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Voltron Workout

Thanks @sniperlance for giving me the confidence I needed to post this.

This is a workout I’ve been doing, and even though it hasn’t been long, I can feeI and notice the difference. Also, if you have any questions on any of these workouts/poses, just shoot me an ask and I’ll do a video/have a picture of me doing it/explain it for ya. Warm ups are the same as cool downs, so just repeat them when you’re done working out. (Also, I apologize for the formatting, at the moment I don’t have a computer so I’m doing this from the mobile app. I’ll try to fix it when I have one again.)


~Monday’s are dedicated to Keith. We all want to be able to swing a sword like him, so we gotta work on our upper body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bicep Stretches
–Neck Stretches
–Shoulder Stretches
–Tricep Stretches
–Reverse Butterfly
–20 squat chops
–10 wide grip push ups
–10 cross punch sit ups
–20 bodyweight bicep curls
–10 chest squeezes
–10 side choppers
–20 elbow strikes
–20 archers
–10 knife hand strikes
–push ups until failure
~Cool Downs

Tuesday’s are dedicated to Pidge. If you’re using your computer typing up code all the time, you gotta work those hand out so that you don’t get arthritis. We are also going to work on our abs and back because being hunched over all the time is not good for you.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Open And Close Fingers
–Wrist Stretches
–Scorpion Pose
–Pigeon Pose
–Cobra Pose
–50 open and close hands
–40 sitting twists
–20 clench and relax guard
–40 knee to elbow sit ups
–30 bridges
–30 finger taps
–20 windshield wipers
–10 thumb roll and taps
–10 plank arm raises
–elbow plank until failure
~Cool Down

Wednesdays are dedicated to Hunk. He’s super strong in the upper body, but as a leg of Voltron he also needs to be sturdy and stable, so his is an all around workout, working on both the upper and lower body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bow Fold
–Child’s Pose
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior Side Lotus
–Forward Wide Bend
–30 jump knee tucks
–10 plank leg raises
–4 raised leg push ups
–20 side jack knives
–20 lunge punches
–20 squat kicks
–10 air bike crunches
–20 Turkish get-ups
–10 plank jump-ins
–diver push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Thursday’s are dedicated to Lance. He’s also a leg of Voltron, but he had some miiiighty fine legs, and really, who wouldn’t want them? And you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t want all of us to have nice tone butts, so today is leg and glute workouts.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior I
–Reverse Warrior
–Camel Pose
–40 side leg raises
–10 reverse crunches
–10 jumping lunges
–30 high knees
–20 long arm crunches
–25 sumo death squats
–20 roundhouse kicks
–15 hop heel clicks
–20 balance side lunges
–crunch kicks until failure
~Cool Down

Fridays are dedicated to Shiro. Mmmmmm boy, does he have some NICE biceps. So today we gotta be able to one up him with ours by doing some arm and upper body workouts.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Half Lotus
–Butterfly Fold
–Bicep Stretch
–Tricep Stretch
–20 side lunge chops
–40 raised arm circles
–20 bridge taps
–10 plank shoulder taps
–10 raised leg push ups
–30 wood choppers
–10 sit up punches
–40 punches
–10 thigh taps
–wide grip push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Saturday is dedicated to Coran. He wouldn’t want us to push ourselves too hard, so today is yoga. Thanks Uncle Coran!!

~Moon Salutation
–Down Dog
–Three Legged Dog
–Warrior I
–Warrior II
–Reverse Warrior
–Reverse Plank
–Bridge Pose
–Locust Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Sunday is dedicated to Allura. Not only should we work on our physical strength, but our mental as well, so today is also yoga.

~Sun Salutation
–Half Moon
–Tree Pose
–Eagle Pose
–Wheel Pose
–Extended Triangle Pose
–Bow Pose
–Fish Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Don’t forget that some of the most important parts of being fit, is eating heathly, drinking lots of water, and knowing your limits. You won’t see results right away, keep in mind that it’s okay if you can’t do the until failure things for long. This is a hard workout and it’s meant to push you as far as you can go. Don’t overwork yourself, okay guys?

Leg & bum workout:

-15 lunges

-15 squats

-15 hip raises

-30 seconds wall sit

-30 seconds plank

-30 seconds wall sit

-20 leg raises

-15 squats

-15 lunges

I searched it and i wanted to share it with you if you are too lazy to look it up. i would say that this is for beginners. Don’t say that you will do it later,do it now! 

daily ab routine!

for all of you who wanted to start a daily ab routine with me, here you go!

before starting your daily exercise, make sure you are listening to your body & making any neccesary accomodations for your body. (accommodating your body is good! that does not mean you are weak by any means. i always have to accommodate my shoulder in plank positions & various exercises)

disclosure: i am not a certified health/fitness professional. listen to your body & do the best you can! make the workout your own

plank workout

1. 60 second plank (full or elbow plank okay)

2. 45 second plank

3. 40 second side plank (left)

4. 45 second plank

5. 40 second side plank (right)

6. 35 second plank

7. 30 second raised-leg plank (left)

8. 35 second plank

9. 30 second raised-leg plank (right>

if the planks are too long, don’t give up! cut it down by 10, 20, 30, (etc) seconds

basic ab routine

1. full sit ups for 40 seconds

2. russian twists for 60 seconds

3. v ups for 40 seconds

4. lying leg raise for 30 seconds

5. v ups for 40 seconds

6. lying leg raise for 30 seconds

7. russion twists for 60 seconds

8. full sit ups for 40 seconds

(if you want a challenge, add weight to russian twists + v ups)

The Sweat of One’s Brow

“Do you see this, Lucien?”

“The absence of a tree, my Lord?”

“No! Well…point of fact, yes. But more than that, what you see is a man taking control of his own estate.”


“In Ishgard a Lord need only arrive at one’s doorstep. From thence, he simply issues forth his desires and those in his employ carry them out.”

“Is that how that works?”

“But not here! No, the Black Shroud is no place for delicate men. It heeds not the orders from foreign Lords.”

“That must be lovely.”

“It responds only to those who grab the haft and swing their own axe. And like our ancient cousins who felled tree and raised plank, carving Gridania from the forest, I too have seized control over my home.”

“…My Lord, dinner will be served in half a bell.”

“Ah, excellent. Have a bath drawn, would you? I’m sweating like a heretic in church out here.”

“Of course, My Lord.”

Lost In Translation

Day 16, prompt “shitty dp aus”. This idea came to me when my friend @kuro-misaki pointed out the difference between English and Spanish version in one line. S02E03, “Pirate Radio”. In English version Dash says: “You’re one brave geek, Fenton. When I’m wailing on you tomorrow, I’ll be wailing on a hero.“. But in Spanish version, he uses “gemir”, so he basically says  "When I make you moan tomorrow, I’ll be making a hero moan.”. 

And that’s how the idea for, well, some kind of an AU was born. In this universe, Dash’s line was from the Spanish version. Enjoy!

When Ember and Youngblood kidnapped all the adults in the town, he knew he needed to save them. And if he had a whole army of teens he could use to help, he was going to do just that.

“Listen up people!” He yelled at the teens standing below him. “If you want your parents back, you’re going to have to follow my lead!”

Why should we follow you, Fentoad?”

Of course. The one voice of disagreement.

“You’re right, Dash.” Fortunately he’s got a counterargument. One that even Dash couldn’t answer. “Let’s follow the other kid, that comes from a family of ghost hunters and knows how to work all their gear!”

He saw the frown. Perfect. It didn’t matter, he got no shot anyway.

“No takers? Alright then, who’s with me?”

All of them joined. Perfect.

“Wow, Danny! How’d you do that!” Sam obviously never believed he would be capable of leading people. She probably thought she would get the job of a leader.

“You just have to know the right words.” He answered simply.

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My Recent Floor Workout
  • 60 Bicycle crunches (30 on each side)
  • 15 Leg Raises
  • 10 Crunches
  • 30 Cross-over Crunches (15 each side)
  • 10 V-Crunches
  • 30 Side-Plank Leg Raises (15 each side)
  • 30 Leg Raises on Hands & Knees [also called Quadruped Triangle] (15 each side)
  • 20 Dirty Dogs (10 each side)

I usually do two sets of these exercises. They aren’t too difficult but if you do these exercises correctly and keep your abs tight while performing these exercises, you’ll definitely feel the burn

Workout Tips:

Go at your own pace - don’t push yourself to do more than your body can handle. If you need to cut the reps in half and only do 5 crunches or only do 1 set, then do that! Listen to your body! That being said:

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself - if you feel that doing 10 crunches has become too easy for you, add 5 reps to your workout.

Don’t be afraid to change up your routine - changing the order of these exercises can be fun and super beneficial. If you’re getting bored with your workout - change it up! 

Keep water near by - you always want to stay hydrated. If you need to take a break to drink water, DO IT!

Killer Lower Glute Workout

Started it doing HIIT and abs because I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to do it later:
-Frog Jumps 12 reps
-Jumping Lunges 30 reps
-Criss Cross Jump Squats 15 reps
🔥Rest 30sec-1min and REPEAT 2-3 times!

Core workout:
-Weighted sit ups 15 reps
-Sideways knee raises 15 reps each side
-Hip raises 10 reps
-Plank knee to elbow 15 reps
-Lying leg spread 15 reps

💪💪Weightlifting to Target the Underbutt💪💪

1. Bilateral Hip Thrusts 4x8 +1 dropset until failure
2. Unilateral Hip Thrusts 4x10 (each leg) +1 dropset until failure (each leg!)
3a. Superset: Weighted Donkey Kicks 4x12
3b. Straight Leg Glute Raises (no weight) 4x20-25
4. Stiff Leg Deadlift 4x10
5. Cable Rope Pull Throughs 4x15

These are some of my favorite exercises mixed in with the exercises that are scientifically proven to give you the most lower glute engagement, so definitely try it and let me know how you like it.

I thought I’d share my weekly Core Workout :)

I thought I’d try something new and write out my core workout from this morning :) I do this once a week and it’s been working pretty well for me - I’m also just curious to know how many reps are in this workout - I’ve been doing it for a while and have never added it up!

-40 sit-ups with 25 lb. weight on stomach

-30 bench crunches

-30 sit-ups

-20 high plank leg raises (Left)

-20 high plank leg raises (Right)

-20 knee-to-chest glute exercise (Left)

-20 knee-to-chest glute exercise (Right)

-20 row sit-ups on exercise bench

-1 minute plank on bosu ball

-2 sets of core circuit (20 reach-ups, 20 ankle taps, 10 supine bicycle) = 100 reps

-20 exercise ball plank pikes

-15 sit-ups with no weight on feet

-20 mountain climbers with core sliders

-15 core sliders: pull from leg to hand (Left)

-15 core sliders: pull from leg to hand (Right)

-10 core sliders: plank pikes + 20 reps

= Grand total of 395 reps!

I go hard on abs day :p

Let’s get fit! 28/2 I’m working everyday this week 😑 so to maximise my sleep in time I’ve been making overnight cinnamon chia pudding everyday. I’ve gotten so efficient that I now only have to wake up 15 minutes before I have to leave home 😂 let’s hope I make it through this week 🙏🏽 Bosu ball plank w/ leg raises 10 x 3 - plank w/ weight pull through #2.5 - raised leg lunges #5 10 Jump squat 20 x 3 - side lunge #5 10 - sumo squat #12 20 Lunge/squat (box) turns #5 10 x 3 - reverse lunge 10 Side shuffle with resistance band - resistance band squat in and out Bridge 20 x 3 - bridge dips 20 - lying inner leg lift 20

Workouts - Abs

So I said I was going to rest for a couple of days but decided to do my abs and have my own little dance party.


- 60 reps, no hold
- 75 reps, 15s hold every 15 reps
- 3 sets of 100 reps, no hold

Leg Raises
- 40 reps

- 54s

Bicycle Crunches
- 1 set of 25 reps

Side Crunches
- 1 set of 25 reps each side


- 20min Dance Party

~Exercises~ (personal favorites)


-leg raises
-wall sit
-leg lifts
-jumping jacks


-arms stretched out with one kilo weight, holding for 30 seconds -> do this in every direction
-push ups
-arms circles


-push ups
-sit ups
-leg raises


-hip raises
-donkey kicks

~feel free to add your favorite exercises

Let get fit! 25/4

I have been looking for some new tofu recipes so I tried out this one today.. Crispy BBQ Tofu. I love BBQ sauce so I thought this was perfect but when you cook the BBQ sauce it kind of loses its taste 😕 Lucky I had some Mango chutney on hand to spice it up a bit. I think some BBQ pineapple would go well too 🍍

30sec interval, 3 cycles, 1 min rest
Circuit 1
- Mountain climbers with push up
- Leg raises
- Side plank bounces 
- Dish toe taps
Circuit 2
- skis
- heel taps
- cacoon
- cross knee crunch 



Super fast workout this morning so I can finish getting ready!! 25 minutes cardio and a short HIIT!

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest.
Jumping Rope in between exercises.

Squat w/ Bicep Curl
Hanging Knee Raises
Plank with Elbow to Knee Touches
Wall Squats
Shoulder Press
Squat Pulses


Jeanell’s Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge - Calisthenics (Days 1-30)

For reference to the cardio part of Jeanell’s UFC - First Phase, click here.

In the calisthenics portion of my Ultimate 90 Day Fitness Challenge, I alternate between a compiled list of fitness challenges and BuzzFeed’s 5-One Song Workouts. Fitness challenge days consists of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-ups, and abs-specific moves (sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, plank). The 5-One Song Workout songs are listed below in the correct order:

  1. Icona Pop - “I Love It”
  2. JAY Z - “On To The Next One”
  3. Kanye West - “Power”
  4. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - “Can’t Hold Us”
  5. Sleigh Bells - “Infinity Guitars”

If you are curious about these workouts, click on this BuzzFeed link and there will be visuals on the page.

To shake up the workouts, every other week there is a YouTube Workout. Now this is a compilation of music and concert videos where I learn the choreography of the dances. I chose music artists that I really enjoy and I am always catching myself dancing to.

Here is a link to those dance videos: YouTube Dance Workout

At the end of first 30 day period or Phase 1, I will do my first weigh-in. I don’t want to weigh myself constantly throughout this process, so I thought every 30 days was reasonable to weigh myself.

Wish me luck on the first 30 days and beyond!

Jeanell Sunshine

For Jeanell’s UFC calisthenics (Days 31-60), click here.

For Jeanell’s UFC calisthenics (Days 61-90), click here.

Tonight's ab burner:

Exercise for 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds between

Duration: 10 minutes (not counting plank)

Scissor kicks
Russian twists
Knee tucks
Oblique twist plank
Leg raises
Toe touch pulse
Bicycle crunches
Toe taps
Reverse crunch
Figure 4 leg raises

Plank for as long as you can!