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We broke the record for most raised by an online sweepstakes ever. Not just by Prizeo. Everrrrrr.

So you’ve made my mom the coolest board member on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. To that I am always grateful. And you’ve done an amazing thing and supported an incredible organization in its time of need.

Thank you video from Lin-Manuel Miranda for contributors to the December 2016 Hamilton Across America Prizeo benefiting Planned Parenthood

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(Same anon who wanted to literary analysis the shit out of your book) i also have a book recommendation for you it's called Sidekicked by John David Anderson (and its kind of sequel Minion) it has kind of a sky high vibe and it's really philosophical but also a super easy read im bad at explaining so i suggest looking up a synopsis online

I raise you “If we were villains” by M.L Rio that I have just devoured in the last twenty four hours, and “Vicious” by V.E Schwab. I will take a look at Sidekicked, thanks :)

((Also, nobody has ever wanted to literary analysis the shit out of anything of mine before so oh my god, thank you. I am not sure I have ever felt more flattered in my life.))

Cut Along the Dotted Line Pt. 4

Requested: yes

TW: self harm, depression, anxiety, rut, heat, a/b/o, female reader, destiel

Summary: Alpha Sam and Omega reader have been spending a lot of time together which causes something to come early.

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(My absolute favorite gif of Sam, my lion king) 

A week. Seven days had passed and nearly every hour of those seven days you were with or talking to Sam. He was unbelievably supportive of you, coaxing you to see that not every alpha was a dick monkey. Sam invited you to the bunker most days, and you tried justifying that you missed your car and that’s why you would go. 

Dean took great care of your baby, and painted her up real slick like Sam had promised. He had been sneaky though, taking his time to restaple the upholstery and then fixing your tail light, neither of which were in desperate need of repair. 

You didn’t mind the extra attention to your car. The extra time meant more time spent with Sam tucked away in the library. He kept an arm around your shoulder, watching with admiration as you dove into all the Men of Letters archives. “Little sexist.” You grumbled pushing the box you were currently sorting away. “I mean sure, it was the fifties and society pushed the cult of domesticity on women, omegas especially, but why not have some girls spy or join?”

Sam chuckled, smiling down at you, watching how you leaned further back into him. “There were a few. Most of the men’s wives would be recognized for carrying on the legacy.”

“Oh so that’s what this whole thing is about.” 

Rolling his eyes, Sam pushed his sleeves up and wrapped his arms around you. Throughout the week he had been doing that, forcing you to look at the three black dots in a vertical line on the underside of his left wrist. The guilt ate away at you for not letting him know, but then again, he probably already did. Time was slower around you both, air was sweeter, life was good. “What’s so wrong with having pups?”

“What isn’t? Alphas don’t stick around. Giving birth looks like a bitch. Kids are a handful.”

Sam shook his head, an amused, sad smile on his face. “What if your alpha wanted pups?” It pained him to say your when he wanted to say I. "What if he was around and there every step of the way? He would be there to help raise them, to love them, to love you.” 

The worst part of it all was you knew Sam would do all those things. Sam would make sure you nor your pups wonted anything. How could you say no to that wonderful thought? Sam, Dean, and Cas all helping you and loving your children because damn it that’s what Winchesters do. “I don’t know. I still don’t know if I’m going back to school.” 

“You could do both. Have both. Finish schooling online, raise your pups. Unless your alpha has a family business to go into.” And damn it was hard for both of you to act like this was all hypothetical. 

Sweat had started to bubble on your neck, and you slipped out of the sweatshirt you wore, leaving yourself in a tank top. Sam chuckled slightly and folded your shirt up nicely, setting it on the table. “Sorry, I’m like a space heater.” 

You shook your head with a giggle. “It’s fine really ,moose.”

Sam shifted behind you, and pushed you off his body slightly to get up. “Let me go get you a drink.” He hadn’t stepped out of the room long, before the first cramp hit low and long. Not long after that came the slickness in your thighs.

“No.” You whined rubbing your legs together. “’S too early.” Trying to stand proved fickle as your knees buckled and you fell back onto the couch. Panting and sniffling you clenched your nails into your palms, jumping slightly when you heard yelling in the hall and smelt a distinctive Sam.

Sam was in the kitchen grabbing himself a beer and you a water when he smelt it. The scent was slick, musky, yet had your distinct honeysuckle note mixed  in. “Y/N.” His thought process shifted as he felt his jeans become too confining. He dropped the beer, not caring that it shattered, not caring that Dean came running in, all he cared about was you. “Omega.” He whined. 

Dean could smell you and the fresh scent of an omega was hard to resist but his mated mindset told him otherwise. “Sam, calm down buddy. Cas is with her.” 

Sam growled and struggled against her. “Need her.” 

“I  know, but she’s scared. Just give her time.” 

Sam was shaking his head repeatedly. "No time. I’ve given her time! She needs me! She knows she does!” He pushed Dean away with his elbow, staring his brother down. “My mate needs me. I was born for this.” His hair was starting to curl with sweat as he ran back to the library. 

Your scent was easy to follow and drowned out Cas’s. He lingered outside the doorway, watching you with Cas, regaining some self control after seeing you were okay.

"Suppressants won’t help you, Y/N.” 

You wriggled on the couch desperate for friction and the toys you had in the trunk of your car. “No.”

“Sam  can satisfy that need better than  any toy.” Cas rubbed the back of your hand slightly. “I’m going to let him come in, and you’re going to show him what you showed me.”

You wriggled and whined but didn’t object. Sam entered the room slowly, like when he first met you, and kneeled down by the couch, taking your left hand. The gauze was off, exposing the tattoo identical to his except for the thin scars between them. “Sorry,” you whimpered with watery eyes, reaching out to get a hold on his body, his warmth, 

"Don’t be. I’ve got you now, you’re okay. We’re gonna go to my room and everything is going to be fine.”

His arms help you calm down as they held you, carried you to his room. The room was drowned in his scent, making you ache even more. He wasted no time stripping of his clothes and locking the door. Sam was bigger than any of the toys you had used before, but all those toys did was prepare you for him. 

“Good girl” he cooed and you suddenly became aware of his presence between  your thighs. A long nimble finger was trading your core through the soaked and scratchy denim. “So wet for me. So ready for me. Good omega. Good little mate.” 

You quivered with each pet name and coo as he helped ease your discomfort by removing your jeans. “These panties are ruined.” The bastard even seemed smug about it as he flicked his tongue right against it. “The things I could do.” Each word hit your heat, increasing the slick juices between your folds and his tongue. Grasping the fabric with his teeth he pulled the cotton panties down to your ankles and you kicked them off from there. 

"Alpha.” The single word came out with a mewl, singling all the distress you were in. Sam instinctively growled at the name, rolling against you, begging you to say it again. “Alpha I need…”

“I know baby girl, I know.” His tone was soft, much like the feeling of his facial hair brushing your cheek as he kissed your neck. “Gonna give you want you want.”

“Please.” It was a pathetic sound, making Sam’s heart ache at how much you needed him. He only wanted to hear you beg for him for the rest of his life. 

"Gonna give you my knot, sugar.” He peppered kisses down your stomach watching as your eyes shut, but then opened seeking his. They were warm and liquid whiskey. “Gonna fill you up.” His eyes trailed down to your soft stomach. “Gonna fill you up with my knot first.” He grunted, replacing the fingers he had been teasing inside of you with his considerable girth. Watching your face was as beautiful as the sounds you made. Your eyes rolled slightly with the beginnings of fullness. 

“more.” Your demand was feeble. A plead at the most. Any thoughts of wanting to appear strong and in control were gone. Sam was your mate and it felt so damn good having him filling you up and stretching you out. It felt so damn good having him near you, having him love you. As he pressed further into you, then back out slightly, then going back in, establishing his pace, you knew you weren’t leaving. He was home. Home was the smell of whiskey and fireplaces and old books. Home was him inside you while he kissed your tattoo mumbling about the taste of honey. Home was with Dean and Cas and the pups destined to be born. 

Your thoughts blinded you, but Sam was slowly pulling you back to reality. “Then I’m gonna fill up up with my pups.” He nuzzled your soft stomach, kissing  your belly button as he bucked up inside of you, watching you scream with pleasure. “Make you nice and round with my pups.” His sweaty forehead rested against yours. “That way everyone knows I’m yours and your mine.” 

“Yes alpha, want your pups, please.” Tears left your eyes, dying to get the knot you desired. 

"Can you feel it, honey bee? Feel my knot?” You gave a limp nod,clutching his shoulders. His knot was expanding inside you, and your walls clenched around it, hanging onto it desperately. Sam gave no warning, just a rugged scream as you felt rope and rope of cum release inside you. 

A satisfied sigh fell from your lips as Sam lowered himself onto your body, letting some of his waist rest against you. “Guess we’re stuck here.” He winked pressing a kiss to your nose. 

"I  don’t mind, I couldn’t ask for better company.” You mumbled still dealing with the high. Your fingers found his hair and knotted in it, making it his turn to sigh. 

"When we can move again, we’re going and checking you out of the motel and bringing your stuff here.”

A content purr left your lips as you kissed his forehead. “I’d love that Sam Winchester.


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Outrage over Trump’s immigrant ban helps ACLU raise more money online in one day than in all of 2016

The American Civil Liberties Union shattered fundraising records this weekend after taking the White House to court over President Trump’s executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

The ACLU said it has received roughly 290,000 online donations totaling $19.4 million since Saturday morning. The non-profit organization that aims to protect individuals’ rights and liberties guaranteed in the Constitution typically raises about $4 million online in a year, according to Executive Director Anthony Romero.

“It’s really clear that this is a different type of moment,” Romero said. “People want to know what they can do. They want to be deployed as protagonists in this fight. It’s not a spectator sport.”

(Photo: AP; Getty Images) 

“So, that’s the third one this month” Leliana placed the morning newspaper on the counter between her and her scowling friend. “I don’t understand why you’re so unhappy, Cassandra - The explosion was kind of big, and I guess Dagna got a bit carried away with the tags she’s leaving behind. But it was also incredibly clean and contained, right? Half a ton of red lyrium just gone without as much a residue. That’s half a ton of red Lyrium off the streets and out of the gang war”

Inspector Cassandra Pentaghast lifted her gaze from her cup of blueberry tea and made a disgruntled noise at her ex-partner that quickly turned into a sigh, remembering the look on her squad’s face at Dagna’s now familiar purple scrawls. “I wish you’re still with us, Leliana. Then all this…” She waves her hands vaguely “It could have been…legal, at the very least”

“Ah, but then if it were legal, we won’t be getting so much good samples of the red lyrium” Or at all, really. The department has always had a way of going around in circles when it really mattered. Especially when it really mattered. This, the networks they have assembled in the streets, the quiet storm they’re raising online, the lab beneath them, this is realer than the department has ever been - but she understands that her friend is not used to all of this. 

Cassandra’s reply was lost to both of them as a muffled booming sound interrupted them - along with a small tremor that shook the antique tiles beneath them and the crockeries lining the coffeeshop wall. For a moment they just looked at each other, Cassandra holding her teacup in a deathgrip and Leliana trying to contain her laughter. 

“And I suspect our arcanist won’t be having as much fun, yes?”

my submission to the Seance show at MICA! someone should probably tell these witch teens that you don’t technically need dark magic to revive waterlogged consoles…

though i’m sad i can’t see all of the awesome work & artists in person, i’m really happy i got to participate this year! hope everybody has an awesome time at the show ;u;


hush child, your mind does no good
hands idle, it plays its cards wrong
mouth too loud, it’s too crass
no one wants to hear, no one wants to listen.
hush child, not now
take a hint and go home.

Cover me up and take me away
My mind is no good 
Too lonely, too poor
It’s okay to be alone

It’s okay to have no one

angel of silence protect me
angel of silence engulf me
angel of silence kill me.

“From day one of SAOII, I figured that Shinkawa was Death Gun. They made it too obvious with the opening theme, and his obsession with Sinon from the start confirmed it for me.”

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Reasons why 2016 was an amazing year :)

1.The World Health Organisation released a report showing that, since the year 2000, global malaria deaths have declined by 60%
2.some of the world’s biggest diseases, like colon cancer, dementia and heart disease, started declining in wealthy countries
3.Malawi achieved a 67% reduction in the number of children acquiring HIV
4.Child mortality rates came down by 12% in Russia
5.Harvard scientists created a new platform for antibiotic discovery that may help solve the crisis of antibiotic resistance
6.Liberia was officially cleared of Ebola, meaning there are now no known cases of the deadly tropical virus left in West Africa
7.93% of kids around the world learned to read and write this year
8.In 2016, for the first time ever, the amount of money it would take to end poverty dropped below the amount of money spent on foreign aid
9.World hunger reached its lowest point in 25 years
10.In 1990, more than 60% of people in East Asia lived in extreme poverty. As of 2016, that proportion has dropped to 3.5%
11.Taiwan is on the verge of becoming the first Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage
12.Gambia and Tanzania banned child marriage
13.Global carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels did not grow at all in 2016
14.In July, the USA, Mexico and Canada committed to getting 50 per cent of their electricity from renewables by 2025
15.Norway became the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation
16.In June, a new survey showed that the ozone hole has shrunk by more than 3.9 million square kilometres since 2006. Scientists now think it will now be fully healed by 2050
17.In July, more than 800,000 volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in one day. The country is planning on reforesting 12% of its land
18.Wild wolves started coming back to Europe, and for the first time since the American Revolution, wild salmon began spawning in the Connecticut River
19.Sea World agreed to stop breeding captive killer whales
20.Humpback whales were removed from the endangered species list, having fully recovered in the last 46 years
21.And in 2016, for the first time, we heard that the number of tigers in the wild rose for the first time in 100 years
22.At the beginning of the year, we heard that global spending on aid and development increased by 7%, and spending on refugees has doubled
23.In 2016, charitable giving in China rose to $15 billion
24.Online crowdfunding raised almost $1 million for the kids of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile to go to college
25.Gene responsible for ALS was found
26.There’s an Ebola vaccine
27.The Rabbinical assembly issued a resolution affirming the rights of trans and non conforming individuals

Is this a good idea?

I’m not going to get into details, I’m not really the type of person to talk about my problems or family issues. Almost all the time noone knows anything about me or my life. Being on the website has been fun but i know that i’m not known or a popular person. But anyway, I’m in school-college and this fall semester is coming up. I know i’m not the only one but money is getting tight. 

So finally, to the point of all this. If I were to make a fundraising thing, using youcaing or some website like that would it actually help. I’ve never done anything like this, so I don’t know where to even start so I would really appreciate it if anyone has some advice about raising money online.

Thanks to anyone who read this whole thing. And sorry if it made no sense. Any ideas are welcome.

Heres a random picture I took of a butterfly eating jelly.