]. The Quarrymen were playing on a raised platform and there was a good crowd because it was a warm sunny day.”

[John, talking about how he and Paul met, quoted in Beatles Monthly No 2, September 1963 - and obviously getting the date really wrong - on purpose or not?!]

Pics - top - the first (?) photo of John and Paul together. The Quarrymen, including Paul, playing at New Clubmoor Hall, Broadway, Liverpool on 23rd November 1957. Photo by Leslie Kearney.

Photos on truck taken by James Davis - Rod Davis’ dad, who is the Rodney on banjo that John’s talking about. Photos taken on 6th July, 1957. (John with his eyes closed in the centre of the first photo, he’s obscured by Pete Shotton in the second).

Bottom 2 photos - The Quarrymen playing on 6th July, 1957, the day John met Paul. (Last photo - Geoff Rhind, other photo - Unknown but maybe Geoff Rhind?).

Happy McLennon Day Beatle fans everywhere!


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If the character is from a media please provide the name and media (as well as date if there are are remakes and such)

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I did something really stupid today

Earlier today, I did something that received a lot of backlash and with good reason. It was wrong and insensitive for me to talk about something that’s happening in real life and use something that is supposed to be light hearted, fun, and loving as a vehicle to raise awareness about this issue. Even worse was to drag the fandom into this painful situation.

And I am going to name it: I mentioned and used the anime series, Yuri on Ice to raise awareness of the extreme homophobia and treatment of gays in Russia. In the post, I tactlessly and poorly pointed out how unrealistic the official couple, Viktuuri, would be due to the current nature of Russia in real life in regards to their stance on Same Sex relations. To finish, I used this relationship as a reason to protest against the homophobia there.
It was wrong of me to do that.

At that time of posting, I was mindless and impulsive. I heard about the news of what is happening on Tumblr and my thoughts were to spread that news in a fandom, which I personally am a part of, as the issue of same-sex relationships are also a major part of the story. I made the connection, hoping this would further highlight the homophobia in Russia, and raise awareness.

Instead, I received a harsh reminder from the tumblr community to keep these two things separated. I was told to delete my account, that they are not real people, that my behaviour went too far, and that the problems were real and I shouldn’t have taken it so lightly when responding to it.

And you are all right about that.
I am regretting what I have done and I don’t expect anyone here on tumblr to forgive or accept my apologies for what I have done.
So, I want to say how sorry I am for what I did earlier today.
I took down the post, but I am here to tell you that it did happen earlier today at 10:30-ish GMT+11 time.

And as for deletion of this account, there are too many happier memories of Tumblr in it, so I will not delete this account. I don’t want this disaster destroy my love for this platform. It raises awareness of so many issues, has beautiful fandoms and artwork, and many wonderful people on it.

I hope that this is enough for everyone.

TL;DR- I am regretting what I did earlier, and I am sorry for my impulsive and mindless actions. I will not take this account down, but I have deleted the post. This apology post will stay just to clear things up.

The Circus

The circus comes without warning, and you find yourself among the crowds of people that wander from tent to tent in a current, bending and winding as it goes and leading from one amazing sight to the next.  Upon entering the circus grounds, you are greeted by a man on a stage. He wears a red and white striped coat and a large top hat, and with a bejeweled cane in is hand, he calls to the passing crowds. “Ladies and gentlemen and all other configurations of being! Come one, come all! Prepare to be amazed, astounded, astonished!” His pink mustache practically glows in the light of the little bulbs strung up above the crowd, and as you pass his raised platform, you could swear that he looks right at you and wiggles that silly, curled mustache with a twinkle in his eyes.

The first tent is a royal blue with a smattering of silver stars. They say the man inside can tell you your deepest thoughts and possibly your near future. Visitors are only allowed in one at a time, and when it comes to be your turn, you slip through the silken sheets into a dimly lit area. The ground has been covered in beautiful rugs, and a small table sits near to the ground at the center. You seat yourself across from him on the pillow provided, and through the smoke of burning incense, you see his face is partially covered by a bloodied cloth. He startles you with his quiet words, speaking your every thought aloud as you think it, and when you ask him what he sees in the future for you he says only, “There is a great misfortune in the very near future.” Insulted and somewhat scared, you rise from the pillow and storm out the other end of the tent as you hear the man call for the next visitor.

The second tent is bright red, flamboyant and loud, and as you wander inside, you squeeze through the tightly packed crowd until you get a glimpse of the man inside. The sharp-shooter, they call him, and he displays his abilities with terrifying precision, firing his gun from the back of a horse as he rides around the center circle of the tent. When his show comes to a climax, he flips from the horse and lands in the center, taking off his leather cowboy hat and giving a grandiose bow at the hip. The crowd cheers and applauds, but you wander on.

The third tent is a motley of colors, red and blue and green and yellow, all woven together into an eye-catching mosaic. Inside, four men spin, suspended above the crowd by long, flowing scarves of fabric. Each one is one of the colors of the tent. The tricks and flips that they do are mind-boggling, their strength and agility baffling. At times, they don’t even seem human but rather like something more powerful and graceful altogether. Each of the four men are also garbed in one of the four colors, and strangely, you find they all look very similar, very much like every other performer you have already seen. With this thought in mind, you move on.

The fourth tent is a glittering gold and shimmering silver woven into the shapes of many wild animals. The two men inside, one dressed in kingly apparel and the other dressed as a silver court jester, stand alongside ferocious lions and snow white leopards that perform, leaping through hoops that the men hold above their heads and climbing an enormous, spiraling platform towards the top of the tent. The cats act with lithe grace while the two men dance around beneath like clowns, and the show is both amusing and wonderful. As the two men and their animal friends take their bow, you slip out of the tent and on to the next.

The fifth tent is striped bright blue and deep purple, and inside you find a magician and his assistant. The magician, pushing his spectacles back into place on his nose, smiles towards the crowd as his assistant, garbed in blue lies down in a large box, his head exposed on one end and his feet on the other. As the magician in the purple suit saws his assistant in half, you cannot help but think of the fortune-teller’s warning earlier in the night, but as the assistant shouts, “I’m sorry, but I’m dying!” you laugh along with the show and assure yourself that nothing bad could happen. The assistant, of course, emerges unscathed having been “sawed in half” and then put back together by the other man’s magic, and you applaud before moving on to the final tent.

The sixth and last tent is a simple black and white checkered pattern with flourishes of scarlet red trimming the edges. You find that this corner of the circus seems nearly abandoned, and as you step inside the tent into the darkness, there are very few circus-goers remaining to fill the seats around the tent’s circumference. You find a seat in the low light of a few lit torches and wait patiently for the show to begin. Gasps erupt through the scattered crowd as a man emerges into the single spotlight. He is barefoot, shirtless, wearing only black pants and a black mask over his eyes. In each hand he holds a dual-sided torch which he lights from the caldron of fire that appears at the center of the ring. Somewhere out of sight, a band of string instruments strikes up a lively song, and the man begins his display. He moves with dark grace as the fire spins around him, at times, too close for your own comfort. The song grows louder and louder still until every person is on the edge of their seat watching this man and his glowing flames.

At the last moment, he brings one of the torches to his lips and a great burst of fire erupts from his mouth like a dragon laying waste to a village, and when that bright billowing flame disappears, the tent falls into darkness like pitch and complete and utter silence. The sudden change is jarring, so much so that no one claps, no one cheers, no one even moves. And then you hear it, somewhere, everywhere in the shadows, a dry, echoing laughter. You feel suddenly very, very alone as the fortune-teller’s words come crashing back to you and a hand brushes your back. The last thing you remember is a voice whispering through the acrid air, “You’re mine now.” Then nothing.

And the circus moves on.

The Serpent and The Swan - Ch.1

After expecting a marriage to Prince Archibald, Princess Elizabeth is shocked to hear of her new match to Prince Forsythe - a Serpent. What begins as a less than ideal match soon turns into something quite different, but nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to royalty.

Back at it again with a new multi chapter! I don’t know how frequent updates will be for this one, so bear with me, and I hope you enjoy! Sorry mobile readers, I had to put it under a cut <3

Read on AO3

“Elizabeth, where are you?”

Those four words haunted her – day in, day out. If not those it was something similar. Elizabeth, you have to come here. Elizabeth, you can’t wear that for dinner. Elizabeth, please stop doing that. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth. She was so tired of the sound the name made as it rang out through the castle. She had enjoyed, however, the tone her sister, Polly, used as she said it in mocking, causing her to hide her giggle behind her hand before their mother caught them.

Polly. Thoughts of her sister clouded her mind as she walked past the tightly locked door that led to her sister’s quarters. Or, more accurately, what used to be her sister’s quarters. Defiled and disgraced, Polly had been banished from the castle, disowned by the Cooper faction as an example of where ill morals would lead you if you let them.

Betty scoffed. She didn’t see Polly’s dismissal from court as a punishment. No, Polly had succeeded in getting what Betty knew that she herself would never manage to obtain – freedom. When she could Polly wrote to her sister, telling Betty tales of her life as the wife of a farmer on the outskirts of the Andrews’ faction, happily set on bedrest, making garments for her future babe while her doting husband worked tirelessly to provide for them all. Betty was aware that fairy tales usually involved princes and princesses, but to her Polly’s current affair sounded like the stuff of romance, like those that filled the pages of the books that littered her well-loved library. There had been a few close calls when she was certain that Alice, their mother, had intercepted their letters, but she still prayed that Polly never stopped sending them; they were her only link to the outside world, to a life of normalcy.

Elizabeth!” The shout had taken on a firmer edge now, echoing off the stone walls that closed in on her. Betty quickened her pace, hurrying towards the Throne Room to avoid further scolding.

“Yes, Mother?” she asked, not until after curtseying before the throne her father, King Henry, sat upon, gazing down at her from the raised platform with careful, guarded eyes. The blue in his eyes always held more warmth than that of Queen Alice’s, she’d thought; where his were the still, shallow waters of a warm harbour, her mother’s eyes were the icy glaciers that shrouded the freezing islands of the South, relentless and unforgiving.

“I’ve been calling you,” Alice replied, ignoring Betty’s question. She did her best not to sigh.

“I’m sorry, Mother. I was in the library with Mistress Geraldine,” she offered by way of explanation, hoping the mention of her tutor would satisfy her mother’s complaints. The queen pursed her lips tightly, the lines of aging that surrounded them becoming more pronounced with the action.

“Elizabeth, we have news for you. Regarding your impending marriage,” Alice continued on in a sterile tone, clearly moving past her accusations of tardiness. Betty straightened at that, curious as to what she could mean.

“But I thought Archie– Prince Archibald,” she stammered, “was engaged to be married to Princess Veronica?” Betty questioned with a furrowed brow, the words tasting bitter on her tongue.

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hate me

Originally posted by nctinfo

◇ “Scream. Run. Cry - say you hate me-”

◇ Johnny x reader

◇ vampire!au / 1920s!au

◇ requested by anon; in honor of sm finally letting my baby johnny out of the dungeon can i get a johnny vampire au?

◇ asddfhjsj I have no idea if you wanted a bulletpoint au or a scenario so I went with the safe decision and just did a scenario :( if anyone wants bulletpoint aus just remember to tell me that!

◇ fourteen minutes past my bedtime absolute Disgrace


You had only been with him for a few months, and already you couldn’t imagine life without him.

Picture this: a shy girl — you —, arms hugging herself as she walks in the freezing cold with a group of giggling witches towards a club those same witches have persuaded her to go to. You had only known them for a few weeks and you were already being pushed out of your comfort zone, but your mother encouraged you to go out and have fun, so…

It’s hidden under a liquor shop and you’ve never heard of it but your new friends swear that it’s the bee’s knees, and the best supernatural place to be — which doesn’t mean much to you, because you’re human, and if anything it increases your nerves tenfold — so once they’ve dressed you up in clothes and makeup that you’d never bothered to try on before, they’re so eager to get there that they walk in the freezing cold — at 10PM.

They seem to ignore you as one whispers a password into a little slot in the metal door in front of you. The entrance is located at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell, and with your lack of coat you were shivering impatiently in seconds, tapping your foot as you wait for the man behind the metal door to unlock it and let you in.

You barely registered Wendy squealing excitedly, voice increasing in volume as music began to introduce itself to your ears. “Welcome to Hell!”

You were instantly taken aback by the sheer fanciness of the venue that you step into; it gave off a warm glow with red and gold furniture and soft light from the lamps placed around the room. Booths of red suede and dark wood tables were placed here and there, and although there was one main floor, there was another raised area where more tables were situated.

A stage lays on the lower area, pushed against the furthest wall and was currently inhabited by a beautiful woman who’s voice ws almost as sweet and smooth as honey. It was almost otherworldly — actually, it was —, and if it weren’t for your friends pulling you along to a nearby booth, you would’ve ran to join the people dancing in front of it, even though it was completely uncharacteristic of you to do so.

“Pretty nice, huh?” Irene smiled, watching your fascination fondly. You nod, a smile on your face as your friends began to decide on what drinks they wanted. “We come here all the time. It’s pretty… secretive, so make sure you don’t let it loose, ‘kay?”

“Of course,” you breathed. You’d be stupid if you passed out the info on this hidden gem — nobody needed to know about the active supernatural community in Chicago, or all hell would break loose.

You couldn’t stop taking in everything around you; from the golden bar loaded with expensive bottles behind it, to the dancing people, to the amazing, sultry music — and then, your eyes drifted over to the corner of the room, up on the raised platform. There sat a group of men, all handsome and most with a cigar in their mouth and a woman under their arms. They were surrounded by cigar smoke and alcohol and they looked extremely dangerous but for some reason, you couldn’t look away — especially when you realise that you had stopped on the figure of a tall, brunette man who was already gazing back at you.

“_____,” Joy whispered urgently, following your eyes to the group of men and her own widening when she realised what you were watching. Her hand encased your wrist and at her desperate tugs you found the strength to break your eye contact. “_____, don’t look at them. It’s better if you just ignore their presence completely.”

“Why?” You frowned, voice quiet, as if they could hear you — but you weren’t taking that chance, not in this place. “W-who are they?”

“They’re called NCT,” Wendy interrupted quietly, eyes flickering behind you. “Vampires. Very powerful, very dangerous, best to be avoided — okay?”

Although you were no stranger to the world of the supernatural, you weren’t good at matching faces to names and honestly, if you had to guess what that group of good-looking men were, you would have thought that they were Fae — entrancing, ethereal, hypnotic, garnering everyone’s attention with little to no effort.

You felt guilty at the rush of exhilaration coursing through your veins, because you could most definitely feel eyes burning into your back and your mind was still focused on that mysterious brunette, but you exhaled, a smile pulling at your features. “Okay.”

There was almost a collective sigh of relief, and although the question of what those men had done to get people to fear them so much plagued your mind, you were quickly thrown into conversation when Yeri suggested that you and her go and get the drinks at the bar — the two youngest, she had said. And you couldn’t argue with that.

You were much too aware that he was still watching you as you and Yeri slip out of the booth and make the short journey to the bar, where two man with wands were whizzing up drinks at the speed of light.

“Um, one Mediterranean Depth, two Faery Rings, two Scarlet Hearts and…” Yeri trailed off, her eyes drifting to you uncertainly, and you immediately felt sick at the attention placed on you. You had no idea what half of the things she listed were — hell, you barely had any knowledge on mortal alcohol!

“U-uh,” you gulped, looking at Yeri desperately, “I’ll have—”

“She’ll have a Mortal Lifespan, Zelo,” a voice rumbled from behind you. You didn’t even have to turn to know who it was, and you’re shocked by the clammy feeling of your hands and the loud thumping of your heart. Yeri’s eyes were wide and she wasn’t discrete with her fearful staring, and everyone could see how she grasped your wrist and tugged you towards her.

He stepped beside you, though, and the ability to see him up close had you breathless. His hair was fluffy and longer than most of the men present, who wore their hair short and slicked back. Tan skin, a strong jawline, tall and thin, dressed in dress pants and a button up and his eyes, his eyes, they looked like pools of swirling dark brown, infinite and filled with flickers of golden amber and you couldn’t stop yourself from staring—

“Fitting, isn’t it?” He rose an eyebrow, eyes not even stuttering towards Yeri. His attention was focused solely on you. “Not many mortals come to Hell.”

You had no idea what to say. Your throat felt like it was closing up at the idea of speaking to Tall, Dark and Handsome, but he only seemed to think your behaviour was cute — your cheeks were burning when you heard a chuckle escape him.

“How is it?” He asked carefully when ‘Zelo’ passed you a short glass of dark purple iridescent liquid. You took a hesitant sip, ignoring Yeri’s desperate eyes as you let the strange flavour drift over your tongue and burn down your throat.

“It’s nice,” you answered, a shy smile appearing on your face. Your eyes flickered between his own and the glass in your hand. “Tastes like… blueberries.”

“Somethin’ told me you’d like it,” he grinned, before he stuck out a hand. “I’m Johnny, doll.”

Yeri was practically shooting daggers into your back, but as if you were compelled, you let your hand slip into his, smile growing as he pressed a kiss to the back of your hand. “_____.”

“_____, the others are waiting for us,” Yeri interrupted, but she wasn’t looking at you, only at Johnny. It was the most serious you had seen the usually bubbly girl. “We should go…”

“Well, surely, your friends wouldn’t mind if I stole this lovely lady for a dance?” Johnny inquired charmingly, his eyes floating from Yeri to you. “That is, if you want to, _____.”

Wendy’s words from earlier were suddenly very prevalent in your mind, and you felt as if you were caught between a rock and a hard place. You wanted to dance with him, so very badly — but your friends were adamant that you stayed away from him.

And maybe they would absolutely loath you after this — maybe they would call you an idiot, a stupid, brainless girl… But he was smiling so hopefully at you and you couldn’t bring yourself to turn him down. You didn’t think you wanted to, anyway.

“I… I’d very much like that.” Yeri was gaping by that point.

But you both payed her no mind, and your drink was placed back on the bar as he intertwined your fingers and led you to a spot in front of the stage, amongst other couples and groups. A slower, jazzier song had begun to play, and the singing had managed to get even more smooth, more seductive, more romantic.

“So,” Johnny murmured when you got into a nice rhythm. His hands were low on your waist and yours were placed on his shoulders, and strangely, you didn’t mind the close proximity of your faces. If anything, it made you want to close the distance… “I meant what I said earlier, you know. Not many mortals come to Hell.”

“Well I’ll have you know, Mr. Johnny,” you began quietly, playfulness seeping into your tone of voice, “I’m not like most mortals.”

“You sure aren’t.”

And he spun and dipped you, and you hoped vampires didn’t have terribly good hearing, because the amount your heart rate sped up was embarrassing.


Months had passed since the faithful night in which you were introduced to Johnny Seo — and you were thankful to say that you didn’t regret your decision to dance with him one bit.

Your loss of friendship with the Red Velvet Coven of Witches had been disappointing at first — they wouldn’t meet your eyes, and when they did you were on the receiving end of nasty glares — but you quickly realised that your friendship hadn’t been very strong, anyway, and you were better off not being friends with people as immature as they were.

Besides, you had made new friends. Not only had Johnny’s brothers welcome you with open arms, their friends and beaus were more than happy to make you feel at home. It was strange to think that the people you were closest to were mere strangers to you only a few months ago.

Things with Johnny were going swell. Even thinking about him had you positively glowing, but you were proud to admit that. It wasn’t hard to like him, in all honesty. With his charisma and humour and sweet personality and his protectiveness — you had really scored a goal this time. And, for once, you thought he liked you back.

You danced, you talked about things you had never talked about when the night blurred into early morning… He more often than not referred to you as his beau, his girl, his sweetheart — and even though you never confirmed anything, you thought it was safe to say that the feelings were mutual.

Which brings you to this moment. In Hell, with Nina’s smooth voice drifting over the pair of you like a warm blanket. The golden light cast upon your skin reminded him of the sun, and he knew that to him, you were just as important.

He held you in his arms like you were priceless, like he had to protect you. You didn’t know what had changed in him that night, but he seemed different — more open with his affections, for one. You had forehead kisses many a time that night, your fingers interlinked, his thumb rubbing circles against your cheek fondly; you were not one to complain, though.

“Did the Red Velvet ever explain much to you about vampires?” The peaceful silence between you broke the second the words exited his mouth, but you found them much more relaxing than the silent stillness.

“Not much,” you shrugged, lifting your head from his chest to meet his eyes. “Why? Is there something you want me to know, Seo?”

Johnny chuckled warmly, but he didn’t answer you, at least not immediately. He spun you gently, admiring the swish of your dress with every step you took, and then he pulled you as close as possible. “I just feel — as your personal vampire archive — that I should be educating you, baby.”

You giggled at his words, but rolled your eyes anyway: “Tell me something I don’t know, then.”

“Well,” he exhaled, biting his lip and throwing his eyes the the ceiling, as if he was thinking hard, “Maybe the most important thing to know — we drink blood—”

“How stupid do you think I am?” You snorted lightly, pushing his shoulder when he laughed at your reaction. “Come on — tell me something new, something interesting.”

“Okay,” he finally agreed, his playful smile melting down to a more sombre and serious expression. “So, vampires — they mate for life.”

“You gonna elaborate?” You tease.

“I’m getting to it — be patient, would you?” He clears his throat. “A vampire’s mate is picked from the moment they’re born or created. It’s like… the universe knows who will compliment them as a person, and a vampire knows exactly who their mate is just from being in the same room. You can smell them, you know — and like I said, vampires mate for life. Being away from your mate for too long can make you sick, it can make you hallucinate… You can only get rid of them if you reject your mate.”

“So you have a mate out there somewhere, huh?” You echoed, trying to not let the disheartening stone of sadness in your stomach show in your facial expression or voice.

“Somethin’ like that.”

He watched you carefully, scoping your reaction and registering every flicker of your eyes to the floor, every uncertain bite of your lips.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” Johnny continued slowly, and your head lowers. You expected the worst: he found his mate, and now you couldn’t be together. He’d go off and be happy with someone the bloody universe had picked for him…

“You… You’re mine, doll.”

You remember that moment perfectly; your head snapped up, your eyes were wide, and you stared at Johnny for a good 5 minutes before you found the strength within yourself to speak — and when you did… “Y-You — and me?”

“Not too disappointed, I hope?” He raised an eyebrow as your expression changed in seconds from shocked to confused to happy, eyes glassy and lips pulled tight in the most genuine smile you had ever managed to pull off.

“The exact opposite!” You cried, arms abandoning their places on his shoulders and winding around his neck. He gladly accepted your embrace, burying his head in the crook of your neck, and all he could think in that moment was how complete he felt.


“Heard you and Johnny were official,” the voice that is directed at you startles you, and if it were not for your strong grip on your bookshelf, you surely would’ve toppled over.

You peer down from the ladder you were propped up on, and to your utmost surprise you see Yeri. You haven’t spoken in months, and the confusion must show on your face. She rolls her eyes, crossing her arms and looking away from you.

“Just wanted to make sure you were still alive.”

You figure that with a conversation starter like that, you’d want to have your attention fully invested, so in secinds you’ve climbed down the ladder and are facing Yeri with narrow eyes and furrowed brows.

“You haven’t spoken to me in months,” you begin uncertainly, “Why now?”

“Look, ____,” Yeri sighed, “You’re new to this, okay? You’re human, too. You don’t know how dangerous they are. You’re going to get yourself hurt—”

“I appreciate your advice, but I suggest you leave,” you interrupt coldly. How stupid were you? Of course she would only speak to you when it concerned Johnny. “Johnny is on his way to meet me, and I doubt you’d like to see him face to face again.”

You climb up your ladder once again, and even though you’re browsing through the books, you can tell that the concern on Yeri’s face is genuine and it makes you more curious than scared. What grudge did the Red Velvet Coven of Witches have against NCT?

Yeri leaves after a few seconds of shaking her head at your stubborn nature, but you stay in your position, waiting for your mate to arrive. But day transitions to night, and Johnny Seo is nowhere to be found.

The library closes at 7 and you must look like an idiot, insisting that you’re waiting for someone and that he’d be there any minute. In the end, you’re forced outside and into the cold, but still, you persevere, sitting on the cold library steps. It’s chilly outside and you forgot a coat, but you can’t leave until he arrives and you get an explanation…

Shock rises through your body when a coat is dropped onto your shoulders, but the hope blossoming in your chest is flattened like a garden weed when you peer up and see Yeri looking down at you pitifully.

“We gotta get you home, _____.”

“He never skips out,” you croak, hugging the coat closer to yourself. But suddenly the realisation is more noticeable than ever and you feel your eyes prick with tears. “W-why would he skip out on me?”

She says nothing, and only offers you a warm hand up.


The symptoms come in slowly, almost unnoticeable. With every day that Johnny remains missing from your life, your condition worsens; at first, you begin to get headaches. Then, random pangs of pain throughout your body. Your eyesight goes fuzzy for random intervals of time, after, and dizziness follows.

You know that you’re not the only person experiencing the symptoms. Johnny must be feeling something — so why wasn’t he coming back to you? Had something happened? Or maybe — maybe he just regretted you…

Your ribs begin to ache. Every morning and night you throw up what little food you managed to digest during the last 24 hours, and you constantly feel nauseous. You began to see him everywhere — you began to hear his voice, and you could almost feel his thumb against your cheek, rubbing circles into your skin fondly as he normally did.

You’ve called out sick from work for the past 2 weeks, and you were sure your unemployment was imminent — and it was hard nowadays to find a job. And when you think it can’t get worse, it does — oh, it does.

Another scream is ripped from your throat as a sharp pain strikes your stomach like a lightning bolt. Your body is sweaty and tired, your head is pounding and tears are running nonstop down your face. The pain is unreal, but you’re glad that you’re not alone.

“It hurts, it hurts,” you gasp between breaths, clutching your stomach desperately. Yeri is brushing damp hair away from your face frantically, eyebrows furrowed and eyes glassy as you writhe in pain.

Since that day at the library, she had managed to worm herself back into your life, offering emotional support — and, when the pain began sneaking up on you — physical support, too.

You were completely in her debt for the friendship and care and support she had provided for you in your time of need. You could barely walk without collapsing but she was always quick to pick you up despite warning you to stay away from the man who caused this — she told you that you’d get hurt.

You never knew why she decided to stick around despite your blatant disobedience to her extremely important instructions, but you wouldn’t trade her for anything.

At first, she didn’t realise that your sickness was occuring because of the mate bond — but the second that she took out her spellbooks and researched your symptoms, she knew. Sympathy had filled her features, because she knew what pain was to come if Johnny didn’t come back to you. She had pet your hair fondly, voice thick with tears as she whispered, “Oh, sweetie.”

Needless to say, you had bonded with her in between the intervals of spine-breaking pain and tortuous breathlessness.

She had proposed that instead of you breaking your back trying to find Johnny, her coven sisters would search around the places he frequented at — because Johnny would surely smell you coming, and he’d be gone like the wind.

You pretended that the thought of seeing him, despite the pain he’d caused, didn’t make your heart skip a beat.

A choked whimper fills the air, your back arches off of your mattress and you have to restrain yourself from digging your fingernails into your ribcage in an attempt to stop the pain crackling through your lungs like a dozen sharp knives.

“Please,” you sob, “S-stop the pain… Please, Yeri—”

“Wendy is trying to find him, _____,” Yeri nods frantically, taking your hands in hers, “It’s okay, alright? Your body is just reacting to not being near him for so long — you’re gonna be fine, do you hear me?”

Her words do nothing to soothe the anxiety that wells up inside you as you feel the beginning of another wave of powerful pain — but this one is much more intense and scream-inducing than the other ones, and your body has grown weak and frail from hours of trying to not succumb to the excruciating sensations—

The last thing you hear is a panicked gasp as your eyes roll to the back of your head and your vision blackens.


The first feeling you’re aware of is the strange numbness of pain — as if everything you had been feeling had been doused in antibiotics and ointments that were only taking effect now.

The second feeling is warmth. There’s a heaviness over the majority of your body that you identify as your duvet, and a general warmth that you figure must be the sun shining through your window, but the more prominent source comes from something beside you — something breathing, something holding you close.

It’s that realisation that has your eyes fluttering opening, trying to adjust to the light in record time just to make sure that the person beside you is the person you’ve been longing for. And sure enough, when you stir and peer through your lashes at the man beside you, you’re faced with the familiar coffee eyes of Johnny Seo.

“Baby,” he smiles gently, adjusting you so that you faced him properly despite your expression of tired confusion. “How’re you feeling?”

“How… how am I feeling?” You croak, clearing out your throat with a cough. He nods expectantly, eyes almost urging you to speak, and the sheer concern in his eyes makes you laugh humorlessly. “I… I feel horrible.”

“The pain should be going down by now—”

“You left me,” you start, voice shaking with anger, “After explaining to me how severe the consequences of leaving your mate could be — you left me? You knew what I was going through but Yeri had to get her sisters to hunt you down—!”

“You don’t understand, doll—”

“Yeah, damn right I don’t,” you scoff, pulling yourself from his embrace and slipping from the sanctuary of your bed. You pull the dressing gown from your wardrobe, muttering to yourself furiously as you tie it around your waist — “And don’t call me doll, either.”

“Come on,” Johnny pleads, watching as you begin to fish for a hair tie on the messy surface of your vanity, “Don’t be like this, sweetcheeks—”

“Unless you have a perfectly good reason for why you left me out of the blue, Johnny Seo,” you narrow your eyes, “I’m going to continue being like this.” You turn your back to him and begin to focus on tying your hair up.

“I went to the library that day, you know.”

“Well, did I see you? No.”

“I heard you and Yeri, alright?” Johnny snaps.

You slow your actions, turning towards him slightly. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“It got me thinking,” he mutters, and you raise an eyebrow in confusion. He only exhales softly, climbing out of your bed and circling around it until he stands in front you. “I don’t want to hurt you, _____.”

“Hurt me?” You echo in disbelief, folding your arms. “You’re not going to hurt me, Johnny. I know that. I’m not scared of you or what you can do—”

“You should be.” His jaw is clenched, and in the next second, before your very eyes, you’re pushed away from your vanity and are pressed against the opposite wall — and despite his actions, he’s extremely careful with pushing you against the wall too hard.

He’s breathing heavily, and with a start you realise that two shiny, gleaming white fangs are pressed into his bottom lip. Despite the fact that he’s so close, fangs inches from your jugular, you don’t feel nervous.

“Scream. Run. Cry — say you hate me—”

“I’m not going to do that!” You exclaim. In fact, you don’t think you could ever do that. Even thinking of the words forming on the tip of your tongue left a sour taste in your mouth. “You want me to hate you but I won’t — I never have and I never will!”

Silence reigns over the room for the next moment, before he pushes himself away from you with a grunt, running his hands through his messy locks.

“I don’t know where this doubt is coming from,” you frown, easing closer towards him, “But you have nothing to worry about…”

You place your hands hesitantly on his triceps, and taking his silence as approval, you encase him in a hug, letting his chin rest softly on the top of your head.

“I trust you,” you whisper, pulling back to meet his overcast eyes. “Can’t you trust me and listen to what I’m saying?”

He holds your gaze for more than a while, his eyebrows are knitted together and he looks like he’s thinking much too hard about your statement, until he sighs and takes your hands in his.

“If you want to leave me, tell me now,” he begins quietly. Your heart sinks at the pure seriousness in his voice. It’s a tone you’re not too familiar with. “I’ll reject you, you can live a normal, full, human life.”

“You told me just a few weeks ago vampires mate for life,” you shake your head, your right hand pressing against the back of his neck to draw him closer to you. “I’m not going anywhere, Johnny.”

You swear you hear him sniffle a bit but he’s pressing his lips to yours before you can point it out, and the warmth that wells in your stomach is welcomed after the pain you had been living in for the passed day.

Racer!Hoseok (Dope!AU)

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Pairing: Reader x Racer!Hoseok

Warnings: mild descriptions of injury(cuts/grazes), Smut (unprotected sex, oral (reader giving))

Words: 3.3k (I got a bit carried away with this)

Summary: You are a paramedic assigned to the racetrack. When Hoseok gets hurt you look after him. You find that he isn’t like the other racers, and he finds something intriguing about the angel that rescued him.

Hoseok was racing round the track. He had a comfortable lead, navigating the course with ease. He was efficient, taking the inside line on the corners and even pulling some stunts on some of the jumps for the thrill of the spectators.

You watched from the raised platform at the start line. You were on standby, in case there was an accident, which was the case more often than not at these sorts of events. 

It was a regular occurrence, with that many bikes on a small course, there was usually a collision, or at the very least a spun out racer lying in the dirt by then end of the night.

You were almost fed up with the amount of broken bones you had to deal with whenever you were here. The injuries didn’t bother you. You’d be a terrible paramedic if that were the case.

What did bother you however, were the arrogant racers that don’t take what you say seriously when you explain that they can’t race for at least a few months.

Or worse the ones that made a stupid sexual comment when you said you would have to cut their clothes off to get to their injuries. You were just waiting for the time when you wouldn’t be assigned to the race track anymore and moved on to something better.

You watched mindlessly as they kept circling the track. Your gaze was stuck on the racer in first. He was in a league of his own, his competition a good couple of seconds behind him. He was sure to win.

Also there wasn’t much of the race left so you would probably get off with a stress free evening considering nothing had happened.


You heard the bang from where you stood on the opposite side of the arena. The next thing you knew the racer in first was swerving from the track. You could see him fighting for control as his bike headed towards the stadium wall, but he was going too fast.

“Jump off” you muttered to yourself praying that the racer had the mind to do so before hitting the wall. A collision at that speed would be fatal. If he threw himself from the bike he may get away with a few mild injuries.

Thankfully you saw him throw himself from his bike, rolling on the floor as the bike crashes.

You spring into action. Grabbing your helmet and jumping over the fence onto your quad bike. You quickly drive over to the crash. You move quickly but a at a safe pace, you’d be no use to anyone if you crashed as well.

You pull up a few feet away from the body on the floor.

He was crumpled on the ground. You could hear his groans of pain through his helmet. At least you knew he was breathing.

You kneel down next to him, carefully removing his helmet. 

He squinted his eyes as his helmet was removed, the light of the stadium hitting him. His eyes focused on the woman in front of him. She was wearing a paramedic’s uniform. He couldn’t help but admire her. He was a little dazed and the lights overhead made it look like she was glowing, an angel come to rescue him.

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~ EXO!Gangsters/Mafia

~ Kai x (she)reader

~ Inspired by the Lotto mv

~ Idk really know what this is, it’s been in my drafts for agessss so I decided to finish it. Hope you enjoy xx

The place was buzzing with activity. Humongous golden chandeliers descended from the high ceiling, men dressed in nior suits throwing plastic chips towards the centre of their circular tables, women sporting fabulous gowns holding carbonated drinks while chatting to each other. This is the first time she had ever been to a casino. “Hopefully the last as well…” She thought.

She was waiting for a friend who said they would be here at nine. She glanced at her watch, 10:38 it read. She huffed out in annoyance. This wasn’t the first time she’s been stood up or forgotten about.

She quickly gathered her belongings from the chair beside her and made her way to the bar. A ray of different liquors and spirits were displayed in front of her.

“What do you want sweetie?” The bar man asked, while cleaning a wine glass.

“Surprise me.” She said. It’s a Saturday night and she came out to have fun, she’ll just have to do it alone. The bar man smirked; turned to the range of beverages behind him and started his work. She perched herself on to the bar stool and looked at her surroundings.

The club was placed at the edge of town, when her friend gave her the address, she had never heard of it before, despite living here for what feels like years. Due to her lack of knowledge she didn’t expect to see the room heaving with population. Everyone was minding their own business, expect one person…

She felt his eyes on her for however long she had been there. He was located at the centre of the room on a raised platform, sat around a poker table with eight other men. Their eyes were all focused onto the cards, his wasn’t. He slowly stood up from his seat and made his way down the steps towards his interest.

As he passed through the crowd they parted into two to let him through. It was like something out of a movie, everyone turned their gaze away from him, but she couldn’t move. The way he approached her was mesmerising, his eyes and her own were transfixed on one another. His tight black bespoke suit hugging his figure and showing off every feature in his strut. His chocolate brown hair swooped up revealing a picture-perfect face. Cat like eyes, pouty kissable lips, glowing golden skin. Her breath was getting shorter by each step. 3…2…1…

“Hello,” He spoke in a soft tone, she could hardly hear him due to the loud jazz music in the background, but all her focus was on him… and only him.

“Hey,” She whispered. He licked his lips.

“I couldn’t help but notice you,” he looked down at his feet shyly “you’ve been alone all night, I thought you would need some company.”

She didn’t know how to respond, she was so fixated by his beauty. He chuckled at her lack of response.

He gently stepped forward so he was placed between her legs, he brushed a strand of hair falling loosely down her face, that she didn’t even know was there, and tucked it behind her ear. She knew this was weird to feel like way about someone she had just met, a complete stranger was towered before her but she didn’t care.

He brought his lips close to her ear, she could feel his breath against them.

“Come with me baby.” He whispered, his hands placed onto her hips.

“I don’t know who you are.”

He lifted his head so he was opposite her face, he looked deeply into her eyes.
“A girl like you shouldn’t be alone in a place like this,” he motioned to the surroundings “It’s dangerous around here, the people are dangerous.”

A puzzled look appeared on her face, “Dangerous?”

He smiled sweetly and let out a small snicker. “You’ve got a lot to learn.”

More confusion followed. Yes, she know didn’t that this placed existed but dangerous?? Her town was peaceful and quaint, danger wasn’t apparent in these areas… or so she thought…

“I can protect you.” He offered his hand for her to hold, an invitation… with no way out.

In this moment, she felt her entire life rush over her, this gorgeous man whom she had never seen before is standing before her, her friends, her family, her past… her future.

Something came over her, it was an automatic impulse. She took his hand. He leant forward a softly kissed her forehead, nose, and cheek.

“Good girl.”

“I’m Kim Jongin,” He said with a smile “and this is my world.”

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dan signed a u.k. petition against trump good

he’s a good. the petition is actually pretty interesting. it’s nice that dan is finally using his platform to reach out more than he has considering he’s made his political views clear on smaller platforms like younow but like this is pretty big i think. i think it’s always important to use one’s platform to raise awareness towards social and political issues so that’s pretty cool he’s done that (link)

Humans are weird: The training grounds

*Quick note before I start: This is the 5th installment in a series I’ve called the Lost Colonies which is largely about human society adapting to the strange environments of other worlds. You can read the other installments here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this series, but with my new work schedule I had to bring it to a close. If you’ve enjoyed this story follow me on here for my other writings. Thanks again to everyone who has reblogged, liked, replied, DMed, or otherwise shown their appreciation for this series. It means a lot to me that people enjoyed it and the love you’ve all shown me has really helped keep me going for these last few months.*

Alarms blared as Kiara ran through the maze of corridors. “SHITSHITSHIT! Where the FUCK is she?” Boots clanging off the steel floors nearby told her that troops were closing in. Kiara took a deep breath and focused on the noises around her and managed to pick out gunshots echoing down the hall to her right. Turning towards the shots she picked up speed and tore down the hallway. The hot, dry air stung her lungs as she fought to push herself even faster but still the boots closed in. Finally Kiara rounded another corner and almost ran straight into Jeanne.

Jeanne opened her mouth to say something and then she looked over Kiara’s shoulder and instead pinned her to the wall of the corridor. “Give me a second.” Jeanne grunted as she stuck her sidearm out around the corner and fired blindly down the corridor Kiara had just come from. There was the sound of a body hitting the ground and the boots screeched to a halt followed by the electrical hum of an energy barricade. A second later the air was filled with gunshots as the troops opened fire in their direction. Jeanne crouched to lower her profile and kept her back pressed to the wall and gestured for Kiara to follow suit. “So this is turning out more fun than I thought it’d be.” Jeanne yelled over the roar of the gunfire.

Kiara caught her breath as she huddled next to her friend. “FUN?!” Jeanne chuckled “Yeah, I’ve been waiting for these jackasses to do something worth a fight.” Kiara’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “YOU PUNCHED THEIR ENVOY!” Jeanne shrugged and reloaded. “Hold that thought.” Jeanne pulled a fist sized cylinder from her backpack, hit the trigger and threw it down the hallway. The cylinder didn’t even have time to hit the ground before it scanned the hallway, picked the targets and sent a hundred inch long missiles speeding around the energy barricade and into the troopers. Jeanne got up from the floor and helped Kiara to her feet. Jeanne adjusted her gear and handed Kiara a sidearm.

“We should get going. I’ve already signaled for extraction, we just need to make it to the North wall.” “Jeanne there is no ‘North’ here. The magnetic fields are chaotic because of the unstable core. It’s the reason this whole place is a fucking desert!” Jeanne stopped in her tracks. “Shit…” Suddenly bulkheads slammed shut cutting them off in the middle of the corridor. “OK, that could have gone better.” Kiara slumped against the wall. “I can’t fucking believe you sometimes.” Jeanne pulled a cigarette out of a case in her pocket, lit up and took a long drag. “Yeah, I fucked this one up. Sorry. I’ve got a plan though.” 

Jeanne got to work setting up a series of devices around their section of the corridor and Kiara sighed. “It’s not entirely your fault. I wasn’t exactly trying too hard with this group.” Jeanne chuckled “I would have loved to have seen the Commander’s face when you told her that you were married to one of those ‘filthy furballs’.” Kiara smiled. “Yeah, I’m really not sure why the galactic council even wanted to try and reintegrate a faction of the EarthGov military that was still active after all this time.” Jeanne shrugged again and stubbed out her cigarette. “Gotta admit it’s been fun though. We haven’t done anything like this in a long time.”

Kiara shifted her weight as Jeanne leaned against the wall next to her. “Can’t help it really. You’re always off on deployment terraforming dangerous worlds and I’ve spent the better part of 20 sols jumping all over the galaxy. I know I should make more time for my friends.” Jeanne cocked an eyebrow at Kiara “Just friends? You don’t need to make more time for Mr Williams-Venn too?” Kiara shifted again. “It’s not like that. Turic cultures… They don’t exactly-” The sound of the bulkhead creaking open cut Kiara off.

Jeanne sprung up from the wall and hit an activation switch on her wrist, a powerful energy field sprung up in all directions shielding the pair from attack. The bulkhead finally retracted into the ceiling revealing several dozen soldiers outfitted in advanced armor with their weapons trained squarely on Jeanne. Jeanne held up a voice amplifier and yelled down the hall. “I INVOKE ARTICLE 317 OF MIL-SEC CODE AND DEMAND TRIAL BY SINGLE COMBAT!” The soldiers paused and looked at each other before one shouted back. “NAME AND RANK?” Jeanne squared her shoulders and bellowed back “STAFF SEARGENT JEANNE JETT. I AM CHALLENGING AS RANKING OFFICER FOR MY DEPLOYMENT GROUP FOR SAFE PASSAGE IN RETREAT OFFWORLD.”

Kiara held her breath as the soldiers were again silent before they finally shouted back their agreement to Jeanne’s terms. As the soldiers lowered their weapons and approached the shield Kiara whispered to Jeanne “Are you sure about this?” to which Jeanne only replied with her trademarked cocky grin and a wink. Jeanne lowered the shield and the soldiers parted to escort the pair out of the corridors. Despite the fact that there weren’t any identifiable markings and the electromagnetic fields scrambled most communications the soldiers led them through the maze of corridors with ease. Finally they were let out into the harsh blue light of the training yard.

This military outpost had been situated on a rocky, mostly barren world in long orbit around a dying blue supergiant. “Dying” was a relative term as it still had thousands, if not millions of sols before it finally collapsed and in the meantime the incredible heat of the star kept the base within habitable conditions even at such a distance. EarthGov had founded this outpost as a training site centuries earlier and the commander of the outpost had been so fanatical in his devotion to EarthGov that even after they had fallen he continued to train new generations of recruits until his eventual death. From what Kiara could tell, each successive commander had treated the outpost like their own personal fiefdom with each in turn making the decision to purposefully remain hidden from the rest of the galaxy.

The current commander Fortrix stood on a raised platform above the training grounds listening to one of her lieutenants. “So you wish to fight for your freedom? So be it, you’ll face me.” Commander Fortrix stepped down from the platform pulling her jacket and shirt off. At over 2 meters tall and nearly 120 KG the commander looked like wall of solid muscle. Fortrix stood in the harsh blue light, muscles rippling across her massive frame as she stretched and prepared for the fight. Jeanne followed suit, dropping her backpack and dozens of hidden weapons before peeling off her sweat drenched shirt and taking her place in the ceremonial fighting circle that had been hastily scratched into the dirt by the eager soldiers.

Jeanne and Fortrix locked stares and closed to the center of the circle where the height difference became readily apparent with Jeanne standing a full 30cm shorter than her opponent. Fortrix and Jeanne grasped each other’s forearms and slapped a closed fist to their bare chests to sign the verbal contract between the soldiers and they backed away to their respective sides of the ring. The lieutenant blew a horn and Fortrix lunged towards Jeanne. Kiara could barely follow the action as Jeanne pivoted, tried to drive a fist into Fortrix’s temple but Fortrix feinted at the last second and swept Jeanne’s legs out from under her dropping her to the ground. Jeanne rolled to the side avoiding Fortrix’s elbow as she smashed it into the dirt inches from her head and Jeanne countered by kicking off the ground and flipping into the air to drive a knee into Fortrix’s chest.

The soldier’s jeered at Jeanne scoring the first blow but cheered as Fortrix grabbed the knee and threw Jeanne clear to the other side of the ring. Jeanne twisted in midair and landed lightly on her feet and bolted back to the other side of the ring at a speed Kiara had never seen. Fortrix had just gotten back to her feet when Jeanne barreled into her heel first driving all of her momentum into the side of the commander’s knee. Fortrix howled in pain and crumpled to the ground as Jeanne spun using the momentum to her advantage and brought her fist around, slamming it into Fortrix’s temple knocking her senseless. The soldier’s fell silent as just that quickly the fight was over. Jeanne stood in the ring panting heavily as the sweat and blood streamed down her skin. Jeanne looked at Kiara and pointed to her voice amplifier which Kiara quickly tossed to her.

“LISTEN UP SHITLORDS! I HAVE DEFEATED YOUR COMMANDER IN SINGLE COMBAT! BY ARTICLE 317 OF MIL-SEC CODE YOU ARE NOW BOUND TO LET US RETURN TO OUR SHIP!” Kiara groaned to herself and wondered if Jeanne really had to call them “shitlords”. True to their word though, the crowd parted to allow Kiara and Jeanne to collect their equipment and leave as Fortrix was ushered off the field on a stretcher. The main door to the training ground slammed shut behind them and they heard a heavy bolt being slid in place. Diplomatically, this whole trip had been a disaster, but at least they had left alive.

Hours later Kiara was writing up her report back on the jumpship when Jeanne came to her quarters grinning and offering a bottle of Andarian wine. “Hey there. We never got to finish our conversation.” Kiara grabbed some glasses and within a few minutes the two of them were finally managing to relax for the first time in days. “I wasn’t joking earlier. What’s going on with you and Kit’cha?” Kiara sighed. “It’s a Turic thing. They don’t really do marriage the same way as humans. For them it’s weird to have emotional attachment to their mates. Kit’cha makes the effort and I appreciate it, but even after all this time it’s still weird for him so I don’t press it too much. There’s also sex…” Jeanne cocked an eyebrow “Oh?” “Human and Turic biology don’t exactly… mesh… that well. We’ve come to an agreement that if we can find another mate for ‘physical affection’ as he calls it, that as long as they’re OK with being part of this whole mess that neither of us have a problem with that.”

Jeanne coughed and gulped down her wine, her face rapidly turning a shade of crimson that Kiara had never seen on her. “So uh… have you uh… found any, umm, anyone to-” Jeanne trailed off. Kiara, grinning from ear to ear replied “Staff Sergeant Jett, are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?” Jeanne fumbled with her glass and mumbled “I mean, if you’re into that sort-” Jeanne wasn’t able to finish her sentence as Kiara was already kissing her, pressing both of their bodies into the couch. Maybe this mission hadn’t been a total disaster.

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Chicago corncobs. Thoughts? 🌽

Everyone loves Marina City, some functional aspects of the design have not aged well, but overall, the unique design is still one of the highlights of Chicago’s architecture.

Marina City is a mixed-use residential/commercial building complex in Chicago, Illinois. The complex consists of two corncob-shaped, 587-foot (179 m), 65-story towers, which include physical plant penthouses. It also includes a saddle-shaped auditorium building and a mid-rise hotel building, contained on a raised platform next to the Chicago River. Beneath the platform, at river level, is a small marina for pleasure craft, giving the structures their name. Designed by Bertrand Goldberg, Marina City was the first building in the United States to be constructed with tower cranes. Source

DAY 3397

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 16,  2017               Sun 9:35 PM

Birthday - EF - Walaa Zakariya Mohammed Ahmed Ali    Mon, July 17 .. and may all the goodness of life be with you and your special day .. Happy birthday Walaa .. from the Ef

Technology talks make special attention for most of the day .. they intrigue and hold us in great suspense as to where we are headed .. the specialists say the Bay area in San Francisco is running 18 months ahead of the rest of the world .. they have already thought of the next and the next and the next .. and devise means which shall prove to be in the realm of changing the world altogether .. we shall not be alive to see those inventions ruling the hemisphere, but what a joy it would be to be in the knowledge of it .. just so we could perhaps in the virtual world, know and understand where we are headed ..

In today’s world the option of not knowing does not exist .. an issue or a problem in the tech world, does not make sense, because of the confidence we have developed in its solution or solutions .. finding fault, or finding the absence of a convenience in a gadget perhaps, questions our ability to dare to bring it out in the open, for the solution is there in it .. it is our incompetence not to have found it .. because finding it is an exercise by itself .. the solutions and the remedies are there, its just that we are unable to search for it .. we tend to put blame on the machine .. this is not working because they have forgotten to include the problem, is what most think the moment the problem arises .. NO .. there is no problem .. the inventors have already thought of it, remedied it and put it in the system .. we .. we were unable to find it in the system and so readily blame it .. WRONG !!

The cure is there, well thought out .. we were unable to think and search it out ..


Sunday .. and like many other there is the moment of the well wishers and the meetings and the rush of cheer and the waving of arms and the taking of pictures .. and the different people that come .. kids and elders and security and traffic and yes .. YES .. those culprits that come to steal and rob and pick pocket .. but they must know that there are security watching them and they do get caught .. for them that come to the gat to see and well wish, a warning .. please be careful of your belongings, for in the crowd are negative elements as well who can cause you to lose your valuables ..

and the largest company that makes cameras today are the mobile company’s .. had you ever thought that the Canon and the Nikon and the Leika though still used by professionals are almost redundant .. Apple and Samsung and 1+ and the lot have overtaken them by miles ..

different faiths and children, some just born are out there in the rain .. they should not .. but ..

and then there are them that make a quick buck by selling their wares ..

pop corn makers to happily feed them that stand for hours at the Jalsa Gate ..

and then there are those that get caught for stealing and pick pocketing ..

all should be aware of this .. we can warn but how to stop them .. the security and the police is there, but they still operate .. hopefully they shall stop ..

and the cute little children that get lost in the crowd .. but are rescued by the staff at the gate and come up with a smile for a picture, and returned back to their parents .. who are aware that their kids are safe and well looked after .. in fact one of the little ones is sen in an earlier picture on her Father’s shoulders .. !! the black and red T-shirt wearing male .. 

But the joy of the well wishers is always a pleasure for me and shall ever remain so .. my care and love to them ..

that walk from the door of Jalsa, to the gate and the raised platform to greet .. an anticipation, a love, an apprehension .. happens .. but all with joy ..

and after a quick visit rushing up to see history being created on the courts of Wimbledon .. Roger Federer campion for the record 8th time .. a great athlete and a great accomplishment ..  but very very sorry for his opponent Cilic .. sad to see him break down in the middle of the game in disappointment of his performance .. his game just did not favour him at all .. he has a better game but all his shots just would not go over the net or went wide .. just one of those days when everything stands up against you .. Roger is and was great, but I felt he won because of Cilic’s own faults, rather than the superior game of Roger ..

Cilic made several own goals !! yes a part of the game .. but felt bad for him .. he does have a much better game than what we saw today .. 

Congratulations then to Roger .. he played well, but he played really superior tennis in the semi finals .. that was incredible !!

There comes a time in the day when you begin to look forward to what is next .. the time is now .. and I do look forward to the bed and the sleep to be up for 102 not out in early morning …

Amitabh Bachchan

Maji Kyun Hoshi Fes Live - 2017/05/13 - Day 1 Report

*Do NOT repost*

I can’t do a full report because I’m too busy, sorry! ><,
But here are the most of the things that happened (it’s still long lol)

  • They all wore their character uniforms!
  • Shoutan did his hair like this for Monet!
  • Seeing Umechan in the uniform made me think that him and Teika really look alike XD
  • They showed the main parts of each character’s episode in the anime before their solos started
  • They never sang their second solo songs, or the coupling OP and ED songs.
  • Umechan sang 2 songs since he’s the only one with an insert song
  • Umechan was still a little awkward when performing XD
  • Onoyuu was so cute and cheerful! He came close, waving to us a lot!
  • Shoutan was at my side most of the time ^^
  • They had all the kirakira effects shown on the screen a lot
  • They all danced during their solos, apart from Umechan since his songs are ballads
  • I was super close to the stage so I could see that they had TVs on the stage which actually showed the next set list, corners and even the lyrics of the songs!
  • The casts all got along together so well and they seemed really close

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The thing I fear most about the singularity is the loss of nuance and mystery. The eradication of the unexplainable deliciousness of awe.

I went to a Buddhist temple once. I didn’t care much about Buddhism anymore, but the building and the landscaping were like a magnet. There was this sweet old monk sitting on a little-raised platform in front of maybe 100 people, reading from a big book. His words were like music. But he could never get more than a few words out before he was interrupted by some young guy who wanted to parse out the exact meaning and translation of one or two terms. Then little arguments and discussions would ensue for 5, 10,  sometimes 15 minutes. The old monk would nod and sit quietly while everyone hashed it all out.

Eventually, one of the other monks would quash the whole debate and the old, mostly toothless, Buddha would clear his throat and read a few more magic words. Of course, someone would interrupt and so on…

It was like seeing a beautiful woman loosen the belt on her silken robe only to be interrupted by having to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Suddenly, I realized this was life. Right here in front of me in it’s simplest form. Inexplicable beauty butchered by shitheads. I began to chuckle. Then I began to laugh and then I couldn’t stop. Everyone was silent except for me cackling. I still couldn’t stop. It was like some kind of well of laughter had opened up inside of me. I apologized and began to excuse myself, but the old monk slammed the book shut. “HA!” he yelled and leaped to his feet. Startled, I was silent. The old monk put his hands together as if moving in slo-motion and bowed to me with this booming look of love and I just burst into tears. Again, I couldn’t stop. Then after sobbing a bit, I started laughing again. Then sobbing - then laughing again. Finally, not wanting to be a nuisance I made my way over to the door and a couple skinny old monks took me through a side door out into the large garden. They led me over to a bench by a pine tree. The old monk was already sitting there! He must have ducked out when I was carrying on.

I sat down opposite of him and he nodded at me. We sat for a bit in silence. After a while, he turned his head towards the tree. I followed his gaze and saw a mockingbird on the lowest branch closest to us. The bird began to sing and it was startling. Perhaps it was the silence but the song pierced right through me. The bird went through its rounds of several different calls. And I’ll never be able to explain it, but then it was like I was everything. And it wasn’t weird at all. It was obvious and simple. Then the bird stopped singing and flew away. I stood up and bowed to the old man and he nodded and sparkled in some inexplicable magical way and off I went. I had a wonderful evening. I wandered around as the summer day came to an end, watching the people and the trees and the birds.

I went to a  Chinese restaurant and had hot tea and the best hot-n-sour soup I’d ever had in my life. I contemplated becoming a homeless beggar there and just living off that soup and maybe sweeping the sidewalk of the Buddhist temple and garden. Of course, I’d gone down the road before. It was a good and nourishing road, but it was time to set off for new lands.

And I Don’t Want To Go Home Right Now

And I Don’t Want To Go Home Right Now / CS + Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls - A CS Hiatus Challenge Prompt

Summary: Killian Jones had not left his apartment in two years, four months, and thirteen days. Not since he’d finally decided to shut himself away from the whole blasted world after a freak accident had left him without his hand, and for all practical purposes, his heart.

Notes: Thanks to @winterbaby89 for being my second set of eyes on this!

Rated T / ~2300 word count / Also on ao3 and ff.net

Two years, four months, and thirteen days.

Killian Jones had not left his apartment in two years, four months, and thirteen days. Not since he’d finally decided to shut himself away from the whole blasted world after a freak accident had left him without his hand, and for all practical purposes, his heart.

It hadn’t been immediate. He’d tried to move forward. Tried to look past the pitying looks and empty platitudes. Tried to face an office full of their co-workers. Tried to accept the invitations to socialize from their friends.

His friends.

There was no they any longer.

And if there was no they, then he saw no point in there being a him.

So he’d walked out on all of it. New city. New job (one that he could do remotely from his apartment). New apartment. No new friends.

In fact the only people he sees these days are the delivery persons from the grocers and various take-out establishments, and his landlord and lady (a blonde headed do-gooder and his pixie haired wife).

Truth be told Killian could do with even less interactions than that even.

He liked his solitude. Liked the quiet. Well, liked probably isn’t the right word.

He didn’t need the company of actual people. In the quiet and solitude he had more than enough in the way of company. Memories. What-ifs. Regrets. Haunting specters of what-could-have-beens and never-will-bes.

No, liked wasn’t the right word…deserved was probably more accurate.

And so it went. For two years and almost four months before something finally changed.

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BTS Kicks Off U.S. Leg of Wings Tour With Sold-Out Prudential Center Show

Only a handful of K-pop acts have been able to fill up stadium venues in the U.S., but on Thursday night (March 23), BTS held the first of two sold-out shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

With their loyal Army cheering them on from start to finish, the seven-member boy band kickstarted the U.S. leg of the worldwide 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour with a nearly three-hour long show that incorporated the group’s most boisterous hits and the introspective songs of its record-breaking Wings album.

BTS members Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Jimin and Jin sandwiched the show between their most recent pair of singles, beginning the night with the riotous “Not Today” and, nearly 30 songs later, saying farewell with the inspirational “Spring Day.” Following the first song and its militarily precise choreography, the septet introduced themselves to the crowd and expressed their excitement at performing in the U.S. After the propulsive “Not Today” set the tone, the group performed its southern-inspired, Keb’ Mo’-sampling “Am I Wrong” and the slickly choreographed fan-favorite “Silver Spoon,” the only non-Wings B-side featured that night.

Though appearing a bit lethargic – they had flown in from Brazil following two shows and a stop in Mexico the week prior – BTS showed earnestness and an eagerness to please as the members attempted to connect with the fans who had propelled them to becoming one of K-pop’s most popular acts. Each of the members made dedicated attempts to speak in English throughout the night, raising cries of support from throughout the stadium as they thanked their fandom, the Army, and credited the light stick-waving fans for the group’s skyrocket to the top of Korea’s music industry.

The show’s intro portion came to a close with BTS’ energetic 2015 hit “Dope” before moving onto a segment featuring the group’s solo and unit tracks (“Lost,” “BTS Cypher Pt. 4”) off of Wings. The solitary, reflective showcases moved the audience, culminating in responsive cries of “we love you” from the crowd during Rap Monster’s “Reflection.” (Neither he nor Suga performed any of the tracks featured on their impassioned mixtapes or other projects separate from the rest of the group.) Though there were many memorable moments – Jin being raised on platforms while singing about being unable to fly during “Awake,” Suga backed by an orchestra and playing the piano while rapping about his instrument being his “First Love” – and some audio inconsistencies, by the time J-Hope rounded the segment out with his upbeat, choral-like ode to his “MAMA,” the audience was ready to see all seven men together again.

BTS reunited with the bombastic party song “Fire" before taking a break to chat with the audience once more. The group followed up with a medley of some of its earliest singles, including debut track “No More Dream,” to evoke a sonic journey to the past that Jin later compared to “a rocket through the history of BTS.”

After a fun-filled rendition of “21st Century Girl” that ushered BTS off the stage in a conga line, night one of two at the Prudential Center started to wind down with J-Hope returning by himself to perform a dance break to “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” before the group moved into a dynamic performance of “Blood Sweat Tears.”

As the seven men left the stage after assuring the audience they had performed their “last” song (“Outro: Wings”) of the night, fans around the stadium put colored plastic bags over their light sticks, creating a rainbow effect throughout the Prudential Center, in anticipation of an encore. With the first successful fan-coordinated event of this magnitude in the U.S., the BTS Army proved firsthand the type of support that had helped BTS to the top 40 of the Billboard 200 and the top 10 of the iTunes singles chart.

As they came back on stage to perform two final songs (“2! 3! (Still There Will Be Better Days)” and “Spring Day”), the BTS members expressed shock and delight at the visible outpouring of love they received from their fans. Rap Monster took the opportunity to thank their fans for the group’s impressive charting on the U.S. charts, declaring that it was was due to the effort of their Army: “You guys made that for us,” he told the cheering audience. “[The] glory is all yours.”

The first night at the Prudential Center was followed by another show on Friday. BTS heads to Chicago and Los Angeles later this week.

cr: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/live/7736646/bts-wings-tour-prudential-center-newark-recap